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Mortality is a subject many of us try not to think about. The thought of our day-to-day lives coming ending is, quite frankly, an unpleasant one. So, I think its safe to say that many of us wish to somehow be remembered long after we've passed. It's a comforting thought. 

Inanimate objects such as buildings, and automobiles strangely have that same will to live on forever. No, it's more like we humans want these inanimate things to live on long after they've had their use to us. Think of all the famous old monuments: the Great Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, Pompei, and the Great wall of China. 

Last November, I spent only one day (4 1/2 hours) walking the SEMA show floor. And those that have been to SEMA before know that one day is not enough to see everything. I power walked through the two gigantic convention center halls, glanced at things which caught my eye for a few milliseconds, briefly experienced the demonstration area, and travelled at the speed light through the DUB car show floor. I was experiencing SEMA: Fast Foward edition.

Somehow through my less-than-brief SEMA experience, I was able to remember this S13. 

By the end of 2010, I've seen the whole gamut of tuned S13 variations. But this very 1991 Nissan Sivia S13, the Mastermind Restore/Spirit Rei Edition Odyvia, was in a class of its own. 

The thing that stikes you first is the extremely low ride height, then its graduated paint scheme.

Next is its very unique front end which comes from a JDM RB1 Honda Odyssey Head Lights.

Odyssey + Silva = Odyvia. I didn't know that till now. It makes sense. 

A set of Kei Office Full Tap coil overs makes the low ride height possible…

…and is rolling on a set of Weds Kranze Cerberus II. 18×10.5 -22 for the front

…and 18×12 -31 in the rear. 

The carbon fiber Spirit Rei Hood has a layer metal flake in its clear coating…

…and the airbrushed engine on the hood is a clear indication that things aren't normal under the hood. 

Open up the hood and you won't find a KA, SR, RB or even a CA. But rather a carbureted L28 inline six!

The L28 features a set of Nismo Solex 44 HH carburetors, a Wako jet block, a CA18 to L28 big port export cam, Kameari slide cam sprockets, Kameari distributor kit, Kameari twin idler gear, and an MSD 6AL. Yes, MSD in an S13!

We'll get into why this motor was chosen for this car in a little bit. 

When I contacted Tony Borriboonratana, from Mastermind, we started discussing the location where we'd shoot the car. In his mind, he was thinking somewhere local the shop in Anaheim. In my mind, I wanted to get the hell out of the greater southern Californian area. I proposed to him the idea of an abandoned waterpark two hours North East of Los Angeles thinking the most crazy of ideas would be shot down first. 

To my surprise, he agreed to it.

The "abandoned paradise" look throughout the water park proved to be a perfect place for this fairly new car with a heart yearning for the yesteryear. 

Though the flared-out body kit style is on its way out, the complete Spirit Rei widebody kit is a good look on this car.

There's very little S13ness left on the interior. An FRP Kenmeri Skyline dash board sits in place of the original dash. A Kenmeri GT-R Aluminum meter panel and a Vertex steering wheel add to the nouveau-retro inspired theme throughout the car

I've always said that every car enthusiast is allowed one free rice mod. This Spirit Rei Odyvia's rice mod of choice is the glow from the MSD box. If I had MSD in my S13, I would want to show it off also.

A pair of Datsun type full buckets replace both the passenger and driver seats.

Though the L28 might not have a whole lot of ponies powering it, it sure has enough to burn up some rubber!

Mastermind's associate from Restored Japan, Seji Inata, provided a bit of background to the Restored/Spirit Rei Odyvia:

"Restored Japan specializes in 'restoring' classic Japanese vehicles such as Datsuns and Toyotas. Because of Restored Japan's extensive knowledge of classic cars, the L28 swap was an obvious choice for us. My apprentice, Toshiki Fujii, and I began the build in June. We wanted to have the car displayed at SEMA to showcase our blend of Japanese classic vehicle with modern design."

Toshiki Fuji, Restored Japan's apprentice's favorite vehicle was the S13. He also had a brian condition which he never mentioned to anyone. He was having symptoms for quite sometime but didn't want to disrupt the build process. He diligently worked on the car for six months.

The car was finished, shipped to the US and was shown at SEMA. November 6 was the last day of SEMA. Fujii-San passed away on November 29 from a brain hemorrhage. Fujii-San was willing to sacrifice his own life to get this build accomplished. 

Inata-San left these words for us about his friend, Toshiki Fuji:

"The Restored/Spirit Rei Edition Odyvia build for SEMA was Fujii-San's biggest event of his lifetime and I am honored to have spent time alongside him to support his Odyvia. This Restored Odyvia is now a treasure for me and the best car I have in my collection. Rest in peace."

Imagine believing something so strong that you're willing to give your life to it. Then imagine the shear will power it takes to stay alive for the long months it took to finish the car. Fuji-san knew that his life going to be cut short but wanted the comfort that he's leaving a legacy behind. 

What a legacy. 



Spirit Rei Edition Odyvia

1991 Nissan S13 Sylvia


- Complete Spirit Rei Japan Widebody kit
- Spirit Rei Front Bumper
- Spirit Rei Side Skirts
- Spirit Rei Rear Bumper
- Spirit Rei Wide Front Fenders (55mm)
- Spirit Rei Wide Rear Quarter Panels (85mm)
- Spirit Rei Hood
- JDM RB1 Honda Odyssey Head Lights
- Air Brush on Hood
- Redtail LED Tail relay modified?            


- FRP ken and Marry Dashpanel 
- Ken and Marry GT-R Aluminum meter panel
- Oomori oil temp
- Oomori water temp
- Oomori oil pressure
- Oomori fuel gauge 
- Autometer tach 
- Datsun type full bucket sheet
- Carrozzeria High end Audio and speaker
- Vertex Deep steering wheel 

Engine & Drivetrain:

- CA18 to L28 big port export cam
- Kameari slide cam sprockets
- Nismo solex 44HH
- Stainless header 
- S13 modified muffler
- Kameari distributor kit 
- Kameari twin idler gear
- MSD blaster SS coil
- HPI all aluminum radiator
- Wako jet block
- KaaZ LSD 

Brakes & Suspension:

- Front: S14 rotor and caliper 
- Rear: R32 rotor and caliper
- Kei Office Fulltap coilover

Wheels & Tires:

- Kranze Cerberus II 18inch F10.5J -22  R12J -31Bridgestone Tires
- Muteki Black Lug Nuts



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Wow, that's different. Nice.


Beautiful work, mr Linhbergh


So beautiful!


origianality, creativity and soul in an an s13? didn't think it was possible anymore. RIP fuji-san.


Such a sick car. Love that interior layout, anyone know what seats those are?


This time thank you for all of you.

It was the treasure of the life maximum for me in the days that it was able to spend with Fujii.

He was able to keep on running through the life like wind.

I intend to be careful with the trace which he left.

Please sleep peacefully; Fujii.


I absolutely adore this car! That custom front clip is perfect, love the paint too.. desktops? It'd give me a chance to replace the Ricetastic S13 up now


This is a fantastic build, utterly original and really a great example of what customizing cars is all about.


Very original


best S13 build of 2011 so farrr!!!! R.I.P.




Wow, this is amazing. What dedication Fujii-San had. His build and his legacy will most definatly not be forgotten. Fantastic write up Linhbergh.


This will be the new "Type R" front end conversion that was the craze not so long ago.


The concept, the build and final product are truly amazing. Great work!

However, the grammar and other errors in the article really bring down this piece. What a rush job.. This article deserves more than such a hastily put together piece.




Unreal. What an incredible story. Great work, man!


Why? Why? Why?


I noticed this care at SEMA as well. It's such a cool build. It's sad that the builder is gone now.. But he built a car to be proud of. Such a unique car.


Met the Mastermind crew at SEMA, awesome guys, are you going to feature their other one next?


this is a beautiful car




Not a big fan.


Well written and snapped Mr. Linhbergh... LOL at the 1 free rice mod, :( at Fujii-San


Great story, interesting conversion, but that grille is miles away from looking good...


For me, the best S13 i haver seen, that headlights do the 100%.


What a story.

Another well done for Speedhunters.

Truly a win for Fuji-san and co too.

Rest in peace.



I've driven past this abandoned water park. I always wonder what in the world they were thinking by building this place in the middle of the desert. Well now I know, for Speedhunters photoshoots. LOL

Nice story with this car too.


Every step of this build was different, and the product came out to be one of a kind. A man gave his life to finish this build. We all want to leave a mark, and it seems like he did it. Linhberg, your photographs are the perfect crown for this jewel of a ca to be set in.


nice car and nice location!


rest in peace Fuji, you'll always be in our hearts.


Perfect, thats a sweet ride, i love how its not mainstream at all!


this car is PERFECT in every way, save two very important details, which i hate... lol...


first, the airbrushing on the hood is very tacky, and second the grille fits SO horribly, i can't look past it. everything else is really top-notch. the kit is wonderful, the headlights too


Fantastic car.

Fantastic story.


It is a beautiful and extremely creative concept for modifying an S13. I love it! (However, something about that grille looks very it's bent or doesn't fit quite right. I can't quite figure that one out)


Im absolutely speechless


its great seeing some creative thougths being put to reality. i love these kind of things. like that bmw front ended C35 laurel drift missile. its great because it gives something new to the cars we all love and respect so much.

as for the s13 silvia in general, it's not my favorite car, but to me, with friends owning them, this car seems to be one of the most versitle jap car ever made! , if not the most. one via's, sil-eighty's and now the the 'odyvia,' you can fit SR's CA's RB's 1J's 2J's, rotors, LS1's the list goes on.

off topic here, but ive seen a jzx100 chaser front put on a 180sx, you can't tell me thats insane! and a JZX100 chaser front put on a jzx90 Mark II! i can't wait to see what someone comes up with next!!!!!


Very nice car feature and very touching regarding Fuji-san. Good work Mr. Linhbergh


this look good but the quality is nähhhh


I want to know more about the water park!


I was wondering where this was going at first and then you hit me with a bombshell at the end. I'm not a nissan type of person but I was still impressed when I first saw this car in a magazine last year.


Does anyone proof read these articles.. at all??

Great pics as always, but all the grammar and written mistakes make reading these articles a pain..


I like it ! I'm just not attracted by the wheels, but I like this car, it's different and the Odyssey face and paint scheme are nice. Maybe an Odeighty one day ?


On behalf of Mastermind, and Mr. Seiji Inada, a big thank you goes out to Lihnbergh and the Speed Hunters crew for presenting this phenomenal story. In the short time that Fujii-san was here, we formed a very strong friendship and our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.

One of the most talented, dedicated, enthusiastic, and fun-loving individuals, Fujii-san positively touched all of our lives. We will miss him dearly and he shall forever be remembered in our hearts.

We at Mastermind intend to continue to keep his legacy alive, so everyone please stay tuned, as this is only a taste of what we are about to bring in 2011.

Happy New Year to all!


MSD on a S13 is not something uncommon ....WHY WOULD IT BE?. When are you guys gona get someone who knows about how cars work as oppose to someone who just knows the cars by their chassis code? Another EXCELLENT photo shoot messed up by an editor who knows next to NOTHING about the mechanics on how they work.


This is so amazing :)

All the work and the style, it mixes so many styles but it all goes great :D

Love this car :)


That's an icredible car and definitely something very different - I love it, so unique. That paintjob is awesome, reminiscent of the old Corvette stingrays.

Unfortunately I feel it's let down a little by that grille that looks like it's sagging in the middle and the blue mirrors that stick out like a sore thumb. Still, knowing the history of the car and its builder I don't think you could change a thing out of respect for their memory. Otherwise, top notch. Easily one of my favourite S13's.


whats a MSD box?!


I give my respect to Fuji-san ,RIP.To the car the odyssey headlight is one of my favorite headlight the shear design of iis just delightful and may I ask what Horse Power is the engine putting on the wheel's?, I'm very curious.Please and thank you.


Beautiful story and automobile.




MSD 6AL is simply an ignition amplifier......


amazing shots, and a soulfull story.

rest in peace Toshiki Fujii


Inspiring car. Different from anything I've ever seen before. Toshiki Fuji really put his heart and love into his final build.


HAHAHAHAH I have hand-emptied that pool twice to skate it hahaahhaahhaha

Awesome shoot location and great car!


Awesome photo shoot location, and the story is touching..


this car is really touching my heart..perfect work,it's all perfect! it's the most awesome silvia converted I've ever seen!


this NEEDS a wallpaper, the least we could do to show our respect to Toshiki Fuji by putting his legacy on our computers!


Wow. That's such a shame that he passed, I'm actually sad after reading this but I'm glad he was able to finish it and see it in action. I hope no one ever does anything to this and that it's left untouched in his honor. Rest in peace Fujii-San, this car is a true piece of art!


I forgot to add that this car and story is an inspiration to me