Guest Blog: Nigel Petrie>> Engineeredtoslide Drift Hilux Build – Pt4

With the 2011 WTAC coming up fast, Nigel Petrie from has been busier than ever. It's been 6 months of intense building on his Toyota Hilux Drift machine, and its public debut is just three weeks away. Nigel was originally planning to compete with the Hilux, however he'll be drifting in his 180SX instead so that he doesn't rush the Hilux build. It will, however, still be making the trip to Sydney to be displayed in its unfinished state. Nigel was kind enough to take some time to show Speedhunters what he's been up to over the past few weeks.

After a full week of four hour welding sessions every night in my cramped little shed it was so good to have the chassis removed from the jig.

With the MCA coilovers hanging off the frame I was excited to get the wheels on and see if those measurements worked out how I had planned. I spent a few weeks up at MCA suspension in Brisbane helping them get their own PS13 ready for World Time Attack. While I was there they rebuilt my shocks and I brought them back with me on the plane.

The wheels of choice are some B.I.M Driftmasters in 18×9.5J +0 on the rear and 17×8.5J +0 up front, these will not be the final wheels that the finished product will wear as the rear fenders I have designed will allow at least 11J +0 to fit.

With the seats sitting in place you get a feel for the amount of effort I have gone to sit super low.

Seating position is pretty tight in the cabin but it was always going to be an issue, with a single cab I have no room to move further back.

The body is a simple 2 man lift over the chassis. It will simply clip on and be removable to make working on it a breeze, maybe even an interchangeable body in the future? The wheelbase is the same as a JZX100 after all…

The MCA coilovers were designed to be on the bump stops 15mm before the chassis, in this photo the chassis is 75mm off the ground. I can adjust the height to be 20mm to 120mm off the ground.

I'm looking forward to taking a final weight figure, at the moment it's quite easy to lift from both the front or the back.

The 2WD front Hillux fenders are from a 2004 model. I will be keeping this front end but swapping the guards to 4×4 items for extra clearance. 

The front wheels are further forward than they should be, I have not added castor rods yet to position the front wheel central in the guard.

Taking low seating to the next level. I may have to space my seat mounts up a little.

The fuel tank is now in with the Bosch 044 fuel pump feeding directly from the internal baffle within.

I've fallen in love with Icore fittings for my Hilux.

Here I'm making sure there's sufficient helmet room inside the cabin, I guess there is!

I just can't wait to drive this, I'm in no rush but I would say summer is looking good!

I'm jumping for joy to have this Hilux finally rolling, it's a milestone for any build to be removed from the jig it was conceived on. I'd like to thank Casey for the writeup and the Shields boys for the photos. Stay tuned as the next part may involve some drifting?


For more updates visit: Engineered To Slide

2011 World Time Attack Challenge



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Can't wait to see this at time attack! And Nigel drifting in the 180sx too of course...


Very Impressive build! Won't you lose alot of castor when pushing the front wheels back so far?


Im lovin this awesome build! keep it up!


That truck is a awesome build !!!


Sick build! Congrats.


Hell yeah!i love this thing, and he rides bikes! happy to see another bmx/drifter out there:)


in part i prefeer something like this drifting, then take a R34 GTR and waste him drifting, its really sad


Where did you procure the right hand drive steering rack?


Coming along nicely...sometimes I sit in my work in progress just like that and make engine noises in the middle of the night...


roof chop...


Simply amazing work! I love the clean, well laid out engineering. Top stuff!


mental build.... !!!!!!!!!!!!

love it, cant wait to see the next stage!


BMX riders for the win! it seems like riders are more into cars than skaters.


Currently the greatest build.


Just wondering how you'll be able to get enough steering angle with the wheels inside the frontfenders, but I guess you have that covered :)

Badass build I must say!


This is so cool its nerdy! Fantastic Job!


I wonder how much that thing is going to drag on the ground with such little ground clearance and large suspension travel.




so by summer he means winter for us right?


nice to see the progress! this is gonna be one mad drift car!!


Swamp, if you look closely and if you check out the rest of the build, he has already accounted for more caster in the setup.


I can't wait to see this truck finished!


hectic build bro nothing like this here in south africa


make up for caster loss with camber :) yewww


wow this thing is nuts.


Any chance of desktops?


With that much clearance for the helmet, a roof chop of a few inches would have been sick, too :P


hey nice to see some ozzyz doin want we do best building tuff cars ..... to kazumi3 u can buy them in australia thats for the right hand side steering hope that helps man


Awesome progress Nigel can’t wait to get to Time Attack in Sydney and have a close look chat with you. Keep up the good work.


You're a gangster Nige, that is awesome mate! Can't wait to check it out.


Over here in OZ our cars are right hand drive.

I just love this build, totally epic!!!

Interchangeable bodies!!

OMG pass the wet wipes please.


This thing with interchangeable bodies = YES PLEASE.

Just imagine you'll have a JZX100 and a unique Hilux on the other day.


Don't raise the seat, chop the top! :) One of my favorite reads this build!


amazing ride bmx!!!


it's really coming on now.. make sure this gets a good quality Video Roll when its all done and dusted off for its first outing..


Vet cool maak je hem ook af


Wes: he states above that he will run 4wd guards so that will sort that, RHC garage it states above that it will hit the bump stops 15mm before the chassis hits the ground ( it may look like the rear has more tham 50mm of travel but most adjustables have internal bump stops so as much as a strut may look like it has lots of travel it wont, that is set by the internal bump stop with the strut not like a normal bump stop on the shaft in plane site) and that from where it sits now it can be raise or lower by approx 50mm... Awesome stuff you are an inspiration to us all nigel.


nice tabletop


sweet original build , and its owned by a Bmx'r !


the hilux looks sick and its nice to see bmx getting bigger


Iv been following this build since its first write-up here on speedhunters and its just jaw dropping, thequality of the workmanship, the attention to detail, and the fact that its not being rushed are all things to admire. Can't wait to see it all finished, its going to amaizing! Well done!


ai am sou exiadede two ci de final resusuilt ofe thiese kar


These projects always remind me of this kid in high school that built a C10 short bed, bagged on 20" wheels. It was soooo sick. He also dropped a crate motor in it for a healthy 400+ hp. Wonder what happened to it??


i have to know! what engine is gonna be dropped in this badboy??


If you take a step back and think of what this guy has done, it's awesome!

This guy didn't buy a car and tuned it, modified it, this dude went out and built himself a car! Almost, at this stage, of course:)