7’s Day – A Quick Stop At Daikoku Pa

7’s Day in Japan has become an unmissable gathering, no matter if you are or aren’t into the rotary scene. The sheer number of cars that take over this rest stop has to be seen to be believed, with a lot of owners coming from various corners of the country to celebrate the cars they love.

Despite heading out there a few hours earlier than usual, the weather had different plans, with rain falling from pretty much the same time I pressed the shutter button for the first time.

Still, before the rain really began to fall hard…

…I managed to run around and check out most of the cars that had shown up…

…all the way from the top part of the parking lot, where 7s literally took over every single spot…

…to those that were scattered among the rest of the PA.

The older I get the more my appreciation for the FC grows; don’t get me wrong, I still very much like the FD but these older cars represent all that was right about the Japanese car scene in the eighties.

And as ever there were plenty of rare cabriolet versions to check out like this pair above.

With the rain getting stronger a few people decided it was probably a good idea to take off early and head towards Umihotaru PA on the Aqua Line, in order to claim their parking spots before the floor everyone usually parks on filled up.

I noticed this very clean red FD from a distance and decided to have a closer look.

I say it all the time but the FD is one of those rare cars that can be so easily transformed aesthetically. There are so many different options out there when it comes to aero parts but sometimes, among all the wild conversions, it’s nice to see a simple car, still sporting the stock pop-up headlights…

…but dressed up enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

This particular FD was parked up next to this pair of awesome FCs, one with an aggressive widebody conversion, the other completely stock.

And while there is plenty of variation among all the 7s that show up, you can always count on a nice mix of other cars too, from a nice and healthy showing of RX-8s and Roadsters…

…to some nice exotic stuff like this lowered 458 Italia…

…and a very rare Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, I believe only the second that I’ve ever seen.

While running through the lower section of the parking area searching for some hidden gems I came across this Honda NSX that was on its way out. Being a Saturday of course, there were far more cars out than usual, hence the nice selection…

…but I think nobody was expecting a showing from this Ford GT40. Now, I don’t know enough about these cars to be able to say if this was a replica or not, but it certainly looked and sounded pretty legit…

…sporting that aggressive MKII rear with all those new air intakes.

The GT40 drove in and left straight away so it was back to checking out all the rotaries present; scissor door conversions are getting very popular on these cars, I think there were five or more FDs and FCs sporting the “Lambo” look. Certainly not for everyone, but nonetheless a current trend.

For me a simple stock, late generation FD with a nice set of wheels would do perfectly as this yellow example perfectly shows.

With all the various tuner shop stickers this car was wearing it was hard to figure out who was actually responsible for all the work that went into it…

…things like the titanium intercooler piping that everyone seemed to be drooling over. Certainly original and it would be nice seeing something like this made up for a V-mounted intercooler too.

While there may be lots of other 7’s Day events happening up and down the country at various race tracks, I always feel these meetings organized by word of mouth via the countless rotary clubs in Japan are a far more satisfying look into this slice of JDM culture.

It’s here that you can see how the RX-7 scene progresses year by year and how much care each owner takes in his pride and joy.

I am a big fan of the A-spec front end; it was probably weird-looking back in the nineties, but it seems so modern right now. Talk about standing up to the test of time!

See what I wear saying earlier on about the stock look with a nice set of wheels? The 18-inch AVS Model 5s still look pretty well suited to the FD despite their age, helped along by an evident lowering a nice aftermarket front lip spoiler.

And while talking about rims I noticed a very big number of cars running 3-spokes. I’ve never managed to digest the look of these on any car, but what do you guys think?  Yay or nay?

And if yes is your answer, what particular car do you like them on?

It’s always entertaining to see the stark contrasts of styles that can be found at gatherings like these, from your well kept, almost stock example like this FC on BNR32 wheels…

…to slightly more heavily modified creations.

You can never have too much aero!

More convertible FC goodness, although a few minutes after I grabbed this picture everyone started to pull up their canvass roofs

…as the rain really started to come down.

SAs are always very welcome additions to the 7s Day but I only spotted this particular one at Daikoku. But don’t worry a few more showed up later on at Umihotaru.

More FC awesomeness.

I noticed this FD had the number “3” on its license plate. I didn’t find out why until later on that night at Umihotaru, but in retrospect the exhaust note kind of gave it away.

Here is an unusual but handy use for the zenki license plate mount!

It’s always cool to see cars running a white set of Enkei NT-03s. I have a soft spot for these rims as they were used during the BNR34’s pre-production testing at the Nordschleife back in 1999. They were also very popular in Super Taikyu in the early 2000’s, used by a lot of different teams. Proper track-spec wheels!

There are always quite a lot of RX-8’s that show up at the 7’s Day, there is no sort of discrimination between clubs which is also the reason you see a lot of Roadster owners dropping by to see what is going on. Again the Japanese showing that there is no place for bad attitude at these sorts of events!

Before most cars started leaving I managed to get this shot of a nice FD line up towards the back of the parking area.

It was here that I came across this mean FD sporting a very cool bumper I don’t think I’ve seen before.

By this time the rain was starting to really come down hard and everyone…

…began to line up and take off…

…either calling it a day or driving the 20 minutes to Umihotaru PA.

This Tamon Design kitted FC was the last car I shot at Daikoku, as you can see in the background the rain was really coming down hard!

I ran back to the car, dried off and followed all the others towards Umihotaru. There, even if the rain persisted, we would stay dry, and as ever it would turn out to be the perfect venue to end this year’s 7’s Day meet. Stay tuned for much more rotary coverage from the little man-made island in the middle of the Tokyo Bay!

7’s Day 2012 coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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@y3n_ なにこれ!!めっちゃいきたい!!まだやってるのかな?


Finally! I couldn't stand waiting for this post and i don't get why date and time says it was posted at 11:30 AM on sunday? I was checking regularly whole sunday and following night and everytime i opened your site i was staring at 787b! Now who give a f*ck about it!? I know you Dino have MUCH cooler things to do on sunday than posting your coverage at SH ;-) Anyway very nice photos, i love the way how you point your camera and don't know is it weather and light or rather your ability to shoot in such conditions but almost every car has that glossy effect on paint which i feel very pleasant for my eyes! How glad and lucky we are for you being there and doing the best of things?! Can't wait to see all this Mazdas in quite different environment of THAT man build island! Kudos!


Good seeing you out there Dino. Looking forward to the Umihotaru pics. I loved it there. It was my first time to that PA and I liked it better than Daikoku. Maybe its just because I wasn't getting rained on there. And they have a Starbucks haha. 


3 spoke wheels look shocking on any car.


 @JoelSmith1 Maybe not on SAAB? Ok maybe not on every ;D


Hi mk, thanks for the comment! The time you see on the post are Pacific Standard Time, can be confusing at times :)


 @indytrucks Yeah Umihotaru would be my place to head for meets, certainly has more services there than Daikoku but I think most people are frightened by the road toll charge to get there....


 @speedhunters_dino  I don't doubt it. 300Y is a hit to the wallet. I'm not cool enough to have an ETC set up though. When is that store going up? I still want a bigger sticker. I have no idea where to stick that teeny one. Haha. 


great bunch of rx-7s, would love 2 see some early rx club meets like this, guess there aint much rx 2-4s in japan anymore. nice stuff


 @speedhunters_dino hehe, all of this is a little bit confusing especially when you are using gmt+2 :-) btw that nsx must been looking quite elegant driving slow beetween rows of rx7's, pity that you had not an opportunity to immortalize the moment ;-) and talking about elegant cars have you seen any JC Cosmos showed up?


Three spoke Advans look awesome on NSXs and S15s.


Nay at the 3 spoke wheels. It looks unbalanced.


On the other hand, over here in the Netherlands you will never see an RX7. So I would not mind seeing one with 3 spoke wheels.


Lol glad your camera survived the rain Dino! =P And I HEART FC ON BNR32 RIMS!!! XD


@SPEEDHUNTERS I went to Daikoku and Umihotaru on 7S DAY!! I took a photo of you in Daikoku:) http://t.co/nsA4M2Po


Yes barely!


 @indytrucks It's coming...bit more patience:)


Strangely enough there weren't any Cosmos this year, at least not that I saw.  Bit of a pity as I have soft spot for those things


I'd say the GT40 is probably a Superformance replica ... (The TRUE replica ^^).


SAAB 9-5 has verry nice 17 inch 3spokes


 @JoelSmith1 9-5 SAAB's original 17inch 3spokes are beautiful, probably only exception on all 3spokes


And if yes is your answer, what particular car do you like them on? Ain't those old Brabus wheels ? http://www.benzworld.org/forums/sale-wanted-trade-giveaway/1658753-fs-brabus-monoblock-ii-wheels.html


I think it comes down to the kind of rim WAY more than the car its put on....there are SO many tacky looking tri spoke rims out there :/
Oh, and yes, you can have too much aero. That guy proved it.


more FC's please  :)


@fc3syuta 竹井母まじかっこいいよな。


judging by the tail panel and extra side vents, i would wager that the gt40 is a superformance replica as well 


@shota49 たまに遊び行ってますよ!笑


@shota49 たまに遊び行ってますよ!笑


Rad. I'm feelin that FD in the opening shot and the white Roadster for sure!


Pic 29 with the blades is awful, those wheels are so ghetto they wreck that ride.  Also when will people understand the Green and Yellow sticker means beginner driver in Japan not JDM?  Its given to kids for their first year of driving so unless your being ironic your saying you don't know how to drive and you want to look like, but truly don't, know about Japan and Japanese car culture.  


i love that Tamon Design FC i want more!


Love this event... More!!! :D


"The older I get the more my appreciation for the FC grows; don’t get me wrong, I still very much like the FD but these older cars represent all that was right about the Japanese car scene in the eighties."
Would love for you to elaborate more on this in maybe an editorial post or something. FC's are really and interesting car with an interesting history..


Advan Oni's were probably the best looking 3 spoke wheels for these types of cars.  I was a fan of them on their white S14 (after m/c) marketing ads.


I have a question to you Dino or guys who were present at Umihotaru: are there still no speed cameras at Aqua Line? If it's that, some people really know what they are paying for :-)


 @HunterMcLeod dude, these photos were taken IN Japan, at a Japanese event. I know a guy who has STUDENT DRIVER in vinyl all over his corvette and he's like 40 years old, been driving the balls out of fast cars for more than 3/4 of his life. It's called a joke.
In the USA, sure the new driver stickers are stupid, but we americans butcher everything else, so why gripe about this now? There are much more pressing matters than some stickers.


"The older I get the more my appreciation for the FC grows; don’t get me wrong, I still very much like the FD but these older cars represent all that was right about the Japanese car scene in the eighties."I couldn't agree more. When I purchased my FD 7 years ago, I really didn't like them. Now, I want to own one. That turquoise FC that you posted would fit the bill.  


Titanium intake pipes look super slick!


Fantastic !! For me is one of the best event ever ! Dino, did Autoworks was there ?


No they have average-speed, speed cameras, they've been in place for a few years now


 @weasel  @HunterMcLeod Yes indeed, there is a good chance that if you see a "shoshinsha" mark on a car in Japan, it's because the driver really is a learner driver!  LOL  


 @Gvk More is coming


 @TysonFloris That's an interesting idea


 @Nasty.Bomb.26 No, JC was buys elsewhere


super advan with low offset work on every car/truck/suv/crossover/wagon/atv/etc


Yeah!!! more pics of Tamon Design FC


The RX7 FD3S.............the car that made me love japanese cars..........


The RX7 FD3S.............the car that made me love japanese cars..........


after drive a FD3S, you don't want drive other thing !!!


after drive a FD3S, you don't want drive other thing !!!


Regarding 3-spokes wheels, well....I thing only on SAAB's looks just right. And maybe on some old E-Class W124.

Dairokuten Maoh

anyone know what kind of rear bumper and exhaust is that on the black FC in the last picture of this article?


What kind of diffuser/bumper is on the rear that last black FC. I've been looking everywhere for one that matches it and can't find one short of a Ferrari!