Event>>the Slammed Society Showcase @ Long Beach

There's always lots of energy at Formula Drift Long Beach. This is true not only on the track and in the stands, but across the Firestone bridge at the show car display.

Fatlace has once again teamed up with Formula Drift for the Slammed Society Showcase the first show of the year brought quite a turnout. Before the Top 32 on Saturday I walked over and had a look at the cars.

Jumping at the opportunity to be seen by the thousands of spectators, some of Southern California's finest vehicles assembled for the Showcase. Many of these cars I'd seen before, but some I had not.

I've heard some people say that the "stance" movement is dying off, but you wouldn't know it by walking around this show. It looks like stretched tires and tons of negative camber are still king in these parts.

Here's one for Honda Month – a stretched out and slammed Civic sedan.

Can't forget about the Ruckus guys either. Some of these little bikes are downright bitchin'.

Not the first time you guys have seen this STI most likely, but wow. I believe this car is out of Northen California.

Not too many cars pull of the camber and stretch look better than a Z33.

Caught a look at the Fatlace Q45 project for the first place. Looks pretty fresh with its flat white wrap.

This Corvette ZR1 in the vendor area was also sporting a flat white finish.

Sometimes you get the feeling that you can take just about any car and do it up with some aggressive wheels and a big drop. Whether it's a Toyota Corolla…

…or a Dodge Neon SRT4.

Here's something I don't think I've ever seen modified before – a Toyota Highlander SUV.

The Rotiform crew was out with a solid group of cars, including this internet famous MINI Clubman.

How about this gray on red Porsche?

One of my favorite cars of the event was this Jetta Wagon on reproductions of VW's classic "snowflake" wheel.

You might remember this Accord from our NFS Socal event. Since then it's had a change of wheels for a more VIP-inspired look.

Here's another Z for you. Really like the look of the black roof and hood vents.

In a group of slammed sports cars and VIP sedans, this little Honda 600 certainly stood out.

As you can see, Jeff Abbot's NB wasn't the only Roadster at Long Beach on Saturday…

How about a first generation Cressida with Work Eurolines? Certainly unique.

It wasn't as flashy as a lot of the other cars out there, but this GRB STI was spot on.

A Mazda3 with bolt-on flares with OEM BMW wheels. I don't think this guy has to worry about anyone copying his setup!

Couldn't do this without including a Scion, so I'll finish this up with a hammered xB.

Yep, the Slammed Society Showcase in Long Beach definitely lived up to its name.

-Mike Garrett



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the Previa is from nor cal


I cant help myself...

"Theres a Toyota Lowlander!"

...ok that feels better


what great meet/show!! i like the Grey Porsche with red rims - nice combo. i'd love to know what rims the GRB STI is running with too. even the Scion xB looks cool as ice - nice quality coverage!


looks like a bunch of hard parking pussys to me. who would actualyy pay money to park there car so people could look at it


more specs on the civic sedan!!!!!

cant wait to show SPEEDHUNTERS my CRX when its done


I spy Mike Ryan's 2000hp Freightliner behind those bikes :)


Style is style, it doesn't have to appeal to everyone, but Stance is a movement I think a lot of people underestimated, i still think the best analogy i have ever read about why fitment/stance/hellaflushness is as big a deal as it is in Auto style today is to take a look at any major automotive design art, all the first and finest automotive concept designs are drawn/painted/drafted with an impossibly low ride height and absolute flush wheel fitment. it's just aesthetically more striking.

oh and Nugget: the GRB STi is on Volk Racing TE37 Super Laps, very popular wheel at the moment.


WOLFGANG- its a showcase is theres something about that you dont understand faggot?


LOL@ wolfgang comment. I kinda agree, lol.


Holy hat! That GRB looks incredible.


Nice q45:P


Previa is NOT from norcal. he lives in the Valley.


Of all the cars posted. i like the zr1 then most. lol


as much as a fan as i am towards the stance movement i have to admit function > form is king!!

btw the red mazda looks good in the pic even for getting stuck on a plastic wire cover (somewhat speed-bump) apparently he damaged quite a but of speaker wires for the event ... hellastuck lol!

there shld be some pictures surfing 'round the net


What a joy to see so many cars that only get driven to parking lots where they get polished and dudes talk about how "savage" their stance is.



rusty bmw shouldev been here sad whatnhappened


ugh that GRB STI is insanely good looking!!!! so simple!

can we get some more snaps of this please?!


wow, soooooooo many hideous cars. the ZR1 and the Miata are the only respectable cars pictured...


those poor poor mazda 3s.... :. /


Who the fuck ruins a Porsche by making it hellaflush. What the fuck is wrong with people.


forest get nutz, rules of the world



nothing better than a hellanonfunctional show.

Not one of these cars has an ounce of original style.Just copies of copies of copies.Do any of you have any ideas of your own?

Seriously,theres not one original car there.Damn the show scene is stagnent in the US.


style in california is so retarded. 1, that cressida on eurolines is the first mx32 i've ever seen that i didn't like. mexi-donk ftl. 2, that toyota is not modified just because they slapped some rims on it and cut the springs. 3, all these cars look like the same cars i've seen at every other cali show for the last 3 years. try to spend your money doing something original next time...


I don't think that the whole "stance movement" is going anywhere. There are some automotive trends that continue on and aren't considered trends anymore. Take lowriders for instance.

A lot of you can admit that once you have seen all of these cars modified to have the wheels closely matched to the outside of the fenders, anything less modified just looks, well, half done.


what a waste of cars. So many of those could have been used properly for driving or with the money spent on rice parts they could have been turned into pretty sick race machines.


@wolfgang: its called a car show. google the term. you'd be amazed at how many people enter cars into car shows all around the world.


@Wolfgang....not everything is about fooly sik drifting and hektik super lap track shite, some people are just happy to build cars for the basic joy of simply cruising, and as cars were designed primarily for driving on the streets it makes plenty of sense that people enjoy doing just that! Hard parking as you put it is all about relaxing and enjoying a nice day with heaps of cars to look at, it's a show, is there something not to get about that?


I don't think Wolfgang gets "IT"

Some sweet rides there


That s13.4 in the opening shot is fantastic! Love the colour, kit, wheel choice... perfect. Gives me inspiration for my own s13.4 build (though i will be doing things a little differently!!)

As for the other cars... not a huge fan. Specially not that Mazda on BMW wheels... each to their own though.


This is why I haven't been to an import car show/meet in a looooong time. Hellaflush this, stance that, blah blah blah. Does anyone mod their car for themselves anymore? Or just to please the mad tyte fanboyz.


The problem with this scene is....that you can buy your popularity and success by re-doing the same old practice of height, camber & offset adjustment, along with rim/tyre fitment. It is aesthetically pleasing but its the same thing over and over again. There is no innovation.

I also feel its a bit of an insult to more meaningful builds to call these cars 'projects' (as in "Fatlace Q45 project"). Although the term project encompasses all works, it seems a little odd in the car world to call this, which is effectively wheel fitment, 'projects'. Perhaps if the vehicle is tubbed and we can see top-notch welds, the term project can be justified. Not to my liking, but I can see the visual impact these cars make.


Im glad to see that most people here agree this was a batch of useless cars LOL

Oh and the ZR1 is one of our shop cars and its not flat white... LOL maybe the sun was too bright that day? haha


i dont understand why guys are bothering "hating" on car shows or "stanced" cars. This obviously isn't your style and theres nothing wrong with that. just leave it at that.


The silver STi on white BBS is from SOCAL, just runs a weksos banner cause hes friends with them..


No love for my drift spec 13?? No wonder people are hating...the realness got discluded...on to other coverage...


And to JEREMY! that Cressida is way SEXIER than your STOCK DAEWOO LANO!


Honda 600 (BEST IN SHOW) why? most functional!


that corolla looks clean but somehow weird.. i dunno why everybody thinks its the shit when it doesn't quite look right copying Vdub stances. The rear wheels dont look quite right sitting flush like that... besides knowing the owner uses grants money to fuel his car addiction makes it downright shady and wrong..bleh


green corolla is a total poser... last time i heard he's selling that POS for a VDUB but nobody would buy it coz they know how shady the owner and his bro with the silver sti are.. tsk tsk tsk...


Noel is the owner of that corolla. Honestly, car is decent looking but the rear does not look right. It is bag from what I heard but it is still a slow ass car. Like what everyone is saying, non of it originality... more of carbon copy!


Someone shoot that MX Cressida owner, if you're going to go crazy, make a Zokusha, not some VIP wheeled donk. =x


I bet all these haters have STOCK cars at home and cant even afford a lug nut.. Too bad...If YOU haters cant afford whatever it is were doing.STFU!!. blame it on your mom and dad... because they didn't make it to $10/hr to send you to the right school to be on our level


yeah i know that dude.. dude is aight but hella shady.. he's shortchanged a bunch of people and always comes up with fresh stuff fosho since he cheats the CA system out of money.. dont know how he hasnt been caught yet... and yeah.. trying to make ur corolla look like a fancy car aint gonna happen no matter what... that idiot hubert is another story too.. pfft


I saw that corolla car.. it's okay. same effing shit like everyone else though! but hey what do you expect, it's corolla pushing 130 on the wheel. LOL looooooooooser


hellaflush makes car culture look retarded


LOL im f*cking loving this.

"corollaxrsguy93" - very creative btw. would love to meet you in person, please contact me at noel@canibeat.com


Will there be any desktops of the Scion XB and GRB STI?, they're my two absolute faves of the feature


@ ClassiczMS - i heard that the MX32 is going to be vip'd style car and his not trying to make his car like a zokusha style cuz theres a lot of mx32 thats zoku or bosu style already so he wants to be the first one that vip'd style a mx32 on bags! and thats originality my friend not copied!


Jeff Abbot's NB is sooooo ill!!! love it!