Wider Than You: A Fatty Lotus Exige
Attaining The Dream

As car enthusiasts we all have dream cars. You know, the one machine that we’d want to own if we had an endless supply of money. But unfortunately that’s not how reality works for most.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3541

As much as we might want that supercar or ultra rare classic, we know that unless we come up with a winning lottery ticket or get involved in some Wolf of Wall Street type deals, it probably won’t happen. Yes it’s nice to dream, but sometimes it’s better to dream about something you can actually achieve.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3496

That’s the beauty of the attainable dream car. This is the machine that we can dream about actually owning. It’s not a car that you can just go out and buy right now, but it’s also not a fantasy. It might take some extra hard work and some serious saving – but with enough effort owning one is entirely possible.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3509

For Ben Pengson, his attainable dream car was the Lotus Exige. When you think about it, a Lotus really is the perfect realistic dream machine. It’s got exotic looks, world-renowned handling and while it’s not cheap, you aren’t going to find mid-engined thrills for much less on today’s market.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3524

Ben’s love for cars began as a child riding in his father’s 1990 Honda CR-X, where he became hooked on the Honda’s agile handling. Later, Ben himself owned a Mazda3 which he had begun modifying – but the Lotus always remained in the back of his mind.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3261

In 2011, Ben finally had the financial means to make the dream a reality, taking ownership of a supercharged Lotus Exige. While most would be happy leaving their dream car stock, Ben had long been bitten by the modification bug and the plan was to rebuild the Lotus as a project car with his dad.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3353

Originally the plan was to convert the Exige into a dedicated track car, but after experiencing many different parts of the car scene, Ben decided to take the build in a slightly different direction.

Go Wide, Young Man
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3363

The majority of Lotus owners are sports car purists, either leaving their cars stock or performing minor modifications for quicker lap times. Ben’s plan for the car would be much more risky, but he knew the finished product could be very special if he could pull it off.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3383

The vision in Ben’s head was of a street-going machine that would take the svelte looks of the Lotus and up the aggression factor by several notches. It was clear from the start that this would require more than just bolt-on parts.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3378

A wide, aggressive stance would be at the heart of project so Ben got on touch with the guys at DTM Autobody in El Monte, California to see what they could come up with in terms of a custom wide body conversion.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3412

We all know how poor body modifications can completely destroy a car, and the risk factor was even higher when dealing with a high-end machine like an Exige. Fortunately, the work that DTM did on the car’s one-off wide body rear end was great.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3436

Actually, it’s better than great. The conversion looks about as close to a factory job I’ve ever seen – and that’s always a good thing.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3527

Of course, there were more to Ben’s styling plans besides just the wide body conversion. He also got in touch with the aero specialists at APR to provide a number of carbon fiber body upgrades.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3322

Among the APR carbon parts on the car are the front lip and splitter, side skirts and the racing-type mirrors.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3368

Let’s not forget the APR GTC2K wing, which along with the rear diffuser makes for an even tougher and more athletic look out back.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3517

When it came time to upgrade the Exige’s footwork, Ben went to UK’s Nitron Racing for a set of fully adjustable coilovers. Not only did this tighten up the already tight chassis, but it allows the car to compliment its wide lines with a ground-hugging stance.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3375

It’s hard to find a wheel that works in more applications than the timeless BBS RS – and the classic mesh design works perfectly with the modern lines of the Exige.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3289

The wheels are fully rebuilt and measure 17×9-inch +18 offset up the front and an enormous 18×12-inch in the rear with an offset of zero. Both the barrels and centers have also been coated in a gold finish that contrasts beautifully with the Exige’s black and carbon body.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3514

As for rubber, the car is running Falken’s popular Azenis RT615K tire – a perfect choice for a balance of grip and street-friendly manners.

The Never-Ending Project
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3324

As for performance upgrades, Ben has kept them simple up this point – allowing the Exige’s factory supercharged Toyota four cylinder engine to speak for itself.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3428

And as anyone who’s driven one will tell you, even modest horsepower figures can give a Lotus a supercar-like driving experience.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3438

One item that Ben did add is a Club Sport exhaust system from Larini – a company that specializes in exhaust components for a number of high-end European sports cars and exotics.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3401

The Exige is known for having one of the most minimal and driver-focused cockpits of any car in the world, and Ben has kept his interior modifications simple. He’s added a JVC head unit with navigation and a 10-inch JL subwoofer for more full-bodied sound.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3302

He also fitted-out the factory bucket seats with Schroth four-point racing harnesses in a subtle silver color.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3309

Last but not least there’s a small-diameter Sparco Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with an NRG quick-release hub – a fine choice for a car that’s known as road-friendly go kart.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3556

While Ben is extremely happy with the results of the build so far, he’s always looking for ways to make the Exige better. At the moment he’s planning to install a rollcage, add more aero, and also perform some engine work with a goal somewhere in the 400-500 horsepower range.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3276

While it’s obvious that this car’s journey is far from over, there’s something very admirable about this story. Not only has Ben Pengson made his attainable dream car a reality – he’s crafted it into one of the coolest street going Lotus Exiges that we’ve ever seen.

Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3447

Now that we’ve had a look at Ben’s version of the attainable dream car, I’m curious to hear what your attainable dream car is. What kind of machine would you realistically like to have sitting in your garage five or 10 years from now?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Photos by Rod Chong
Instagram: speedhunters_rod

Story Produced by Elizabeth White
Instagram: @itswhitenoise
Email: elizabeth@speedhunters.com

Cutting Room Floor
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3251
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3258
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3329
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3305
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3343
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3382
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3392
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3431
Wekfest Lotus Exige Rod Chong Speedhunters-3454


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Great write-up Mike and nice photos too! Honestly, I'm not a Lotus fan - but this... this has changed my mind. Stunning car, the widebody looks as if it rolled off the assembly line just like that! Personally, I'm hoping to get a JZA80 very soon and build it up into how I picture it in my head! =D


First of all, really nice car. Good job on the article. Second and this may just be me, these are nice photos but I'm not digging the filter of it at all. The wheels look like chocolate instead of gold, the tow hook looks orange instead of red. Great shots and setup, the images are just coming out really saturated and the colors seem off.


Stunning executed Car. Really like what the owner did with that. Really cool!


10 years from now? I'd like to have a '72 Demon. Fortunately, I already have my second pick which is a '86 GMC, though it is a work in progress.


A beauty


10 years from now? A Porsche Boxter S. It would be cool as a soft rider, next to my Soarer :))))


2xthefun Yea, the color is odd, it looks like this was shot under Sodium Vapor lamps which are a huge pain. 

Great article and beautiful Lotus!


Now THAT'S my dream car now!!


Well this makes the car of the month poll easy.


Finally, a car that breaks the pattern of poor slammed and stanced examples of wasted potential.


EmersonShaw you must not know much, cuz this cars appearance could be considered stance.


Ben 10, sweet ride brah. However, as a former CEO of a major hip hop record label and a current spaceship test driver, I reckon that Frank's Lotus will run circles around this. I know I have to be patient and wait until this full feature lands on SH.

In a serious effort to be absolutely realistic, I would have to say that I am expecting to acquire a Bugatti Chiron within the next 5 years.


Correction....The tires on those amazing BBS wheels are Falken Azenis FK453's.


UnderSteer! Pretty car though


All of that, then an NRG quick release?


All that work just to skimp out on the rubbers... tsk, tsk


LOVE this. The wheels aren't to my liking, but the rest of the car more then makes up for it. Great job! Having said that, I may be slightly biased as - in answer to the closing question of this article - an Exige is one of the cars at the top of my attainable dream car list.


great article and a sweet ride!!!
realistically a car i would like to own five to ten years from now is none other then the japanese ferrari.


While this car is great and I love the look, the article title is incorrect for me *chuckle*  My baby got a fatter butt! :D


My dream car is the Lotus V6 Exige S... it's attainable if I wait 25 years or move to Europe... that still counts right?


wtf is up with this filter??


Soooo basically he added a bunch of weight and put on heavy, staggered wheels and tires. Oh and what Lotus is complete without a subwoofer? Good going, you now have an understeering pig of an Exige that would make Colin Chapman turn over in his grave. 

This is one build that I just cannot bring myself to love, and I think it is because its a Lotus. Any other car and I would probably dig it, but the Lotus philosophy has always been "add lightness," which is something I think was lost on Ben.


Lmao I know right? I thought the same thing


TalalMansoor My word Exactly


2jz cobra...


zephoto It's pretty fat, but I think you need more rubber.


Haters gonna hate. Great exige. Love the Difflow diffuser.


I get that it doesn't really preserve what the lotus is all about, but people have been adding weight for stylistic purposes forever. I don't think his modifications made the lotus obsolete. Adding 200 lbs doesn't change the fact that this car is really fast. I agree that's some performance enhancements should accompany the added weight.




CarlLawhon He doesn't track it. The weight addition therefore is negligible for it's owner's intentions. Different strokes. It certainly makes more of a statement to the average joe than a stock Lotus that's maybe 100 lbs lighter.


zephoto Will this become the battle of the vanity plates too?


CarlLawhon What Ben now has, is a car that he loves. Which we think is pretty cool.


zephoto Hmmm... oops :)


Dirt modified style chassis, or some derivative, underneath a fastback mustang body. I'd paint it candy apple red with a matte black hood. Maybe a german v8 or even a v12 out of some the Bimmers and Mercedes that are getting up there in years. Or maybe do it with an old Celica instead.


CarlLawhon I would think that widening the track width would improve cornering grip though right?


Great looking car with quality modifications. I honestly wasn't a fan when I first saw this car a month ago. The BBS wheel fitment seeded off but going through the article it grows on you. And the body work looks amazing!


Having already built and sold my #3 dream car and #1 being unrealistic, I'd have to say my realistic 10 year car is an ERA replica Cobra with a Tremec 6 speed and outboard brake conversion.  Engine is undecided...  Maybe an LS7 with a carb conversion.


I think my hang up is that it's a Lotus, which to me represents a very pure driving experience. I see the stylistic modifications as somehow diluting that experience.
I should add that I have no problems with weight-adding stylistic modifications for the sake of style--I do it to my own car. But the Lotus always represented something that was very functional. Different strokes.


I'm planing on building a fully streetable Group B Audi replica and maybe doing some autocross with it.


CarlLawhon I agree that, especially a Lotus Exige, is one of those cars everyone should and can get a chance to drive at some point in there life(as long as they can fit in it) because it gives you that pure driving experience without modifications.


Porsche 911.


i can happily say i already own my dream car a 66 volkswagon beetle but in the next 5 to ten years id love to see it with a 2332 bergman motor and have a slammed restocal look on some porsche gasburners or fuchs


My attainable dream machine ! Toyota Starlet KP61 ! Still missing the new rims and tyres (which are already bought just not installed), the hood rearview mirrors(also bought but not installed) and the wing (already installed but not pictured) . Sadly had to leave it back at Costa Rica because I came to study automotive engineering, but this year I will surely install the interior and throughout the next five years I will work my best to install an sr20ve engine, as well as a nice suspension setup and possibly a rollcage(or tubular chassis depending on how much it needs to be a daily driver or not) to turn it into a full on street racing machine and the ideal trackday car. Will take this old pile of metal which I bought off my sweat and blood over a supercar any day of the week !!!


austintpeterson Remember Austin that where you add weight is just as important as the weight itself. 200 extra pounds in a mid engine car that is only about 2000 lbs accounts for 10% of the vehicles overall weight.

If the car is a daily driver and not tracked it really doesn't matter. I like the look of this car a lot, I personally wouldn't do anything to one of these to add weight, but it's a nice car that at least isn't slammed to the floor with 8 degrees of negative camber. It's tasteful, good color scheme and will still out handle a majority of cars driving around on the road today. 

Cool car!


RONIN  RS 211?!?!?!?!


400 hp 2JZ N/A with individual throttle bodies in a 1971 Datsun 240Z, that is hands down my dream car!!


What is with all the cars on here with 4-point harnesses?!  4-point harnesses are NOT a sufficient safety device for the road, or for the track.  They are inferior to 3-point seat belts, and 5 and 6 point harness, regardless of design, period.  They are incredibly dangerous and will not protect you in the event of an accident.  Yet all these modified cars seem to have them.   Why have these harnesses instead of the factory belts or a proper 5/6 point harness?  There's absolutely no reason.  Immediately makes me lose respect for the car and builder (sorry if that's harsh) because it's a safety feature that's been compromised for no good reason.  Almost no club out there will allow you to run on the track with them if your car has 4 point harnesses.


TheCrudMan note though that most lotus cars use 4 points from the factory.


Met the owner and he's a cool guy and all, but he did the whole clean stanced out car theme on the wrong car. As a track guy, it pains me to see this done to a Lotus, especially knowing what they're capable of doing on a road course. This car is strictly a stance show car unfortunately, and a daily driver on occasionally. Yes, the all season tires make me cringe too.


Met the owner and he's a cool guy and all, but he did the whole clean stanced out car theme on the wrong car. As a track guy, it pains me to see this done to a Lotus, especially knowing what they're capable of doing on a road course. This car is strictly a stance show car unfortunately, and a daily driver on certain occasions. Yes, the all season tires make me cringe too.


robzor sold in the US they are almost certainly using 3-point belts.  A quick glance at their website for their recent offerings shows standard 3-point safety belts.  Quick google search for interior images shows 3-point seatbelts.


@Replying zephoto : I can't no R888's bigger :P  335 all around ooo yea!


Hey, I'm 15 and saving for my Evo all ready! Evo 8 MR FQ340, basically the exact same as the Dreaming With a Stormtrooper feature but with about 6-700 horsepower! Already looking forward to it!


benracer999 zephoto Possibly!


TheCrudMan  http://www.schrothracing.com/engineering I'm pretty sure Takata infuse similar technology into their FIA approved 4 point harnesses. I don't see a problem with using them on the road. You'll submarine to a degree in a 3 point too.




JakWhite Risk of submarining is not as great 3 point.  Regardless, I'm aware of the engineering done by Schroth and Takata to avoid it, and so are the guys who write the regulations for track day orgs.  They're not ok with the risk.  Neither is any instructor or track/racecar builder I've spoken with.  They represent an unacceptable safety risk compared with 5/6 point and factory belts.   You will not be allowed on a track with 4 point harnesses.  You will be with factory belts.  Ignoring the fact that an untrackable Lotus is itself a somewhat perplexing object, these are dangerous for the street as well.  Designing one to be safe would be like designing a whiskey that it's safe to drink and then drive with.  It can't be done.  It's an inherent part of what it is.


TheCrudMan robzor My mistake, you are correct, they were offered only as an option, not as standard. They are(or were) offered as standard on the ariel atom however. A friend of the family purchased an atom several years back and let me drive it a number of times. An atom is hardly a normal car though. At any rate, I completely agree that it's absurd to intentionally select 4 point harnesses.


I have been waiting FOREVER for speedhunters to post this article!! its such a beautiful car and i want one so bad BUT im 6 foot 3 inches tall and i have stood next to this car stock and its LOOOOW, i dont know if i could drive one on the daily. A question for any one that can answer this, CAN I FIT IN THIS CAR IF IM 6 FEET 3 INCHES TALL (190.5cm)??????


@tom Yes, one of the guys in our lotus group is 6ft3. That's about the max height. :)


TheCrudMan Please go look at Schroth 4 point harnesses then.


I would love this so much more if there was an supercharged K24/K20 inside.. :) 
Awsome build, love the car!


TheCrudMan JakWhite Won't be allowed on a track with a 4 point harness? That's complete bullshit. I've driven nearly every track in Texas with a 4 point Schroth Harness. I've even driven COTA in a 4 point harness...


Love these Lotus'! Awesome example.

I currently have a '74 Alfa Romeo GTV that has been untouched for about 15 years....I cant decide whether to keep it stock or rebuild it with a Twin Spark conversion with EFi to make it a nice daily that can be tracked now and then. Not a supercar but something that could be quick enough and a bit of fun.


@Ty TheCrudMan JakWhite Point being, why on earth would you intentionally select one instead of just getting a 5(or 6) point? You shouldn't DD with a harness anyways because you won't daily driver it with it properly tightened, it would be too uncomfortable to do that when you are just stuck in traffic. An OEM 3 point is better than a poorly adjusted/tightened 4 or 5 or 6 point. If your reason for running a 4 point is it's more livable on the street, you really shouldn't be using it on the street, so then why not just have the better option of a 5 or 6 on the track?


robzor TheCrudMan JakWhite My reasoning(when I used a 4 point) was because seats for an Elise with a proper substrap hole are extremely expensive. Bride you're looking at $1300, Reveries are about $2200. I bought the Schroth FIA approved 4 point harnesses, and then added the substrap when I dropped the money on better seats. I completely agree that 5 point/6point are much safer and should be used when they can be. I'm not arguing that, but to throw bs around about not being able to use 4 points is a straight up lie. SCCA and NASA both allow 4 point harnesses as long as they are FIA certified.


@Ty awesome! my knees hit the dash of a miata and an s2000. i swear its likes some sort of sick joke car makers love to play on me. all of these great sports cars and i can fit in them is so sad to me.


TheCrudMan In the future you really need to provide evidence if you're going to spew out your opinion. I'm not trying to be an a-hole, but from all accounts I have found there is no evidence to support what you're saying. If they are inferior why did a post mortem test on several cadavers show that 4 points reduced thoracic injury risk by 5 to 500 times. 

Here is an article from the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health about 3 point vs 4 point seatbelts:

"The biomechanical behavior of 4-point seat belt systems was investigated through MADYMO modeling, dummy tests and post mortem human subject tests. This study was conducted to assess the effect of 4-point seat belts on the risk of thoracic injury in frontal impacts, to evaluate the ability to prevent submarining under the lap belt using 4-point seat belts, and to examine whether 4-point belts may induce injuries not typically observed with 3-point seat belts. The performance of two types of 4-point seat belts was compared with that of a pretensioned, load-limited, 3-point seat belt. A 3-point belt with an extra shoulder belt that "crisscrossed" the chest (X4) appeared to add constraint to the torso and increased chest deflection and injury risk. Harness style shoulder belts (V4) loaded the body in a different biomechanical manner than 3-point and X4 belts. The V4 belt appeared to shift load to the clavicles and pelvis and to reduce traction of the shoulder belt across the chest, resulting in a reduction in chest deflection by a factor of two. This is associated with a 5 to 500-fold reduction in thoracic injury risk, depending on whether one assumes 4-point belts apply concentrated or distributed load. In four of six post mortem human subjects restrained by V4 belts during 40 km/h sled tests, chest compression was zero or negative and rib fractures were nearly eliminated. Submarining was not observed in any test with post mortem human subjects. Though lumbar, sacral and pelvic injuries were noted, they are believed to be due to the artificial restraint environment (no knee bolsters, instrument panels, steering systems or airbags). While they show significant potential to reduce thoracic injury risk, there are still many issues to be resolved before 4-point belts can be considered for production vehicles. These issues include, among others, potential effects on hard and soft neck tissues, of interaction with inboard shoulder belts in farside impacts and potential effects on the fetus of latch/buckle junctions at the centerline of pregnant occupants. Work continues at Ford Motor Company to resolve these issues."

Here are some videos to support the evidence above:


Either way, crashing is not the goal and if you do it is actually more up to chance than any safety mechanism in terms of road cars. I have spoken to people in the military who have seen people get hit by trains in cars like Miatas and survive while another person gets hit at 25 to 30mph from behind and was killed.


@tom Hahah. It's really tough for him getting in and out of the car, but he makes it work ;)


@TROLLS ROYCE And since neither of them track their cars it's completely irrelevant. World's fastest bench racer.


If that's your dream car you can just go bench racing instead. It's way cheaper and totally attainable at your local park!


@tom I'm 6'1" and 260lbs and I fit in 1 just fine. One of my friends used to own a flat black one and it was a thrill to ride in. The only problem was getting in and out of the car, you really have to squirm to get out of it.


Wow. I want to hate this, seeing as I'm a pretty faithful Lotus purist, but I can't. Works much better than I ever thought it would. 

In terms of dream cars, mine is without a doubt a Celica ST185 (they sell for pretty cheap up here in Toronto).


@Ty NASA rulebook for non-factory harnesses requires that "All vehicles should have a five (5), six (6), or seven (7) point seat belt system."


OMG all those people deliberately derailing the conversation and spending their time on analysing technicalities regarding harnesses. This feels like a blast from the past when Dino's Takata harnesses' installation made so many self-proclaimed experts upset. Taryn, use the SPEEDHUNTERS Livefyre profile or your regular one and bring some order in here, please. Let's keep it on subject, gentlemen. Thank-you.

The topic is realistically attainable dream cars ...


@Chris Not my opinion.  It's the opinion of the two largest club racing governing bodies in the country

SCCA Rulebook: All drivers in SCCA sanctioned speed events shall utilize either a 5, 6, or 
7 point restraint harness meeting the following specifications. A 7 point 
restraint harness is recommended.

NASA Rulebook: All vehicles should have a five (5), six (6), or seven (7) point seat belt system.

You will not find a 4-point harness in any professionally built race or track car, or in use by any pro racing team in any racing series.  They are dangerous, period.  Regardless of their merits vs 3-point belts (by the way, your article concluded that they need more study before they can be safely used in road vehicles..got any date or follow up on that) they're inferior to 5 and 6 point belts.  Intentionally fitting them to a vehicle is a silly thing to do.


@Ty robzor TheCrudMan JakWhite SCCA rulebook also doesn't allow for them.


TheCrudMan True, if you're talking about a race car theres no way I'm strapping myself into a 4 point. Personally if this was my car I would just keep the 3 point or do a full 5 point. Having said that, you do need to back your opinions with factual information in the future. Interesting note to me that even child seats are 5 points! 

IMO a 3 point and 4 point are about the same in a road car. You're screwed either way if you crash big enough!


@Chris austintpeterson That's kind of what I don't like about this car. He did all these mods that are supposed to make it look like a race car, but doesn't even autocross it from what I understand. And the subwoofer... Like if he had done some engine mods and actually raced this (and had sticky tires) I would be all over this car. But I think there's a word for people that put big wings and wheels on their cars and don't race them. Rocer? Racer? Rycer? Hell I can't remember it.


@Chris Hello, Chris and thanks for the compliment my man. Profera runs it on the canyons. There are several videos online. Regardless of that, while I like Ben's car, I feel like the illustrated mods are against the philosophy of the factory's initial design. It is not my car, but that is my only objection.


@Chris TheCrudMan But, again, all legitimate trackday orgs allow for 3-point in their rulebooks but not 4 point. 

I don't have any academic medical evidence on this one but have read you can also have problems with pelvic injuries with the 4 points...the thoracic injuries aren't as bad but you get problems with your abdomen.


TheCrudMan That makes sense.


@Chris I think so.  I've seen people not be able to run their trackday due to things like this...seems not worth it to me.  Especially when you consider you'll be out your $250 entry...the price difference in seats and harnesses and helmets gets covered pretty fast.


Mk2 Volkswagen gli


Sorry Rod, I usually like your features, but this time these pictures are mediocre at best. I understand the circumstances, you might have been in a hurry or that you may not have enough time or anything, but it would be nice to keep some kind of higher level on Speedhuners pics... and these photos just won't do. The car and story are very nice though, amazing machine and I'm sure it's a totally blast to drive, I just wish I could actually see something on these photos. Good luck next time though!


Love the article Mike... I especially love the low rear view of the car, where you can see the light poking through the treat of the tires... really gives you an idea how light this car is, and a great example of "contact patch", and how much tread affects the handling of your car.

As to my dream car.... I've waited 8 years, 6 months to finally get myself a Mitsubishi Evo X. I had the money, and was going to buy sight unseen back before I found out I was going to be a Dad, and it took me this long to get the money back together to do it properly.
I've not had a single mod done yet, as I'm of the mind that I need to get used to the car, then make a change, get used to the change, and it's affect, then add something else. The first thing I need to do is buy some winter tires on 18" Winter Rims (I can't buy the simple steel rims to get over the brakes though), The first big snowfall, I am looking forward to the first press of the"snow" traction button. :)


I think the whole "bid wing and wheels" goes for those who throw a cheap wing and wheels on an unfinished common car not THIS beautiful machine. That wing and those wheels are authentic parts and are not cheap.


TheCrudMan I race karts which have no seat belts so it's all a moot point for me anyway. When we crash we just fly right out of the seat hahaha. Also have a Miata with no roll bar and a 3 point with about 5k in suspension, tires, and brake modifications. 

Always get a good chuckle when I hear someone describe a road car as a "street legal go kart." Good discussion CrudMan.


The article states the car uses RT615K as tires, but the pictures clearly show that the tires are actually FK453.


5 years from now, i want a B5 Audi RS4 and NSX or Porsche 964.


LionZoo 453 are weak for that car. Needs sportier tires.


@Lateapex I'd kill to have an Exige as a track car, but I can also appreciate the work put into this. It's a great looking car and I'm sure the owner still has a lot of fun with it!


LouisYio Yes that story is still coming.. :)


Nice! Thanks for sharing this with us PMalavasil!


Whats up with the instagram selfie-like picture editing?


One of my dream project would be a peugeot 504 wide body, for the engine a V6 biturbo from a 407.


Love it, the camber is just right and never knew they used Toyota engines. 
Awesome post and ride.


...and he stretches the tires.


Afroneck I agree it tends to have a cheap connotation. But still, a wing is supposed to be a pure functionality piece. It looks good and aggressive, and functional. I HIGHLY doubt the first thing on this dudes mind was aerodynamics when he added any of these "aero" additions. They're all there to look pretty.


kphillips9936 yep yep. same yota hearts found in the corolla and matrix XRS


Drift ready JZX100 for the dream car build :D! Gotta bring it to the states first tho.


For me its always been about handling and sound, so a well sorted Exige is high on my short list. But because of it lightness I would love to throw in a turbo Hayabusa motor. 350hp is more than enough in that car but how about 12,000 rpm!!!


@Lateapex Very much agree with you. I do get all the "it's his car, let him do what he wants with it" rant, but such an RWB take on an Exige plus the deep dish BBS don't appeal to me. Much more prefer the British' take on Exige's. E.g.: https://www.flickr.com/photos/56007093@N08/8598378400/in/set-72157631650680230 or https://www.flickr.com/photos/56007093@N08/7257638794/in/set-72157627117472746 . At least its got a Larini system which I do appreciate. To each their own.


I have mine already. Not exactly a rare car in Europe, but extremely rare here in New Zealand. Its my 2005 Ford Mondeo ST220. I've been looking for one for years and this one came along at the right time, right price, low ks and totally original. The ride is brilliant, the steering is spot on, it handles well, and does 151mph, although mine is limited to 180kph as its a Japanese spec car. I think the only other car I'd like to have is an Escort RS Cosworth


PandaSpeed kphillips9936 It was the 2ZZ-GZE, but now the new Exige uses the 2GR-FZE from the Evora, Camry and Highlander in supercharged format, and by god, do they go like the clappers!


KrisMoffatt its a sad, sad day when your dream car is a Mondeo bro...


hypodermic KrisMoffatt I couldn't really care less. I'm realistic. I know I'll never be able to own a high performance sports car like a GTR or a 911. Its what I wanted and its what I got.

Can I ask what you drive? Or what your dream car is?


TheCrudMan Well, in 11.3 of the the NASA CCR it does permit FIA certified belts for HPDE. I looked it up and was pretty amazed to see that because I had a tech inspector tell me unequivocally that the only 4 point harnesses allowed are those installed by the OEM, but apparently it also permits FIA certified 4 points.

I still wouldn't use a 4 point over the OEM equipment. I'd just save a few more pennies to get the 5 or 6 point system.


@Ty robzor TheCrudMan JakWhite I guess my thought is just save a little more, wait a little longer to get the equipment you want. You can still do HPDE with the factory equipment in an Elise(it seems that's your car based on the above comment). If you can still do your track day, why put the money into a 4pt when you can just save that money and EVENTUALLY have the seat and harness system you want. Factory seat and 4point really just won't be much, if at all, safer than the factory seat and 3 point.


@Chris TheCrudMan haha thats an autox car for sure! I wish I would have done a few autocross before I put my rollbar in my miata.


Wanted a strong visual look... Colour grading has been around a lot longer than IG my friend :)


Sorry you don't like them! I've been getting a lot of compliments on the shots though...


Right!? First thing I was thinking too. They're the only tires I've seen on this car, I don't understand why you'd put on worse tires than what came with the car.


RenoRotary I'd agree with what another poster said: this car is a RWB Lotus.  A custom bodykit and some deep dish wheels and no real performance modifications*.  It's a car built for style first, second, and third.

*I'm sure the coilovers are there just for lowering.  There are no lowering springs offered for the Elige twins.


KrisMoffatt Try to have bigger dreams, man. I felt exactly the same way hypodermic did. I drive Evora and it's exactly my dream car. Even if I could afford to buy one of those Italian horses and cows. I'd still own one of Lotuses.


I'm usually a huge fan of speedhunters photography, but these suck. The colors are awful, not even wallpaper worthy.


@monkichi That is my dream car too! And I actually have the K20A sitting inside :)


PMalavasil You're welcome ! actually doing this because of my father's old racing car... which he used to race at the local track "La Guacima" during the late 80's/early 90's which this year has been destroyed to build a convention center...


BenjaminReynolds I agree. The lighting sucks in most of these pictures, most pics are grainy and taken from awkward angles. The shoddy filter isn't helping.


This is an awesome lotus! 5 years from now, I want my dads old z31 and build it lol. Are z31s rare btw? im just curious haha.


robzor TheCrudMan I autocross and track an SCCA street Miata.  Rollbar is legal for all autocross classes, including street.


BenjaminReynolds We're sorry you don't like them, but thanks for your feedback.


robzor TheCrudMan I know I really should buy one, but I want to put it in at the same time as a hard top so if I flip it doesn't dig me into the ground.


Jone Boy I agree with that, unless it's something super rare. If you stance out something Sterling Moss once owned, or a 250 GTO you are super douche. Super douche.


I love everything about it except for the wheels. Those wheels look horrid on that lotus :/ They belong on a VW wagon or Stanced miata.. not a race car. Raise it up a bit and throw on some meaty beefcake tires on silver RPF1's and it will look SO MUCH more respectable imo


YeupLee KrisMoffatt My car dreams are big enough for now. My main dream is owning my own panel and paint shop. I want to make cars look the business. Plus I can make this Mondeo look bangin! Just need to get a bit creative is all. Everyone can own a car, but I want the skills to make the car look the part. That means a lot more to me


KrisMoffatt YeupLee I'd love to see what you do with a mondeo - theres been cars on here i never thought of ever owning...ever. Then the owner turns it in to a complete monster or head turner and makes you rethink your views on the car.


BenjaminReynolds Lack of dynamic range and fake film processing does that. It is also used by poor photographers to disguise both bad composition and to liven up otherwise boring subjects. While a little over-cooked, not sure I would call SH out on them, as the car itself is moderately interesting, and the shots themselves are OK. There's a lot more in this world to get your panties in a knot over... Neko.


in ten years an alloy bodied 427SC cobra with a genuine side oiler engine. Not a genuine cobra as i would want the responsibility of looking after it but just a faithful re-creation.


KrisMoffatt hypodermic Fair enough dude, I have an ae86 at the mo, "realistic" dream car is prob a late 70s 911.


My dream car actually is a Lotus. S2 Elise or Exige. Keeps me motivated not to get old, lazy and fat, because you know how it is with fitting inside one of these street gocarts :D


hypodermic KrisMoffatt I like your taste


i think some more aggressive wheels would give the car an extra bit of presence, but if he is happy with the car who am i to argue. great build :)


ChrisRacer1 Just to point out - RS's have a lot more racing prestige than RPF1's. Don't let the stance scene taint such a legendary wheel.


hypodermic KrisMoffatt how old are you 16? He is saying that is his dream car and you are putting it down...fuck how tacky can a person get.


guber959 hypodermic KrisMoffatt Its all right dude, I know he's not trying to hate on me. I respect his opinion and I have my own opinions and likes and tastes. What he said did not offend me in the slightest.


dangina KrisMoffatt YeupLee Wait and see bro. Wait and see...


Perry Kveton ChrisRacer1 Were BBS RS' used in Formula 1 like RPF1s were?


hypodermic KrisMoffatt What's wrong with a Mondeo ST220 again?


kphillips9936 Didn't Lotus use Honda B and K-series engines at one point?


apex_DNA hypodermic KrisMoffatt Well, the DMF flogs out after 150,000 miles and that's never fun to replace :P, torque steers a bit, and aftermarket parts for it aren't cheap...


apex_DNA kphillips9936 Nah they used Rover engines before the Toyota engines, but there are direct bolt in kits for Honda B, K and F series engines. An F20C from an S2000 makes an Elise get up and boogie like nothing else I've ever seen


I see. To us Americans it's sorta of a unicorn as it was never sold here, and before the wide-spread use of Internet we only knew about it thru British car mags.


I must be thinking about Vamos then (as it was called in Japan, I believe those sold in the UK had a different name).


Nice car, nice mods but I guess this is a more style than performance-oriented car. At least, it is properly done! As I actually own a toughed-up Alfa 147 GTA, I could already say that I own my dream car but I can't help but thinking about a E46 M3 CSL or a Maserati GranSport for my 40th B-day (it leaves me 10 years to spare!).


apex_DNA hypodermic KrisMoffatt Was good enough to be a budget Jag chassis iirc?


@flushpoke There's a glas-bodied Busa powered Toyota MRS in NZ (not street legal) 500ish kg and 500hp should keep anyone smiling :)


Pancakes apex_DNA hypodermic KrisMoffatt Yep, X-type Jag, had the AJ 3L (Duratec V6 with VVT) and 4wd. A lot of the running gear will fit the Mondeo with some modifications. 

But yes, reasonably common in Europe, but rare as anything here in NZ. I think there are more Lambos or Aston Martins here than ST220s


Pancakes Now this I'd like to see and do a photoshoot on!


apex_DNA Perry Kveton ChrisRacer1
RPF-1's that a normal consumer can buy was never used in Formula 1. The double spoke design was used in Formula 1 as it distributes loads better under hard cornering. They didn't just bolt on a $200 wheel on to a multi-million race car. 
Please get your facts straight. That is almost common sense.


@Chris What'd he even say lol? Comment got deleted..


Not sure whether serious or not.
All I wanted to know is if any of BBS' technology and know-how used in F1 trickled down directly to that particular consumer wheel like in the case of Enkei's RPF1 wheel.


ChrisRacer1 This isn't a race car. He hasn't upgraded anything. It's a road car that looks like a race car. But, I also don't like the wheels - even though I love the bbs rs.


KillerRaccoon I knew it was coming the second the author said he was "gonna go for something a little unique" aka code for stanced rice. Still a cool car though.


chiefmorgan_ so sweet. Rims are groce though srs


brln rims are what make the car dude. You can't hate on BBS


chiefmorgan_ I don’t have brand loyalty, I don’t think they’re very good looking. Too much like cars with hydraulics + white wall tires.


A 1969 Dodge Coronet RT

My absolute dream car.


This is literally my dream.


manual e46 M3
manual e34 540 
s52 swapped e30 

w124 e500
w126 560 SEC
BRABUS 7.3 R129 SL


Cool... but...this one is even cooler, Lotus Exige V10 GTR: http://rejsa.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=74693