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I was just over on the Driftworks forums when I came across a great post by user Stavros (who also happens to be the deputy editor for Redline magazine in the UK and a top bloke) who has found some amazing shots of a Lancia ECV that appear to have been taken last year. The ECV stands for Experimental Composite Vehicle and the car was a prototype for Group S, which would have been the group to replace the famous Group B in world rallying. The car was originally thought to have been destroyed but luckily, one man has restored this car to its full glory. Although it would have been limited to 300BHP by Group S regulations, the car actually produced around 600BHP and weighed in at 930KGs thanks to its all carbon body, carbon wheels and carbon driveshafts. Not shabby for a 1.8 litre turbocharged, four cylinder engine. If you are interested, it's worth taking a look at the thread and doing a bit of reading on its Triflux engine.


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The tri-flux is such a boss engine talk about out of the box thinking. Twin turbo 1.8L 4cyl with both sequential and non-sequential operation in the same package it just blows my mind.


this car was driven on rally legend 2010 in san marino by miki biasion and giuseppe volta who restored this one of prototype and made its debute on this rally.

here is link to a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omZ511tiUSk


Italian car on speedhunters ?? oh Yeah !!!

Lancia ECV... CRAZY engine !!


Italian car on speedhunters ?? oh Yeah !!!

Lancia ECV... CRAZY engine !!


I saw it in october at the monza rally... what a f***ing suond and car!!


Just awesome. I like how Lancia attempted to keep the look of their Delta. If only we still had rally series with cars similar to this.


epic car from an epic age ;) :D


epic car from an epic age ;) :D


Nella foto, alla guida c'è Miky Biason!!!


This is nuts. That Triflux engines blows my mind.


The original car has been the ECV2 since 1988, which currently resides with Lancia in Turin. Giuseppe Volta (who has been running Lancias in rallying since 70s and has very good relations with the company) owns two of the five triflux heads ever built and built this from ground up. He's used the Delta S4 engine with the triflux head, and had most of the car custom made to the original specifications. He's recieved help from Claudio Lombardi, Lancia Martini head engineer back then (and some other ex-Lancia engineers). It's been dynoed at 799bhp for now, according to Volta could go more but he doesn't want to risk destroying such a rare engine.