Event>> King Of Sedan Festival – Pt5

Well the time has come to wrap up the coverage to this past Sunday's VIP event in Osaka, one that has seemed to generate an equal amount of good and bad feedback. I've put together this last selection of pictures starting off with the best executed F30 Celsior I saw on the day. Not much negative camber here, just flowing widened fenders and slammed air suspension.

The Bee Dragon Crown Majesta continues to be one of the defining cars of the scene, sporting a look that manages to fuse a variety of styles. 

My seven-hour procession back to Tokyo probably seemed like a walk on the park compared to what some of the participants had look forward to. I spotted number plates from as far as Aomori and Hokkaido to the north and Okinawa to the south, so it's not surprising some took off a little early.

Onikyan Cima in all its in your face glory.

An image that gives a little idea to the amount of cars that were present at the King of Sedan Festival. 

Crown Athlete sitting on the ground.

Crown Majesta on BBS RE-Vs. 

Most of the afternoon was spent announcing the countless awards that were given out. These were the top prize winners.

Looks like a lot of time was put in creating the lower section to this Fuga's rear bumper! 

The owner of this Gloria took custom work to a whole new level creating a completely custom front end for the car!

A trunk-full of speakers provides the entertainment.

To top it off one of the most colorful interiors I saw on the day. That's about all I can say really.

I spotted this triplet of slammed Honda Chaly's in the car park. Wonder if you could consider these little scooters VIPd

The daddy of VIP sedans, the Century.

Simple and to the point this was one Y33 Cima that really stood out.

I loved the stock look about it, finished off by a triple exhaust.

Looks like someone has been watching too much DTM on TV! This was the only car at the show that sported straight out angular fenders like this. Kind of reminded me of a spoilerless Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2

Aristo on RE30s. Hot!

This JZS161 went for a more show car look.

Slammed Crown Majesta.

As this Celsior shows color coordination is very important, matching the pink wheels to the pink window tints. F50 Cima projectors inside the headlight enclosure show just how much time and effort people put into the cars. It's all in the details.

And on to some more cambered goodness! I'd love to take a look at the inside of the wheel arches of this Cima. I think you really have to go pretty wild with the hammer to make space for this kind of tilt.

No comment necessary.

Some of these guys put a great deal of investment into their cars. A full suede custom upholstery is not going to be cheap in Japan!

We've already seen this Crown Royal Saloon, boasting some bosozoku visual cues.

There you go, right on the ground and not a degree of negative camber to be seen.

Very smooth Fuga.

Well that's about it folks. Hope you have enjoyed taking a look at this unique side of JDM car culture as much as I did. Next up I'll be putting together a few desktops. What would you like to see available in hi-res?


King Of Sedan Festival coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great coverage!... I have been following it for the past few days. And although I may not agree with some of the crazy things they are doing to these cars... The amount of creativity and fabrication work is quite amazing, and inspiring.


Great coverage! Hi-res wallpaper of the Celsior in this post please!


Awesome stuff. Hi-res of the Aristo/GS on RE30's please!


All wicked stuff but my favorite is the police crown!!


my jaw dropping....


HI RES OF THE MEGA ULTRA SUPER DUPER DEMON CAMBER!!! If you don't mind.. by the way, this was the best post I've read in forever. Good job and I can't wait to see what you cover next.


Onikyan Cima desktop please!


This is why i fell in love with the japanese car culture..first seeing all the vip styled vans and then this. Thanks for the coverage and to all the haters: brighten your horizon


amazing cars, amazing minibike (honda chaly and monkey's) amazing picture...


The red and black JZS161 :D


Last pic (White Crown?) as Desktop.


would love a desktop of #4...


Awesome pics.

Would like Desktop of White LS430 on the large gold wheels?


You made my week with these posts. Thanks! F30 Celsior (first pic) desktop! plz :)


love big sedan alot!!

Crown family was awesome !!

can you make few of the picture for desktop... it will be great if you do..


I want more on that Toyota Century!!!


Do you have more pictures of the DTM lookalike? :)


Desktop of the Aristo on RE30s! <3 So hot!


Question: Those cars running onikyan, do they get raised before they return to the public roads? Do they leave on a flatbed? Or do they really enter public roads with an alignment like that?


Love the slammed VIP look with the FAT wheels


Do you have more pictures of the DTM lookalike? :)


Good LORD these are some nice-ass cars!!! I'd take ANY of them!!! GREAT photography as always, Dino!!


The Crown Athlete and Cima in your face - for desktops please


the one with the r35's exhausts!


The sixth picture with the greyish brown Toyota Crown Athlete. Gameover!

Easily the nicest car there, others are meh...




this should answer your question ;) Most of em ride on super hard static set ups afaik


Ufff The last post about it.


3rd and 4th picture are MONEY SHOTS!!!

do a full feature please.


Century in Hi Res please


I didn't know this event was going to go five entries. That's a lot of cars!

The red Gloria looks awesome from the front, and I like the deep-dish white wheels too.

The 4th picture: What Cima? :)


loving that open shot, damn these big toyota sedans do this thing just right. I like the cima's too. I love the front end on that custom front end gloria, not the bonnet though, from the lights down siQQQQQ!

Love the straight drop (on bags so it can go up for a drive home) instead of the camber drop


The Celsior in the first shot is AWESOME!!


awesome coverage Dino!!!


Isn't the first pic a Crown Athlete?!


MORE ON THE "spoilerless Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2" PLEASE.


umm...everything in hi-res!! make a zip file or something. too much goodness here for selection.


Thanks for the great coverage .....keep it coming !!!!


Can you do the first picture of Part 1? its soo simple looking but yet so elegant.


can i please have them ALL in high res? thank you!


Great coverage of this festival. Hi-res of the Clubendless Celsior and Bee Dragon Crown Majesta!!!


I like camber on VIP cars but there is a point where it just looks weird(The Cima).




The cars remind me of this:



Ewww your taste is gross.


Some of the most fun and entertaining coverage I've seen on Speedhunters. Thanks!! Those are some wicked and inspiring rides.


Hi Res Desktops of #'s 1,6, and 26 please!! Dope coverage wish i had the cashayy to build one of these girlss...soon enough, soon enough...good job!


Outstanding coverage!!! Thanks so much for this.


shit's fuckin BALLIN'


Haters gonna hate.

Goseph you are one of them.

The vast majority appreciates vip cars.

i hope the new Need for Speed games includes vip supeslammed cars.


Wow, desktop of the blue Q45 with the girl please!


I want that Bee Dragon for desktop!!!


Dino, you just became my fav blogger! Thanks for the coverage! JDM bippu ftw!


Please do a Desktop of the Black Aristo!!!


That red Gloria is CRAZY! And the Y33 Cima looks good.

I'm not sure what picture I would like on high res...




That scraping VIP car is going to be the next trend in a few years, I can't wait!

So much camber its scraping, too legit to quit yo.

Moar camber and destruction of a perfectly good car bone stock is better amirite?


Do the camber-crab walk!


Love how it looks and I'd enjoy ridding one of these, just for the pure getto fun of it from time to time, but on the other hand I could never really give up on the driving part of things.


Love this movement!