Defining The Niche: The Liberty Walk GT-R
Widening wide

Is Liberty Walk taking over the internet? Has the Nagoya-based company declared war on the SEMA Show? It sure seems like it if the number of cars we’ve seen wearing the company’s signature wide body conversions is anything to go by. If Kato-san was attempting to get our attention, it’s safe to say he definitely has! After taking a closer look at his Ferrari 458 last week, it’s now time to move onto his second SEMA project…


… the LB☆WORKS Nissan GT-R.


If you cast your minds back a few months, you might recall that Kato-san allowed Speedhunters to unveil the first rendering of the GT-R


… a CG image that Miura-san at TRA Kyoto – the man that Kato-san has entrusted to design and produce his aero kits – later showed in a variety of body colors and angles. So like the 458, we all had a pretty good idea of what the car would look like in its finished form. However, as was the case with the Ferrari, seeing 3D images on the internet can never prepare you for the full impact of witnessing the completed car.


If there’s one car out there that probably doesn’t need its fenders blistered it’s the R35 GT-R. The big Nissan – successor to the Skyline GT-R – boasts a pretty robust stance to start off with: big Aeroblade (in Nissan talk) front fenders joining a chunky, bulbous rear end that makes it one of the most imposing cars on the streets today. But who the hell said aggression has limits?


Kato-san certainly didn’t, so when he asked TRA Kyoto to make those works-style overfenders as “in your face” as possible…


… Miura listened, and delivered. The bolted-on look is once again used, exposed screws…


… showing each mounting point onto the cut stock fender below it. The FRP addition follows the primary crease line of the GT-R’s wheel arch…


… extending downwards along the side air outlet, then all the way down to the main skirt line.


Making the LB☆WORKS aero stand out as much as possible, while sticking to the company’s recognizable design ethos, was all part of the plan.


Color is always important – especially for a show car – and the OEM dark metal grey makes every line of the GT-R’s exterior pop under the sun’s rays.

Stance redefined

The GT-R has been captivating the minds of the worldwide tuning industry since it was first revealed back in 2007, and it’s quite cool to see that Liberty Walk decided to do something with a domestic car instead of the usual imports and exotics it tends to concentrate on.


Will this car appeal to everyone? Of course it won’t – it’s not meant to. Like all the cars that bear the LB☆WORKS name, it’s aimed at a very unique individual – one that just isn’t content sitting at the wheel of a car that everyone can own.


So it seems that this sort of aero package is born out of exclusivity; the need to satisfy a very small niche…


… and judging by its rump – the sheer need to shock! Miura may as well have come up with the biggest works-style overfenders ever created for a car – the massive rear pieces extending from underneath where the door ends and arching all the way around and touching the high hip line. Over the top touches like this were sort of a necessity, you don’t try to make a statement with a car like the GT-R and not go full out.


Take how the overfenders end abruptly once they pass the bumper line…


… and tuck in, quickly merging into the original dimensions of the car. Miura here gave a nod to aerodynamics, the recess behind any fender helping the extraction of air from the wheelarch and some of the flow form the underside of the car, which if you recall is completely flat on the R35 to smooth air passing underneath it. While this detail may or may not add a functional aero effect, the fact that you end up seeing more of the rear tires is a big bonus in the looks department, that aggressive offset of the rear wheels making quite the statement.


Does it all seem a little exaggerated? Yes, but that was the obvious intention, having been given carte blanche there was little if no conformity to what he was sculpting away at.


Take the rear wing for example; Miura keeps up with the times, he gets his inspiration from a variety of styles, is always paying attention to how things change in the vastness of the car world and it was motorsports that provided the idea for the spoiler. As we have seen, with the introduction of DTM regulations in Super GT most GT500 teams are adopting the swan neck wing stays which literally hangs the wing from the top side over the car. Here it’s purely a style driven addition of course, but one that brings a touch of race spirit to the road. I’m sure we will be seeing more of these type of wing stays in the aftermarket during the course of 2014.

Wheels make the car

Race car touches don’t end there of course, the Liberty Walk GT-R sports a GT-3 inspired extended front lip spoiler to help slice through the air and actively boost downforce while at the rear Miura has extended the centre section of the diffuser and bolted additional winglets onto each corner, for an additional visual impact.


The LB☆WORKS treatment has created a one-of-a-kind GT-R that’s just as aggressive as the BenSopra R35, but in a totally different way.


No show car is ever complete with out a well chosen set of rims, and serving as a dark contrast to the silver-bronze body, Liberty Walk went for a set of Forgiato Maglia wheels…


… custom painted in satin black and measuring 20×11-inch up front and 20×12-inch at the rear. The LB☆WORKS GT-R runs Toyo Proxes tires, 285/35ZR20 at the front and rather large 315/30ZR20s on the rears, boosting grip levels considerably.


Providing the unmissable stance element and dropping the car right to the ground is the CSD Platinum VIP adjustable suspension…


… featuring air cups at each corner that allow the R35 to go from normal-ish low ride height…


… all the way down to show car mode at the push of a button. See what I mean with the tucked in rear over fenders? Can you see how much of the rear tires you can actually see? Yes we like!


The Japanese phrase Jiyū ni aruku underneath the Liberty Walk logo on the rear bumper roughly translates as ‘walk freely’, and it’s somewhat of a motto for Kato-san. It’s an emphasis on the way in which he approaches his cars and his products, and to some extent, his life – doing his own thing and striving to reach his goals in his own unique way.

Performance meets style

While under the knife, the GT-R also gained some extra performance courtesy of a complete Trust exhaust system and a full hard piping kit which gets rid of the cheap looking stock items with lots of polished aluminum goodness. Trust Gracer Airinx filters have been positioned right behind the front grille so they are not only in the best position possible to suck in cool air, but also away from engine bay heat. Trust blow-off valves dump unneeded intake charge when backing off the throttle and also supply that must-have whooshing sounds many R35 owners dream of. An ECU remap takes full advantage of these upgrades, helping to obtain a slight bump in horsepower and a more responsive set up. However as the car was just completed the day before SEMA, no power measurements have been made.


The interior has been given a little custom touch too…


… thanks to a two-tone quilted leather seat re-trim courtesy of Newing…


… which also stretches to those tiny seats in the back!


If you are a purist and insist that any modification made to a car must be functional and bettering performance even in the slightest of ways, then the LB☆WORKS GT-R will probably make you angry. But if, on the other hand, you are more like Kato-san and are happy to enjoy the more aesthetic approach to car customization, then I think this R35 will be doing it for you. No matter what camp you may belong in though, the Liberty Walk GT-R has done its job – it has awakened some emotion within. Love it, or love to hate it as they say…



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Real life video game. Right there...


I wonder if one day they'll try doing a different style of kit?
It was cool the first few times, but after that...


aussieANON I genuinely believe when something looks this good, why would you change it? Anyway, look at the selection of cars they've created.


I always have wondered why these kits didn't come in carbon fiber. If you have enough money to buy a Gtr, 458, or Lambo I would assume a little more cash on top to get carbon wouldn't be too far of a stretch. Im sure there is a reason?
Badass car none the less.
Thanks- TK


TomKimmell Good question, I'll ask!


Would have liked to see a duckbill trunk


Just sick.


The E92 and 458 look amazing. Not keen on this at all though.


This kit actually looks pretty terrible. The rear end is absolutely horrendous. Doesn't flow with the rest of the lines at all.


TomKimmell It's because Miura-san, at least for now, doesn't have the equipment needed to create proper pre-preg, dry-carbon (call it what you will).  He can rapid prototype moulds quickly so he is half way there, needs to get some guys to lay & prep carbon for him, a smallish autoclave and he could corner another market.  All of this takes great investment though and I've said this before, I don't know a busier man than Miura!!


@scapo2 You know what, me too!


Speedhunters_Bryn aussieANON They're getting kind of boring I think. Awesome, they're cutting away GT-R, Ferraris, M3's, great!!. But they all look the same. These wide kits are starting to look generic to me. Can't explain it though.




How are they running offset wheels/tires on a AWD car without blowing up the center diff?


Liberty Walk: Doing the same thing, using the same fenders, with the same stance over and over on different cars. 
The only Liberty Walk car worth mentioning is the F40. Why? 'cause they were smart enough not to put their stupid over fenders on that car. Either that or they knew some Italian would assassinate them if they did.


Ehhhhhhh, not too crazy about those fenders. I think the front fenders should've cut-off right after the GTR badge, and the huge slope of the rear fenders should be scaled back some... My two cents.


Ehhhhhhh, not too crazy about those fenders. I think the front fenders should've cut-off right after the GTR badge, and the huge slope of the rear fenders should be scaled back some... My two cents.


DanielPatch They make copious amounts of money because of their clientele rather than what their product actually is, which is just fiberglass or FRP fenders and fancy [cheap/tacky] leather wrapped interiors that remind me of MAX POWER 90's British mod scene. 
Their cars, Lambo's, Ferrari's, BMW's and high end jap cars, are owned by people with major money. He's just the Japan version of the same dude in UAE/Bahrain/Qatar doing the same outrageous crystal diamond gold silver encrusted cars you see over there, except jap style.  In fact, the guys in those oil countries probably make less cause they are using real gold/gems/rare metals!


Worst of LB cars...


I really admire some Liberty Walk cars (the Murcielago and 458 for example), but I just don't like this. I don't think those fenders work. The GTR is such a square and angular car that those round fenders just don't look right. The rear end especially. There are some angles in the photos that briefly make me think I'm wrong, but then you see it from a different viewpoint and it all falls apart. Which is a shame because it looked good in the renderings and I love that rear wing.

Seeking Perfection

The exterior and the leather interior re-trim are very similar to SH tire stencils and tow straps. #overpriced #tasteless #poorexecution


Impressive as usual! <3 how he incorporates the body lines into the fender design. Makes it flow well instead of it being some bolted on fenders

turbo BEAMS ae86

KevinA u cant wear the running gear by parking!

turbo BEAMS ae86

very polarizing. i think in person it look a lot different or COmmands more respect.  Like i didnt think Gallardo looks too crazy until my neighbour got one, i see it every day, and seeing it parked with other cars / "in real life" i got a new respect for the Look.  So i think in real life most peeps would like this one.  Create Peace.  sorry for  any english.  End of the day it still a GTR one of the fastest cars around, even if performance reduced with the Air and the wheels.


He does a remarkably poor job of addressing the plane change at the factory rocker line, which is carried over to the front and rear bumpers.  Slapping a smooth panel over the top is amateurish.


I'm not a big fan of rivets being so visible... then again after seeing that awesome RX7 aka "THE AWESOME RX7" and "THE AWESOME LANCIA" I'm biased :)


Yes this looks the same as the 458 and the M3 and all the other Liberty Walk cars that came out in the last year and you know what? I like them all. They're all similar in a way that shows a cohesive vision of what the company and the people who run it want. I'd love to see these cars all together because they are the Liberty Walk collection. I believe that the cars currently released as LB (Star) Works  will be more valuable as a set than on their own.
That said, I hope that we can see some new ideas from them soon so that a company that is so good at blowing minds doesn't fade away into yesteryear by sticking to their guns.


Yes this looks the same as the 458 and the M3 and all the other Liberty Walk cars that came out in the last year and you know what? I like them all. They're all similar in a way that shows a cohesive vision of what the company and the people who run it want. I'd love to see these cars all together because they are the Liberty Walk collection. I believe that the cars currently released as LB (Star) Works  will be more valuable as a set than on their own.
That said, I hope that we can see some new ideas from them soon so that a company that is so good at blowing minds doesn't fade away into yesteryear by sticking to their guns.


I dont think the GT-R should be any wider than it is from the factory. This looks kinda lumpy...


KevinA The circumferences of the wheels with tyres are pretty much identical which is more important than wheel width.


CSD height adjustable Platinum VIP "air cup suspension system"
This GTR looks cool but I stopped reading after viewing the above. IMO, some things have no place on a performance oriented automobile.


Do these so-called purists that should be offended, even exist?




speedhunters_dino TomKimmell 
great investment? id say a reasonable size investment, but not great, depending on where your living in america it could even be less than a house.
3d scanner with a good accuracy is about 50 grand
a trunion 3 axis mill like that shouldnt be more than 100 k tooled up, add in another 25k ish for the software. 
i guess when your doing one offs then it is a huge investment as the R&D work doesnt pay off as well as with larger runs, but with the number of RB kits that he has clearly sold he should have more than enough for a autoclave capable of doing one whole body kit at a time.


I like this a LOT better than the BenSopra kit for one, and I like it marginally better than the Ferrari (closer to something I can realistically own - though not by much, I'm so poor), but with every new Miura kit I see I get flashbacks to Veilside.  I used to fantasize about spending lotto winnings on a BenSopra/Alpha 12 GTR, but now I just admire his kits in pics and videos.  I don't think I'd ever commit to putting one of his kits on my car (until he makes a Rocket Bunny kit for the FC3S, that is).  These Liberty Walk/TRA Kyoto/BenSopra/ kits adhere to closely to a certain style. 
One which I fear won't age well.

Google "Veilside Supra" or "Veilside RX-7" or "FEEL's EK Civic".  This is how I predict these kits are going to look to us 10 years down the road.  Not hatin', its just my opinion.
Let's continue to enjoy them for now I guess.


I had a discussion earlier today regarding the "Mexican Sombrero effect". The idea that when in Mexico, and you see people walking around wearing ponchos or sombreros, and you think "maybe I would want one...", until you buy it and bring it home, and realize you just spent money on something you really will never want to wear again (except at a dress up party).
These bolt on wheel arch extensions are starting to seem like the automotive sombrero to me.
I appreciate what Liberty Walk are doing, but after the Lambo last year, I'm not feeling that there is a lot of distinction  being made from one car to another. I wasn't sold on the Italia 458, and I am sad to say that same with this one as well... the lines of the car don't look great with the exposed bolt mounts, and when the flared wheel arches have a gap from the car on the top, it looks rushed.
I would have to say that the back of the front wheel arches on the Ben Sopra kits are much more styled, and clean, that if it came down to putting one of these on a GT-R, I would go with Ben's. 
But at this point, I'm not sure I would do that type of Mod to a new GT-R yet.


Honest question, and it's going to be offensive. Is he paying y'all for advertising? Because these cars are all the same - all grey, all with bolt on flares with cutouts in front of the front tire, and all with the same stance. The biggest difference is the wing. You say you take pride in bringing us different cars from around the globe but park all of these side by side and most modifications are as visually identical as can be on cars from opposite sides of the globe.
There are so many people pumping out new and interesting cars. Why does he get so much coverage?


Simply P You're so right, this style is definitely doomed to the same fate as Veilside. It's visual only and shock tactic or not when people get bored (as they've already started to) then the affect these kits have will wane and the world will move onto something else.


@250SWB Hehe, you talking about me ;)


Option13 Finally someone who shares the same opinion. Although I like these cars, they are getting boring to look at even though the are $100,000+ supercars.


PaddyMcGrath KevinA Like the Porsche Turbo the R35 has no issues with differently sizes tires front and rear. Do that on an R32/33/34 and bye bye transfer case

Phillidelphia Collins

Option13  Because it's new and popular, don't act like it's a mystery.  People like seeing them, of course it's going to get posted. And you make it seem like Speedhunters isn't posting anything else, which is completely untrue. Spend a few minutes to look at the other 99% of the content on this site. And no, Liberty Walk cars are not all grey, that's just plain stupid. Saying they're all the same is a blatant cheap shot. I guess you're ignoring all the shakotan style cars they've put out, ignoring the fact that the Ferrari's they've worked don't have overfenders at all, (same as the Aventador), and ignoring the fact that brushed metal, white, two tone, pewter, green and grey are not the same colour, but whatever. I guess people will always think looking down on popular things makes for an easy opinion.


@Phillidelphia Collins Option13
I'm sorry, what were you saying?


@Phillidelphia Collins amen :)      
Option13 there's so much diverse content on the site anyway, if you see two or even three things you don't like just ignore it and move on to something like Taryn's awesome CJC club meet or Fredric's Cressida, or whatever else floats your boat. Dude, it's like a grocery don't buy everything, just just take what you want!!!!


All you guys hating on this car should really start living by the slogan on its doors! To me it's the best feature of LB's builds. I have to say they all have the same effect on me. When I first see them I go "What the..?No!", but after looking at them from a few angles that changes to "Yeah, this does work!". The fender work on this GT-R does look a tad too similar to their M3 in my opinion, though which isn't optimal as that car is also present at SEMA. 
Still their cars are certainly unique and I for one have really started to like them!


"Imagine all the people living in peace" -- until the LB R35 GTR rolls by breaking necks and causing ruckus.
Interesting to know that I'm not the only one who can tell a LB "build" from a mile away.  Breaking necks or not, this car's execution, IMO, is much less impressive than their 458, which is much less impressive than their M3.  #TrendSpotting


Kirk_B so then the article title of "defining the niche" is pretty accurate huh? Not everybody is a mexi-CAN ;-)


@larry chen awesome reflective lighting from the building!! really works with the pain colors and shapes


Love it!


Well it certainly doesn't hurt that he's doing major modifications to cars that cost what most of us will spend on every car we'll ever own. That in itself is pretty notable and notability brings coverage. Its just part of a trend too, which will fade and resurface eventually, the way these things do.




well i like this better than the ben sopra kit. but my favorite is still the black bison from wald. im on the fence about the air suspension on the gt-r. i know its necessary to get over obstacles... and to get the desired stance... hey maybe this is the first gt-r on the internet with an air suspension and it might be a growing trend???


Hmmm... I'm not sure I like it. I feel something is off compared to other Liberty Walk creations. I can appreciate the work though.


JSequoia +1



This attitude right here is what pisses me off the most about the Speedhunters comment section.

Yes, literally every single poster in this entire thread who doesn't like this car is a jealous Euro/domestic fanboy. It's not because they just don't like the damn car.

Unfortunately, this childish "haters gonna hate" attitude is contagious.


speedhunters_dino me 3.


While I normally don't like form-oriented builds, I admit I can appreciate them when they're individual and done well.

But I can't stand this copy and paste approach. Literally three of the most recent LW builds are exactly the same - grey, bolt on arches, stance, done. The rest (like the M3) aren't that different either. 

And unfortunately Liberty Walk aren't the only one to do it. BenSopra, TRA Kyoto and RWB are all the same, but they're given absolutely MASSIVE exposure on here. Sure, other builds and styles are shown, but (and maybe it's just me), it seems these particular companies are given more than their fair share. All aboard the hype train!

For what it's worth, I'm not sure if the "it's to get a reaction" angle taken with most of the Liberty Walk articles is necessarily a good one either. Attention seeking for attention's sake isn't something to be congratulated in my opinion.

I probably sound like a "hater", but I genuinely do enjoy 90% of the content on Speedhunters. Maybe I'm just having a bad day, and I've bottled up most of these opinions for a while. :p


Kirk_B lol. mexican sombrero effect. i have to use that

Phillidelphia Collins

Option13 So... One car has a similar colour, therefor every car they make is the same. You're still saying the exact same garbage, and every point I made still stands. Don't know what you're trying to add.


wheatgod I own an FD RX7 and an RX8, I love many styles of cars (everything from High end exotics to Aussie and American v8s to old school Japanese rides and anything from pure race to show only)
To me this style looks like it's going to date very badly just like the original Fast and Furious style cars have (can you name an outrageous cosmetic only style that has dated well?)
I think most of the people knocking this probably prefer something that's more timeless or maybe not so cookie cutter like this happens to be.


@scapo2 count me in.

Seeking Perfection

wheatgod I thought we had democracy and everyone can express his/her opinion as they fit. The only troll that tries to persuade everyone to embrace his opinion is you. How many comments do you have in this post? The majority rules. The majority decides we are sick of builds with poor execution, common application of bolt-on overfenders to every single car and tacky leather interior re-trim.
SEMA is full of respectable builders showcasing stellar builds. Bisimoto, Ring Brothers etc. I truly think that the Mobsteel FedEx freight delivery truck is much more radical and interesting than any car with a widely used TRA Kyoto bodykit. #searchingforagamechanger #dontpromoteyourhomeboys


wheatgod Brett Allen There were plenty of car guys making Fast and Furious clones back in the day (some very cheaply too which I'll come to in a bit...).  Anyway, classics such as hot rods, muscle cars, pony cars and such are classic for a reason, they look great even decades later. This current fad of bolting plastic parts on the side of your car already looks bad/cheap/tacky to a lot of people and once too many folk in the scene have it then nobody will want it anymore. The next thing I'm curious to see is how the people with very little $ get hold of the idea and start fitting badly made, cheap, ill fitting plastic parts to their rides. Is this the next rice mod?


wheatgod Hotcakes 

Way to be presumptuous. I like most cars, regardless of their origin. I actually own a Japanese car, and prefer Japanese cars for the most part. I have a problem with your post because it's indicative of the "everyone who doesn't like it is just jealous" attitude on here which is used to shut down any and all criticism.

You're the one who is bringing fanboys into it, when if anything, you come off as a fanboy more than anyone else in this thread. You are the troll who finds the need to provoke attention with the "Euro/domestic fanboy" angle. I agree some people do only comment on articles to "hate". But for the most part, the comments on this article have been either positive or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. People are allowed to have different opinions, but you don't seem to get that.

Since you're clearly mad I ignored the other part of your post: I'm not really fussed enough by hot rods to have an opinion on them either way, and yes, I do think the 911 design is past it's use by date.


Brett Allen wheatgod RE Amemiya for the FD still looks awesome for me. The one they used in Initial-D. Even without the Initial-D hype, I would pro'ly still like it.


meal stub Brett Allen wheatgod True but that's one kit for one style of car, I was meaning more like Veilside who did similar looking kits for lots of different vehicles or maybe Buddy Club with their tic tac openings on the front of nearly every Honda (and some other brands)


wheatgod If "JDM Fanboy" is something that still exists, then I guess that's certainly me.  And I still stand by my previous statement.  Miura's kits ARE "getting old" and "predictable".  "Muscle Cars" and "Hot Rods" covers such a wide spectrum of tastes and talents that you can't possibly classify them collectively.  Miura's kits on the other hand follow a VERY SPECIFIC FORMULA regardless of make or model.
1. Add flares (+25 pts. if you have to cut the fenders to fit)

2. Lower it to the ground (+20 pts. if static)

3. Add giant wing/ducktail 
= Win at internet

And I'm not saying it doesn't work.  ALL of his creations have been sick as shit, no doubt.   But flat black cars were once the rage.  Stickerbombing was too.  Remember when EVERYONE was putting S15 front ends on their Silvias/240's?  These kits are very in-the-moment, but that moment will pass.  You'll see.


Brett Allen meal stub wheatgod Ah, I see your point. That's the first thing that came to my mind when I read you post. No probs here... Carry on. :)


wheatgod Actually the Fast and Furious cars (if we're talking about the original) were actual cars owned by people in the industry at the time.  Sure, copies were made for the cars that were going to be wrecked, but for the most part all the cars you saw IN the movie existed BEFORE the movie.
Craig Lieberman owned the Supra and the Maxima
Dude from Wings West owned the Jetta
Sean Morris owned the yellow Skyline
I think RJ De Vera had a couple cars in there too.  Point is; the movie was inspired by what WE were doing at the time, not the other way around.



The thing is,  essentially your opinion is that other people shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion. Constructive criticism shouldn't be stifled. It should be allowed, even promoted. It's through constructive criticism that positive progress can be made.

There's actually been very little "negative for the sake of negative" JDMized-style posts in this thread. You're the one that's trolling and can't handle other people's viewpoints.


If I had a stupid amount of money, i would buy one of these, i'd paint it pennzoil colours too.

Seeking Perfection

Hotcakes wheatgod JDMized is straight boss and has reached legend status at SH.

It is interesting to note that I still believe that the Ben Sopra 380SX deserves to win the SH car of the year award. I guess that makes me a JDM fanboy.

Seeking Perfection

Hotcakes wheatgod  
JDMized is straight boss and has reached legendary status at SH.

 It is interesting to note that I still believe that the Ben Sopra 380SX deserves to win the SH car of the year award. I guess that makes me a JDM fanboy too.


@Seeking Perfection Hotcakes wheatgod 

Don't get me wrong, I actually agree with a lot of the things JDMized says. It's just the WAY he says it that comes across a bit...confrontational haha.

Seeking Perfection

*** as he/she sees fit


wheatgod Hotcakes 

The fact you constantly call everyone else trolls and fanboys, despite you being the absolute definition of a troll and fanboy, says all I really need to know. Plus the fact you believe you have a right to an opinion, but everyone else should keep theirs to themselves.

I'm done arguing with a brick wall. Peace out.


wheatgod If you read my posts you'll see I'm not exactly disagreeing with you.  Not exactly.
We both agree its sick.  We disagree that its reaching its saturation limit.  We agree that Japanese cars are the shit.  We disagree that Hot Rods can still be innovative.  What are we (you) fighting about?
 When I can close my eyes and predict what a Liberty Walk/TRA Kyoto Audi R8, or Porsche 911 (which would look like RAUH WELT-ish), or Ford GT, or any other super kit would look like, it's time to switch it up.  It only looks original because he's doing it to a different car each time. 
It's a fine line when we're talking about purely cosmetic kits.   Amemiya has had some hits and misses, but he at least TRIED to switch it up every now and then.  The kits that usually stand the test of time believe it or not, are the ones that either minimally enhance the body features (like FEED's kit for the FD3S), or greatly enhance aerodynamic performance (like Voltex's EVO 8/9 widebody).  This kit does neither, so I feel that its styling has an expiration date.  That is rapidly approaching.


The only thing that I like about this whole thing is the wing mounts/design approach. But that's just me.


wheatgod I support your right to troll the trolls, but sometimes people just flat out don't like stuff, and that's cool too.  I'm not saying I don't like it, and a lot of these other comments aren't saying that either.  We're just expressing OUR opinion that Miura needs to work harder or he'll be forgotten as quickly as he rose.  Let's not forget that his rise to prominence came on the backs of a couple kits that he made for 240sx's.  
It was "shocking" and "revolutionary" when he chopped up Lambos and GTR's for the original Liberty Walk/BenSopra kits.  But now it's just like; "Meh.".


Think less lowrider, more "I don't want to tear my $$$$ carbon fiber splitter off my car."
Open your mind.


@Mike speedhunters_dino TomKimmell Are you going to buy him the real estate for all of that equipment? No? Then it's a great big investment especially in Japan.


wheatgod Simply P  
The Supra and the Eclipse had BOMEX kits.
The RX-7 was a Veilside, so was the S2000

Jetta was Wings West.
Once again, if we're talking about the first one.  RJ and Craig gave technical support and cast cars from the scene at the time to be in the movie.  The neon, and the flames out the exhaust were added for Hollywood effect, but other than that, the cars were exactly as we were building them at the time.  Even vinyl graphics were huge back then.  We just didn't use corny designs like they did in the movie.  Shit didn't really get ridiculous until the second one came out, and John Singleton was just there to exploit the scene, he didn't have anyone on his team that actually was part of the life.  That's why that one is the worst by far.


the only thing I cant really dig is the front fenders. imo they're just big and bland. I know its like a whole package to appreciate but I almost feel like as far as the GTR goes Muira-san couldn't top the bensopra front fenders.


and are there no Varis widebody GTR's at sema


wheatgod Hotcakes If American Hot Rods got the kind of coverage that LB, RWB, etc received, you bet I'd be complaining about featuring 3 identically modified cars. But literally no other country gets the kind of worship on here that Japan does.


wheatgod Option13 Hotcakes And you call other people trolls? Pot calling the kettle black I see.


wheatgod Option13 Hotcakes 
Those cars are very similar, yes; however TRA Kyota/Rocket Bunny/whatever, Liberty Walk, etc., are each building the same aero for every single car, regardless of what lines actually work on the car.  
Give me a super clean American hotrod over cookie cutter, made to impress 19 year old men on the internet Japanese-modified car any day.
Great cookie-cutter Hotrod > Over-done cookie-cutter ugly thing.


wheatgod Option13 Hotcakes 
By the way, I'm not a Euro/US car fanboi, furthest thing from it; just someone who enjoys well executed cars, things that used to be commonplace from Japan.


wheatgod Option13 Hotcakes Why? 
The bay of that LW GTR is filthy, its not a track car so it can't wear that like a badge of honor.  The wheels suck, with the tires being no wider than can easily be run on a stock body R35, WITHOUT EVEN RUBBING.  The aero is nearly identical to that of the 458, the Murcielago, etc., there's no originality what so ever.  
I know you're going to say that about American hot rods too, however even as a non-enthusiasts of hot rods, I can tell you there's more variation between two '32 Fords competing for the Ridler than there are between any of the LW cars aesthetically.


wheatgod Ok then Mr Wheatgod, can you please explain why bolting the same plastic fenders on the side of every car under the sun is more relevant than the rodding scene? Tell us how it's revolutionary and so minty fresh.


wheatgod Option13 Hotcakes Mannn, you just have no idea what you're looking at then.  I quit.


wheatgod No my problem is you blindly defending one form of modifying without giving reason for it. Smacks of Fanboyism.


wheatgod You're saying you don't care about what people like or dislike but you're calling everyone on here who dislikes this car a Euro or Domestic fanboy. Riiiight.


please stop


Simply P ITRbroham 
Any proof that CSD or Roberuta suspensions are anywhere near the performance of KW? I never even considered the LW GTR a "lowrider" just never heard of the aforemention companies before.


i hated all the liberty walk stuff at first, but the more cars i see the more i get it. I'd never own one, but you can bet i'd turn my head on the street, or walk around one a few times at a show. i think this is probably the car most suited to the liberty walk style though, because i don't find them particularly attractive bone stock, so the change makes it a much more interesting car to me.


YEAH ! Bolt on overfenders! Such aggression! I like that. Makes old people faint if you drive around the corner! 
But i don't digg that Spoiler stuff, i know it it's DTM inspired, and it works.... but doesn't logic say that the spoiler need to push the car down? 
For my two cents it's more logical that the spoiler is on top of the mount and not hanging down from it.
Again, i know that this works, but it looks like crap....


Damn... speechless!


I like the front, but the rear fenders dont work for me.


Hotcakes wheatgod That's because I gave up reading SH.
If you look back before SH was created most of the folks that worked at SH (and left SH there after) and some of them that are still around, haven't really done much for the industry 
(I'm waiting to see who's the first one to say, "Hey JDMized, what have YOU done for the industry?" Me? Nothing.....but I don't put myself in the spot light, I don't go out of my way to create the buzz and hire photographers that use automotive-journalist).
Anyway, most of these folks are mild-enthusiast AT BEST. How so? Does ANY of you ever seen Rod Chong project cars? Me neither. 
Same thing with Dino, posting a feature of the R34 and his new red TE37...WOW, that's ground breaking. Much like a Tomei turbo-kit..something that has never been done before....LOL
Linbergh, same shit......
The list goes on and on. The bottom line is, those folks came into the scene to create the buzz and generate traffic for the video game. Most of these folks don't wrench on their on earth they gained credibility solely based on pretty pictures is beyond me.
So, I grew jaded of all the bullshit that I read on this site, and I hardly check it these days. Eventually people that WANT to learn something about fast cars and not slammed shit will look into other informative blogs and mags that provide hard-solid facts, not opinions.


I don't like how the fenders flow in to the door, they look too chunky.


JDMized Hotcakes wheatgod I love all the drama in the comments section. It's half the draw.


Oh God, not this bolted fenders again..


stayshift speedhunters_dino TomKimmell Why does everyone have to get so feisty. All I asked was why they didn't come in carbon. Dino gave a answer that fit the bill. I don't need you to be a negative nancy and tell me to buy him property. I WAS JUST WONDERING.  fack.


speedhunters_dino TomKimmell Ah makes sense. I cant wait for his exploration into Euro's. Thank you Dino!


my god i love this car i hope in some near future need for speed puts it in a game that way i can drive it like in my dreams tonight this car is absolute madness love the imagination those Japanese guys got. respect from Texas.


ITRbroham Simply P Air cups when deflated don't have any effect on the performance of the coil they are applied to.
Also take a look at this: 
Modern air set-ups can perform, the technology has improved quite a bit in recent years.


ITRbroham Simply P Air cups when deflated don't have any effect on the performance of the coil they are applied to.
Also take a look at this: 
Modern air set-ups can perform, the technology has improved quite a bit in recent years.


JDMized Dino is a legend in the game son.  He's been puttin' in work for YEARS.  There was a time when pretty much ALL the JDM shit in magazines was coming through Dino.  Just know I'm backhanding you telepathically as I'm saying this, Alex :)
You want technical features?  Go to MotoIQ.  I came to Speedhunters from Mike Garrett's old blog, and from the beginning I've never known SH to be a technical oriented website.  Antonio was a scenester who sucked.  He's gone.  Linhbergh was an emo crybaby and he sucked.  He's gone.  Good riddance.  I think this site has come a LONG way from '08.  
Speedhunters is about cars and photography.  They do those things very well.  The journalism could use some polish, and sure, maybe they could take a little time out to explain to these young'ns how some of this stuff actually WORKS, but this is the internet.  There's a shit ton of places for that stuff.  Speedhunters is about cars and photography.  
Just let them do what they do.


Simply P   If you are offended and or dislike the quality of material based on its substance (and i am not here to defend JDMized in anyway as i dont agree with his approach at all) and or quality of material, that is youre right; but to refer to someone as a scenester who sucked and or an emo crybaby who sucked doesnt really provide any solid proof as to their irrelevance or lack of talent as a contributor. calling names  just makes it look like you lack basic tact, and possess questionable character.  On a side note, i too am a fan of this sight, and enjoy what the product they provide.


@getwell Simply P Unfortunately, this is the internet, and the anonymity it affords me allows me to call people whatever names I wish (it gets me too sometimes, but hey, that's the game).  Fact of the matter is, Antonio was a total scenester who only cared about "Offset" and name dropping, and otherwise didn't really have much to offer the site.  How's Motormavens doing, anyway?  Linhbergh is a talented, talented photographer, but his writing contains so much emotion it seems forced.  I enjoy prose and verse as much as the next man, but not EVERY goddamn post.  Sometimes less is more.
You're a random guy (or chick, or is that you, Antonio?) on the internet.  All of you are.  I don't know any of you, and as such I don't really care how my character appears to you.  My opinion of you is that your grammar sucks, and you're rife with misspellings.  Do you care?  You shouldn't.  I'm just some random guy on the internet.


DarioRdz Speedhunters_Bryn aussieANON These are my thoughts.
It seems to be the same thing except with different cars.
Sure it looks good, but sometimes something different is nice.
At least if they changed up the design of the flairs.
I won't even try to deny that they look good. But it's like Pro Touring muscle, if they're all the same formula then it's same old same old, you know?


FunctionFirst JDMized Hotcakes wheatgod I LOVE how they are arguing about the stuff I put up and Larry took it down because it offended him.....LOL
"JDMized, make sure to say only nice things to people, otherwise they'll get irritated and take it down!"


Simply P JDMized Keep believing the hype "son'!
Hey watch your language! Larry Chen is a good friend with Linbergh, and so is Antonio (and many other photographers in the industry). They all know each other for years. I'm pretty sure if you say something bad about those folks, you'll be automatically put onto the black list like me!
"Speedhunters is about cars and photography"? LOL, SH is about generating revenue thru video games and put up pretty pictures with DSLR's. Look around and see how the camera-hobby exploded in the past few years in the car-scene. IT'S RIDICULOUS!!!! I went to SpoCom few months back, there were MORE people with pretty DSLR than cars!!!!
Everyone is a photographer these days :)


I agree with JDMized a lot of the time too. He's got a very exacting philosophy.


Tx for the note. We've been growing up in front of you guys and have been striving to make the project an ever increasingly professional setup.
It takes time.
I think a key here is bringing in our new Editor In Chief, Bryn Musselwhite to scrub things up and take Speedhunters to the next level.


Trends come and trends go. It's a natural thing :)


JDMized Simply P Video games about cars.  "Pretty pictures with DSLR's" = Photography.
Cars and Photography.

Alex, I know you're not the average SH commenter.  You actually know what you're talking about (sometimes).  That's why, in my opinion, you are SH's resident King Troll.  But the fact remains that the website, content, and writing have improved over the years, not declined (as your posts often imply).


Too one-trick-pony for me. I don't like the same bolted-on bubble fenders, but hey to each their own. Just seems like a way to save money.


Hmm. I don't agree. JDMed really knows his subject very well. I don't think he's a troll.
I appreciate the criticisms as it keeps us on our toes.


I'd agree here too. We have instilled sub-editing publishing controls this year which had seen the quality of our writing vastly improve.


they were/are cool, but little too much hype.


this one just looks like it was made with an axe. no elegance, no flow. makes tha car look short and chubby. but teenagers will love it, because it` s from japan.
please, move on. evolve


If I owned an R35... I would do anything in my power to get it to look like this... Just mental! Love it!!


I like this build, but it really looks like they took what they did with the Murcielago SV and 458 Italia and apply it to the GTR. I guess this kind of aero styling doesn't work with every single car LB Performance can get their hands on. I like it and it definitely grabs attention, but it just doesn't have that striking presence that the Murcielago and 458 has to me.


Onecton Logic doesn't mean the spoiler is more effective mounted underneath....misguided logic does.  Laminar flow over an aircrafts wing is required for a wing to create lift...that is, the speed of the air over the wing is faster than below the wing...this creates higher pressure beneath the wing, than above it...hence the wing rises into the air.  Anything that disturbs the air on top of the wing, will reduce the aircrafts lift, so the tops of the wing are clean.  If you want a wing to push down, you flip an airplane wing over.  In that sense, the side which requires air to flow at an increased speed is underneath, this will create negative pressure and the wing will want to go down.  By having struts mounted underneath (the top surface in an airplane), you interrupt laminar flow and lose efficiency (i.e. lift).  So removing the struts from beneath a car spoiler makes the wing more efficient by giving it more surface area of laminar flow.  Got it...?


RC000E Onecton 
Whoa?! Nice thanks RC000E, i never thought that i would get such an detailed explanation. But now it makes sense to me. Thanks bro! Appreciate it. I get it now :) but I still like the look of the older style wings more XD


Onecton RC000E No problem...I always like to take a chance to share knowledge to further educate another because plenty have done it for me.  I get what you mean on the aesthetics of the traditional wing...the simplicity is attractive...but I try to look beyond my personal tastes and enjoy what we gain through development.  I very much feel function is fashion, in that racing design never goes out of sets the trends of tomorrow.   If something works better, then by rule...through obligation... I force myself to like it and adjust to it, even if my eye rejects it initially.  Anytime I see a new design or technology, I get excited at the opportunity to research it and understand it.  There's so many cool things in F1 and racing in general that relates to the aftermarket later.  Good luck man...


Onecton RC000E No problem...I always like to take a chance to share knowledge to further educate another because plenty have done it for me.  I get what you mean on the aesthetics of the traditional wing...the simplicity is attractive...but I try to look beyond my personal tastes and enjoy what we gain through development.  I very much feel function is fashion, in that racing design never goes out of sets the trends of tomorrow.   If something works better, then by rule...through obligation... I force myself to like it and adjust to it, even if my eye rejects it initially.  Anytime I see a new design or technology, I get excited at the opportunity to research it and understand it.  There's so many cool things in F1 and racing in general that relates to the aftermarket later.  Good luck man...


Seriously wondering if these conversion kits are street legal in the US


I see a lot of Shakotan influence in this GTR, especially the works fenders. Love the LB Shakotan cars and I love that the style is leaking over to the GTR.


There's really no need for the rice apology in the last paragraph.

This GTR pro baby makes about 600 horsepower and comes stock with a very proficient drivetrain and suspension. It has enough performance ability to make soft sticky tires, a giant wing, splitter, diffuser and some drag alleviating venting less than pretentious. I mean, besides the drag the huge fender flares would make the kit is only going to improve aerodynamics and grip..


Reason for my plan:
1. I messed up the front lip and bumper ($4500)
2. I curb checked all 4 of my rims. ($1500-$2000)
3. All 4 tires are almost bald by now. ($2200)
So since I have to change all this stuff anyways I though I would just invest in a Liberty Walk body kit. It makes me feel better about blowing $20,000 on the kit and $10,000
On tires and rims.
1. LB kit with tires and rims to match.
2. And 700-750 hp engine so it doesn't cost so much because when you have to redo the engine and transmission is when you get theta 20k to 60k jump in price.
What do you guys think? I just am nervous I will
Lose a lot of money in the resale when I want to sell it. I'm not rich I just know how to save and love the GTR.


This GT-R is awesome!!! They didn't screw it up by adding some fugly front bumper. they nailed it.