Random Snap>> Speedhunting In Houston Pt.2

When traveling

 so often from city-to-city in the States, its a bit sad when you notice that each city start to mesh together in your mind to form one giant mutant sort-of-memorable place you've visited. For me, the cities that stick out the most are the ones where I've had the chance to dine at some amazing eateries. Houston, Texas has become one of those cities: great food, amazing people, and a bustling car scene.

The guys from Mayday Garage were adamant for months that I had to try what was labeled as "the best Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup) in Houston" when next I visited the city. So today, after having said bowl of Pho, I have to agree with them.

Plus, if you're rolling around in a lowered GS300 on bronze TE37s to, literally, a hole in the wall joint food next to a bayou (a giant storm/sewage drain), there's a strong feeling that magical things will be happening with your taste buds.


Pho Binh



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You went to Houston and wrote about Pho..?! I hope you had some BBQ too!!! ;)


you need to hit up milpitas in nor*cal and i'll show u some pho and some cars too!


TX Pho > CA Pho


Love that place...it is by far the best pho i have ever had! Glad you are enjoying houston!



Hell yeah! Pho here in Concord and Walnut Creek sucks teh ass


okay then!! surprisingly those rims suit the Lex..


Been to that Pho place, and yes, you are correct :D


If you where with the Guys from Mayday Can we expect some coverage of tx2k11?

For this to be Meet Month and you guys drop the ball on 1 of the biggest enthusiast meets (Where the Cars actually do stuff OMG) would be quit the disappointment...


I've seen this very car in front of the bike shop that I work. Weird coincidence seein it here.


Who gives a shit about Pho !

I'm here to check out cars.

You guys are doing your best to discourage people from checking out this site.


I do. sometimes it's about the culture AROUND the cars, not just the cars.

Shit like this keeps me coming back.