Car Spotlight>>the Roadrattler

As I made my way through the SEMA show last Monday, I found an interesting shape under a cover in the Source Interlink booth. I could tell by the profile that it was a B-body Mopar of some sort, but one that had been drastically altered.

The following day, I cruised by again to find the Roadrattler, a heavily modified ’69 Plymouth Roadrunner built by Spitzer Concepts and owned by Jim Mitchell.

It’s an extreme take on one of the most famous Muscle Car models of all time. Virtually nothing is stock, aside from the overall shape of the body. We are talking about a full tube frame chassis with fully independent suspension and a heavy dose of carbon fiber.

As with the front, the styling of rear-end has been heavily modified. The rear taillights are completely custom.

What really caught my eye was the lowered roofline. It’s extreme, yet manages to keep the original Roadrunner lines.

The Roadrattler gets its power from a 528 cubic inch dry sump Hemi that makes nearly 800hp. If that wasn’t enough, and additional 500hp can be summoned via its nitrous kit.

The car rolls on custom 19 and 20 inch wheels from Greening Auto. The enormous Wilwood brakes can be seen behind the spokes.

Inside the carbon-laden interior, you can see the unique looking shifter for the Lenco three-speed transmission. The instruments are from Racepak.

Carbon buckets and harnesses for the driver and passenger. Hopefully they’ll be put to good use!

The overall package has to be one of, if not the most insane Mopar Muscle Cars ever built.

Meep Meep.

-Mike Garrett

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those wheels are ugly.. overall, nice build hope shes not a trailer queen


Nicely done, but I must agree that I find the wheel choice abit odd.


I like the wheels. I think they could use a little bit more poke to get the stance spot on though.


I saw the car on G4's Attack Of The Show today


Good Lord almighty! Amazing build!


Def. one of my favorite car at the show.


what a waste of a perfectly good runner


The shifter looks like the old Hurst one. I believe it was put in the Olds 442 at one point.


I normally keep my mouth shut when I can't find anything good to say about a car, especially a Mopar put together with such a high level of quality, but I simply think this thing is an utter abomination. Proof that money and skill does not equal taste.


The interior completely kills the car!


That would rip shit. Sadly, we all know it will never see a road.


That's a great build. Modernized classic muscle, I can even call it handsome. But,,, I have to agree with the previous comments, the wheels don't go very well with the rest of the car.


wheels are not ugly, just not conventional for this type of car, not everyone wants to be classic looks. I love this Crazy insane beautiful car


Just WOW! This is what Batman would have driven in the 60's


I Love the whole thing, such a Beast! I bet it sounds good


Not feeling the custom rear end. Still, well done overall.


This is a very interesting and modern take on an old school muscle car. Sick sick sick!!!


I hope they did'nt murder a real roadrunner to pull this off.


"Carbon buckets and harnesses for the driver and passenger. Hopefully they'll be put to good use!"

Lol! That means you hope the car will crash?


Why on earth a Lenco? Doesn't look like a drag car and a Lenco is useless for other purposes. Lots of nice parts put together with no clear direction


Mmm thant a fine ride nice


WOW what a car! great work!


awsome car but i don't the interior


Holy fudge monkeys. That's awesome.


Ugliest Mopar ever. Jada toys called, they want their molds back.


Thanks for fukkin up another mopar. I hope sane people will stay with the original paint and factory options instead of making their mopar look like a 2009 mercedes.......


You know... All the negative comments probably come from people who a) sit behind their computer screen with no pants on b) wouldn't appreciate a work of art if it drove over them while they were trying to pick up a dime off the freeway or c) think that their PT Cruiser is cool. This car is WHACK. I saw it there. Pictures do not do it justice. You have to appreciate the planning that goes into any build like this.