86-x Progress Part Two – Transformation

Hello, fellow Speedhunters!

After months of planning, part one of the Speedhunters Toyota 86-X build ended with me picking up this GT 86 from Toyota Norway.

I brought the car straight to our small shop in the outskirts of Ski, Norway and called my friend Espen, who is a Toyota repair specialist.

It took one day before we had the car fully torn down.

Weighing in at just over 1.200 kgs/2,650 lbs, this truly is a lightweight sports car and when unbolting everything from the bare chassis you can tell how that was accomplished. No nut or bolt is bigger than it needs to be, and everything from super sparse engine ground wires to the lack of window rubber liners indicate that this car was always meant to be super light.

This is very different from the Supra, which was arguably built like a tank. And sometimes, a tank is just what you need! We are preparing this car for battle after all, and some reinforcements will be needed.

So we cued up our special shop playlist, and got to work. Check out this timelapse:

It has been very interesting to read up on all the feedback from you guys after we launched this project, and I sincerely appreciate all of your input. Thanks, guys! Some of your suggestions has been taken into account already.

And for those of you that wanted to see the original boxer motor put to good use, don’t worry. Eventually someone will do just that. Toyota Norway are putting together some plans for the stock motor out of our car. In the mean time, this Sapporo pallet that once carried a 2JZ-GTE engine from Japan to Norway has the 4U-GSE (or FA20, if you will) strapped onto it.

After lifting out the stock motor, we pulled a dummy 2JZ block out of the barn.

Next, Bjørn Deildok from Skunkworks Racing fabbed up some aluminum motor mount brackets. He is currently TIG welding some upper and lower triangular braces to make these absolutely bullet proof. We want the rubber to give in before the metal!

Running a rear mount radiator was always on the list, although I am not sure if it is always an advantage. In drifting, it can be argued that the changed weight distribution characteristics of a rear mount radiator forces you to calm down your transitions. The theory is that with more rear weight bias, the more “sledgehammer” handling you get, meaning that once the car starts rotating it gets harder to stop it from spinning out.

I am eager to see if the weight distribution this dictates will work for us.

WP Pro Brakes are putting together our six caliper brake kit. They drilled the rotors in both the standard 5×100 as well as the 5×114.3 PCD to give us more freedom with hubs and wheels.

I am sure every single one of you that are or have been involved in a car build agree hat it can be quite a puzzle to source everything, but dealing with companies and people that realize what you are trying to do helps a lot!

I also believe in having options. Right now, I have a couple different hydraulic handbrake setups so we can see which one fits best with our transmission tunnel. One of our options is the CNC reverse mount handbrake. It comes in a super cool wrapping, like everything from San Diego.

From now on, it will be a few tense weeks of parts acquisition, fabrication and assembly. Once everything fits and works, we will prep and paint the body, before it’s all scheduled to come together just in time for Gatebil on the weekend of July 13th-15th.

It’s a tight schedule. But what could possibly go wrong? Oh boy…

Our third update is due next Friday. Till then – take care and have a nice weekend!

– Fredric


The Speedhunters Toyota 86-X project is made possible thanks to the support from our partners:



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I hope one day this car will be available with the Toyota chain driven engine in it.I'll buy it then.
It's just BAD BAD BAD to have a piston applying more force on the side of the cylinder; the is facing the bottom of the engine bay, under gravitational force.


I hope one day this car will be available with the Toyota chain driven engine in it.I'll buy it then.
It's just BAD BAD BAD to have a piston applying more force on the side of the cylinder; that is facing the bottom of the engine bay, under gravitational force


I hope one day this car will be available with the Toyota chain driven engine in it.I'll buy it then.
It's just BAD BAD BAD to have a piston applying more force on the side of the cylinder; that is facing the bottom of the engine bay, under gravitational force.


Can't wait to see it finished, I wish you guys the best and hope you don't run into any problems, just curious on which wheels you plan on using


I'm really looking forward to following this build. It's so cool to see modification work being done on these cars so soon after they have been released. I imagine in 18 months time there will be many awesome 'works' type 86/BRZs around. I'm already looking forward to the next post.


Regarding the rear mounted radiator. Why not run water injection? you don`t need to run a concrete block just run a tiny radiator for idle cooling. Makes the car a little bit lighter.
Oh and i love this build :) 


why a 2JZ? An RB26 would be a greater power unit? I know it is a bit late now, but can you guys consider a Porsche flat-six from the GT3? I love the sound of THAT engine


Looking forward to see this at Gatebil :D


I'm looking forward to seeing this at Gatebil :D


toyota norway got plans. hope trd is involved. :)


 @TimothyLim I don't think an RB would be a better powerplant for us. It would be cool to see a Porsche flat six, though, hopefully someone does it!


 @MatsNorway Thanks Mats! Water injection is too exotic for us, though. We need to do it simple and reliable, and what hasn't let us down in the past will follow us into the future. :)


Looking good! Can't wait to see this. Do you guys plan on using a turbo?


Should've kept it boxer! (lol you're not proud of boxer!) I was hoping for an sti motor swap but then again the 2jz is a beast. 


 @FredricAasbo Lol, they probably heard you. Never know these days though.


 @FredricAasbo Ok, on the rendering it shows a FMIC but also running a rear-mounted radiator. Just wanted to know how this will work? Will you have side or top intakes? Or run it from the front through the cockpit?
I'm just asking is all?


Gotta keep us posted on where that boxer is gonna wind up, amazing build overall!


1. Recruit me to build one of these in the states. (States vs. Europe)2. Rooftop vortex generators


 @FredricAasbo Later perhaps. :) Could give you an edge. 


 @FredricAasbo Later perhaps. :) Could give you an edge. 


Looking good amigo!


A 2JZ swap...LOL.....no comment!


Don't get me wrong, the boxer is the perfect motor for the stock car, and so is a STi swap. But plenty of other things come into play with a project like this, and us having much stronger Toyota ties than Subaru ties we know the 2JZ so much better.


 @JDMized Doesn't surprise me at all, your never happy.


I just think we are all glad to see its NOT an ls1 for once.


 @KietaPhillips Do you ALWAYS have to defend EVERYONE? Do you get paid to do that?
One of the reason why this industry is stalled and getting worse  is because of those constant cliche'-swaps (2JZ/ RB26/ LS's).
How are you gonna develop new products if everyone is investing no time and money into new technology?
How about doing some research on the D-4S?


 @JDMized Do you ALWAYS have to hate on another persons car? Its his vehicle!!!!
How about you just let people build what they wanna build and stop hating, its people like you that irritate me about this industry. The man knows what he wants to build and why.
Why can't you just sit back and see what the end result is before you write it off!?!? Never know, maybe way better than your precious D-4S.


 @KietaPhillips Keeping a FMIC will conserve some of the weight distribution and help combat the transitioning issue he mentioned, plus throttle response will be much better than a rear mounted exchanger (if that's what you were wondering).  Being from Norway, I'd be cool to see some rally influence w/ a roof scoop/tunnel to the rear, but rear window ducts to the rear with louvers and/or ASD inspired vents (holes) will probably be most effective to get air in and out fast.  Either way, I can't wait to see!


 @MatsNorway I like the idea, but I'd prefer ethanol.  I don't understand why you said there was no need to run a "concrete block" though.  As I understand, one advantage of doing water injection is the higher octane rating, but performance suffers (compared to just gasoline) unless you also increase the compression ratio or increase the volume of air/fuel mix going in.  This would require a more "concrete" block to withstand the pressures, but head gaskets are still prone to dying (think Matt Powers 2 years ago) .


It would be cool to see some rally influence w/ a roof scoop and/or take a page from ASD's book and have trunk vents, but I suspect ducts in the rear windows.


 @MatsNorway Are you talking about sprayers like some of the earlier wrx's had or going water/meth injection?


nah jdm is right, 2jz is a great engine, but the whole point of the 86 is to be an 86, a hachiroku. so why not develop and tune the boxer engine, make it something to wow about bring on the new tech the new wonder. to each their own i guess. but i lost interest as soon as i read the engine swap. sorry. i think the 86/frs is a wicked car, something people havent seen in a long time for what you get for the price. now its just oh ok... so thats what you're doing.  have fun good luck.


While i appreciate the work involved, i just wish someone would do something awesome and unique like a turbo flat 6. Or heck, develop the engine that's already in there. I like me some 2j action, i'm just a little over it and curious to see new engines developed further. Fantastic engineering though.


I think we can all agree we want to see the stock motor developed in race trim. But that's not for us. Our objective is not to develop a new motor program (which will take a lot more resources and time than we have available), but rather build the best drift car we can with what we have. Plus, we want to have as much fun as we can, and right now it's hard to beat the 2JZ when it comes to bang for the buck! :)


 @KietaPhillips Will do, and thank you!


 @JDMized just wait..someone will do that..:)