Stretching Into August

Is Speedhunters just a blog? Is it little more than a web destination for you to come to check out the automotive indulgences of a group of self-reflective car photographers? Or can it be more than that? Are those of you who’ve been participating in our SpeedhuntingWKND project starting to realize that Speedhunting is not only for the likes of Larry Chen, Jonathan Moore and Mike Garrett, but for any auto-otaku with a love of cars?

I like to tell people that Speedhunting is a verb, it’s an action with a camera and a car. Yet perhaps in my mind’s eye the possibilities here are well beyond the current state of Speedhunters The Website, Speedhunters the Instagram Channel, Speedhunters the Drift Team, Speedhunters the Facebook Feed, Speedhunters the Twitter Discussion Group, Speedhunters the Global Car Community, Speedhunters the Jumping Automotive Photographers Club.

Perhaps, yes just perhaps, there is an umbrella forming above this ragtag concoction of elements: Speedhunters the Brand. Could it be so?

We took a big jump forward in rebuilding the quality of our editorial stories this past April-May and I’m happy to announce that this August that Speedhunters is about to leap forward yet again. You see, at the end of August, we’re are about to launch our first merchandise collection. This will not only include a full range of stickers and t-shirts but will also be comprised of a 400 page coffee table photography book…

… and of course the Speedhunters hoodie design we’ve been developing in public for the past few months. We’ve settled on the above design BTW.

I’ll tell you more about the specifics of the collection in the coming weeks. But for now, I hope you’re as excited as we are about the future of Speedhunters!

So what’s coming up for August? Well first up we have 8-6 day to celebrate. We’ve already asked you to send in photos of your AE86s, GT86s, 86s and FR-S which we’ll be showcasing back in a special 8-6 Day shoutout. Watch out for a feature on this New Zealand based N2 machine too.

Fredric Aasbo will also be presenting a complete feature on his 86-X creation too, supported by a full Larry Chen feature shoot. We have all of this planned and much, much more for 8-6 day.

Before we get to that we also have the annual Dutch M.I.V.W. event coverage to feature.

We’ve been neglecting our VW scene coverage a little bit recently, so it will be good to dive right in to one of the world’s top VAG events.

August is also traditionally the time for our Bonneville Speedweek coverage.

We’ve sent a wide range of photographers to the event over the years and for the 2012 edition it will be Mike Garrett who attends.

Mike knows a thing or two about Hot Rodding, Muscle Cars and American Car Culture and will be perfectly posed to give us some in-depth reporting from the salt flats of Bonneville.

However before he heads to Speed Week, he plans to spend couple days of hanging out at the Peppermill Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada for Hot August Nights.

We’ve heard about this event for a few years now, with the whole town of Reno being taken over by a Rod and Custom mob during the first week of August.

It sounds like a pretty full on celebration of Americana, so we’ll see what Mike comes up with! Whatever the case, I’m sure August 2012 will be a month to remember for the Auto Otaku and his Japanese wife Kaori.

You can expect to see some amazing automotive photography this month, as not only will we be treated to the visual delights of Bonneville but the rescheduled Pikes Peak is also on.

Our coverage from Pikes Peak has always lead to spectacular stories and I’m sure that the 2012 running will be no different.

Meanwhile in Australia things are heating up for the 2012 running of the World Time Attack Challenge.

Dino Dalle Carbonare was present to see the Japanese challengers off, but it will be our NZ Editor, Brad Lord who will be reporting from the event.

Our own MadMike Whiddett will also be on hand in Australia with his triple rotor Badbul RX8. Please stop by his pit to say hello!

Other highlights for the month include the Rolex Historics at Laguna Seca, care of Sean Klingelhoefer and his beard Klaus.

With Mike Garrett taking on the new challenge of Hot August Nights and Bonneville, we’ll be looking for Sean to give us a new perspective on America’s top retro motorsports festival. I can’t wait!

Sean also plans to hit up two different LA events, which were curiously scheduled on the same day – August 11th.

First up, he’ll be shooting at the Nisei Showoff. It’s one of those key SoCal events, held each year in downtown Los Angeles.

Sean will then have to get over to Long Beach for the “Infamous” car show, a collaboration between the HellaFlush and Canibeat crews. This is a brand new event, so we thought to pop over and see what it’s about.

Of course this is only scratching the surface of our August 2012 event coverage, which will also include Formula D Las Vegas, BDC Lydden Hill, Castle Comb Rally Day, The Retro Toyota Gathering, and Ford Fair among others.

One last note before before I publish this story… I want to preview one particular upcoming article we are very, very excited about.

On the day before the start of the Spa 24Hs, Sean Klingelhoefer and Jonathan Moore drove over to the famous Porsche constructor: Kremer in Cologne, Germany.

Kremer are the creators of many an amazing Porsche race car, and are probably most well known for winning Le Mans 1979 with their own version of the Porsche 935, the Kremer K3.

And it’s one of these crazy K3 monsters that Sean Klingelhoefer was able to spend a few hours shooting last Friday. Excited? Oh very much so…

And on that note I’ll sign off for now. I have to get back to planning out the launch of the first Speedhunters EDTN Collection. Much work there is yet to do!

Roll on August!




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What a carage, nice pictures, thanks!


when will the hoodies be availible?


very excited about the shop.. one of everything please :)


@MatthewWarren End of August :)


There is also World Time Attack Challenge as well in just on 1 week starting next friday.


 @RodChong  @MatthewWarren  cant wait, thanks!


you're not covering WTAC this year?


Can't wait for the Merch to hit the store. Will this be available worldwide? (especially in the UK?!) I'd love a SH camera strap, but wouldn't want people to think I'm one of you talented guys. So I'd probably just sit at home with it and pretend haha...


Mad Mike will be at WTAC representing Speehunters I believe.


Pumped for the merch! I'm sure the quality will be high with you at the wheel Rod. Loving all the changes and new direction.


 @Beder indeed


 @ehh argh..... total fail on my part. Yes we are covering it. I will update the post now.


PLEASE make the merch available in the UK, without massive postage fees like Fatlace..


I Just hope the merch will be easily available in Europe... So we don't have to pay that much postage an don't need to deal with customs.
And SH is definitely more then just a blog!


@BMueller We will start out with both North American and European based e-store partner setups so this will be no problem :)


@TomHoward Already in the plans.


Please make those DSLR neck straps available...i would glady buy them for my cameras!


I'm disappointed you've used someone else's photo in this post, poor from SH.(still keen for a SH camera strap though!) 


Nice stuff, looking forward to it :) I will have one of those camera straps and a hoodie! :D


How else are they suppose to show us an event, if they haven't been there before. If they have permission then great. SH use press release images a fair bit.


 @Crossmember Exactly... we can't showcase an event unless we do there first!


 @Tiago Costa They won't be part of the launch package but we are considering them for a later collection.


 @Robo_No1 haha funny. Yes one of our merch partners is based in the UK. We plan to debut the collection at Trax on Sept 2nd.. We hope to see you there!


will the merch be available in australia, up for a hoodie some stickers and a camera strap 


Just got back from the WTAC launch in sydney with camera in hand. 7 Days now!


 @RodChong Funnily enough I booked my Trax tickets just the other day ( stand). I'll make sure I bring my wallet ;) 


what happened to MadMike Whiddett's naturally aspirated 4 rotor? is he now running a turbo 3 rotor?


 @petewagen the badbul is his aussie car i think


 @petewagen Hes got his Madbul (4 rotor rx7), Badbul (3rotor rx8), and Japbul (4rotor in Japan, hopefully soon to be twin turbo)


 @Stikitnow  @petewagen  that's a lot of buls. thanks for the answer.


ok cool porches but the escort mk1 is way more cooler is it a zakspeed ?


 @petewagen I was suprised of him bringing the Badbul too. Maybe his Madbul is still in Norway. Custom clearance perhaps. :)


Stayin' busy!
Thanks By the way


can`t explain in words how bad i want that speedhunters sticker on my car!!!
Many Thanks to SH team!!!


@Heathrussell We will be shipping worldwide!


 @miguel t I knew there would be somebody that asked about it. I was joking that while Jonathan and I were there drooling Paddy would have made a b-line straight for the Escort lol.


@miguel t We will have to wait for the report to find out!


@miguel t We will have to wait for the report to find out!


@Crossmember Very cool


Speedhunters swag... great. Now Im going to need a second job.. unless you guys have financing available.


Will you guys have a Speedhunters refillable water bottle? I think that would be great :D


Yo quiero that camera strap,lanyard and stickers.


Larry Chen doing a Car Feature? Wuhh? Isn't that Sean/Bryn/Dino territory? I'm not complaining though. The shots will be just as beautiful.


cool stuff guys!!! cant wait for some new threads!! just got 2 tees from import bible!
hope these will be reasonably priced though....!


Just sayin' but I have a Speedhunters sticker on my mouse. :) Although, I need some stickers for my phone.. oh wait a case would be even better... coughrodgetonitcough!


can't wait for that coffee book.  hopefully convert some non enthusiast through shear awesomeness.  


 @Baljit Singh Phone cases are in our future plans!


 @LouisYio The car was shot at Gatebil and at the time Sean and Dino were also busy shooting their own materials too.


 @RodChong I want one!


 @RodChong I want one!


 @CrisCiunganu that one isn't in the plan right now.


 @sean klingelhoeferso yall didnt take the time to do a full shoot ?  I  cant blame yall tho  :)


 @RodChong  @miguel thanx rod-sir 


Awesome month! Can't wait for all those merchandise


sounds like you guys are 'expanding your brand' so to speak. just don't forget to keep taking nice photographs and sharing them with the world!


Amazing cars..drool


Hi, where can I get an dslr camera strap? I am very interested...thanks.


Where can I get camera strap? Interested on getting of those.
Thanks. Rad