Making GT-R Dreams Come True
Every Car Comes With A Story

You know what a big lesson in life is? Never make assumptions. Interpret this as you will, but at least in the course of my own life this is one rule I have tried to stick to. I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I never judge based on appearances or hearsay. It’s something I’ve always thought was common sense. In this profession I’m constantly meeting people. It may be because of cars at the end of the day, but these people always bring their personal stories to the table – how they have come to own and build a specific car, or what has led them to be in the position they are in.


It’s this that has always made this work so interesting to me. The cars themselves are great, of course, but a hunk of metal with shiny wheels wouldn’t be quite as special if it didn’t have an equally interesting story attached to it.


And the story behind David Uy’s Nissan GT-R is one of the more special ones I’ve come across. Looking at these images from Larry, many people will just assume that David is a rich guy who has dumped a ton of money into his car. Because as we all know, owning and tuning a new-gen R35 can be a rather expensive hobby – a proverbial money pit if you will. But in fact, David has worked very hard to get his hands on – and modify – his GT-R dream machine.


He’s also the father of an 8-year-old boy, which has a big bearing on this story considering the fact that he’s only 22 himself. Having a child in his sophomore year in high school forced David to take on the sort of responsibility that most people don’t usually have to deal with until later in life, but this is one man that knows what he wants and isn’t scared to go out there and get it.


Despite having gone through an interesting selection of cars that have included an Integra Type R, an E46 M3 and an Evo X, it’s a GT-R that he’s always really longed for. It was about a year ago that he finally managed to get his hands on one, and the need to turn it into something totally unique to him began straight away.


A set of wheels, adjustable suspension and a few carbon accents for the exterior did the job at the beginning, but then the bug really bit hard. He wanted to go wilder, but at the same time not follow what others were already doing with the R35. That’s no easy feat to say the least. David did initially look at the Liberty Walk Works conversion, but felt it made the car look too bulbous. Instead, he wanted to stay more true to the GT-R’s lines and character.


Call it good timing, but around the same time Miura-san over at Rocket Bunny released his very own wide body kit, which debuted first on the Trust D1 GT-R at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Seeing how the kit had a more performance-oriented style and almost mimicked the lines of his favorite R35 – the GT3 race car version of the car – David knew then and there that he had to have it.


It wasn’t easy to get the new kit in the US so early on, but after finding a dealer willing to import it quickly and at decent cost, it wasn’t long before he was down at the docks picking up a big box that had arrived from TRA Kyoto, Japan.


Working upwards of 80 hours a week to be able to provide for his family means that David doesn’t have too much spare time on his hands, but once that kit had arrived he sacrificed sleep in order to get it fitted as soon as possible. Like all the cars he has owned in the past, all the work was carried out by himself at home, including the cutting of the fenders and screwing on of the two-piece front and rear overfenders.


Along with the Rocket Bunny front bumper with built-in LED daytime running lights, David wanted to give the front end a more menacing look. On top of GT3-inspired yellow tint being applied to the headlights, this was achieved by fitting an Overtake dry carbon bonnet.


This is actually the first bonnet of its kind to be imported into the US, and the one piece that really makes this GT-R stand apart thanks to its functional venting. You may recall we took a look at this detail earlier in the year.

TE37: The Only Wheel For A GT-R

We know wheels make or break a car, but in this case they couldn’t possibly be a more perfect match. Okay, so I, along with many other GT-R owners, may be a little biased here, but we all know that the RAYS Volk Racing TE37 is to a GT-R what whipped cream is to strawberries.


To make things even more special, they’re actually the TE37 Ultra version, and thanks to the guys at Bulletproof Automotive were the first custom-colored set of their kind to be imported into the US.


The Toyo R888-shod wheels are fitted in 20×11-inch +5 size up front and sit within the pumped fenders a functional way. That’s because useability is something that David wanted to stay true to; he drives his car every day, takes his son to school in it, and hits Laguna Seca (where he’s managed a 1:38 lap) as often as he can. When he puts it through its paces there’s got to be enough space to allow the wheels to tuck and move around within the fenders.


Along with JRZ adjustable dampers, David’s also improved braking performance by upgrading the rotors with DBA 380mm discs front and rear, and high-friction Endless pads.


One of the bigger differences of the Rocket Bunny aero from the Liberty Walk Works kit is the rear fenders. Rather than a radial overfender addition, here it’s actually a complete rear fender piece. Because of this, the lines flow smoother and are more akin to the underlying design of the san-go. To tie it all in together David has added some carbon fiber Zele International side skirts and front, side and rear canards.


Just like they do up front, the rear fenders tuck inwards behind the wheels, exposing the tyre tread and achieving the aggressive look that has made all of Miura’s kits instantly recognisable.


The TE37 Ultras are fitted in a slightly wider 20×12-inch +20 size at the back and run massive 315-section tyres. The rear wheels’ width and offset combine to fill out the fenders nicely.


Completing the look, is, of course, the GT wing. Miura had a variety of ideas when it came to stabilising the kit’s wing, and in addition to the main stays that centrally-mounted onto the trunk lid (an Overtake carbon fiber item here), he decided on two additional long metal supports that stretch all the way down the rear face of the car and attach to the diffuser.


With so much going on at the back there was definitely a need to balance things out, which is why David replaced the stock under-spoiler section with a Varis diffuser assembly mated to Difflow lower diffuser, and added a Top Secret center fog light.


It all helps to complete the look that David was shooting for, and to say it looks nothing short of sensational out on some deserted country roads would be a massive understatement.


Another cool custom touch are these custom rising sun patterned LED taillights – something we haven’t seen done to an R35 before.

Performance To Match

A GT3 racer for the road? It certainly looks like it!


Seeing the GT-R doubles up as Daivd’s daily, he’s kept things a little simpler in the interior. Here, comfort and compliance still takes center stage.


He’s first gone with a custom Bulletproof Automotive steering wheel, which features a more ergonomically-shaped exterior rim section wrapped in soft leather.


And along with a more supportive Recaro Pole Position carbon driver’s seat, David spiced things up with additional carbon trim.


During Nakai-san’s last trip to the US, David had a chance to meet up with the man behind RAUH-Welt as he was putting the finishing touches on the twelfth stateside-built RWB car. During one of Nakai’s many smoke breaks he took a step out of the Fatlace workshop, noticed David’s GT-R, and then immediately went over to check it out.


They started chatting; David explaining that at the time it wasn’t quite finished yet. When he asked for an autograph Nakai went straight to the dashboard rather than David’s t-shirt! It’s something that’s become quite a conversation starter.


If function was the main aim with this build, then where’s the corresponding bump in performance to back up the looks I hear you ask.


Well fear not, because this is definitely one area where David had no intention of overlooking. Despite the fact that the engine bay looks pretty much stock aside from the addition of the Nismo engine cover, there is much going on in and around the VR38DETT.


To start things off the stock turbochargers have been replaced by a pair of AMS Alpha 9 blowers mated to Swizter downpipes and running out to a Meisterschaft exhaust system. David had the block blue-printed by FFTEC Motorsports and fitted CP forged pistons and Carillo H-section connecting rods to make sure the engine was able to take the abuse of an extra dose of boost. Compression was set at 9.0:1, and the cylinder heads treated to some machining and port matching before being outfitted with Kelford valve springs, retainers and a set of 266-deg camshafts for both the intake and exhaust. For its performance properties the engine is run on E85, which is liberally provided by a pair of Walbro pumps and a six 2000cc/min injectors.


The AMS intercooler is one of a few giveaways that this engine isn’t quite so stock. The complete setup, as tuned through a Cobb Access Port, has been dyno-measured at 930whp, but turned down to a more reliable 797hp – still serious numbers for a serious car. To make sure the six-speed, dual-clutch transaxle transmission was up to the job of handling the extra power and torque, David sent it off to Jacks Transmissions where carbon-Kevlar clutch discs were fitted for piece of mind.


David is over the moon with how the GT-R has tuned out, and the response it’s been getting in the import scene. The R35 currently runs a gloss white vinyl wrap which was added to make it more presentable for the recent BLOX Evolution show.


There it picked up an award for ‘Best Appearance’, which despite the fact that David never built the Nissan to exhibit in shows, or for any other reason than to satisfy his own need to have a car like this, he was very happy with the recognition.


David eventually plans to get the car properly painted, as well as fitting the Varis rear bumper that’s currently on order – so he’s only a few more parts away from completing his project. It’s taken constant work and dedication to get to this point, but that dream of having his very own interpretation of a GT3 race car for the road is very real.


He might boast an 800hp street car capable of nine-second quarter mile passes, but nothing satisfies David more than hearing his son say, “My dad’s car is the best.” Like I said, every car has its story, and some are more touching than others.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Photos By Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_photos

Story Produced by Elizabeth White
Instagram: itswhitenoise



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I am throwing Monopoly money stacks on the screen cause I am hella poor, but the opening picture is the definition of 'money shot'.

My friend Ricky who is also 22 tells me that he is working hard, too. 
He is rolling in a Porsche sitting on Forgi's. 
I told him most homies can't afford these. 
What am I doing wrong?
Then, he answered with a song.

Million dollar advance for me to rhyme fluent.
Back of my daddie's Phantom couldn't fathom I was such a student.
Now, I am thinking he is either a rapper apprentice or his dad's Bank of America account got six figures.


uhhh is that your phone number as the picture credit?


He takes his son to school in THAT? Now that's a cool (if a bit premature) dad.


I think I need to change my shorts...


Sounds like he can beat Randy Pobst driving a GTR around Laguna Seca. If so, he should give up the 80hr work week and become a race car driver.


B E A U T I F U L !

Shit, that car looks stunning. Respect to the owner! Seems like he is a very hard working man!


I hope I get my evo and all the voltex stuff by the time I'm 22! Serious credit to the man!


Poor GTR. That kit looks like shit...


The numbers are serious!


Time Correction* 1:38 on Laguna.


This truly means alot.


I guess most guys who become a father at the age of 14 wouldn't even dream of having a GT-R, despite the fact it is pretty modded, but when I read what rides you already had, damn it, you're 22!
You've earned my respect, but I'm still wondering what your job is :P


pretty bloody awesome, gotta be a drug dealer tho...


Ya now what? Good for you David for already having a R35 GT-R at age 22 and being a father! I envy you! I am 2 years distance from my R35 GT-R, and then I will be 24 so you beat us all!
In the end, great write-up Dino as always, and great photos as always Larry!

Just flawless!


I bet his kid is never late for school


What exactly does David do for "work"? With the last name Uy, not a whole lot im guessing, Chinese parents funding it all I bet.


Easily one of my favorite 35s out there, massive respect for the owner putting all those hours in just to make everything happen
Well done


Personally, A Wald international kit is probably as 'Wild' as I would go with a GTR.  Each to their own.


One hell of an R35. Though TBH I like the Liberty Walk swan-neck wing uprights better than the Rocket Bunny wing he's running (but again, just my opinion and I just have a thing for swan-neck wings).


SeBaBunea the story of both the car and most importantly, the owner, is just awe-inspiring


@TROLLS ROYCE I think it's the latter.


SeBaBunea Thanks!


Wow now SH censors comments? So not everyone is allowed to have a different opinion about this kit? Haha nice going guys.. (Wrote that I thought the kit is ugly, and comment got removed)


@Swede1234 Yes, we censor comments containing offensive language. Construction criticism is welcome.


Thank-you @David Uy, we've made that correction. Thanks once again for allowing us to share your car with our audience.


No mention of gt autoconcepts.. That is where the kit was installed.. No mention of the 3" spacers required to make those wheels fit!! Cool car. Needs a lot of attention to detail though.


Crazy. Well when you work 80hours a week (how the eff is that even possible without dying) you gotta treat yourself sometimes. Good for him.


@David Uy what do you do for work?


Speedhunters "Offensive language" lol, Wasn't even close to being an offensive comment... All I said is that people that put these kits on GTR and 458 is ruining the cars. Don't go around and censor people comments just because they don't share your taste in style.. Such a lame thing to do.

turbo BEAMS ae86

@Swede1234 Speedhunters dont trash talk their paying sponsor then lmao


This is beyond coolness


I have a pretty thick skin, but believe that your comments were over the line. We all love and celebrate the individuality and expression and passion that Speedhunters brings and allows us to have. And it's cool to have different taste or style -- but to hate, disparage or make comments that have race or ethnicity or even presuming someone's financial position is just rude and mean spirited.


Needless to say the car is simply stunning...Just one question the buzzed in to my head for the whole read: how do you open the trunk?Isn't that a bit uncomfortable for a daily driver?


I read the comments that were removed and found them rude and mean spirited. Civility and disagreement and opinion are cool for sure but stereotypical comments that are based on jealousy and hate have no place here. Thanks Speedhunters for keeping it on the high road


Wow, great build !
I've always wondered, What do these guys do for a living?


Nice style on this one... oh Rocket Bunny please make a kit for my 08 STi :(


jusreggie I was wondering the same thing lol.


I like the Rocket Bunny kit so much better than the Liberty Walk one, so much more functional.
Also, respect to the owner for working hard enough to raise a son at that age, AND still build his dream car.  Amazing.


JDM_Luca The trunk opens easily, there are two pins that hold the bottom of the wing. It's strong and functional.

It rides pretty nice, he drove it about an hour to the shoot and back home no problems.


azal1 We never delete comments, only when it becomes a personal attack or derogatory.


What is the badge on the trunk?


SeBaBunea Thanks for the kind words.


bluestreaksti It came on one of our Speedhunters sticker sheets that were sold in our store.


I think it's better not to know. For one it's not really our business and if you truly have something in front of you that you want to work for its only you that's stooping you from getting it. I have too many friends with amazing cars that when I talk to them about parts and how they can afford then, I always here and working two jobs and eating just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And these are people that are not badly off in the first plac. They just have passion and drive and love these machines.


thecottonmouth What other people do won't help you. If you have your own dream then figure out how to get there and take the first step. Seems a bit personal.


@David Uy Hi David, would you ever consider blending the overfenders or is the look it has now the final (final, hahaha working on cars joke) iteration? Thanks for sharing


ha I would love to get dropped of at school in this!


Great story and amazing GT-R!


That's one amazing GEEEDEEEAAAAHHHH!!!


David didnt have an Evo X he had an STi, almost as quick as mine, obviously no contest now but, congrats man! Uy's got the car game scared


Afroneck It's a valid question. When the writer of the article makes it sound like this guy at 22 has just "busted his ass" to own all these cars I would certainly think it entertains people's curiosity. A GTR is a ludicrously expensive car to own at 22, let alone 30, never mind having a child and a wife to provide for. Dino is clearly making it sound like he's a role model when he says "this is one man that knows what he wants and isn’t scared to go out there and get it." 

People are going to take that as inspiration and want to know how they can follow in this person's foot steps. If he has truly earned what he has I don't see anything wrong with entertaining the questions people have. 

The cost of raising a child to age 18 (this year) adjusted for inflation is approximately $304,000 which amounts to $16,888.88 per year. Factor in rent, food, cell phone bills, an Integra, an M3 and an Evo X and you.

Even if you were making $100,000 a year  (which hardly any 22 year olds are) you are looking at a post tax income of ~$52,000 a year minus the $18,000 to raise your kid which leaves you with $34,000 to pay rent, food, gas, insurance and any other miscellaneous things that come up. Assuming you're healthy and have no incurred or unexpected expenses. 

I would love to know what job any high school student or college student has to pay for these kinds of things as I would really like to model myself on what they are doing. The only kids I know who are doing these types of things are handed family money, which I don't really admire. I'm not passing judgement on this guy one bit, his car is awesome and it sounds like he's done a great job with his personal life. 

What I'm simply stating are the numbers. Furthermore I don't think any mention of this man's child is necessary or relevant to his build. While one might admire what he has done (which none of us really know what that is) it is about the cars here. Personal lives should stay out of articles and will only incite negative reaction and controversy. 

Let's keep speed hunters about the cars, and not how someone pays their bills. Thats the IRS' job.


Great pride and joy.

Anyone know if that's a quick release on his front bumper to fender? If so, what kind. Thanks.


This GTR looks really good!  I wonder what he's planning for the colour?  If its Bayside blue that'd be awesome haha


I totally agree with this. I think it is AWESOME that this 22 year old kid has such an AMAZING car, but the way this article was written is seriously off putting. "Working 80 hours a week to support your family" and then buying a 10 Grand dry carbon hood? Get a grip.
Great car, great images. Long live SH


my favorite riced out GTR!


jusreggie could be a street pharmacist or joined one of the many Bay Area start-ups cashing in the $$$$$ lol


@Tim San Afroneck You guys are funny. David is a cool dude, I can vouch for him. He works hard for that money. The main thing is you don't need to be an old man to be smart and successful.


Larry Chen Afroneck Would you mind telling us what he does if it's not a problem? I think this has really sparked curiosity in a few of us that would care to better ourselves. Clearly he's successful and that always incites a following, especially at such a young age. Thanks Larry!


@speedhunters just curious regarding a 14 year old being a sophomore in highscool? I was probably 14 leaving 8th grade (never held back, just to clarify) is he a boy genius or something ?because the math does not add up.



The only way I could see this being even remotely legitimate is if he founded a startup in silicon valley. Even then I find it hard to believe because I'm earning a similar amount to what a good friend of mine former, a former CEO of a startup recently sold now working for Square, and I don't have anything near this level of car and I work multiple jobs adding up to over 80 hours a week including my normal salary. It's a legitimate question to want to know what this guy does. Not knowing will make most of us believe it's his parents money.


ChristopherWilmot boostftw  You can bet anyone/everyone at that startup is degreed out the ass as well, which this guy, at 22, AND having had kids at 14 years old is not. Most people are not out of college with ANY cash as his age, so you can understand how people would question where the cash is from if he is not like a pro athlete or something. Even if you claim he started working young, then it would be at a job where you require no degree which is not going to leave you with much room to advance or to make that much cash in the first place (aka flipping burgers or washing cars or something)... which leads you back to the 'wheres the money from' question.


As a Venture Investor for 20 years I can say from experience that the number of millionaire teens and early twenty somethings - and others from coders to graphic designers etc Who make salaries and bonuses in the 200k range - is more than most folks know. Particularly now with young companies selling early with founding members and employees owning significant stakes not diluted by many rounds (like Square) the money taken off the table is big and frequent. Never assume in this world ....


Larry Chen bluestreaksti looks like the D-MAC robot?!


if he has this at 22, i wonder what would tickle his fancy at 44?!


TheJhambi ChristopherWilmot boostftw 
In all honesty, I don't see someone who was having sex at 13/14 (or younger) to be the sort of person to be a self-made success. But having said that, I'm all for congratulating this guy if he indeed has the intelligence, initiative, foresight, work ethic and commitment to make all this happen himself by age 22. Even if it all fell in his lap doesn't mean much if he is a really good person/nice guy.
veecee8 Does have a valid point too. It's very possible that he finished school early (read:genius) and succeeded with a supportive family (for his young child, unless the mother did the majority of the raising), and then went out making a large salary to pay for his passions.

Would be very interested to know more to this story. Like many people here, definitely feeling a bit jealous!


I agree with you. With just one twist. I agree that people will want to know the steps to take to get where they want to go in life but if the person does not offer the information it's not our place to ask. We are asking with the intent of judging the amount of money he makes and not truly interested in what occupation he has. Also, for many of these people covered here or anywhere in the automotive world this is our personal life. We love to here the history behind the vehicles and the obstacles people have overcome to get them. And Speedhunters does a great job to include them all.


Exactly. Who cares how he got there but thank goodness the guy has such good taste and an eye for detail:)


Pgleizes Limanto812 ouais ça va. Mais je préfère l'autre type de carrosserie #IfYouKnowWhatIMean


AlahtacS Limanto812 ahah


Don't forget to check out "Presentation mode" for the full resolution experience.


Don't think the story had the desired effect on me that the writer intended.  I see "kid at 14", "working 2 jobs", and ridiculous amount of money dropped on this car and all I get from it is "impulsive".  I mean, it's something most of us in the car community can relate to, but the story just seemed to highlight that for me.  The beginning of the article talks about "assumptions" and "judgments" then sets us up for one.  Or maybe the author already knew that's how it was going to come out and tried to preempt it?

Car's done well, no doubt about it.  Kit's definitely not my style, but glad it was done right.

Maybe next time just tell us the thought process instead of the "story".


I bet its nice having family money to throw around ;)


NO FAMILY MONEY. Believe it or not. It was just working really hard and being smart with money. To settle the question I am a "Technician". That is all anyone needs to know. 


@David Uy You're setting a good example for a lot of people to follow David. Thanks for clarifying. A lot of techs (electrical, automotive, etc) can make killer money at a young age if they keep their heads down and focus. You certainly have my respect.


Some good technicians working for a reputable big name dealer or not, busting 80+ hours a week could make that kind of money to support this kind of a build.  That I know for a fact.  After reading all these posts, assumptions, etc. and thanks to David for clarifying, I now salute this/him too.  For a second, I was also thinking, damn lucky bastard coming from a wealthy Chinese family overseas.  Lol.  Great build nontheless.  But given I'm a single dad myself and got more than 10 years on him, had I make the money, I definitely won't be dropping it all on building a car of this caliber.  I guess some people are more fortunate and have better things lined up for them in life.  Given I've acquired and lost 2x over, I can't risk a 3rd shot at life.  I can only admire those.  Thanks for a great writeup and one can still dream a little...


80 hours a week working to support his car build? Where are the hours spent being a Dad. I have made selfish decisions also at that young age so I am not hating. Luckily I learnt from all that. Good luck to him and his son... I hope they take the time to enjoy the car together now.


Wow, how did I miss this build? This is sweet!


I like the car, specially the rear. The front I think does not mach the lines of the original as well as the rear. Those ten circular lights in the front bumper gotta go, and it would look much cleaner