Event>> Edition38 Xi Pt.ii

Picking up where we left off in part one, the crowds were really starting to arrive at Overstone Park which was host to the eleventh annual Edition38 show. 

The Edition38 shows always seem to attract a huge following and the overall standard of cars on display is pretty impressive. 

I'm usually not a fan at all of the new Beetle but when one is respectfully modified they can at least challenge your ideas about them. 

 Big Ron's MKI Golf is still top of the world. For those of you who complain about 'trailer queens' and the like, Ron drove this car to Northampton from his home in Holland. 

MKII Golf Rallye was nicely detailed. 

MKIV Golf GTI was running Ferrari F360 Modena front brakes behind the BBS wheels. 

Another cool Lupo and in GTI specification as well. 

Another immaculate MKI Golf. I know Jord on Stanceworks said this as well but even if you don't like cars that are kept as pristine as this rather than being driven, you have to at least admire the dedication to keep a car looking this clean. 

Possibly my favourite modern car of the show.  

It's amazing how far Rotiform have come in recent times – from relative obscurity to a scene favourite. Kudos to them ! 

This Skoda Fabia vRS was almost too clean. 

Audi A3 on airbags attracted attention. 

Polo 6N on BBS split wheels. 

Jetta with dished BBS RSs displayed how effective a drop, poke and rim combination can be. 

Another 6N Polo on Splits – I think the 6N is probably closer to the MKI Golf in terms of size and direction than anything else in the current Volkswagen stable. 

It wasn't just all about the show however … 

 … haters will hate on this 'bagged RS4. My thoughts on this? There are more than enough RS4s on the roads today that can all do the same thing. To take one and drop it like this takes cahones!

The proper Beetle was represented by only a handful of examples. 

I'll wrap this one up with a Golf on some Work Equips ! 


Paddy McGrath



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Equips! finally not BBS on a golf!


I love the Skoda Fabia! Looks great <3


looking wicked with part 2, a real Beetle and Fabia vRS both looking very well - i just spotted a Corrado in the first pic too.. Big Ron's MK1 is still looking like a show winner - Hon. mention:- Black Lupo - Thanks.


where are the honda/subaru/nissan/toyota meets?


the tt apears in lowandfat.com


there was only a few aircooled because VWACTION was ten miles down the road on the same weekend


Agreed, don't like the look of the BBS on a golf. Or pretty much anything for that matter. I like my wheel rims nice and fat


The 2 silver Polo's are 6n2's not 6n's ;)

Great coverage though, keep it coming!


when is that porsche form pic 3 comming??? cant wait :p


Both the polo's in this are 6n2's not 6n's.


Thanks for the pictures, Loving that lupo GTI!


I spy another ridiculously low Porsche in shot #3. That's it, I'm starting a Porsche 911 Conservation Society.

Free Zuffenhausen's finest from the clammy hands of tasteless tuners!


Can anyone tell me what the make of the wheels (purple ones) are on the Polo Gti?


Can anyone tell me what the make of the wheels (purple ones) are on the Polo Gti?


TomUK said:

Equips! finally not BBS on a golf!


im getting a bit bored of the VAG scene now....


the front of the last red golf make me think of a reliant...



They are Schmidt TH-lines. Awesome wheels


The Mexico beige MK1 is horribly widened, nice way to ruin a perfect car.


i am a drifter from egypt and i hope to subscribe in any event this is my number +20109530450


thanks for the awesome pic of my lupo gti with purple th lines


Hi guys, thanks for such a great write up on our show, we had a great turn out and some amazing cars from all over europe! The UK VAG scene is producing some of the most innovative cars. Your pics are excellent and credit to all your team :-)

The Red Mk4 Anni with Ferrari 360 brake is mine by the way, it is tuned to 400BHP hence the big brakes. The wheels are BBS E28 3piece Magnesium wheels too. Hope that helps and keep up the fantastic work!

Vick - Edition 38

iordache ionut

Skoda octavia mk1 rotiform blq

iordache ionut

Skoda octavia mk1 rotiform blq

iordache ionut

Skoda octavia mk1 rotiform blq

iordache ionut

Skoda octavia mk1 rotiform blq