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The monthly drift practice days at Mondello Park have been increasing in popularity since their inception and have evolved from a trackday into a social gathering of sorts. In some ways we are quite unfortunate in Ireland that we have a very limited selection of places to legally drift. But we are fortunate that the tracks and yards that we do have are becoming more and more open minded to the drifting community.

Mondello Park is Ireland's only motor racing circuit and once a month opens its gates to drifters of all skill levels.

From battle scarred veterans …

… to freshly unvieled machines, the MDP days have expanded from a novelty event to a regular social get together for all those involved in the Irish drifting community.

We all know of the recent devastation in Japan so last week, Martin Ffrench and myself hatched a plan to try and raise funds and awareness for the Irish Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. In return for a minimum donation of €10, anyone could avail of two laps of the Mondello Park drift loop in the passenger seat of Ffrench's SR20 powered Altezza.

Despite my constant pleas to take it easy on the car and tires, Ffrench insisted on putting in consistent laps at 110%. The man simply knows no other method of attack. Thanks to the kind generosity of those who supported the appeal, we raised €600 for the Red Cross appeal. 

It wouldn't of been possible without the help of so many people, including this man above, Wez Keating who helped out by bringing people for passenger runs when the demand exceeded the supply of cars !

Prodrift Series regular Alan Lenihan was out testing his 2011 setup.

Lady drifter Amy Griffin was on hand to show some of the guys how it's done in her FC RX7.

Some of you may remember this SR86 from a spotlight we did on the car last year.

Others may remember the other spotlight on Donal Garry's 20V AE86 from around the same time ! Same chassis but completely different methods of how things can be done. It's no wonder the AE86 chassis is so popular !

Michael Sheehan's usually immaculate PS13 was looking a little but missile by the afternoon. If you're not leaving panels and bumpers at the track, your not trying hard enough ! 

Supercharged V8 Aristo sounded incredible coming through the fast sections of the course.

OMGDrift contributor Shane Macken swapped camera for car in his matt black 180SX. 

Come lunch time, some cars and drivers had succumbed to the day but the course was more than ready for a fresh assault in the afternoon …


Paddy McGrath



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awsome pics paddy! nice to see all the pro's out testing for the season at full attack!


Awesome pictures and write up Paddy. You've managed to make the Irish drift scene look as cool as it actually is. :-)


nice pics paddy lad, GWON THE IRISH


The Altezza lives!


Irish privateer drift scene is getting right up there very fast cant wait to get back out!!


wow looks like they 'go hard' even in practice.. - quality photos!


more please.. :)


Flat black 180sx looks sick!!!!!


Wow. Now that's an amazing idea. $10 for 2 laps sitting in the passenger's seat of a drifter, I'd definitely do that.


love that irelands scene is pumping! good work!