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The second and final round of the Wold Drift Series in China has concluded at the Yellow Dragon Sports Center in the city of Hang Zhou. It was an event full of upsets, spectacular crashes and dance routines. But after the tire smoke cleared a local driver, Zhang ShaoHua, stood on top. Another local Chinese driver, Zhang ShengJun, took second with Team America was represented by Vaughn Gittin Jr. on the 3rd step in the podium.

Seeing how this was also the final round of the 2011 season, a champion also had to be decided. Coming first in the points was Vaughn Gittin Jr., with Chinese driver Zhang ShaoHua second. Third went to none other than Team Need for Speed driver, Matt Powers. Congratulations to all the winners!

Look for a more indepth look WDS Hang Zhou in the coming days from both Larry and I.


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nice one Vaughn.. as i keep saying.. "you are the Man!" - congratulations!!


Bring that on! It was cool event :)


Seems pretty biased to not show a picture of any of the chinese drivers...I already know what gittin looks like...


They need more rounds than just two.


people need to hop off of V. Gitten JR. and start taking notice of some drivers with real talent...like Dai Yoshihara or D-Mac or someone...we are all tired of JR.


Tired or not he's got the talent to win obviously - hence the photos.. Because he WON...


At least he won one championship this year LOL.