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After seven grueling rounds of Formula Drift, the Team Need for Speed Rocket Bunny S14 has turned into a pirate ship. It has two podiums under its belt and a very respectable 6th place championship finish.

This S-chassis has been through hell.

It’s barely held together with zipties and duct tape, but boy can it still drift.

It’s interesting to see how the car has transformed over the years. It used to be spotless, but now it has lots of..err…personality?

Big Tom came out to help Matt. They all met up at Willow Springs during a Just Drift practice day. There was some real work to be done as the team was testing out new tire sizes.

Tommy Roberts also joined in on the fun and continued his spotter duties.

Matt set sail in his S14. He has not driven since his last event in China. It must have felt good to get it sideways again.

This may be the last time we see this car. Matt already bought a new S14 chassis and he’s currently in the process of building it for the 2012 Formula Drift season.

He seems excited about it. I certainly can’t wait for the start of the season. I think Matt showed his true colors last year on the track. This year should be a piece of cake for him.

I am sad to see this car go, but Matt’s mechanic, Costa, told me the chassis is so incredibly kinked, that when he got into a collision with John Russakoff, it actually made the car easier to align. I guess it was time for a new car anyways.


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can i have it???? can i?


pleaaaseeeee, stick to the s14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best car ever




they should garage sale all the tech on the inside and the motor and suspension!


he already have new car .. dont worry ... it's S14 gain .... i saw some pohotos ;)


jeez matt, time for a new car, that ones a heap


Matt give me your s14 :D


Dont worry guys, it still the same chassis


Please send it to my adress :)

I dont mind the duck tape :)


if he actually makes his livery a "pirate ship" im going to kill him.


Desktops please!!!!!!!!!!!!


poor little nissan!


I hope he goes kouki but knowing him im sure hell stick to his beloved zenki. Im sure there gonna use alot of the same parts from this car, atleast the engine.


Matt!!! I want your car…haha I think the s-chassis suits him perfectly


wasnt this his Green Westslide Connect car. with the VSXX.?

if so , this car has more history then just FD.

he should return it to that state , and rock it at fun events for nostalgia sake


Keep it! Just get a new chassis, a lot of work but nothing worth doing is hassle free.


what about that matte grey Scion?


At least he didn't get into a converted scion.


Dont worry guys. Old car will be kept and used as my demo/practice/FUN car. Taking the drivetrain out of it and otherwise leaving it alone. Really excited for it all! New car will be awesome.


Matt, if you don´t need it... don´t worry, I´d take it and would use it properly.


What no other pictures of the event? lame.


By the sounds of it the car was so mangled he only did so well last year because he was trying to keep the car straight *troll*

seriously though.. beast of a car, cant wait to see the finished 2012 model before it cops a thrashing..


Should part most of the car out and body panels and auction them off for charity. Also have Matt Powers sign each body panel sold. I'd be interested in bidding on a few piece's for the heck of it.


Damn, what a peice of Powers history right there, from the metalic green grass roots car to this masterpiece. The next one should be equally dope. I hate to see it go, but in order to progress we have to move on sometimes right, I mean its not my car, Im just a fan.


let's see a build thread on the new car, I'm interested.


everything has its end but in this case id keep the car and just legalize it for the streets as my daily driver :)


"...that when he got into a collision with John Russakoff, it actually made the car easier to align." That is a priceless statement.


Is that a ls1 in it


At least he didn't get into a Scion ... that matte Scion looks like the Tony's TC for 2012.


He is going to kill another S14. What's the good thing here? I would rather see this guy dirfting a Scion tC or something disposable like that.


still love it!!


I have allot of respect for Matt, he is essentially still a privateer and done the hard yards to get to where he is today.


lol that car was never spotless. f'ed from the day he bought it.


it's a museum peace


what the fuck


An amazing drift rocket!


Will the new car have a whole new look of its own ?Seen this one drift in atlanta good times!!


Looks like "thor" got some new friends.. That chassis has definietly been through hell and back!

I'm glad you're keeping it. Too much history in that car. Paint it green again please!