Our last post for Honda Month is also in memory of Ayrton Senna da Silva, who lost his life 17 years ago today, at the San Marino Grand Prix. This BBC Top Gear tribute is one of the best I've seen and is recommended viewing.

Senna and Honda had a remarkable relationship. Instantly popular with the Japanese public, the Brazilian helped to develop the Honda NSX and also took part in many Honda events over the years. At McLaren-Honda's last Japanese Grand Prix, Senna also had a Japanese flag on his helmet.

In 1994, Senna had left McLaren for Williams. And although many people expected him to 'pop' back to McLaren some day, he never had the chance.]

Lewis Hamilton is a huge Senna fan. I remember when he was a teen, visiting McLaren he was in awe of Senna's MP4/4 sitting in the old Woking reception. In 2009, he had the opportunity to drive this special machine around Silverstone and BBC Top Gear also caught it on camera.

- Andy Blackmore

Video: BBC Top Gear

BBC Top Gear -Ayrton Senna tribute

BBC Top Gear – Lewis Hamilton drives Ayrton Senna's McLaren MP4/4 Honda

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – Lewis and Jenson take a look at the MP4/4



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Lucky jerk! Like a kid in a candy store,lol. Go Honda!


great double-header.. hard to to see Senna and not conjour up the word Legend! - Lewis Hamilton! quite lucky.. sometimes - thanks for this Video Roll.


wish i born earlier so i could watch his racing his talent was outstanding was 2 at the time :s


Definitely the number one. As Jeremy said: "Senna was spetacular every single time he got into a car".

Thank you very much for this post.


17 years ago I was 17 and a senior in high school. I remember seeing the crash sitting in my moms kitchen like it was yesterday. I doubt there will ever be another F1 driver that will compare...


Wow. That was great. What a fantastic driver and human being.


This is good and all, but odd thing entire month is how come no spotlight? on the Mugen RR NSX =(


That Honda was a screamer! (Gulp of wine) formula for fun TV viewing, is high HP low down force and maybe bring back manual trans... and let the them have kers and adj wings or what ever.


I have watched this video many many times, and every time i do, it is still just as good! Thank you very much.


A lot of respect!


One of the greatest pieces done by Top Gear, that driving is amazing!


Wish i was around to see the great drivers and cars will little to none driver assists now the cars drive themselves he is F1.....


i can remember my dad tellin me the words senna told him at donington in 1989. "the only limit in a racing car is the one you put on it" i truly feel this quote sums up his entire career.


During Senna's time I was watching Indycar because I had no cable TV. Footage of Senna and his onboards are amazing to watch. That era, formula cars were beautiful to look at and just made you want to jump in your own car a copy their driving styles bacause they had gearshifts just like you. Thanks for posting boths great videos.


congrats speedhunters awesome post! im 23 im not related whit this but dam... beautiful... just gave me hunger of race


RIP Ayrton Senna de Silva.

we miss you.


Awesome post. If you're a racing fan and this doesn't strike a cord in you, nothing will.


This is somber couple of days in the history of motorsports as we sadly lost Senna 17 years ago. Tomorrow it'll be 25 years since we, with great pain, lost another driving hero, Henri Toivonen. The way the Group B should not have ended. Let's not also forget Roland Ratzenberger who lost his life in Imola 1994. I hope all rest in great and unbreakable peace.


he was the Muhammad Ali of F1. God I love Top Gear. BRAVO FOR POSTING Blackmore. Bravo!


Im also really sad this month is over :(


What a nice way to finish the Last of the Themed months! i never had the pleasure of watching him race on TV when i was a kid but ive watched nearly all the clips online...and i cant wait to watch SENNA when it comes out in cinemas very soon!!!!

Everyone should watch it especially motorsports fans!




Great.. This was good enough... Awesome Drive.


1200hp + twin turbo + manual box = one sick car, they can't ma this with the f1 of nowadays ado being faster and all. Unfortunate timing made Ayrton Senna stop at his best, dying while doing what he loved. This makes me wan't to own an NSX and keep the memory going.


Senna could make a car dance and a slow car a race winning doubt an amazing other world talent...BUT...he always left me cold people sight Schui as a "dirty" driver but Senna was even more blind and relentless in his pursuit from F3 onwards...sighting his Christian belifes and that God was with him in the Car...Dangeorus stuff at 200 mph and for anybody in his way...I rember the World changing for ever 1st May '94...Having LOVED F1 since '75 I feel Gilles Villeneuve was the greatest driver I have ever seen...He could of been World Champion in '79 if he had overtaken his freind and Team mate Jody Scheckter at Monza but he held position out of a promise made to Jody...Senna wouldn't of thought twice about overtaking thats the difference thou I would of LOVED to of seen Gilles ,Senna and the late Stefan Belof fighting it out...I know it won't be popula to be seen to question Senna...BUT...all amazing people have they flaws and thats part of what maks them legends


Ayrton represents our country as I knew nobody would ever have done, Senna is our idol, hero and our angel. Our country became sadder and 17 years, he will be forgotten forever SENNA!


São Paulo



What a great way to close Honda month with one of Top Gear's finest feature.

A true legend.


I saw this when it originally aired at the end of a top gear episode and i had no idea who Senna was, but after the tribute it made me more interested in F1 and i never get tired of watching this.


Such an awesome driver. I would love to sit down and watch every race he ever drove. Those cars were so brutal, and he made them dance. So fanastic.


Great respect for Senna and RIP, pound for pound the greatest racing that ever lived. Seriously he was the God of racing; a man into a world of his own alltogether!