That’s GT1 Tight Squeeze

Ten year anniversaries are always worth celebrating in style, so when it came to the tenth year of the GTR Owner Club’s existence, a special plan was put into place. Teaming up with the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), Britain’s oldest motoring organisation, a plan was hatched to position none other than a GT1 GT-R into the rotunda of the RAC’s esteemed Pall Mall headquarters.

GT1 490

What might have initially sounded like a simple proposition would prove to be anything but though. The process started early in the morning – 5am early – as the car’s owner, Shaun Lawless, the GTROC Chairman and organiser of the plan, John Fuggles, and a helping of friends started off the process by unloading the car.

GT1 506

One thing soon became apparent – this was going to be a tight squeeze! So tight in fact that it seemed that the mirrors of the GT1 car, which don’t fold in, wouldn’t make it through the front doors. There was only one thing for it – take the GT1’s doors off!

GT1 518

It wasn’t just the car doors though – out came the revolving doors of the entrance way. With ramps in place and the car hooked up to a winch, it was now time to manoeuvre the car through the entrance.

GT1 538

Breathe in! The car began its entry.

GT1 548

The car inched its way up the ramp, with Shaun’s brother at the wheel and Shaun directing proceedings. But if the doors had been tricky, the marble columns at the entrance of the rotunda were going to require some serious precision manoeuvres.

GT1 562

Yep, just a bit tight.

GT1 577

Eventually the car squeezed its way in and the doors could be put back on.

GT1 585

The result of all that hard work was a stunning sight. The ex-race car took pride of place in the central rotunda of the distinguished club, sitting pretty in time for the annual general meeting which was to be held at the venue. It might only be a temporary furnishing for a few days, but some things are just worth the effort. Now if I can just figure out how to get one into my living room…



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I wonder if they were concerned about any fluids dripping.
I would have drained everything dry and cleaned it well before hand.


should've hired the bloke at the end ^_^


That's Awesome!


hahaha! Thats quite the challenge, I use to walk by that area all the time and the entrance was tight ! 
Look forward to the GTROC coverage!


Now do a burnout & donut on that carpet! LOL


Wow! Tight squeeze! 10 years sure go fast :)


AlanChrisK Haha, how to ensure you'll never get invited back!


All the people would be like "what is this so called 'race car? O_O" great job!


Kramer could have sorted that out blind-folded!!


That was so tight I nearly had an...
Epiphany. ;-)


that's just super cool


SparkyR_1 lol... putting in the gtr backwards? and under a minute??? lol. WIN


I wonder what the staff thinks when they return to work the next day to find a gtr in the center of their hallway lol.


SparkyR_1 we need this on US TV, only in Japan.


Nice one Shaun and thanks for the great exposure of the Motul Brand!