Should The Porsche 928 Come Back?

While it doesn’t share the same legendary status as the Porsche 911, there’s no arguing the impact of the Porsche 928. And while might not have the 911’s drivetrain layout, or its long history, you have to admit that the 928 does have an appeal of its own. But could Porsche’s modern lineup hold a spot for a re-imagined 928? It’s a question that designer Anthony Colard is pondering with these amazing renderings.


Dubbed the 921, the CG artwork gives us an idea of what a new Porsche front-engined GT car could look like. While the Porsche Panamera might not have the favor of purists, the car has been a sales success so a reborn 928 could potential prove equally as popular.


While these renderings take plenty of inspiration from current Porsche models, there’s no denying the classic 928 influence – especially in the rear profile.


While we have no idea if Porsche would actually run with something like this, it’s a very interesting prospect all the same. How would this car slot in between the Cayman, 911 and Panamera? More importantly, what would you like to see from a modern, front-engined Porsche GT car?

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Needs pop up headlights!


Personally I think the old 928 is cool and all, but Porsche should be more innovated as to develop other new concepts. Retro is cool, but to further explore the new and the unknown possibility sounds more promising. Just a thought =)


not refined at all, big tall rear and a weird rear windscreen! The old one looks nicer, singer should make a 928


Meh, it doesn't have that "holy crap that car looks like it came from the future" rear end that the original 928 did.

Doesn't quite pay enough homage to the original design in my opinion.


Horrid must of took all of ten mins to design that the bin!


Love the look but Porsche should aim for a smaller platform.  Leave the Panamera as the GT car.  Make a new 924 and have it as a premium BRZ/FRS fighter or mustang eater.  There really needs to be an entry level car in the spirit of the 914 or 924


@CalculatedRisk I agree but I can't see them doing that because the Boxster is so well entrenched as their entry level sports car. A renewed 914 (direct competition as mid engined) or 924 might cut into those sales unless they could market it and price it down to be the next logical step up from the FRS/BRZ platform.



Agree on what you said, a entry level Porsche that can run against the FRS/BRZ would be perfect, depending on price/dealer options. 

Never been a fan of the 924 though, but if the 924 looks like this, its not so bad, it would probably sell well.


Side windows and A-pillar look as though they've been lifted straight from an RX-7 FD!


You are all stupid. Looks amazing. Build it.


Build it, and it will be purchase en masse.Everyone who thinks that 911 GT3 is the only Porsche race series going, needs to attend more grassroots race series. The 944 race series is alive and well in North America and you haven't been able to buy these for over 20 years! 

How many of these series would love to have access to a new chassis and stock parts? I for one think this would be a welcome addition.


Hell yes.


Why notjust make a panamera coupe? Let it compete directly with the 911. There is a reason people by astons and jags instead of 911, let porsche get into the gt market on the high end. I feel there's room for both. Toyota sold the Mr2 along side the corrolla coupe. Ferrari has the 599(or whatever its called now) along side the 458. Man up and build it. Otherwise sell it as a VW against the 86/genesis/odd etc. Just my opinion.


Yes. A 2 door panamera would be nice.


It's an attractive concept, although I'm not sure what the purpose for them would be. The 928 was supposed to come in to replace the 911, but it never had the same success or following. I think car companies should repeat their successes if anything, and go with a rebirth of the 944, but perhaps make it more like a "924" in a budget sense, and bring it in as an affordable base model, using a small turbo 4cyl. Perhaps have a "944" spec level with blistered guards and bigger engine. You can't say there's no need for Porsche to diversify, because they are trying to enter other parts of the market, including compact SUV :/
Then again, as an Australian my view is skewed, as the base model Cayman is worth $120,000AU, compared with $52,600US (exchange rate isn't too far from parity at 0.92AUD>1.00USD). I feel like ownership of any Porsche in Australia is too far away for anyone who is not rolling in a lot of spare cash.


Well there needs to be a business case for it and I just don't see one for it.
It would be nice to see a 928 come back as a entry level Porsche for the 30-50k bracket. Turbo or flat 4 at 300-400hp
For the middle range 70-100k all the normal upgrades. 400-500hp naturally aspirated flat 6 or turbo 6
For the high range 120k+
Supersport hardware twin turbo V8.


naughtyaudi  I don't think they can anymore with the daytime headlight rule


Floz  Same in Canada, and we have parity to your dollar. It is frustrating looking at ads for cars, knowing we'll pay 10 to 20 thousand more than our southern neighbours. 

Worse still, we get less time to play with them before the snow and salt come to destroy!


Tail lamps are too tall, and sad looking. Sad rear theme is sad. Nice 3d modeling skills. Not a future Porsche.

I love speedhunters, and the internet at large for cars that already exist, but not when it comes to cars that don't exist yet. There's a reason cars companies have entire design facilities employing hundreds of people.

- A car designer


yes it should. do away with the mid engined boxter and bring back the 928.


I would fit it above the Panamera. Reason being you can get a nice 911 or Panamera for $100k.
If you make the '928' the same or cheaper it could gouge sales of the 911 and/or the Panamera.
But if they start it at $120k they can go for the Maserati GranTurismo market.


OOOOOOh Snap I just had a thought!!
If they do build it I would love to see a DTM RACE VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can someone do a render??
On the subject of DTM can we get a poll to SAVE THE V8's???


Hey what happened to my other posts?
can we not have links anymore?


Anyways as I said before I was rudely unplugged from the matrix :
Yes there should be a 928 and if you google 928 concept there are some
old Panamera style renders out there via motortrend and car and driver.
I would put this above the Panamera. Reason being you can get a nice 911 or Panamera for $100k,
and the two coexist peacefully.
If you introduce the '928' in that same price range it could gouge sales of the 911 and/or Panamera.
They should start it at $120k and go for the Maserati GranTurismo market.


looks much better tthen the newer 911 models ... kind of gotten really fatty the new ones ...


Apparently, there will be a 2 door Panamera and that will be the 928 re-incarnation.  The 'new 928' will have to be a front engined GT type car to live up to the history.  Once they get the profit earning SUVs on-line I think this will be their next focus.


yes!! bmw 28i/35i needs a push


i like it !


johnbezt Seeing as how the 924/944 and the SA/FC RX7 are commonly confused for each other I will just choose to believe that the design honors that confusing heritage.


AaronRiggs Sad to see a creative person not cheering when others express their own creativity and show it. Go people, don't be shy, you don't need to be perfect to create stuff that's worth showing!


928 no. 924 yes. The world needs more FR turbo fours.


AaronRiggs  Ferrari Daytona was designed in 7 days by one person. 

- Not a douche




milkplus  The 924 was awful. A modern 944 turbo would be amazing though.


iProGam3r  Second that!


Like it from some angles, not so much from others. Hate those generic oversized headlamp covers - a truly ballsy homage to the 928 should have frog eye popups.

Gotta say tho, those are the most (only?) good-looking "OEM" wheels i've seen on a concept - be it rendering or physical - for a LONG TIME.


I think the OEMs have taken the idea that all the cars in their range should have a family resemblance way too far. It stifles creative freedom. The front end of this concept is case in point. Where's the benefit in marketing a whole bunch of cars that are supposed to have different attributes for different roles… that all look the same from the front?

Another case in point: if Porsche had been operating that same family resemblance policy back in the early seventies, the original 928 would never have been born.


Next "big" thing will more likely be a 960/961 with a flat 8 - an engine project Ferdinand Piech (f.e. responsible for the 917 and it's monster flat-12s) always dreamed about. 

This concept is rather beautiful although the title-image cries  "F-Type" (a bit too much)


Without prejudice to the fact that the P-brand has so much brand-value these days that they can make almost any car they make sell well, here's what I'd like to see if such a car ever sees the showroom neon lights:

- quirky forward sloping B-pillars (928) 

- rear light clusters should encompass the forward-"embracing" shape of the Ph.2-928 ones

- no other styling similarity to the 928 (apart from these two).

- ability to cruise well at high speeds (in spite of being a more lively car handling-wise, compared to the 928 - with the technology available these days, it should be possible (eg.rear-wheel steering as on the 991).

- very comfy, GT-style cosseting interior (possibly at the expense of some width and size/proportions - aero-drag.

- a rigid transaxle-encasing "connection" between transmission and diff (a la 944/968) - this is a MUST, 
as this car should be basically able to offer 80-90% of what the 944/968 CS offered dynamically, yet be able 
to offer a cruising sweetness of at least 30-40% of what the 928 had.

- a slightly rear-biased weight distribution (yes, it could be possible with the tech available these days, even 
in a front-engined layout, if a 4-banger Turbo engine is used as a base motor, and if a mid-front engine layout 
is "smuggled" through the increasingly demanding crash regulations...), possibly 48/52%, to enable the use of the traditionally potent Porsche brakes and retain a slight dynamic resemblance to the mid-engined Cayman/Boxster.

- to be a genuine 2-seater, with a very useful boot space (unless marketing guys insist on "back seats").

- to have a 100% pure Porsche build-quality, especially the interior fittings (thereby making it easier to attain the above-mentioned 48/52% WD), even if it reflects in the price - make it really Panamera-flavoured in the interior fittings, or don't make it at all.

- to have an option of a Manual 'box (this model should offer old-school driving 'feelgood' factor, not pure laptimes as GT3 / GTS & Co., yet have a very lively dynamic nature in a 'canyon-carving environment', whilst be a reasonably 'relaxed' cruiser on the autobahn).

- the styling should make use of the front-engine layout to obtain a "presence" comparable (if not THAT shocking) to a Benz SLS.

- the model should be engineered from the outset in such a manner as to be able to offer in parallel a Radically-stripped version ("RRS" ?), which would be MUCH MORE stripped compared to the normal model, than a GT3 RS is, compared to a regular GT3 (I'm talking a COMPLETELY different, very simplified interior, completely hard-core on NVH / "sound insulation" etc.. etc.. - for the real "racecar-aural-feel" purists out there) - this 'RRS' version could perhaps be also cheaper than the 'regular' car, as the interior/doors/glass/insulation could be so much simpler 

- name of the car?  921 ? ....  927 sounds much more like it...

- make "individual paint-to-sample" a no-cost option, if anyhow possible from a manufacturing-process aspect, so as to make the car really exclusive and sought-after in the 2nd-hand market (people will be less frightened to buy the car, as it will perceptibly decrease its eventual depreciation should it become a commercial failure (VERY unlikely having in mind where the P-brand is nowadays)).


That about sums it up.



I can't stop staring at it! What a beautiful concept


def not


i wanna see a new carrera GT!


Nikhil_P  That would be the 919 Hybrid


Looks like a Aston to me. Pick any one of the model line up as they all look the same...


vroomtothetomb they could never have a 928 reincarnation above the 911 for the same reason that they refuse to put the nice engines in the cayman, the 911 has to be their best sports car, i have to admit it would be nice if they were a little freer thinking though.


maxproof id put my dick in that


Love it. Seems to be a good toy, short, well balanced, with tons of grip. And an agressive design. Just need to seat behind the wheel to know if it is a lie....


How does a Porsche look like an Aston Martin? I see no similarities urblinddream. And they all look the same!? No shit every manufacturer makes cars that look similar, that's how you can tell who made it. I swear some haters are just plain idiots


I drew a prototype 928 ten years ago when I got my 1984 and called the drawing the 928 MKll and it knocked the socks off this drawing and still looked like the 928 MKl but had a fighter jet look with its rear intake mounted stabilizers a kind of spoiler with throttle flaps, I never had the balls to send them it, I was and possibly still am a very obsessed 928 owner, love the robotic shapes and hand built models, I may send them it...should I?
I want nothing a present for a car PORSCHE manufacturer!
Wish I could put a picture up here, I drew it in 10min it's a tiny drawing but it looks damn right wicked original 78 wheels boosted to 19" of course.


If the engine is in the front scrap it. the 928 I drew has the engine in the rear, stick the gearbox in the front, even balance retain the actual look of the 928 cars or don't bother, spin off's with little resemblance are weak and sad and the 928 is not that, make it a little wider, lower, now fatter, lets keep the console layout and the original checkered pasha seats, pop up lights a must, leatherhead linning a must, and an illuminated throttle wear the auto gear stick is in red L.E.D.S A DOUBLE BAR click for changing gears, Telledials wheels 19" exstend the car 12" have a four seater thats practical, and a fighter jet spoiler that would need patarning soon as seen.
I drew it 10-years ago, should I send them it?
928 Land.