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I just got to the hotel after my first day shooting the Rennsport Reunion IV at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. I'm pretty beat after a day of hiking around track, but I wanted to throw up a quick picture I snapped during this afternoon's exhibition session. I'd say the view of an RS Spyder and a Gulf 917K running side by side nicely sums up the magic of Rennsport.

I've gone plenty more to come from Laguna Seca, but if you'll excuse me I think it's time to head down to the Monterey waterfront for some hot clam chowder.

-Mike Garrett



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What a great day!!

Off for some dinner per early 911 in a minute... Can't wait till tomorrow.



I figured someone from Speedhunters was there... Every time I saw a photographer, I checked to see if he had any stickers, lol.

Awesome event at any rate!


We are expecting more pictures of course ...


Can't wait for more coverage.


This photo reminds me of how small the 917K is. Saw some Youtube videos of one on the street in Holland and that was the first time I got an idea of its diminutive size. I'm too tall to fit in one I'm sure, but I think it would be mind blowing to be in one at speed.