Outsiders The Movie: Japan Explored

Car culture is very much about give and take: you take ideas and lend tools, share workspace and help out mates, so it comes in many different forms. Sometimes it can become a business too; that’s how Driftworks in the UK came to be nearly ten years ago. The business had been started in a back bedroom and grew year on year, but the two people behind the name, Phil Morrison and James Robinson had never been to Japan, so in 2011 they decided it was about time they did something about that. Taking guidance from friend Matt ‘Mitto’ Steele, they were joined by film maker Al Clark whose work usually involves major manufacturers. What they collectively produced is a wonderfully insightful, entertaining and educating film that they called Outsiders Japan. Just imagine you’ve never been to Japan and want to hit up all the circuits, tuning shops, street action and touge venues you’ve heard of: that’s exactly what they did, stumbling across Boso gangs, random electric toilets and confusing vending machines in the process. Just don’t expect wall to wall drifting, because just like Japan, there’s so much more to this film.

Now after nearly two years of being available on DVD and Blu-Ray, they’ve just released it on YouTube for everybody to watch for free. That my friends, is giving back to the community. It’s a full hour and a half long feature film, available to watch in HD and I highly recommend you do. Break out the squid cheese and fizzy milk, it’s about to get interesting…



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My first thougt was: "You are a little late, Bryn!" ;)
I hope they put in on Vimeo, too. Cause YouTubes 1080p is a horror. -.-


Oh wow, because I didn't want to go Japan enough already! Thanks Speedhunters and Driftworks!


You could always buy it on blu-Ray from driftworks.


Phil Mann I already have it, with the Glitter-Sticker ;)


Masterwana Phil Mann 
Same, The sticker has been on my wall ready to be sticked for a year and a half now...
Although this move brings sad memory to, as I crashed my car going drifting just after I saw it. Guess I got too excited perhaps... !
This is still the best drifting movie ever made.


Wow. Great flick. Well done. Cheers!


Reminds me of JDM Insider, I love it.


Well worth the watch - the track health and safety walk really shows how spineless us Europeans can be with our driving.

Ciaran @ GT_Europe

Just finished watching it. Great little flick!


I am not the biggest fan of drifting, but god damn when it's done with this much passion and not just for fame like most elsewhere in the world, it warms me inside.


yea so glad i paid money for this dvd lol




They just released it for free?! -_- I just bought a copy from them 2 weeks ago.


watched this movie, i have just purchaced an intercooler.


Still halfway through the film. Now I want to go to Japan!!!


That was an amazing hour and a half. Very much reaffirms my desire to visit japan, but also shows some of the insanity of the drift culture there. Very good choice of music, and awesome camera work. I wonder how a speedhunters movie would look...




PaulDYuen  Think of it as you supporting them, and giving them a reason to make another.


great movie...thanks for posting!


thats amazing they posted this vid. i fall in to this category of people who bought the dvd's and print media like drift tengoku magazine but cant read a damn thing and have never been to japan =/ my goal was always to go to TAS. seeing vids like this always ignites that spark of interest to *try* to save money to go. i envy people like this who get to travel and shoot this stuff for a living =)


Does anyone remember the original Driftworks videos before Youtube was around that got like a million views? They were unrelated to this Driftworks UK production, but I remember watching my friend who created the series download hours and hours of bootleg drifting clips from P2P file sharing clients like Kazaa and Napster, and then spending days creating those long techno-pumping compilations.
Good times.

Gianluca FairladyZ

What an amazing movie. I just wanted to say thank you to the guys of Driftworks. I've also recently bought the book JoyOfMachine from Speedhunters. I think our scene is something fantastic, it is like an Underground scene that only the real pistonheads know. I only hope that our fantastic world won't become "Mainstream". I'm affraid  it would lose so much of it's quality  and the pure enthusiasm and fascination!
Greets from Switzerland!


Dormi06 Chris Nuggets 
I remember watching these videos back in the day.. getting best motoring dvd's shipped to me from Cali when I lived in the Midwest lol..


Amazing Video... such a blast watching it..


Amazing film guys! This really opens my eyes even more to the culture I already admired. The true JoyOfMachine!


what camera/lenses was this filmed with?