#iamthespeedhunter: The ’80s Theme

Although I’m a child of the eighties, I can’t really remember a whole lot about it. Every chance I get though, I like to re-live the decade vicariously through the photographs and films of others. It’s only when you sit down and really examine the decade, you realise how much it has contributed to the automotive world. If you’ve doubts about this last statement, I think you should have a read of Jonathan’s recent piece which will change your mind. Last week, we asked you for photographs of ’80s cars. I think we got more submissions to this than the last two themes combined. However, #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER rules still apply although photos taken during the era get special privilege…

(above) This is what I’m talking about, some genuine eighties rallycross action. Superb.

This is a simple but well executed portrait of an 80’s icon – the E30 BMW. The car is positioned perfectly in the frame, with some subtle colour grading.

Static shows can be a nightmare (actually, they are a nightmare) but a long shutter can help show the movement of the general public as they make their way around the meet.

Some blue on blue toning suits this Renault to the ground.

Some low key split toning helps to age this recent enough shot.

This is a super clean shot – shallow depth of field throws the distant background out quite nicely with no distractions anywhere in the frame.

It’s always nice to leave certain aspects of a photograph up to the viewer’s imagination. You can visualise the Volvo drifting this section in your mind right?

Strong red against a neutral backdrop with a slow-ish shutter to keep your attention focused on one of the decade’s finest.

There was no shortage of BMW submissions but this was one of the better ones. The warm colours of the sun on the background compliment the cool tones of the car in the shade.

Another simple but well executed portrait. The car is nice and sharp from front to back with the background just out of focus enough without being unrecognisable.

It’s the little but of sun flare at the top of the frame that adds to this Manta image.

What am I always saying about a low point of view? Although little can be done about the cluttered background, Pawel has used a narrow depth of field to try and clean the image up as best as he can.

We don’t get a whole heap of tracking shots through but anyone who has tried them will tell you that they are more difficult than they look. I like the lack of distractions in the image, along with the red / green contrast.

Okay, this might not be the greatest photo we’ve ever hosted on #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER but it perfectly captures that moment when you spot an F40 in the wild.

It can be tricky trying to balance a white car on a white backdrop but Nathan has pulled it off flawlessly. I also like the positioning of the car low in the frame.

Yes. This would have been an incredibly difficult shot to pull off, yet Martin has made it look almost too easy.

Making the most of adverse weather conditions will allow you to capture unique shots of your pride and joy.

This is an interesting crop of something we’ve all seen a thousand times (that is a drifting ’86).

Another portrait, another excellent execution. By opening the car up, it leaves the viewer in no doubt that this is the real deal.

This is excellent in so many ways – the black & white conversion, framing, aperture control and leading lines.

The use of a graduated neutral density filter with some subtle lighting on the car allows us to view the car with an almost perfect dynamic range.

I did say that era correct images get special privilege right? This shot comes from Frank Profera, he of the ‘Canyon Carving’ Lotus fame…

This could be any workshop, the world over.

The milky blacks have helped to age this Sierra Rs Cosworth shot. I’m not usually a fan of crooked horizons, but I think it does work here.

What’s interesting about this is not just the colour toning or low angle tracking shot, rather it’s the cinematic crop.

A lot of you are really working on your colour toning. By playing with the hues of your highlights and shadows, you can create a look that is entirely your own.

Super slow shutter action from Pikes Peak by Brandon LaJoie. When you drop into this zone of slower and slower shutter speeds, your keeper rate does drop significantly but what does come out is often worth it.

A word of advice – if you’re going to try and capture a nice reflection shot like this, always and I mean ALWAYS make sure the water isn’t too deep first. It might mean your feet get wet, but it’s better than an embarrassing call for a recovery truck.

Perfect panning from Alvaro. It’s interesting to note that when you drop to this low a shutter speed, the main method to get the entire car sharp back to front is to be perfectly perpendicular to it as it passes.

A little bit of tone mapping in this final garage shot. The key word being ‘little’. One of the key ingredients to successful post processing is to make lots of small changes, rather than few large changes.

#IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER will be back to normal next week, see you then!

Paddy McGrath



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写真は、800×533 ピクセル以上のJPGのフォーマットでお願いします。





I would love to know how changhoon achieved those tones, they are beautiful 


Great shots!


That Sierra was too beautiful


picture with starlet looks like one of them starlet from barbados



thx for uploading my picture of white e30 :)


I think without a doubt that shot of the red VW in the snow is the best photo in the whole collection. That must have been a tough shot to get down and really conveys the sense of speed and what was going on in the moment. Really good perspective and a great action shot. 




I'm happy to share my old Group B's with you guys... The Metro 6R4 was so quick with it's very short gearing, topping out at 120 mph. But talk about snapping your head back with throttle response..... it was cool.


Wow I forgot about that pic I took of Scott's LTD. haha that was a long time ago.


Picture #1: I am so happy to see a picture of my home track on speedhunter.

This picture is not showing Rallycross-Action, it is showing Autocross-Action. It is the same like Rallycross, but you drive only on gravel!!! The picture is showing  the EUROPEAN-AUTOCROSS-CHAMPIONSHIP on the Racecircuit "Ewald-Pauli-Ring" Schluechtern, in the mid of the 80's.

The race track is owned be the Motorsportsclub: MSC-Schluechtern, located in Germany.

The Drive of the blue Porsche is probably Mr. Hans Kirchhof (4Times Germany Rallycross Champion, and former Autocross Driver), he is a member of the Motorsportsclub MSC Schluechtern.

Actual the Race Circuit is transformed from Autocross to a Rallycross Circuit 2 Years ago.

Mr. Hans Kirchof win the last 2 German Rallycross Championships 2011 & 2012 with an Porche 996 GT3.

The Picture is showing the first corner of the Race Circuit.

I am also a member of this Motorsportsclub since 27years (and iam only 27years old).

I am so happy to see this picture on speedhunters!!!


Best wishes from Germany!!


Daniel Moeller



Can please someone tell me if you receive my e-mails? Just to be sure that I'm not doing something wrong


im a 90's kid with a great love of 80's Motorsport and this is by the best thread topic you have ever done!! keep it coming!!!


The D7000 was at home for the F40 pic. Had to use an iPhone for the rare sighting.



it's always nice to read a bunch of advice on something and see that every suggestion is something you do already, or at least aim for

Evan Deveau
Evan Deveau

I'm super stoked that my garage shot of the Starlet in Barbados made it in!



It's clear to me now that this week is going to ruin me. 

Paddy McGrath
Paddy McGrath moderator

 @roninlotus211 I won't lie Frank, I'm insanely jealous. Please keep us updated with your latest project too! :)


ugh i meant to say that that never happens fully, i always see something new because i am not a professional. but i hit send before i even wrote anything like that, so i say again. i am not a professional


 @Censport  You have my old car, I took that shot outside my old shop back in 1991 after I restored it to it's black and yellow configuration along with a complete engine rebuils after the original timing belt broke due to dry rot from sitting in the UK...

I'm glad it's alive and well. I had heard it was wrecked by some chuckle head on a track a few years ago..

Contact me on www.Lotussport.org


 @everydayisrallyday Man...nice work. I photographed the 1st D1GP event in the US and my old hard drive crashed. Had over 500 photos. Was that shot planned out or was it just luck? 


 @Censport I hoped it wasn't since I spent a lot of time into it.... Did you guys get the David Clark headsets and intercom I installed with the car ?  It sounded like a chainsaw at speed, so dam loud inside  :-) ...

It's was a little tricky shifting with your left hand quickly with the short gears

It's a small world.


 @roninlotus211 We've had the car for some time, but I wasn't aware of it being wrecked. I do remember seeing it in the shop several years ago with the engine out. Don't know if it was a clutch issue or what. I can always ask Jeff, he knows the history on just about all of the cars. It's sitting on the display floor now. I still haven't had the chance to drive it. Yet. :)