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Here's some VERY promising insight for those awaiting the Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S. Moto Miwa, a pioneer in the American AE86 scene and founder of Club4AG recently had a four-hour discussion with Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer on Toyota's rear-drive sports car project.

Of course Moto isn't allowed to spill all the beans on what he's learned, but the thread he posted on Club4AG should be enough to get ANYONE excited about this car. He mentions that the car will be identical (save for badging) in all markets, and that although the engine is based on the EJ20, it will otherwise be totally unique to this car. He also mentions the involvement of Toyota's long-time friends at Yamaha in tuning the car's exhaust system. It's also being built heavily with customizers and racers in mind, right down to the dashboard being designed for easy roll cage installation.

Just look at what Moto is saying about the car – "Never before has such a low-cost niche-car seen so much research, so much development budget, and resourced with so many talents."

Head over to Club4AG and check out Moto's thread. Just don't blame me if you find yourself heading to your local dealer to drop a deposit!

-Mike Garrett



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i am excite.


This brings a tear to this 16 year old's eye =")


I've been excited about this car for a while now, this just adds on to the anticipation.


Can it have the essence of the original AE86 in the 80s?

being economical, affordable, small, simple, direct feelings from the road, easy to drive and maintain...

they have been doing never-ending research on this... i doubt it will be affordable in the first place.


cant wait to see the finished project


I also am teh Excite.


How much of a deposit?


It still dosnt make sence why they didn't use a inline 4. Like something basses off of the 4ag. Those flat 4's are good motors but they can be difficult to work on. If it really had all ofthat r&d I'm sur they would of thought of a better powerplant.


Man, I was thinking I was going to just keep my GC8 and make it into a time attack/ hill climb car but now I want this. I can't wait to see the production model inside and out.


all this makes me wonder it it will be as loved and cherihed as its former little brother in years to come! it looks the part so far at least..


Just waiting to come out.....

So i can sell my 1zz...and buy this beast :D


This machine is at least the king of hype


If it's anything like the original you'll be breaking down every other day, burning oil with your ej20 instead of your 4AGE, consistently working on it, and in the long run getting ripped off by people on craiglist for the extra parts you need.

Thanks but no thanks.


Is it really going to be under the Scion name for the U.S.? How effing lame is that?!


No turbo no care.


I really hope so...I believe Akio is the right guy in charge and actually wants to sell cars that people enjoy rather than just need. There's a place for Prius and Camry in the Toyota lineup, but sports is very lacking right now. However, the fact that it will be a Scion will still be controversial among the Big T crowd.


I for some reason am not buying into the hype of this car. I hope I eat my words though and it is killer once we actually see them hit the dealer's lots.


might have bought my car a lil too soon. tho i wouldnt want to own the car the first year it was produced anyways even tho it should be quite nice. cant wait to see them on the road


Anonymous: 4age unreliable? lol.. ok. My redtop (AE92) went over 200.000k without abnormal oil consumption, and NEVER broke down. EVER!

You need to start getting cars with decent service history mate ;)

The B6 from my miata is no match for the good 'ol 4ag either - not saying the B6 is bad in anyway (except from the early cranks..), but the 4ag's where fantastic engines for their time.


I sold my STI and bought a beater in preparation for THIS car. It was love at first sight. Although it's a concept, I'm even more in love with the idea and all the R&D that is seemingly going into making this machine a reality.

21 want...... do still want


If only the Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S was sold as a pony car...


If only the Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S was sold as a pony car...


I am so excited for this car to come out and its good that its Toyota because they can fund this car due to all their sales from the Camry and other cars. Can't wait to see this car in the hands of tuners!


This has been a long, long PR hype. Toyota has been faking the launch of a lightweight sports car to build a 'sporty' image, without having an actual sportscar in their lineup and with sorry results in F1. The biggest part of the PR hype that doesn't digest well with me is that this car is by no means whatsoever related to the AE86. Toyota is only using the AE86 fame for PR. If they really wanted to pay homage to the AE86 and all the supporters around the world that have created the following of what is basically just a TE71 with a new engine, they should continue production of replacement parts. Toyota (and TRD) have been cancelling production for replacement parts including important safety and mechanical items left and right over the last few years. They talk about all the respect they have for what the AE86 stands for at the FR-S press events, but then there is no support for the real AE86. Nissan still puts out parts for the S30 Zcars and Hakosuka Skylines. Expensive and long delivery time, but better than nothing. Toyota never recognized the AE86 following until they saw the marketing/PR opportunity; I do not believe for a second that they are making this FR-S car for true driving enthusiasts. They do not look at the people in that perspective. If they are really going to make and sell it, just market it as an all-new sports car, why does it have to be the second coming of the AE86, when it is not?


I was fearful they would take the original spirit behind this new design, glad to see thats not the case.

Nissan, if you are listening, time to bring back the 240, if Toyota is this invested and willing to make an effort to please tuners and enthusiasts, they just knocked on your door, the question is if they will answer.


Definitely worth reading. There's hope.


Takumi Fujiwara is gonna get a new ride.


It will be affordable--to those with more modest means but they're not insane. A car with this much hype and this much history has got a lot to live up to. My guess is it will be in the mid 20's.


can't wait to see the first Initial D inspired FT-86


Sounds too good to be true. Why not EJ257...They need to boost it at least. I've never seen a production car built to accommodate a future roll cage.


This is NO doubt going to be one of the best tuning platforms for the next years. Going down in history.


I don't know yet... The hachi roku was a 5 seater (or was it 4 seats?) with a decent trunk space car that you could use for your everyday life, trips and also for some touge fun.

It was a car that would teach you how to drive properly, not just babysit you to prevent you from falling off a cliff. And even being a slow car, it would put a smile on your face... Something probably similar to what my chevette gives me.

And I'm still trying to digest it's looks... I don't know, the more cars evolve and the design changes the more I like the late 60's to early 90's cars and the less I care about lap times on the Nordschleife...

Well, let's see it when they launch it.


They should offer a regular in line four as an option. Subaru flat fours are junk, hard to work on and blow all the time. I really wish they put regular 4 cylinder with all the intake sensors and hoses placed on the top half of the intake for easier access and testing of those components.


bring it on - i for one can't wait!

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Hell, I'll buy this and that's coming from a GTR owner, this looks spectacular. Good job!


If its sold to the Australian market at a decent price (under 30,000) i'd consider buying one.. but honestly, need to somehow justify the price over buying something second hand thats been around, has a larger aftermarket parts and knowledge behind it.

Love to see what they do with the Ej to make it sound like a decent (not a fan of the wrx sound)


Nice work Toyota/Subaru. Some very cool ideas for the aftermarket by keeping it minimal.

As much as I like this car, I'm hoping it will prompt Nissan to resurrect the S chassis. If they don't, I may be heading to Toyota when my S15 craps out on me!

(the breathless glee in the linked thread was a bit sickening.)


i'd like one, along with enough money to swap in a beams 3sge


I like everything but the flat four. They sound like an air cooled vw, Hopefully the Scion exhaust fixes the sound these engines make. If the dynamics of this car are legit, I can see myself buying one for sure. Hopefully the styling is clean, sublte, and sharp (like the original) and it's something a 30 year old can drive without looking silly.


flat fours are reliable, fast, and not hard to work on and give sweet 'low-cg'. Saying otherwise kinda proves you have no firsthand experience with them and i'm sure the designers at toyota know more about vehicle dynamics than most of us, and wouldnt change to a flat4 unless it was 'all' benefits


I'm buying one!!!!!!!!!!! :D


If it's cheaper than Genesis it will be great car!


"2.0-liter Boxer" That's bad :(


For people bashing the Subaru boxer, you obviously either never owned a Subaru or have been reading too many negative posts on forums. The boxer is extremely reliable when properly maintained, like most any other engine. Don't be fooled by the owners that blow theirs up and claim it wasn't their fault. If you throw a bunch of parts on a car without proper tuning, it will blow up. This goes for any engine modification that is poorly planned and hastily executed in an attempt to be the "fastest" one around. I've owned 7 Subarus that went own to new owners with no problems, still being driven way past the 250k mile mark. Get your facts from long time Subaru owners, not from ricers.


i'm glad Tomok isn't a blind fanboy, and I also share similar complaints. My biggest is that they keep hyping up the 5Axis concept car, yet the production version will be more on par with the Scion tC. The body lines and curves are so toned down it lacks the excitement of anything even close to even the Calty design. The 2nd version was the most hideous - probably the Japan design studio? (laughable with all the vents).


What roman numeral is this concept car? Are we up to VI or VII? "So much research"? Really Moto? Hell, you've been jacking around with this thing for almost ten years, most companies would have actually sold a car by now. And there is very little worry about a Toyota with a Subaru engine, because there is no sign that this car will actually be offered for sale to the public, it is far too valuable to trot out another roman numeral concept car every couple months for the idiots writing magazine and blog articles for another round of their mental masturbation and another thousand words of crap..


I wanted this the first minute i saw it now its no doubt with all the R&D going into this im sure it will be nothing less than mind blowing


Bashing the ej20 makes you sound really stupid. Especially saying it's hard to work on. Different maybe, not hard.


I TOTALLY agree with Tomok. This car looks like garbage and to compare this to the 86 is blasphemy. You young'un go out and buy this Subaru crapwagon and have fun, I'll stick to the original.


well I was readign another blog and it was said by the boss hjimself that the engine was totally reworkd by toyota and rebuild, even the block. it slao went on to say that they kept the mounting points the same as for the original subbie engine just in case you want to put in your own racing subbie engine that you have sitting down for years. damn so much thought for customization or to be great stock.

Love it badly


the problem with this car is that it has to live up to the hype, soooooooo much hype, i mean what car can live up to this kind of hype...