Event>> Rx-7 Annual Gathering 2011 – Umihotaru Pa Pt.1

I thought the 7's meeting might lose momentum on its move from Daikoku PA to Umihotaru PA, but boy was I wrong! Despite an unexpected accident in the Aqua Line tunnel after a young kid in an FD decided to start slaloming through traffic at speed, the influx of buzzing rotary engines was very much constant until later on in the night. In no time at all, most of the cars that were at Daikoku had taken over the parking area, both the lower ground level…

…as well as up on the third floor. Now the party had really kicked into high gear!

The venue alone contributed greatly to the atmosphere, a nice calm and quiet parking area that just happens to sit on a man-made island in the middle of the Tokyo Bay! Only in Japan!

Walking around I began to come across cars that I didn't have a chance to shoot at Daikoku, cars like the legendary Abflug Pink Spider FD.

With most of the second floor getting filled up quickly a line began forming as cars kept on arriving…

…and RX-7 owners kept driving around hoping that a spot would free up.

Seriously, how many RE-Amemiya Super GReddy 7s have we seen so far! All in different colors.

The same A-spec we saw at Daikou, but looking far more menacing under the PA's illumination.

At one point I noticed this familiar looking Subaru 360 pull in…

…with a pretty well known D1 driver at the wheel. Nomuken, like last year, had come over to Umihotaru with the Video Option crew to film the event and interview a few owners. 

It wasn't too long before the RE-Amemiya crew arrived in convoy, with Suenaga…

…and the man himself there to mingle with rotary enthusiasts. Amemiya-san spent most of the night posing for pictures with his fans, giving the obligatory JDM peace sign salute!

The time attack look is easily achieved by bolting massive carbon fiber canards onto your bumper as it's perfectly demonstrated on this mean silver FD.

No meeting would be complete without some vintage style, something this RX-3 with massive N2-like overfenders was representing rather well.

FD only parking on this side of the third level!

Nomuken was probably intrigued with the roof rack on the BN Sports FD with RX8 front end. Here he is interviewing the owner of the car.

Variety is definitely important at a gathering like this…

…but I never though I'd see something like this Suzuki Carry kei pick up truck show up. Turns out the owner has transplanted a 12A rotary motor into it, making it a one of a kind mid-engine Wankel powered performance machine!

Simplicity often works well as this last-gen FD3S shows. Pretty cool BH5 Legacy Wagon too.

Outside on the ground level I came across this matte black BNR34 I saw drive around looking for a parking spot earlier in the night.

I initially thought it was wrapped in vinyl but it turns out it was actually painted. The complete Nismo Z-tune looked mean beyond belief in the satin finish 

Obviously there were plenty of other cool cars that had dropped by to check out all the rotaries, like this little lonely panda AE86.

I've got one more selection of images to share with you to warp up the coverage of this year's 7's Day. Don't miss it!

RX-7 Gathering 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Seriously what the hell is up with those 997 lights? Not everything from Japan is good....


I'm starting to like the Super GReddy 7


@ D15B2

I thought that too but they went from sickly to cool when I thought of the aero.


Dino, once again you've done an awesome job!!


Love the Super Greddy 7 front, but hate the rear, sorry.


I've seen pics of a few FDs with that a-spec front bumper, but rarely have I seen it coupled with the a-spec "GT Concept" rear skirts, probably my all-time favorites. Anyone who has played "Auto Modellista" for PS2 knows the kit I'm talking about. Proposing a challenge to find info/pics of it. Only really seen it in the japanparts.com catalog.


And here i am Thinking Ken's last name was Nomura


jdm "peace" sign is actually a "v" for victory.


That Suzuki Carry looks fun, a feature on that would be excellent. In general more Kei car features would be very welcome. I love that RX2, man that is off the chart! I have never seen one of those in the metal.


Awesome stuff! I love how creative people are with the headlights/rear lights on RX-7s. I especially like the ones on that red FD at the start of the article. Why don't they do stuff like this with other cars?


that's rx7 very nice


that's good!


I have no idea why you guys can't do high res pictures.


Third picture, the red FD...I'm trying to figure out what headlights are those...


all the way from Belgium I also arrived at the umihotaru pa. this was the best night ever. also seen de wrecked white fd in the tunnel, what a shame. have a nice picture from mr. amemiya and me ;-) the misses also liked the black skyline but couldn't take a good picture of it so thank you for posting a nice one here.

i'll hope to do it again next year.


Those 997 lights are the shiznit! A touch of Bavarian class.


Hello , thank you for taking beautiful picture of my matte black BNR34.

My R34 GT-R got side exthost special like group,A racing car.

You can see more detail at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4diIe344dQ

Best regards


Even a 26b PP turbo into a Jet boat.


The Suzuki is not one of a kind. There was one on Trademe (NZ auction site like Ebay) but it was the van not flat deck truck. But hey it is New Zealand, we put rotors in everything. Bongo vans, oldschool toyotas, 626's, 323's, AE86's, b1600's, Ford couriers etc, etc, etc.


i wrote another comment first about the suzuki carry not being one of a kind before the ppre rotary jet boat comment. I had seen one in NZ before. We put rotarys in everything from old school toyota corollas and coronas etc to 323s, 626s, bongo vans etc etc etc.


I think you should realease a desktop of the first picture, and the second, the third, the fourth... well, you can see where I'm going!

I just can't believe how awesome this event is!


Really like the RX7's family. There is no other car like a FD3S for me, and simplicity is the best!

That red FD was awesome (by the way anyone know which model was that? RZ? Spirit R?), no need for enormous GT wings, carbon canards or diffusers.

Just the basic and done! No other car can achieve such harmony withou mods.

Thanks for the pics Dino, following each step!


The red FD looks like it has the tamon design front end, like on the scoot 4 rotor car. It looks nice, but I like the original RX7 look too.


Dino, more pictures of the blue RE-Amemiya Super GReddy 7s please!


The panda Trueno was probably looking for someone to race with downhill. Probably a yellow FD with Mazdaspeed wheels. :p