Preparing for July!

I used to dream of living in Los Angeles. I was in my early twenties at the time, filled to the brim with raw ambition and perhaps too much self-belief for my own good. I had already achieved some moderate in-roads as a music video director in my native Canada. However, being born without the patience gene, I thought that I could make it in La La Land regardless of any real success in my home country. So with a dream in my eye, I put my entire life on the line, packed my belongings into my then brand-new Honda EG Civic Si and drove down to the glitz and glamour of SoCal. Little did I know that I was in for a rude awakening.

I distinctly remember one particular dose of confidence-eroding reality that came when being introduced to an American film crew on a music video film-set that a friend of mine was directing in San Diego. “Ahh you seem like a Canadian,” said one of the film crew. “You have that typical goofy, nerdiness that a lot of Canadians have.”

Me? Nerdy? Me? Identifiable as a Canadian? What? Alarm bells immediately started going off in my head, as at the time I spent a great deal of effort exuding as much cold attitude as my skinny 24-year-old self could possibly muster up. In fact, this American stranger had seen right through the my cyber-punk facade and was right on the money.

Looking back, I find this little moment somewhat amusing and chalk it up to youthful arrogance and general lack of awareness. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’d like to think that I’ve grown to accept and cherish my Canadian history. Nerd-I-Am… Sometimes…

‘And what does this have to do with Speedhunting?’,  you might be asking yourself right now. Well my dear friends, I am about to do something typically Canadian. I am going to issue an apology. Yes I know I am hardwired to feel apologetic for my existence, but I feel like I do need to say something to some of our community.

You see, we have a slight issue at Speedhunters HQ right now. We are being overwhelmed with emails and Facebook messages. There are so many comments, questions, suggestions, coverage offers and most of all car photos coming to us right now, that we are being overloaded trying to keep up with it all. Every single day of the week, we are receiving long thought-out emails from you guys, telling us about your automotive passions and hobbies. Each of you have some pretty interesting automotive stories to tell, and in all honestly we would love to chat one-on-one with all of you. We are all car people, and I’m sure we could sit and talk with you for hours at a time.

But unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time in the day to respond to all of your emails and messages. Not even close. I feel like you all deserve much more than to be sending off your messages into something like a Speedhunters proverbial black hole of communication. You send, we receive. A select few of you get attention back (I answer at least two or three emails a day), but most email communications are one-sided. So I want to tell you all, sorry… We really would like to talk to all of you and take the time to answer your email questions and suggestions and talk about your rides. We are definitely listening, but for the time being are unable to answer each and every one of your queries. I just want to acknowledge this to all of you who continue to send in the emails and attempt to make contact on Facebook. That said, we’re making some changes internally to get more of our staff involved in directly communication with you, the Speedhunters community. So moving forward, you should more often than not be getting responses to your queries.

There are some patterns to most of your emails so before we move to the month’s coverage previews, I thought I would answer a few of the most frequently asked questions… set to a backdrop of some recent reader’s rides submissions.

Question: I would like free stickers to rep you on my amazing ride. Please send me them.

Answer: Unless you are a weekly SpeedhuntingWKND winner, we aren’t currently sending out freebie stickers. That said, Speedhunters is gearing up to launch an e-store in late August to give our fans all over the world access to our much prized stickers. You’ll need to hold tight until then!

Question: I am a freelance and or aspiring photographer. How can I join the team?

Answer: Right now we aren’t looking for any photographers to join the team but it’s great to make the contact. Keep in touch! We will be looking for an Australian Speedhunter to join the team next year, so if you think you are the next Dino Dalle Carbonare or Larry Chen please drop us a line.

Question: I would like to cover a particular event for Speedhunters as photographer

Answer:  We currently are not accepting freelance story submissions as we are very particular about our event coverage style. In the future we are looking at ways for people to get more involved with Speedhunting events, but for the time being, we are concentrating on developing the depth and quality of our own editorial team’s work.

Question: I have a message for a particular member of the Speedhunters editorial team.

Answer:  We always forward messages on to the editorial team members. They may not always be able to answer you, but they do see your emails.

Question: I am a high school student and would like to become a professional automotive photographer. How can I do this?

Answer: Sorry for the short response as we are very busy but here are some tips:

1: understand the basics of business management
2: take a photography course and understand the history of the art. Master the technical aspect
3: get photography gear and start shooting. Suggest you start your own website, facebook channel, tumblr and instagram to make a name for yourself.
4: get involved in local automotive scenes
5: study journalism and creative writing.
6: a degree in journalism and or photography/art is helpful
7: if you are looking to be a Speedhunter is also helps that you understand cars and car culture. We like people who know mechnics and also automotive and motorsports history
8: build amazing cars

Question: I would like to use your photos on my blog-website.

Answer: In general we allow people to repost our stories and photos with a few caveats:

1: the photos are unaltered. In particular please do not crop the Speedhunters logos out.
2: you only use 50% of the photos and writing on your website with a link back to Do not repost the whole article. This will make us sad.
3: for social media, you are free to use our photos, as long as they are credited to and unaltered
4: the photos can only be used for editorial purposes. No commercial use is allowed without written permission.

So what about the upcoming month of July?

We will have three big projects this month, the first being 7’s Day, a celebration of the RX7 and family. As with each year, this is marked in Japan by big Rotary meets in the Daikoku & Umihotaru Parking Areas.

And as with each year, our Japan based Speedhunter Dino Dalle Carbonare will be on hand to report the proceedings.

He’ll be sure to showcase Japanese Rotary style on the ground, as it happens.

We are also planning to start a little Rotary mini-theme on the site later this week, with a small selection of Rotary car features.

This includes something of a very special barn-find FC RX7 which NZ Speedhunter Brad Lord caught undergoing a ground-up restoration. Can any of you tell us about the history of this chassis?

7’s Day will be quickly followed by what is going to be one of our biggest projects of the year: the Gatebil Rudskogen festival.

Building on last year’s record attendance of 50,000 raging, partying car fans, the 2012 edition is looking to be the largest modified car festival, ever.

The Speedhunters crew has been preparing for Gatebil 2012 for a long, long time and will debut three cars at the event. From the first run of the V2 Spec Dmac86…

…to the European introduction of the Madbul and the first drift runs of Fredric Aasbo’s new 86-X project. There is just so much to be excited about it hurts.

And this isn’t even taking into account the scores of incredible builds which fill Gatebil.

We will have three Speedhunters photographers at Gatebil Rudskogen: Larry Chen, Dino Dalle Carbonare and Sean Klingelhoefer. Each of them will be in overdrive for the festival’s three days, capturing as much awesomeness that can be crammed into the pages of Speedhunters as possible. Dino and Sean in particular will be tasked with shooting assembly lines of car features at Gatebil, to showcase for you the Nordic region’s most incredible car builds.

Our two Speedhunters’ spokes-models, Camille and Julie, will be on hand to hand out stacks of hyper-exclusive new sticker designs for Gatebil attendees. Just please don’t ask them to pose with your car… sheesh… what year is this?

They are under strict instructions to behave badly in front of your cameras. You have been warned!

You will find Camille, Julie, Dino, Sean, Larry, Fredric, MadMike, Darren, myself and friends at a fairly big Speedhunters pit setup in the Gatebil Rudskogen paddock. We hope to see you there!

I’m sure Larry Chen and Fredric Aasbo will have a rich experience at Gatebil, but they will have absolutely no time to recover as they’ll be needed at Formula D Seattle but a few days after.

Formula D Seattle 2011 is an event that Fredric Aasbo will likely never forget. It was the site of his first ever Formula D podium, made especially poignant considering the tragic massacre which had gone down the day before in Fredric’s native Norway.

Fredric has always done well at Formula D Seattle, and we’ll be watching closely to see what he does at the 2012 edition of the event.

Larry Chen won’t have much time to get his Seattle stories written up before he will be needed back in Europe.

Rather than his beloved drifting, Larry will be shooting endurance racing at one of the world’s most legendary race tracks: Spa Francorchamps.

Yes, the end of July marks one of our favourite events of the motorsports season: the Spa 24 Hours.

Drivers and photographers alike look forward to a visit to Spa. It’s not only a great pleasure to drive, it’s also a joy to shoot.

In many ways the Spa enduro is the antithesis to the Nürburgring 24, held just a few hours drive away.

Although we have to push ourselves to stay up for 24 hours, it’s a much more relaxed, chilled-out affair.

We will be again partnered up with the WRT Audi racing team, seen here heading to a 2011 Spa victory. They’ll no doubt be gunning for back-to-back victories.

Spa is many weeks away though: we still have a lot of other events to get through, including our continued coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed care of Jonathan Moore.

Larry Chen and Sean Klingelhoefer will also be by shortly to report on all the dramas of this year’s X Games.

We also have this weekend’s BDC round three to showcase…

…while next weekend will see us check in on the UK Time Attack Series at Brands Hatch.

Mike Garrett is also planning to head over to Cars And Coffee to see what Speedhunting gems he can uncover.

He will be on hand at Cars And Coffee on July 14th if any of you want to try and meet him there.

That same day, Mike will also be hitting up the Mooneyes USA Open House.

It is a must-see event for any self-respecting member of the So-Cal automotive community. We hope to see some of our Speedhunters readers there!

What else is coming up? Jonathan Moore will be doing some serious vintage F1 hunting at the Silverstone Classic event. We all love a bit of F1 action, and what better than some old school machinery to wet our automotive appetites.

Finally we will close our month out with an interesting event from the Japan’s Idlers Club, something that we’ve never covered before.

It turns out that the Idlers are putting on a 12-hour endurance event on at Motegi.

It will be interesting to see Nakai-san’s RWB creations participating in an Endurance event… something that the Porsche marque has made its name on. You could say this will be a home-coming of sorts for the RWB community. We shall see!

Of course we’ve lined up all sorts of shop visits, temple of speed stories, retrospectives and car features.

Our global team is rounding up stories from the USA…

…across Europe and of course Japan. There’s a lot to look forward to this month. :>

In the meantime, please don’t stop sending us links, photos and shout outs. We are still searching out the world’s coolest and most exciting builds, and for some of you this will mean a spotlight on the site. Please make sure to include your name and location, as well as some basic details and specs, along with at least 5-10 photographs. Photos should be no less than 800 pixels wide.

We can’t respond to all of you, but believe me we are definitely listening. The team is now a lot more active on the story comments, Twitter & Instagram. The days of bot fuelled feeds are over. If you feel like joining the discussion, this is where you do need to be.


Twitter: @Speedhunters

Instagram: @Thespeedhunters

Hashtag: #Speedhunters #SpeedhuntingWKND

Here comes July!




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"Unless you are a weekly SpeedhuntingWKND winner,"How do I win this?


 @Larry Chen
 oh it's already been brought'd


and a get well soon to young Patrick 


Can you only buy stickers in the e-store? Or are there plans in the future for hats, jackets and other accessoires?


@Jochem We are plannin a full collection :)


@Joey_Coady Indeed


Speaking of the UK time attack, Roger Clark Motorsport have/are building a new Gobstopper 2, do you speedhunters have anything on it? He gave a interview to the time attack website, but there were no pics and the details we thin.
And another thing, what has happened to Linhbergh and Jeroen?
and Finally, im glad Larry is going to be a Spa, i enjoyed his coverage last year.
Peace out!!!!


@evel Check out the SpeedhuntingWKND posts further down the story feed :)


@roeby A good reminder. We need to chase up that story.

Linhbergh has been more cconcentrating on his commercial photography career although he's still a member of our team. Jeroen is also still involved too although has been writing less than he used to. The Koenigsegg powered Granada we featured recently was his find.


thats a surprisingly straight looking car for Motorfix!


I think it's cool


Perhaps you guys can help me out, I've been trying to figure out who I need to talk to at Gatebil so I can secure a press pass for StanceWorks coverage of the event but I can't seem to get in contact with anyone, or perhaps I am trying to talk to the wrong people. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Look forward to seeing you guys at C&C!


Wicked. It's not easy to voice out 'the inner feeling' for a name as big as Speedhunters. I got to admit. The team is quite small to cover up all the automotive things going around the world. I salute you all. By the way, I don't mind if my questions were left unanswered. My questions are basically poped-out during the read. So if Im dying for it, there's always Google. And the other friendly Speedhunters readers. Thanks people! I'm a better car guy everyday! Haha. After reading this, I got questins poppin' out. Since the Speedhunters stickers are widely popular, is it okay if anyone get a template and cut it out for themselves? How do you guys feel about it? Cheers. :) 


Wow, I want to live in Southern California and shoot for SpeedHunters. We're pretty common Mr. Chong, well played.


 @RodChong  @Jochem Much as EVERYONE wants them, please don't stop making the Speedhunters exclusive stickers, only available by asking for them in person. I think the worldwide demand has made them very high on the "cool" list, and if available to everyone, they will lose that.


 @D1RGE EXE   Oh don't worry there will always be some rare new item in the works m8. :>


 @EricSeanDelaney so how did I end up in Sweden hahaha.


 Uh, luck!? Wait Sweden, where's all the rally at then? I heard that's all they do there, along with hockey.


I'm so looking forward to Gatebil :D Will be there as a photographer :D


Desktop of nighttime SPA please!?


The one of au rouge with super red sky


I cant be certain but I think that fc you talked about belongs to shauwn judd, circuit car with 13b turbo and inboard front suspension!


Great stuff, good articles! I like to see that you have a talk down here in the comments, makes us feel more involved. Have you maybe thought about making a forum?


If it makes you feel any better, I had no idea you were Canadian when we used to hang out a Quoc's.


Really loving the interactive format and great work you are all doing around the globe. It's nice to be involved, contribute, vote in the poles, and get really in depth coverage at so many legendary & newer events. Hope to see you in Sydney for World Time Attack at Eastern Creek. I will drop in my details for an Australian contributer to SH and will be contributing where I can anyway!


 @Mean 15 Nah, I'm pretty confident that it's Rod Millen's 4WD rally RX-7.


Now i know what i will do on the 14th. i have been wanting to attentend cars and coffee and with mike there i will make sure i go. as always rod great post always a pleasure to read and hear from you cheers 


Why isn't Casey providing Australian and/or Japanese coverage anymore? By the looks of his blog his photography is getting better and better (as amazing as it was already) and even puts Dino to shame with some of his Japanese coverage. Why did he vanish from the Speedhunters team?


@KiwiMotoring @Mean 15 Correct!


@xul We had that in the past but it didn't work that well tbh


@manny cruz Cheers!


@BigDoug Hi Doug. I won't be there myself this year unfortunately. It will be Brad Lord repping SH at WTAC.


@Ben In the end he was getting so much momentum behind Shirts Tucked In It made sense for him to really focus in that direction. Casey is mega talented for sure!


Bring on July and all the Rotary coverage!!!!!!

Keep up the awesome work guys , love it =]


Keep an eye out for the guy with the Speedhunters camera strap. I'll be sure to bring some extra stickers :)


 @RodChong  @KiwiMotoring  @Mean I was inspired to create a blog post about the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint today, and I've since learnt that there were 2 4WD FC RX-7s built. One was the 13B PP RX-7 that was used by Rod in the Ashley Forest Rally Sprint, and the other was a 20B turbo RX-7 that was used in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. Do you know which of these two cars is the one being restored in the picture above?


 @Mike Garrett I may have to come up myself that day too, always wanted to to go C&C


 @EricSeanDelaney patience my friend


When I starting reading Speedhunters 2 years ago, I already had a huge backlog of articles to read. It seems I will never be able to catch up with all the interesting articles every day. It is just too much awesomeness.
Good thing about the stickers being available from the webshop this year. I tried to get hold of one during the N24, but thery were all out.
Just for the record. The distance between Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring is not a couple of hours. It is 1 hour     :)       Depends on driving of course, but we are speedhunters aren't we.   :)
keep it up!


Q: Where did Linhbergh go. I found his photography very inspiring, no disrespect to the others. but his work has been used in our College recently
Q: What about Charles and Andy B: They were/are? so informative, the Dan Wheldon piece sticks in my mind
Missing WEC/ALMS racing on here this year, but your GT coverage is awesome, so thank you.


 @KiwiMotoring  Yes, there were two FCs. The one I've taken a look at never raced in NZ.


 @RodChong  @BigDoug And I'm looking forward to it too. Catch you there Doug!


 @Marco Maas We must have gotten stuck in traffic :)


Hi William. As I mentioned below, Linhbergh's commercial photography career is taking off so he is spending most of his time doing these types of shoots. He is will part of the "family" though.
Andy B has a new job these days and have moved on to other pastures... Charles also has changed departments within our company and has moved on.
We plan to hit up two more ALMS events later this year including PLM and also plan to send Dino out to WEC Fuji... that should be a cool event!


 @evel  Hi, are you the owner of the red Alfa Romeo 156? If so, can U send me some more photos please? It looks stunning!!! Email me at janmetdepet_99 @ If the pictures are good enough, i can try to get a repo on the main page of our belgian site :) Thx!


your current staff doesn't exactly take my breath away. perhaps allowing some freelance photographers to contribute wouldn't be a bad idea towards developing the "depth and quality" of your work.


Hey Rod, are you guys looking for a copy editor? I'm a huge nerd (both for cars and language) and every time someone posts an article rife with grammatical or spelling errors I die a little inside. Maybe this is an internship opportunity? :-D


 Eric Sean Delaney likes your comment.
P.S. Totally awesome you guys respond in the comments.


 @RodChong  @Ben  So will there be any coverage of Jamboree this year?


I support everything said here, except for one thing: I think if a reader's car got featured on the website (via submission to the e-mail and selection by speedhunters crew) it should win a sticker, in the same fashion people get stickers at events or photographers stick the cars at the shows and meetings.
The reason behind this? simple: if a reader get his car featured, he will send tons of people (friends and friends of friends) to look at the car (and with this amazing website, they will not go just for one car) so if he gets featured he will send in viewers, why not gift the featured reader with a sticker anyway, so he can send viewers in even without talking directly to them.
I am not ranting, its just constructive criticism that i think would improve the participation of this nice community


An e-store?! Does that mean Speedhunters camera straps, license plate frames, shirts, pants, underwear, bras, tampons, cond....wait.....too far?
But seriously, I hope you guys will start selling camera straps. I hate using the standard Canon strap.


@rXc3NtR1c @Ben Yes. Brad Lord again.


@LouisYio In the plan!


@mbretschneider It's a good idea. Will think about that.


 @RodChong  @LouisYio Alongside with gear knobs? those would be neat too!


MORE S1 RX7 pics plz


building 1 groud up myself S1 shaved bumpers with 13b bridge port carby, YEEE BOI


IF you guys aren't looking for photographers, what about video editors? :3 I need a job. :( Can't wait to see much BMW porn at Gatebil. Looking forward to this month guys!