When The Working Man Gets Slammed

Speedhunting can be a strange beast sometimes. There are occasions where we catch wind of an incredible vehicle or shop via word of mouth or web link, and then pursue it tirelessly. We put out countless social media messages, emails and phone calls, always looking for new and exciting content around the world. Then there are the rare times when stuff just happens to fall right into our laps. That’s the case with the Chevrolet Silverado pickup I’m about to show you.

Slammed-Work-Truck-8 copy

The story begins one night a few months ago when I went to grab my mail from the neighborhood post box. From the corner of my eye in the darkness, I saw a very unusual looking shape parked in front one of the nearby houses. It was an early ’90s Chevrolet pickup with a work rack – the sort of vehicle that’s a favorite among small businesses and working men. The strange thing is that this truck was low. In fact, it was literally sitting on the ground.

Slammed-Work-Truck-5 copy

I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at – but I liked it. I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo, and almost forgot to grab the mail before walking back home. I immediately uploaded the photo to Instagram, saying “Check out what I found down the street”. Within minutes, one of my followers told me that the truck belonged to Stone Fab, a custom shop right here in Central California.

Slammed-Work-Truck-2 copy

Shortly after, I contacted the owner of the shop, Jacob Stone, and made arrangements to have a closer look. When that happened recently, I ended up discovering a whole bunch of cool stuff that I’ll be sharing in a shop visit story soon. For now though, I just wanted to spotlight the amazing truck that caught my eye in the first place.

Slammed-Work-Truck-3 copy

As we’ve seen at SEMA and other events, customized pickup trucks usually feature flashy paintjobs, big wheels and liberal use of billet aluminum. Not so in this case. Aside from its stance, this truck is as blue collar as it gets. For example, the wheels are bare steel with stock black wall tires. The body is 100 percent original and shows plenty of wear.

Slammed-Work-Truck-7 copy

The same goes for the interior. There’s not an inch of billet to be found in here.

Slammed-Work-Truck-12 copy

But beneath the working grade exterior is a chassis that’s seen a lot of massaging from Jacob’s talented hands. Along with the expected air ride set-up, the chassis has also been altered with one of Stone Fab’s signature body drops, which allows the truck to sink all the way to the deck. If anything, the restraint used everywhere else only makes the chassis and suspension work that much more impressive. Less is more here.

Slammed-Work-Truck-11 copy

Jacob doesn’t just call it a ‘work truck’ to be funny either. The Chevy serves as the primary shop vehicle and also as his daily driver. The rack gets regular use hauling huge pieces of metal and also transports completed chassis for customer projects.

Slammed-Work-Truck-4 copy

Perhaps not surprisingly, Jacob says his Silverado has given more exposure for his shop than any traditional show vehicle would have. The idea certainly worked on me, as this is one of the coolest custom vehicles I’ve seen in a long time – on my block or anywhere else.

Stay tuned for more from my visit to Stone Fab.



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The world needs more of this!


The world does not need more than this!


DoBeriaultNo more please!!


rediculously amazing


This is cool because everyone can relate to this simple custom ride.


This is awesome.


Way cool!


i don't understand it's just low and that's it...wow... a bit contrary to the term speedhunting dont you think


dovvvThese 'spotlight' style stories are a little dip in to something, things which catch us going about our everyday business. So this isn't a show winning rod or massively detailed Time Attack build, but look at it again. Under the surface is a massive amount of work, that thing is laying frame! But imagine then not changing the wheels, the steering wheel, even cleaning it! That's the draw of this.


Love it, simple daily driver with a fun kick at the end. I bet this thing has the mileage on it to boot, i can understand why this truck was built.


Speedhunters_Bryn dovvv It's odd to me that people pick on the SpeedHunters name bit but ignore the car culture at large portion.
The variety is what makes Speedhunters awesome, I've seen this truck here and there on IG and always love it.
Lowered trucks are not as useless as people are quick to assume.


ridiculous yes, amazing? no.


I think it's awesome. It must be such a surprise to people when he pulls up at the local parts store/McDonalds/whatever and just airs it out... And if nothing else it makes loading and unloading the rack a breeze ;)


Someone please tell me he backs that thing up under the lift and loads up a chassis like the space shuttle atop a Boeing 747! 

It's funny how some people can't appreciate something a bit different then the norm. It's a no frills shop car, it's meant to go pick up tools, engine blocks, tubes and haul chassis. The fact it can do all that and be a great demo for the shop's fabrication skills without having any logos or giant wheels is quite the feat. Can't wait to see more!


*looks at name of website*
*looks at vehicle featured in article*
*contemplates selling everything car related and taking up knitting*


@Jake Laird Is it so wrong that you can order BBQ ribs at a steakhouse even though it's not steak - that's a little over-simplistic don't you think?  

I for one think not every car related article should be a track build meant to go faster than the previous car featured...


Love seeing off the wall vehicles like this. I can't wait to see what other work this shop has done!


DaveT Speedhunters_Bryn dovvv Very true DaveT! Now if only CarCultureAtLargeHunters fit onto T-shirts better... ;)


@Tim OlivaOff the wall! Such a perfect way to describe this thing :)


@Tim OlivaOff the wall! Such a perfect way to describe this thing :)


@Jake Laird deep breaths, deep breaths...


shiftyXTIThanks buddy. I think you understand the concept perfectly :)


AlmonEvansYeah, he post so many pics of the truck laying frame during various errands haha


RotaryLike a rock!


dovvvAll about finding inspiration in new places!


I'm typically fascinated (but disgusted) by slammed show cars. However, I'm really really liking this truck! All business. Effective for working. Effective just sitting. But not flashy


I'm typically fascinated (but disgusted) by slammed show cars. However, I'm really really liking this truck! All business. Effective for working. Effective just sitting. But not flashy


Would have been good to see a picture when not slammed.


This is why I love this site - pumped to see a true daily shop truck and not some faux patina frame up resto with a pack of paper towels in the bed. I like everything about it... except his suspension is broken.


I love it!!  I've always loved slammed trucks.


"customized pickup trucks usually feature flashy paintjobs, big wheels and liberal use of billet aluminium" .......No, the 0.00000001% of the minitrucking scene you see "at SEMA and other events" has these attributes. How about you guys stop making these generalisations about a scene you clearly know nothing about in future articles?


Love the simplicity of this truck !! Thumbs up


Looking forward to this...I have this weird fetish with utility trucks since I drive one for a living.


@BrentIs Silverado a mini-truck or am I missing something?


@AngeloSure it does.


@Brentapex_DNAHey Brent, I'd agree that minitrucks are a different genre. In fact there are so many different genres of truck modification, you do have to generalise because we're trying to introduce people to a scene that they may not have experience before. Unless we start a brand new one for dropped work trucks with no other mods? Sure you know what you're looking at, but plenty don't and will judge this based on their experience of something from the media.


AM81It's a shame, hopefully it can be fixed easily and get back to work! ;)


@Jake LairdHow about them needles? ;)


So cool.  I have only seen a few lowered trucks I like and this is definitely one of them.

Tristan Louwaars

way cool !!! love that is original , attached is my old shoptruck , its was my daily and hauled lots of cars.. the pic is from 2007 and everything is done by myself , 100% Dutch build ;)


Tristan LouwaarsVery cool!


apex_DNAYeah I love modified "working" vehicles.


@BrentWell, this is based is on my own experiences obviously, and in those experiences most of the customized pickups I've seen usually look nothing like this one.

Tristan Louwaars

Mike Garrett Tristan Louwaars 
Thnx Mike , check http://www.k-a-r-s.com  and you can look me up on facebook to see some of my work  :)
but due to no fun at my job as Kustomizer in NL I close shop this year... I will try my luck in the US and only do selected projects as hobby.. ;)

Tristan Louwaars

Mike Garrett Tristan Louwaars Ps. it stated on the back " fuck west coast !! Made in Holland!! "  as I went to a show where West Coast customs were vip lol


dangina incloudsx I beg to differ. It's pretty amazing it can stir up that many different opinions and feelings just for being a silverado with an air ride kit (simplified for exaggeration).

This truck is awesome; something I have always loved seeing. Simple, understated, cool.


Really scraping the bottom of the scene aren't we?


Jmayhem If that's a pun, i like it.


So perfect. Did y'all check the sticker on the back window?


El_Gu3rit0 haha fucken sparking everywhere


PeppersMk2 haha thats too much, I'm good with 3 inches of the ground


El_Gu3rit0 function over form


PeppersMk2 si ahuevo




Anyone know any places in L.A. County I can take my Chevy S-10 to get some love the air lines are leaking and my fav. fabrication shop is now defunct.


All the way from CHCH/NEW ZEALAND...My 1991 C1500 5.7l,Shaved and slammed


That is so dope!!
Even though I'm biased towards Japanese steel, Chevy trucks, especially of this vintage, will always be my favorite. You did a mighty fine job there, sir. I wish SH would feature more trucks.


apex_DNA Thanx mate..Appreciated!!It is EX JAPAN haha 106miles on it.Love the straight lines,The sheers massiveness of them Drives like a limo on the bags.Recommend to all!!..Awaiting on a 572ci crate engine for it as we speak..watch this space ;)


Yeah, especially those straight lines just asking for modification.