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Much like fashion, car culture evolves, matures and varies according to a variety of factors. Where there might have been a very fine border between styles in the past, these days it's no longer frowned upon to mix and match, experiment in an attempt to satisfy that continuous drive that pushes us to be just that little bit different. Thanks to the far reaches of the internet we are bombarded on a daily basis with images of fresh new cars from all over the world and more often than not these glimpses originate from Japan. There is no hiding the fact that the Japanese know a thing or two about modifying cars, they have what has to be one of the most varied car culture in any one country…

…and for this are some of the biggest trendsetters out there. But with all that is out there, so many established styles, how do you go about creating something fresh, something that gets you noticed? 

Yoshida-san from Super Made is one guy that has a pretty good idea what the answer to that is. Over the last couple of years he has really made a name for himself, first in the drift scene with simple yet aggressive aero kits for S-chassis and more recently with an interesting new take on VIP style.

So as soon as I knew that I would be in Osaka last week for a few shoots, I called him up and told him I really needed to take a look at his latest creation, the car that took the Osaka Auto Messe by storm. 

Shooting a big JZS161 Aristo in a touge might seem a little out of context, but bear with me a second here. Yoshida-san, much like when he created the SR20-powered drift-spec Y34 Gloria back in 2009, has decided to fuse two very different styles with this latest demo car of his. As he puts it, it's a "VIP-Sports," combining the best aspects that make VIP so cool like a slammed stance… 

…with more sports car oriented wheels thanks to the 18" Work Meister S1Rs, 9.5J front and 10.5J rear. The offset choice has been critical in making sure the wheels sit as aggressively as possible…

…with the new aero he has designed and created for it. The front offset is -20…

 …with the rears sporting -30. These wheels combine Work's new bronze anodized rim with a custom painted gold center, a very unique color combination. Yoshida went for some Pinso tires in 225/40R18 front and slightly wider 235/40R18s at there rear.

Yoshida-san pointed me to the subtle placement of some Speedhunters stickers I had given him last year. Very nice!

The matte white Aristo wears an all-new Super Made Instant Gentleman kit…

…comprising of a smooth front bumper with lower grille section, helping supply the upgraded Trust intercooler with a nice flow of air. HID driving lights are also part of the kit, sporting a BMW-like angel eye look for daytime driving. The headlight covers have been painted in clear yellow, something you either love or hate.

The rear bumper is very subtle, extended downwards to help bring the car closer to the ground and painted back in the center section…

…from where the two big titanium exhaust pipes poke out from.

Both the front and rear fenders have been widened, the rear more obviously so due to the very angular contours of the blistering, again something very different which adds a touch of individuality to the car.

No matter where the Aristo is parked it looks mean as hell, millimeters away from scraping its bodywork all over the road.

Lift the vented bonnet…

…and the 2JZ that powers this Vertex V300 version of the JZS161 is revealed. The engine has been lightly tuned with a custom intake using GReddy Airinx filters, while the Trust intercooler and hard piping kit lowers intake temperatures to boost power.

Like the exterior, the interior boasts an evident mix of classic VIP touches with more sports car oriented gadgets, so the passenger is treated to a small dash-mounted table and cup holder…

…as well as a set of Auto Gauge gauges. An interesting combination!

The stock leather seats are comfortable enough to soak up the rather firm ride of the Cusco suspension…

…while these SuperMade neck supports add a little more comfort when you just want to relax and cruise.

Oh and lets not forget the curtains to keep your identity hidden from peering eyes!

The 2JZ supplies about 330 PS thanks to higher boost settings controlled by this GReddy Profec B module.

It might appear aggressively slammed and mean in these pictures but believe me it looks even more so when you see it with your own eyes. This car makes a statement; it shows that when done properly…

…styles can be successfully mixed, which is why it looks as perfect rolling down the busy streets of central Osaka as it does in the touge roads up above Kyoto where I shot the car, and even drifting around a track as Yoshida tells us, something he has tried a few times already. Not everyone out there can be trendsetters, Yoshida-san definitely can.

Super Made

Work Wheels

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Truly amazing looking car.


From a distance outside the car it looks good, but...

Not a fan of how the rubber accordion pieces in the door jams was just sprayed over, That will crack and flake off. The moulding at the bottom edges of the doors looks screwed up. the steering wheel looks hammered too. I like supermade components, but this car looks lazily slapped together with expesive wheels to hide the halfassery. Bit of a letdown.

Cool as a daily, but not an example of what I am sure the Supermade guys should be able to do.


I appreciate the creativity and the effort, but it's not really my style. I just don't think I'm ever going to come around to this type of stance/extreme camber.

That being said, quality shots as always and thanks for an interesting read.


That's Sick! I would run yellow light if I wasn't worried about CHP involvement.


Meh. Sloppy as hell for a feature car. They could have at least cleaned it.


ditch the camber and the autozone "VIP" junk and this car would be stop on. That or put some daytons and a crown air freshener on it and complete the look.


Lol i said at facebook that it is an Lexus LS430 (in Holland it is) and i was right :D lol that's SOME car :D


I'm usually a fan of Supermade cars and this one overall is pretty rad but what's up with the front bumper fitment? You'd think something like that would be a paramount detail for the demo car of a kit manufacture.


What a pile of Crap.


looks very VIPish.. love those gauges and the deep 'dishy-ness' of the wheels, especially outback! not a big fan of those areo bonnet locks, but that wouldn't stop me rolling (posing) like a good 'un if i was afforded the chance! - Thanks


Seriously. Those gauges at the other side of the car. What the hell.


Halo fogs, have to see them at night...


Looks like Yoshida-san is taking a poop.


A new style called "VIP Muscle"?


The Aristo shape is smooth and flowing, the Instant Gentleman kit really compliments but, ooops, then they stuck on those gash-awful rear arches. Bloody horrible and don't relate to any part of the car with their sharp angles and clumsy application. Blistering the doors from sill to waistline would have been so much more succesful. Must have had a spotty youth work experience lad in that day... a sponge and a bucket of sudds wouldn't have hurt for the shots if it's their showcase shop car either?


So what if it is a little dirty??? Cars are meant to be driven. I personally love it, it looks mean as hell!


Dino Dalle Carbonare thinks that because he lives in the land of the raising sun, featuring whatever JDM rides is appropriate (even when they are beat to death and are put together like sh!t).

While and a bunch of JDM fanboy keep kissing his ass hoping to see more of the JDM culture.

Folks, save up your hard-earned cash and go to check out Japan on your own; Dino's hyping it up. (I stopped counting how many Aristo with a modded 2JZ I've seen in Japan, slammed to the ground with bodykit all chewed up).


Is it just me, or is Instant Gentlemen the greatest name for a bodykit you could possibly imagine.



You mean GS not LS. The LS was the celsior.


ls430? lol. this is a jzs161 aristo, otherwise known as the lexus gs300/400/430.

as a vip enthusiast who has been let down by the current trends in the style, i'm happy to see companies like supermade, 326 power, etc. making the crossover and shining a little light on a performance oriented version of the style. vip cars will always be slammed and will probably always involve some degree of excessive camber, tire stretch, etc. but that doesn't mean it's has to be all curtains and tables. it's always fun to get into a discussion with someone who assumes there's no way we could possibly know anything about performance,


Hey, I can get on with this car, especially after that absurd Charger was posted. Looks great, Stance did not take over the entire build, I like it. It still is a looks-based car, but it is not ridiculous looking. Cool... Not lets get some TimeAttack-based posts coming.


Love everything about it, great blend of styles. Thx for the shots!


Please tell me that you are gonna do some wallpapers for this car, it's so beautiful, i think i speak for many of us when i say this.


bad gauges ever


maybe im blind but where are the turbos?

the JZS161 gets the last 1 in its name because of its 2JZGTE if it was N/A itd just be a JZS160


Very nice car, but I'll take mine in black please. And white headlights. And and a big aileron. And without the inside table. And with buckets sits. :)


Very cool.. love bippu look!


Wow, JDMized, that's pretty harsh. If you don't like Dino's work, and you think you're more of an expert on the Japanese custom car movement than he is, why don't start your own website? It would be more productive than bashing the guy for working hard and making a living.


Meh. Distasteful.


nice post thanks 4 this post


Next car on list -

- Aristo.

/end list.


It's a cool car that's unique - I don't like the functionality of it but I don't have to drive it. Alot of freedom hating Mericans up in here so sad :(


I need to grab a napkin.....


WOW, i never saw such low rides anywhere else in the world.

~Aansy Stone


I usually wouldnt make a comment here if i havent got anything nice to say, but i have to agree with others here..

Disappointingly rough overall. The whole bodykit looks rippled and wavy, and the fit/finish just not great at all. The enginebay and interior are rough, and its a confusing mash of parts overall. Like the tray table in front of a handful of gauges that have been punched into the dash..

Itd be a fine car if me or a friend had made it.. Gradually chucking bits at it over time, while dailying it, would explain that look and rough edges. But damn.. Thats meant to be a showcar.. Promotion for that business..!

Nice photography and location as usual though..!


Freedom is all well and good, but in my opinion this car is poorly executed. I've never been into the stance shenanigans, so no further comment on that, but what's up with those panel gaps?


To complete the feature on what has been one of the freshest cars to hit the streets so far this year


LOL @JDMized...every since you told me your opinion on Dino last summer I haven't been able to see past it.

This car is incomplete. It's a cool car but doesnt stand out and isnt worth a feature. I feel like there was little skill involved in building this, just a lot of money.


I was excited to see that someone had finally managed to do something with the rear arches of the Aristo that wasn't a bubble arch. But after taking a closer look, the rear arches really do look like an afterthought. There is no flow (otherwise they would go over the doors) and nor do the flow into the rear bumper either.

If you're going to get it done, do i properly!! --->


Doesn't get any better than this! Id change the interior a bit though.


loving the stance but but there rear panels need to go


Drinking coffee while you see those gauges go crazy... not bad. But that's the only detail I like about this car.

I appreciate and respect the effort put on this car, but it doesn't look right.


How do you paint the headlights? I always thought the yellow was a film overlay. And let the haters hate....can't please everyone.


How do you paint the headlights? I always thought the yellow was a film overlay. And let the haters hate....can't please everyone.


i just had an orgasim no joke man goodwork car of my dreams


What body kit is this? I really like the rear


What body kit is this? I really like the rear


What body kit is this? I really like the rear


@Carguy istant made gentlemens kit.


@Carguy istant made gentlemens kit.


@Jdmcolliemane it's a film layer


@Jdmcolliemane it's a film layer


Where can I buy the kit?!