It’s What We Do:<br />McLaren P1 vs The Nordschleife

We had to show you this short film from McLaren; obviously because it features a couple of our favourite things such as the P1 and the Nürburgring. However it also made me smile, because after all the questioning at the start as to why push so hard, then about how dangerous the circuit is, how Jackie Stewart named it the ‘Green Hell’, the semi-gravel toned voiceover raises slightly… And then passes it off by saying, “I guess it’s what we do.”


That’s right: no quantifiable answer, no in-depth analysis. Because McLaren know that in truth it’s partly illogical, almost unfathomable to a large percentage of people why you’d push so hard and take what many perceive to be huge risks. Not to us though. No, we get it. So thank you McLaren for not trying too hard to answer those questions, thank you for the simple act of just doingFor getting up in the morning and trying to push the incredible P1 harder than it ever has been… Because it makes for an awesome film. That wing! That noise!  That drama!

So did they go below the magical seven minute barrier? Watch and learn.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn



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Thank you so much for putting this up. a truly epic video. congrats mclaren


Fantastic video equally fantastic car.


Yeah, yeah, just release the number, McLaren. A lot of cars can look good at the limit on the Nurburgring, but if speed is what you're after, then you're in luck, 'cause speed is easily quantifiable. Are you faster than the 918? Are you ultimate, as you want to be? That's a question you haven't answered. You're not doing yourself any favors. If you didn't beat the 918 we wouldn't hold it against you -'Ring times don't tell the whole story - but release the time.


Agreed. I'm still waiting for them to release their time. A lot of hypercars can dip under 7-minutes these days. 6:59 is still under 7-minutes. I seriously would love to know how they fared against my favourite 918 Spyder.


Supposedly they are holding out on releasing the time so Ferrari don't treat it as a target for their LaFerrari. Anyway rumour has it that it ran 6.44 on street tires and 6.33 on slicks.


i think a lot of the cars coming out these days are pretty ugly and overdone, but my word the current crop seems to be pushing design to the furthest corners... and I love it.

918(not so boundary pushing, but still extremely beautiful)

These cars are just amazing.


Hunting for speed has come to an end.


only 11 seconds faster on slicks?


They certainly did it. But I'd really like to see an inboard video of the lap, and why not, let's hope, maybe a helicopter view of it.


Probably means semi-slicks


Great video. Loved the Gran Turismo camera angle (I'll forever associate that view with endless late nights doing hot laps in GT). Should've put the mics in the engine bay though.


The comments are awesome ! It's a special time for cars, I almost cried watching the vid


kurko The tarmac isnt wery god, and 11  sec in the 6.44 range is a lot!


this is retarded. They still have not posted a REAL time yet


That increasing noise you can hear in the last straight is the porsche 918 coming ;)




reno808 because the goal for them was under 7 minutes, if some other company wants to go risk lives and endanger people they are more then welcome to go for it and be the official record holder. They did not feel it was safe and were willing to let that go.


This only serves to raise more questions - We have seen Porsche do their run - given the VW corporate umbrella and what we know in general, suspension was stock, engine most likely so and tires production tires (albeit perhaps a tad shaved) - McLaren is in a tight financial bind and in general corporate disarray - they NEED to sell the P1 - lots of profit in that thing given it is 80 percent 12C - What we all have seen is a slammed P1 in pictures on the 'ring - cheater set up?  Probably.  Engine pop offs blowing like mad and lots of crazy stuff going on - not likely production spec drivetrain either - I guess it is a trust thing at this point - and their video did not help me get over the veracity gap.....


@Mac Daddy you really should do your homework before commenting. I always refrain from these comment columns as it's such bs, but just to put the record straight "a slammed P1 in pictures at the ring... cheater setup" is actually the the most advanced suspension setup seen on production sports car, in race mode the production car lower around 60mm allowing the front and rear diffusers to do their stuff and create 600kg of downforce at 150ish mph. I doubt Ferrari or Porsche will get anywhere near this as they dont have active suspension. Very much a production powertrain, with all the whooshes pops and bangs you'd expect from a 730bhp supercar engine plus 176 of KERS. You quite rightly say that McLaren doesnt have the budget of Porsche and Ferrari, even more reason not to do 'cheating special' especially when all 375 cars have been sold. They will all be incredible cars in their own right, why do people have to question these things and not just enjoy each individually as true petrolheads?? Just saying....


Heres an article for you all which gives some possible reasons as to why McLaren are not releasing a time.

Then McLaren gave their reasoning for keeping any lap times secret. :Why?
Well, Nick puts it pretty succinctly.. But you and I know that any time
we release would be compared and comparisons are meaningless in the
ungoverned and variable conditions of the Nordschleife. And given the
risks involved, it’s not a competition we want to encourage either. A
position that our customers support.


robzor The Veneno looks like utter shit.


2xthefun Sounds like crap to me. If their main motivation is to not 'risk lives and endanger people', then they 1) shouldn't be in F1 (where they routinely 'risk lives and endanger people' all the time), 2) they shouldn't go chasing sub-7 min Ring times in the first place, 3) they shouldn't be selling 900 hp road cars. And how exactly does a company ensure that it keeps below 7 minutes, while not going so fast that it's 'risking lives' yet ensuring that they don't screw up by going above 7 minutes?


@Awesome Supposedly you're talking shit.


Mad troll lol. Who could ever take you seriously


robzor Veneno STILL looks like shit. And that ain't trolling.