Slammed Society At The House Of Drift
From Japan to LA

Formula Drift events, and more specifically the season finale at Irwindale Speedway, are so much more than just drifting competitions. Along with the mad action unfolding on the track, FD Irwindale is also one of Southern California’s largest automotive lifestyle events. Walking through the paddock inbetween the track action, one can find some of the latest demo cars from big industry names, bargain closeouts on aftermarket parts and accessories, and of course the Slammed Society Car Show.

Irwindale-2013-90 copy

Slammed Society Irwindale would be a big deal on its own, but here it’s just one part of a jampacked weekend at the House of Drift. While Larry Chen would be covering the sideways action as usual, my duty for the weekend would be to bring you guys some scenes from the car show and also to select the recipient of the #FeatureThis award.

Irwindale-2013-86 copy

Irwindale marked the second Slammed Society event in as many weeks, with Mark, Felix and the Fatlace crew still recovering from the jetlag of traveling to Japan for Slammed Society Fuji.

Irwindale-2013-30 copy

Having already covered a few other SoCal car shows already this year, I was expecting to see plenty of familiar cars at Irwindale – but I was pleasantly surprised to find that lots of new machines had come out.

Irwindale-2013-32 copy

While I know the words Slammed Society or Hellaflush might generate negative reactions for those opposed to anything not built to lap a track as quickly as possible, the variety of cars at these gatherings is actually quite impressive.

Irwindale-2013-18 copy

Sure, there were plenty of late model coupes and sedans slammed to the ground with increasingly aggressive wheel and tire set-ups, but there are also lots of classic cars, street legal drift builds, and other more function-oriented automobiles.

Irwindale-2013-40 copy

Among the vintage machines that caught my eye was this very tidy Datsun 510. Or at least that’s what it looked like from a distance…

Irwindale-2013-13 copy

A closer look revealed the car to be a right-hand drive 510 Bluebird imported from Japan. This was especially cool to see given that enthusiasts from Japan often import LHD Datsun 510s from the USA. The grass is always greener…

Irwindale-2013-14 copy

The otherwise original interior of the Bluebird was equipped with a wooden Nardi steering wheel and a pair of Bride seats for just the right amount of style.

Classics and drift machines
Irwindale-2013-38 copy

Also making an appearance were a handful of MX73 Toyota Cressidas inspired by the Japanese shakotan and kaido racer scenes.

Irwindale-2013-12 copy

Sparkle Garage is one of the biggest names in the Southern California kyusha community, and the guys were out at Irwindale this year with a few badass sedans.

Irwindale-2013-16 copy

Yet another shakotan-inspired MX73. I especially like the custom front chin spoiler on this car.

Irwindale-2013-17 copy

Also representing for the old school crowd was this Datsun 240Z with a tough looking set of overfenders and wheels to match.

Irwindale-2013-31 copy

I find it amazing how these modified S30 builds keep coming out of the woodwork, despite the fact that the cars are getting harder to find and more valuable every day.

Irwindale-2013-7 copy

Here’s one of those street drift cars I was talking about. Seeing this red S13 got me feeling pretty excited about reconnecting with the grassroots drift scene this coming weekend at All Star Bash. Anyone else coming out?

Irwindale-2013-22 copy

Or perhaps you prefer your S13 with fixed headlights and a trunk? Here’s a properly mean coupe for you.

VIP and more
Irwindale-2013-19 copy

Let’s not forget the VIP sedans either. These luxo machines have always been a big part of the Slammed Society experience.

Irwindale-2013-88 copy

With its pumped out and radiused fenders, this Lexus GS didn’t look far off from one of the Bippu sleds you might see cruising around the streets of Osaka.

Irwindale-2013-21 copy

Along with the traditional VIP platforms, you also have other Japanese models built with a VIP-influenced style. This G35 sedan for example.

Irwindale-2013-28 copy

Or even more unusual, a Honda Accord sedan slammed over a set of Work VS-XXs. Beige has never looked so good.

Irwindale-2013-95 copy

I first saw Abbitt Wilkerson’s Subaru Legacy GT this summer at the Played Out event, and the car was back at Slammed Society sporting a new set of color-matched Rotiform NUEs for a Euro-esque look.

Irwindale-2013-35 copy

One of the more creative cars out there was this EF Honda Civic sedan done in a 1980s Japanese street racer style.

Irwindale-2013-8 copy

It’s not often you see a Civic with bolt-on flares, and the result was like some sort of lowrider and kanjo racer hybrid.

Irwindale-2013-3 copy

Joining the sedan was this CR-X with olive green paint and warplane markings.

Irwindale-2013-4 copy

Once again we have bolt-on flares, this time sitting over a set of widened steel wheels.

Irwindale-2013-11 copy

My favorite part of the car was the vintage wood-rimmed Honda steering wheel that had been retrofitted. Nice little touch here.

Irwindale-2013-91 copy

One of my personal favorite cars of the event was this silver FD3S RX-7 – a car which I still have a hard time believing is now over 20 years old.

Irwindale-2013-92 copy

This particular FD was sporting a cranked down ride height, a set of period correct Work wheels and a few choice body modifications.

Irwindale-2013-26 copy

Under the hood was a rather factory looking engine setup, but one that had been detailed with a coat of color-changing paint. Generally I’m not a fan of chameleon hues, but it actually worked pretty well here.

Irwindale-2013-20 copy

Even if you can’t bring out a new car to Slammed Society, you can always roll out on a new set of wheels –  like this Lexus IS wagon on deep-faced Work Emotion XT7s.

Irwindale-2013-5 copy

Time attack meets show car on this JDM-converted DC2 Integra from the Boss Company crew.

Irwindale-2013-29 copy

It also seems that Mr. Ryosuke Takahashi decided to take a break from his busy touge racing schedule to bring his FC3S.

Irwindale-2013-2 copy

After looking over the selection of cars, I then had the difficult task of selecting one car as the Speedhunters #FeatureThis winner. Not only would the owner receive a trophy from Fatlace and a full feature on Speedhunters, but they’d also become one of the first people in the world to own the limited edition #JoyOfMachine book prior to its official release next month.

Irwindale-2013-36 copy

The car that won me over in the end was Kyle Ranauro’s Nissan 240SX with its sweet combination of street drift car and vintage hot rod influence.

Irwindale-2013-43 copy

It’s one of the most unique S13s I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to seeing what Larry Chen can come up with once he gets hold of the car for a full feature shoot.

Irwindale-2013-33 copy

There you have it. Slammed Society at Formula Drift Irwindale – much more than a sideshow.

Next time I’ll return with some parking lot sightings from the House of Drift.



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Where the hell is the black s13 hatch with rotiforms? That was the best car out there.


just a suggestion: can you guys make it so that in presentation mode,
if you have your mouse over the text-box it does not disappear?


guys, i think that  DC2 may have been stolen recently. seems like an older picture of the car but it looks very close to the one featured:


Let's see more cars like that white FC RX7.  This website is turning into StanceHunters....let's keep it functional.


todd_d pretty much identical yes


DWQuattro Most of the stuff put on here now is just suspension that looks broken and really expensive wheels with poorly fitted tires. It is saved only by things like the Pagani factory that pop up every now and again. Everything else is more show than go and pretty lame.


The first black s13 posted has a large dent front and center on the hood--it's the first thing my eyes were drawn to.  If you're featuring a car show I would figure you would want to post the top cars; not 'show cars' with visible damage.


vroomtothetomb coming soon


actually, could we get out of this new chapter/presentation mode? I feel like enough people have voiced their opinions on the new website setup...


I see a red Genesis in the background.


did you know that the dc2 was stolen earlier yesterday?


todd_d It is the same one.


@U mirin todd_d Death penalty for thieves...


DWQuattro The event is called slammed society--surely you didn't read the article expecting to see race cars, no?


Jjaeger240 Well this isn't Pebble Beach, and surely that's not the first S13 to have a dent :)


@Guest1 DWQuattro You must be looking at a different site than I am. If I look at the front page right now, I see a Pagani tour, touring car racing, a mental Audi track build, a roll control tech post and more. We never expect everyone to love everything, but you guys are seemingly only looking at the stuff you DON"T like :)


todd_d That's terrible. Hopefully this will help get it recovered.


Mike Garrett The mind boggles Mike.


Mike Garrett I realize that, but you also don't go to a hot rod/customs/street rod show and expect someone to bring their shiny paint 'show car' right after their kid was shooting hoops in the driveway and had a basketball wail it on the hood.  Much less, you wouldn't then expect a reputable website/magazine to select that car as one to feature the quality of the show.
It's not meant to be so much a blow to you for using the picture, but more so the community/"culture" in general for embracing something that is basically 'close enough' as high quality.


The rear wheels on that S13 are vertical. I repeat.... the rear wheels on that S13 are vertical. This is not only cause for a feature, this cause for me to get an eye exam, for i cannot believe what i am seeing. I therefore deeply question what i am seeing and conclude there must b some optical illusion at play. Have Nissan owners gone straight? Story at 11


@goon I expect to see ONLY functional cars on a site called SpeedHunters.  My point is, they shouldnt be covering pointless events like Slammed Society.


@Guest1 DWQuattro I don't understand you two. I really don't. Do you not see the other stories??


DWQuattro  You have to give the show attendees credit for accurate advertising, all the banners say "Low and _SLOW_.
As to the question of how a website titled, ends up with cars that the owners themselves acknowledge to be "SLOW"... that truly does boggle the mind.


todd_d Yeah. Stolen at Orange Coast Community College. Last seen in the IE area (Riverside). Belongs to


DWQuattro You've entirely missed the whole point of Speedhunters.


Jjaeger240 Mike Garrett dude what are you on about? these are cars that the owners drive on a daily basis. this isn't just a show for "show cars". it's a community of people who share a passion for cars. this means not everyone follows the same views as you, but what gives you the right to make the rules?


@Thomas DWQuattro you people dont deserve nice things.


@Guest1 DWQuattro  Controversy aside here. You would have to be a fool to think that stance is not very relevant in the mod scene in the last years. This is a car blog, so that area of the automotive scene will be covered just like the Pagani feature and the countless Gatebil entries. 
You've actually transcended the controversy and landed yourself in the realm of ignorance.


Saw some of the Sparkle Garage guys at JCCS. 
Great to see the four door Toyota's getting a new "life".
(Mx41 to Gx81).


SparkyR_1 Jjaeger240 Mike Garrett Thank you for further driving home my point.
Open up any Rod & Custom and show me any car in it that has body damage.  Cool, it's not a "show car"--but my money says instead of having this street car look presentable money is instead going to be spent on more modifications, further ignoring the dent in the hood.
The whole attitude of "it's a 240 bro, it's 20 years old, it's supposed to have dents" is so negligent.  Instead of making what you have look good (because it's clearly not a track car), you'd rather spend money throwing more shit at something that's already busted.


That s13 is daily driven... I know because that's my brothers car... That dent... Well we still don't know when that dent appeared or how it happen but one day it did.