5 Must-See Machines From Art Of Speed
Keeping It Rough

One of the most highly anticipated cars at the Art of Speed show held in Kuala Lumpur this past weekend, was a Nakai-san creation. The Furinkazan is actually one of two Porsche 911s that have just been built for the soon-to-open RWB Malaysia workshop, and it took center stage in the event’s gallery section.


Along with the Rough World treatment that gives the 911 about 100 times more presence than its stock standard equivalent, this 964-based creation looked really fresh with its satin mint green paint.


The rear end is dominated by RWB’s signature stacked wing combo and the massive fenders that stretch outwards from the body to contain 335-section Pirelli P-Zero rubber.


The Furinkazan (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain) name is joined by the Malaysian national flag – a symbol of two countries coming together out of pure love for the work of one man.


This might be the last shot I have of this car for this particular spotlight, but don’t worry – I’ve got something else RWB-related, and very special, coming up for your guys next week. When I saw it for the first time it absolutely blew my mind, so make sure you check it out. More on that soon…


Next up it’s a car that caught my attention as soon as I walked into the car park show arena – one of two Sunny Hakotoras being shown at Art of Speed (you can spot the other one in the background of this image). Sitting on Work Equip 01 wheels and rocking PMC•S-inspired livery, well, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a closer look.


The Hakosuka front-end conversion was executed brilliantly – the iconic grille and quad round headlight setup turning an ordinary Datsun pickup into something very special. Throw in a bucktooth front spoiler and colour-matched fender flares and you’re in business!


There were many little details to take in, including – to my extreme surprise – a Juliana’s Tokyo sticker. This was an old and famous (and long closed) nightclub from Japan’s extravagant bubble era of the late ’80s.


One of the cool things about pickups is the fact that they can haul around a ton of stuff. For Art of Speed the cargo was a spare set of SSR mesh wheels.


I noticed that many cars were wearing the JAF membership badge – the Japanese Automobile Federation, similar to the RAC in UK or AAA in the US. Authenticity counts for a lot I guess!

Rust’N Roll

I love it when people think outside the box. Special things happen then and this rat rod – aptly named Rust’N Roll and sitting right smack-bang in the middle of the show – was certainly receiving its fair share of attention. I don’t need to explain why, right?


The thoroughly rusted-out Corolla body was accompanied by a rather massive roof chop. I assume custom windows will probably never be fitted…


Mainly because the creation doesn’t even have a roof! Instead, ropes hold up three pieces of wood that act as structural stiffening parts. Or not. But that’s not really of consequence since this car is more art than it is a functional form of transportation.


It was obviously built for laughs, so the driver’s seat is a period-correct ’70s beach chair with chopped legs and an oil lamp provides interior illumination.


If you want to make a huge statement without an equally large investment, this is one way to go about it!


From a rusty rod, it’s on to a build that represents the opposite school of thought. This 1963 Bug was picked by Shige-san of Mooneyes Japan as his favourite car of the show and received the Mooneyes Award. Despite some tough competition in the aircooled line up, this particular car stood out for its accurate California style.


T-bar replacements for the bumpers always hint at a well-executed Cal look.


After visiting the Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom show last year, the owner got the okay from famed Japan-based car club One Low Vee-Dub to run one of their stickers. It’s one of the first things that Naoto-san from Flat-4 noticed..


The attention to detail follows into the engine bay, where you’ll find a clean setup featuring polished velocity stacks on the carbs and no shortage of dress-up goodies.


A long, in-your-face megaphone-style tailpipe finishes things off nicely.


This Fiat 124 Coupe caught my attention for a couple of reasons. Firstly, back home in Italy these cars are quite rare would you believe. Design-wise it shares almost nothing with its popular, and pretty boring sedan counterpart, and was designed by Mario Boano who penned the Ferrari 250 GT  ‘Boano.’ You could say that the 124 followed along the lines of previous Fiat coupes; always managing to look far more sporty than what the manufacturer badge hinted at.


That’s probably why it looks so special – a nice mix of angular lines mated to a glean grille and quad headlights. Almost Lancia-like in fact.


The second reason it appealed to me was because of the way it sat slammed on Centerline-style wheels with white-sidewalled tyres – not something you’d usually see on a Fiat of this style.


I can’t be sure because I never saw under the bonnet, but there’s a good chance some Abarth goodies live in there if the scorpion badge is anything to go by.


To me, these five cars serve as a good example of the impressive variety of machines that showed up to the third annual Art of Speed show – not to mention the unique approach to customisation that Malaysia continues to be known for.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I LOVE that Fiat! The wheel choice is a little left of what I'd have chosen (those Work Equips on the Sunny would look a treat I recon) but I love it. Clean simple lines, light chassis. Purrrrrrfect =)


The Datsun truck was cool. One of my favourites.

I really like this one though.


The FIAT 124 Coupe looks awesome!


Lots of fiat coupes in Canada, lots of Italians in Canada lol


Furinkazan!  What a perfect name for a RWB car.


AllenAznan Awesome Volvo ! And the murdered out Mustang Mach I besides it .


The rusty rat rod should be Toyota Publica though , judge by the taillights & the body line on the side . :P


I usually don't do this, and I hate to be this guy, but that corolla rat thing is kinda dumb. We've all spent loads of time making fun of people who use 2x4's to enhance their vehicles. If putting lawn equipment inside an empty container of tetanus is art, then I think everyone's been doing it wrong for years. Who knew it would be so simple...

On a positive note the other rides were pretty cool. I liked the truck especially.


johnbezt I think I might agree, and I usually like "f you rat rods", but unless their is more to the car than that, well, it's just that. It looks like the roof chop may have been done a long time ago, so the car may have a story, but considering I don't see much more then a few tack, I don't think I see much in it.

The Furinkazan looks stunning, seems like Nakai's lines are evolving a bit, subtle but bold!


johnbezt Art is subjective. Saying you dont like it is understandable but, saying its wrong is wrong. If everyone did things the right way there wouldnt be any art. 

With that point aside Ive never liked the rusted look or patina as people like to call it. To me its a copout on creative effort.


Funny how, as many custom Bugs as I've seen over the yeays, I never see (or rarely see) any with suicide doors. Either it's too difficult a task to move the hinges, or it changes the rigidity of the chassis, or maybe it's just a dead trend that had it's time. Anyway, nice work here!


I can't type how much I really hate what Nakai-san does to Porsches. He is a f-ing butcher.


@Mike Each to their own I guess :)


sakunoyz I agree:)


Nico Leone Yup, got some relatives out there


greenroadster Indeed it does :D


ericmaxman Thanks man!


RDS AllenAznan Yeah I posted a shot in the first post form the event


I had an Isuzu Wizard 5-door with the same JAF decal. Philippines has a lot of cars imported from Japan, and Importers would later convert them to LHD because driving an RHD here is illegal. Many of those cars have this decal. I always wondered what they meant.


No shots of the Escort next to the Fiat?


speedhunters_dino RDS AllenAznan Amazing And Suprise Mr Dino Visit Malaysia :D


Good stuff! Hope you had lots of fun in Malaysia! Digging the white frame glasses you wore when you are down here. LOL!


Here you go.


è fantastico vedere FIAT di quegli anni, meravigliose IMHO, curate e amate in questo modo in un paese così lontano! qui in Italia purtroppo modifiche di questo genere sono ancora viste come eresie, ma è solo un altra via per tenere vive queste fantastiche auto...


I'm glad the SSR's don;t get stolen out of the back, they sure would back in New Zealand!!

Slappy Pistons



speedhunters_dino ericmaxman come back for more dino! i do believe lots of cars above mainly owned by people with lots of cash..how bout an ek,eg,ef,satria n wira,haha


MerlvynTan aussieANON Nice car indeed, give more shots on him.