News>> Daigo Saito Heads To Formula D In 2012

It's just been announced that Daigo Saito will be joining Robbie Nishida and the Bridges Racing Team for the 2012 Formula Drift Season.

“We are elated that Daigo and Robbie are part of the Bridges Racing team for the 2012 season" said team owner Bryan Bridges. "We are excited to see what 2012 has to offer. After having the pleasure of working with Robbie during 2011 Formula Drift season, the addition of Daigo to our team is another invaluable asset. Our goals are set pretty high this year."

There is no word yet on whether he will run the entire season, but we would sure love to see that. The team will be announcing more information in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

- Larry

Photo by Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I hope to see a big fat jzx100 out there. This is great news.


wow, could Formula D get any better? great news


i think dai's gunna have a hard time competing with that hair


it wont be a jzx.


I was kind of expecting this to happen since he was in FD Asia. It was only a matter of time before he picked up a sponsor for FD USA. I can't wait to see him at FD Long Beach next year.


i only hope he'll be running a 2jz and not a v8...!! go saito!!


yo vaughan, smoke that ass again stateside in 2012!


I can't wait to see how Crazy Daigo will compete against the americans !


maybe he gets a scion frs. hmmmmmm, quite possible huh


Awesome!!!!! Please be in a JZX!!!!!!!!!!!


Ladies and gentlemen here we have the formula d champ of 2012..


daigo is a BEAST on the track....should prove to mix things up a bit


awesome! agreed to the jzx100, would be disappointed if he had to drive some v8 bullshizzle


He IS going to win haha....All the people that think its going to make the competition better are dumb haha matt powers will probly wreck trying to keep up


Ladies and gentlemen here we have the formula d champ of 2012.. i totally agree. he will dominate 2012


Would be incredible if he was in that beast of a JZX of his.


Bring Monsta Machine do US then he'll check skils of americans drivers :D


Hope he brings that red chaser with him!!


Wow Eddie Kim is going to be pissed that he couldn't make this happen a few years ago :(


Maybe Daigo will remind everyone that skill not V8 's, Corporate Sponsors and Biased Judges to win at drifting.

Umm probably not, im sure another year of WTF??? and controversial decisions.

Im still waiitng for the day we discover offset chassis, raised floors, 7/8th scale vehciles or packing the roll cage with wet sand to make inspection weight.


wow, this is awesome, im so happy a D1GP driver of his caliber is comin to FD, now all of America is gonna see what real drifting is, heck yea


Airborne FD Saito!!


Daigo doesn't belong in FD. But since he is there, he will probably obliterate the sub standard American competition.


So... he's an amazing driver, but they will still be drifting in huge parking lots with ugly V8 cars.


Well that's it for FD 2012 Daigo Saito is the best drifter alive, US drifters might as well pack it up and go home.


Too many fanboys in here... someone is about to be slapped in the face with reality!

FD is not ages behind D1 (driver/car development) and even though Daigo is good, really good, he won't have the car to dominate the season. Couple podiums, very possible, but a domination.... pipe dream!


hahaha at you guys!

Saito is about the most American-style Japanese drifter in D1. Massive horsepower, drifting like he's using a sledge hammer instead of a scalpel...and btw his personal drift car is a V-8 S13?

Don't think he's gonna win everything but I do hope he does damn well. Hope to meet him at Long Beach this year.


Really looking forward to this!


Daigo's a beast but if he is really skilled or if any of the D1GP drivers are really skilled then they can win with a V8 or no matter what car they get right? FD is going to be a different animal for him and the politics that goes with it.


Daigo needs to get with one of our USA Toyota tuners and forget about the V8 junk. The fans over here are sick of the V8 whooping up on I6's and 4's.

If he is smart he will stick with a 2J and call someone like Twins Turbo for one of their race engines and eat v8's for breakfast!!!

Go Toyota!!!!


i hope he gets a car equivalent to his skill. with that said, In a V8, preferably in a well set up ASD car.


politics in fd will be the only problem for daigo i believe, his car will not be V8 and the 2 team cars will be rhd, got it from bryan at bridges racing. i love seeing people hate on a d1 driver, especially saito, but its ok. all fd drivers should be worried, espeically the FALKEN drivers.


he is really one of the best Japanese drifters around, his skills will shine out. My favorite D1 drifter!


with the way D1 is going, I can see why he's looking for other options.