What Miura-San Did Next

KM4SH. ‘K-Mash’ is how you read it, but within that cunningly written word lies all you need to know about an exciting new collaboration between Kei Miura of Rocket Bunny fame and Speedhunters. That’s because we’ve teamed up with the hottest Japanese aero designer – and trendsetter – of the moment to come up with a series of new aero kits for a variety of equally exciting cars, the first one of which will be released this coming Friday at one of the most important tuning shows of the year: the Tokyo Auto Salon.


The KM4SH 86, which will be on display at the Enkei Wheels booth, is our interpretation of what a modified ZN6 should embody. It fuses bold style with a more refined execution. It’s not in your face but it’s aggressive enough to make a statement and perfectly represent that Japanese Works Style that Kei Miura is so well known for. That’s how and why Kei Miura For Speedhunters came to be.


When we sat down with Miura-san, it soon became obvious that we shared the same ideas: simplicity was to be the key, simple enough to make the KM4SH aero an easy upgrade for the end user but styled in a way that would undeniably make a bold statement when fitted. So with some minimal cutting of the stock body, the subtle front and rear overfenders can be easily applied onto the ZN6/ZC6.


Along with front and rear finishers that extend the widening of the fenders onto the bumpers, the KM4SH touch accentuates the Hachiroku’s rear with a small ducktail trunk spoiler.


A gently extended lip spoiler at the front of the car was Kei Miura’s final touch to tie the aesthetic package together. Dropped on a set of KW adjustable suspension and a prototype set of 6666mesh wheels by Enkei, our show car offers just the right balance between function and form.


The KM4SH kit will be part of a numbered production and exclusively available through the Speedhunters Store later on this year in Spring/Summer. If you’re visiting the Tokyo Auto Salon on the 10th, 11th and 12th of this month, make sure you drop by the Enkei booth to check the car out!



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needs moar louvres..


nailed it




One day , Kei , one day I will handle you a 2010 Prius & a drawing , and hope you can built a Rocket Bunny kit for me .


What other cars are on the docket?


I typically am on board with anything TRA Kyoto or speedhunters does, but this seems like an easy way to dilute both brands without really doing anything groundbreaking. It's not like it was difficult to get a Rocket Bunny kit before, and it's now on every modded ZN6 in the world, it seems. Beyond that, it seems LESS aggressive (and therefore less exclusive to
those willing to drive aggressive street cars) than the pre-existing
product. So my question is why re-release a product you already sell to a market that already has it? Can anyone from the speedhunters team answer me?


FunctionFirst I think that is the key to making this feel less like a quick buck and more like something we can all appreciate and enjoy...


clevernamehere and moar moar.


AmericaMan Looks like it is a unique body kit designed for this car, so it'll be different from any other TRA kitted 86.


Oh damn. This ZN6 looks more or so like what Kei Miura's designs usually look like. More like his style. The rear fender looks similar to the 180SX or the E92 one he designed.


Please don't get me wrong I absolutely love Miura's work it seems he is type casting himself and everything is becoming similar in design. He needs to step back and come back with something completely  unexpected and fresh. The same "Veilside" did in the past. Just my two cents.


*yawn  What's new about this kit again?  Seems like every damn ZN6 has a Rocket Bunny kit, it's more surprising to me when I find a ZN6 rolling around without one.  It feels almost as if these cars come factory with a Rocket Bunny kit and people are modding them to remove it to have a cleaner looking body. 
This is reversion #3 I think?  I bet this will make V1 and V2 owners sour as they all probably want to remain trendy and up to par with what's fresh.  Don't get me wrong, I like Miura's style and skills behind the drawing boards, but it's almost like he's just copying and pasting his design for whatever platform's popular now days to just rake in the dough.  I think he needs to make more fresh concepts and designs every once in a while, seeing the same style overfenders/widebody pop on on different cars and calling it "NEW" has become a bit boring.  RB's losing its pizzazz.
I am glad Miura's getting all the exposure and hype from SpeedHunters though.  Makes me wish I was a bodywork guru so SH can blow me up and I can whore everything out globally.


RX8 next please.... Pretty please?


I like the front lip.


@diddler_pnr72 I agree with what you said but not how you said it. I think he can maintain his signature style while continuing to evolve and vary the designs instead of basing every single kit around bolt on fenders. When Liberty Walk did it's thing with the 458 and GT-R it blew my mind, but only because a 458 isn't the type of car you would associate with that style, not because it's a ground breaking kit in itself. My first impression of this kit was not "wow what a fresh design", either. I was actually drawn to the wheels first which look like E30 bottle caps  but more modern... Anyway, just because you aren't crazy about it doesn't mean you have to bash it that hard. 
Let's see you do better :P


clevernamehere Also interesting that people have an issue with Miura essentially offering variations on a theme whereas Nakai doing almost the exact same thing to the exact same models is still genius.
Obviously this is a bit apples vs oranges because one is a retail kit and the other is a hands-on conversion (/more of a service than a product), but still, I think it's fair enough that Miura works within the parameters of what he's personally into.
nb: I like RWB and what Nakai does.


Like that the fenders finally continue all the way to the ground, and LOVE the wheels. Not sure I'll ever buy fenders just so I can run negative offset.


Fantastic kit. Brilliant wheels. Every BR-Z/86 should come with these flares and the turbo motor. Spray the taillights red, put in copper head gaskets, equal length manifold and cat delete, fmic, and you've got the perfect track daily.


fantastic, love it love it love it


The idea here was to make a kit which is more subtle than try Rocket Bunny kit and also give ZN6 owners another option for the Works Style look.


Something old school


Thank you!

Seeking Perfection

''...an easy upgrade for the end user but styled in a way that would undeniably make a bold statement when fitted. So with some minimal cutting of the stock body''

It is not a bad looking kit. However, in my opinion, cutting the stock body is not an ''easy upgrade'' or decision. It will eventually affect the resale value of the car and while your typical fanboy might be super stoked, you can barely justify this being an easy upgrade. 

Dino, if Miura-San creates a bodykit for the Skyline, I would love to see you do this ''easy updgrade'' on your personal vehicle.


Dear Speedhunters, Please, oh please stop featuring these clone cars. They are all the same, Same kit, same low, same mediocre stickers, 18" wheels. GIVE IT A REST, NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really, really love what you're doing here. An exciting partnership and venture no doubt, but I do agree with the people saying this particular car is a bit familiar. That's not to say that I don't like it. I do. I'm just bored of the 86 now. Yeah it's a great car, with lots of potential, but when so many are featured on these pages (and the pages of other sites - it's not a purely Speedhunters thing I'm moaning about!) it's hard to get excited about them.
That being said, I'm excited to see how far this can go. You said you have designed kits for a variety of equally exciting cars... I can't wait to find out what they are! Wishing Speedhunters and KM the best of luck with this!


Jordan_Burgessi couldn't agree with you more


RodChong  hey rod, at first i couldn't tell that is wasn't a RB kit. Maybe its the colour of the car? or maybe it needs a matte wrap to help the curves pop on the screen?


@Seeking Perfectioni think this is a good point


wheatgodhypodermicor better yet you stay on stancenation, this is not a website on kits and wheels, this is about the spirit of connection between the vehicle and its owner, the spirit of their togetherness in motion. this is about culture that comes with maturity.


Nothing sets off a nice bodykit like a black paintjob.. *facepalm*


wheatgod Jalopnik hates japanese cars....so the answer is not Miata?


RodChong Old school could mean 2001 to an 18 year old, I guess you'll release more info later...


@Seeking Perfection I'd get used fenders and cut away ;)


wheatgodnoahpippartstop promoting Jalopnik lol, and go ahead check out stancenation, on your way back, maybe you will give it a good thought and see what makes speedhunters quite a bit special, what we love about it and why we keep coming back for more of that super amazing, non trivial, out of the ordinary, yet sometimes very down to earth speedhunters spirit, my friend.


wheatgod noahpippart ....well, you have a point there....


speedhunters_dino used rear quaterpanels, at which point you would still have to cut yours off...


FunctionFirstRodChongman, that's what i call a spot on comment!


wheatgod toms do them......


Minimal cutting of the stock body? Cutting is cutting, it's not like you can put back the cut portion later.


So he basically did the exact same thing he's been doing for the last 5 years, just with more corporate shilling and stickers. Wow, so creative. What genius. Ettore Bugatti has got nothing on this guy, I tell you what.


wheatgod incloudsx I just deleted a couple of comments from you both. Using gay as a derogatory term is simply just not acceptable. I mean, this is 2014, right?


@Jake LairdI can give you 1/10 for the King Of The Hill reference, that's the best i can do.


PaddyMcGrathwheatgodincloudsxexactly what I said :) I do drive a Japanese car though :)


I guess this is closer to his older style, a bit more subtle like the RB S13 and S14...


Man, that is low low low. I've seen lawnmowers with more clearance. Great job!


wheatgodTinted windows? Please no.


Like the bumper cover. Will definitely check back for pics of the car at TAS, I don't think the renderings do it justice


@MikeRodChongThe rear fenders on the original RB kit seem to go higher up the arches and are more aggressively sloped outward. Also, it looks like the front fenders on the original kit take a bigger bite out of the fender behind the wheel. This kit is styled more like the LB Works GTR kit, or even the RWB 993 kit, where it is supposed to stick out from the original curves instead of mating with them. I suppose this could be called "Works Style" as Rod put it. I think it's fine, but it's certainly not original. I have to wonder what the price will be for this speedhunters-exclusive kit. I also want to know who's idea it was to finally stick the fingers of this EA-owned company into the aftermarket parts pie, beyond rebadged racing harnesses and tow straps.
I'd love to know what's going on in your head, Mr. Chong. I have so many questions.


@dvo thought the same exact thing.


incloudsx wheatgod hypodermic  Bwahahahahahahaha

When a website starts to monitor the comments with moderators to prevent keyboard fighting, you know the site is dealing with kids.

That's when you realize you CAN'T take the site seriously!

If the site doesn't see that (and keeps shoveling that beat horse down your throat, that's a sign you gotta move on).


JDMizedincloudsxwheatgodhypodermichaha,u right


really liking the more subtle look than V1/V2, looks more like a fast street car than dai's 86, for example. really digging it


Decals make me sad :(((((


@dvo ever heard of a welder? Its a little device made to attach metal things onto other metal things. How cool is that!


wheatgod Porsche created what essentially amounts to the perfect sports car. Miura created a body kit for a Toyota. There is a difference.


Lots of mixed opinions here, but we have to remember the ethos of Speedhunters which is essentially car culture. And as much as the haters and self titled purists dont want to admit it, trends are a fundamental pillar of the automotive world. "Works" style is nothing new and most car guys on this site wont try and pretend they are, but it is undeniable that they have regained popularity with a vengeance to many peoples disapproval. That being said, trends are powered by a majority and thus products like the KM4SH kit are marketed toward them. Nothing wrong with this as this is not only how the world actually works, but having these "trends" allows for unique and new builds to emerge through the cracks and keep the keyboard racers happy. I happen to like the news MK4SH kit HOWEVER as an automotive photographer myself, why oh why would you paint the car black!?!?!? You guys must know as good as anybody that you lose almost all definition of shape and it is extremely difficult to see any of the subtle details of your nice new kit. Its sad to hide such nice work.


@flushpoke You're a photographer, yet you don't seem to notice this is a 3D artwork instead of a picture? I agree on the black not showing all the subtle lines. But i think this is done on purpose so if you'd want to see more detail, you'd go to TAS when possible?

turbo BEAMS ae86

wheatgod This is not a ae86...


MarcianoSahanajaOf course I noticed its modeled, I never mentioned it is hard to "shoot" a black car, (although it definitely is the hardest color to shoot). I was trying to say that as photographers we not only want a nice picture but we usually want to highlight as much detail in an image to get a realistic impression. In our pursuit for perfection it becomes instantly apparent that black is an excruciatingly difficult color to shoot on a car... So while using a rendered model I expected them to use a color that they knew would pop and show off the curves of the car. 
As for the purpose I doubt they expect to get more exposure from a car show rather than the interwebs.... but what do I know lol, Kei is the genius behind a thunderstorm of internet explosions this year. Maybe its all part of his master scheme lol.


black colour and decal just doesn't do justice for the awesome kits


@diddler_pnr72Where is his EF9 kit I ask...what a waste that it never got produced.


roido11Didn't VeilSide do the exact same kit for every popular Japanese car back in late '90s?


Glad you like! A subtle look as the intention.




Actually they do care. We study the web data a lot and the truth of the matter is that these style of cars is quite popular.


Tell Miura to do a rocket bunny Lotus Exige! Would definitely be tempting


Well, you can't call this "new", nor "fresh" nor "innovative".
Miura San needs some inspiration, the whole Rocket Bunny lineup is getting a bit boring.


wheatgodSo let me understand your point.
Basically, you are comparing the brand that gave us the 356 B Carrera, the 550 Spyder, the Carrera RS 2.7, the 964 Turbo, the 959, the 993 GT2, the 996 GT3, the Carrera GT and the 918 Spyder, to a man that , honestly, draws two lines, cuts off some metal and rivets some fiberglass in a small shed in Japan?
I think that we went too far, way too far.


Where the fuck did you ggetthe idea that Jalopnik hates Japanese cars? The Toyobaru was hyped to shit on Jalopnik. Miata is the answer to every question there. Plenty of members lust after Japanese cars.
What we tend to hate are stanced cars, which tend to be Japanese.


Really love the kit. I hope that the spoiler will be available separately.


Please, post a link to said "anti-Japanese nonsense", I'd love to see it.
Jalopnik and Oppo are about what you claim Speedhunters is about, just with less stance, so I really don't see the issue you could have with the site.


oldirtybootzman, ignorance is a bliss for this guy, let him have it, he just seems to enjoy talking smack, cheers


Please let him do something for the 350z.

GGB Sport Wagon

sick roll cage!


That's like saying that BBS needs to stop making Mesh style wheels :)


You forgot to mention 3D scanning cars, computer modelling the kits and outputting on a milling machine.


MarcianoSahanajait:s black colour in real life as well


RodChong That's like saying BBS makes many other wheels than just Mesh!


RodChongNo, it's not the same.
Mesh wheels are a fairly old formal language, and the fact that they make them today, or the fact that people use to fit them on modern cars, doen not mean they can be defined as new, or fresh.
If you look at BBS lineup right now, you could see that new BBS models are definitely "new", meaning someone actually sits down, looks at his heritage, and tries to draw something innovative from there.
And believe me, designing a new rim is not an easy task.
With this in mind, you could look at a CH rim and see clearly that it bears the same design dna of the classic RS rim, but there has been an evolution in there.
Miura San, whom works I respect, did not evoilve his overfender design a single inch, left the ones needed to fit them onto different body styles: and that is not an "evolving design", it's simply scanning a different car and see how to fit the arches.
Someone compared him to Porsche, for "beig the same for 30 years" which is incorrect.
Porsche designed the 901 which was so innovative, so different and so "new" that at first, it didn't work, so the engineers had to push the boundaries of mechanical knowledge to make it the perfect sportscar.
This leads to the massive amount of design constrictions a 911 has, the pinncale of which are the engine behind the rear wheels, the tank on the front and the reverse-water drop shape.
Porsche can't change its shape, because it is unique and functional to the mechanics underneath, but can evolve the shape, perfecting what can be perfected: so a 964 is different from a 993.
Audi is being called "boring" because all his cars are undoubtely different, but have the same "family feeling": same grille, same LEDs, same arches, same hood all scaled down or up for each model.
Miura San does the same: he scales the fenders to fit the car, giving the same "boringness" Audi does.


RodChongwheatgod  I answered to Rod a bit upper in the page.
Wheatgod, I don't need your appreciation, nor your "challenges".
I know what I'm talking about, do you?
Rod, I know the process of designing a bodykit, but the fact that a person is using a correct design process doesn't guarantee the design itself.
Justifying a design by itself is not an argument.


JDMized Yet, here you are. I guess you just can't move on, huh? :)


Something for the GD Impreza please!


azmedaj Oh, well in that case i don't really get it either.


@flushpoke You're definitely right on that point. Just thought you meant it was actually a picture. My bad haha. Not quite sure, The shows are shown on the internet alot as well of course. I'll just wait till those pictures are out and see how those turn out lol


whoa, im looking at the pics but i thinking, these arent real photos, i think its all photoshop, gt6, and a roll cage from another car, look carely, u see it??


Frandy Yes, I totally agree! Kei Miura definitely needs to make a body kit for the 350Z!


Yes this is a total photoshop. Same background and angles as the FD RX7 and all the other preproduction shots


Yes this is a total photoshop. Same background and angles as the FD RX7 and all the other preproduction shots


@Jim F  Technically it's a 3D render, used to give an accurate preview of what the final car will look like. You can see the finished car here at Tokyo Auto Salon: http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/01/doors-tokyo-auto-salon/#chapter-the-km4sh-86


Seen the car today at the show, absolutely awesome. Can only imagine slinging this thing around something like Palomar Mountain. Couldn't have the stance with out the function. Any word on prices though?


When is this available for sale ??,,