Cutting Room Floor>>november 2011

You might not imagine November being a big month for Speedhunting, but for many of us it’s one of busiest months of the year.

Here’s what the team cleaned up from the cutting room floor in November.

(Above) Another view of the fully restored XT in the Subaru booth at SEMA.

Who else loves the idea of turbocharged Mazdaspeed2? C’mon Mazda, build it!

Cool Olds Vista Cruiser wagon at SEMA.

A selection of vintage style Rocket mags.

Reproduction Pontiac Trans Am wheels from the ’70s and ’80s at SEMA.

Satin and Matte finishes are still popular at SEMA. Accented colours such as the bright green feature on more cars every year.  There was also an increase in European cars at the show this year.

One growing trend is a textured paint finish! Seen on a few trucks and SUV’s at SEMA….I doubt we will see it on an ’86’ but interesting to see new finishes!

but, its always good to stop and watch some traditional artists at work.

This aerodynamic bus from the 50’s is simply stunning. Anyone know anything about it? We know its from Oregon

Concept car display at the Essen Motor Show.

The future has arrived.

We aren’t sure the organizers at Essen get the irony of this sign.

This must be the first time a tractor has been on Speedhunters!

Sortaflush: Offset is Something. Classic.

We aren’t sure how Brabus has managed to make 18″ wheels look proportional on a Smart car. But they have somehow.

We had our eye on this 1M Titanium exhaust system by Remus.

A closer look.

… And we leave Essen with this shot of one of the Hankook girls.

Did Chris Rado bring enough tires with him?

CIvic Coupe on track at Buttonwillow Super Lap Battle.

Grippy rubber on the Spec Clutch S14 time attack car.

A trio of Countrymen hanging on the wall in the MINI booth at the LA Auto Show.

Speaking of Minis, this one was pretty wild.

That does not look stock.

Modern Mopar muscle at its best.

Minichamps BMW M1 Art Car by Andy Warhol.

Minichamps BMW M3 Art Car by Michael Nelson Jagamara.

BMW 1M with an added bonus.

AE86 RC at the Mini Mobil Welt.

The raging bull.

Twin Turbo R8 V8 FSI

At at a random track day at Road Atlanta, Linhbergh spotted a Lamborghini Aventador taking a full beating out on the 2.54 mile long road course.

A racing helmet and gloves should be a common sight inside any Aventador!

At SEMA, Linhbergh came across media personality, John Naderi, interviewing Fatlace’s own Mark Arcenal about this Chevy Sonic SEMA build. Those eagle eyed Speedhunter readers will probably notice something special about the mirrors of Mark’s Sonic.

-The Speedhunters Team



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These Cars Are like Candy !!!!


the bus was built by randy grubb of blastoline specials


Awesome Sub XT! Mate of mine owns one, so it was funny to read how hard it is to find parts, even for Subaru!


love it. Its refreshing to not have to look at all this 86- toyota-subaru-scion nonsense


Well, november was a great month, I think. I loved all SEMA coverages, all car spotlights and car features and naturally your COLLECTABLES theme was pretty good, I enjoyed it very much!!! Nice job as always! :)


mmmmmmmmmmm M cars


The bus is called 'The Decoliner,' it was custom built by Randy Grubb. Jay Leno recently featured it on his website:

Randy Grubb also built Jay Leno's tank car.

This is his website:


Nice coverage of Nov. Hello December!!!


What is the car in photo 10 and 11 of the Essen coverage? I'm in love! Please tell me more and post desktops!!!!!!!!! Thanks


Sortaflush: Offset is Something LOL

and i cant spot anything with the wing mirrors :( .....


Any pics of the red Porsche looking concept behind "the future has arrived"?


Amazing pics!

And thanks for making my stickers famous, now I will get laid! ;-)

Hella is a company btw, famous for their LED technology and headlights in general.

They should use to their advantage like... HELL... wait, doenst "to flush" is something else in english too?

Was a pleasure to meet you Rod, I was the one trying to find out the mailing adress of the Golf1 owner with the beetle dash. Contact him, he has got some cars that are worth being published :)

See you around!


love the first pic.. plus the original Mini in blue, i agree.. it does not look standard!


whats with the mirrors???? i cant see anything



Asian Girl?

at German Auto Performance Auto Show?

in front of American Corvette?

Globalization at its finest.


Show me more of that metallic blue original Mini Cooper that's been upgraded to hell and back! Car Feature, please?


MAZDASPEED2 all the way! Make it dammit!


Aventador @ track = win


I have a similar sticker on my 32 to the Sortaflush sticker, although mine reads HELLABROKE: 'cause ballin aint free.