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Honda's new CR-Z has been met with mixed reactions since its release earlier this year. One one hand it's a fine reincarnation of the original fun-loving CRX, but it's eco-friendly hybrid engine doesn't quite get the enthusiast blood pumping.

Apparently Honda is looking to change that. Word is that starting late next year, Honda will produce non-hybrid versions of the CR-Z powered by 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder engines. Autocar UK reports that two versions of the turbo CR-Z will be available, including a Type R model that makes 200 horsepower. While past Type R models were known for their high-winding NA powerplants, the idea of a turbocharged non-hybrid CR-Z is something to get excited about.

What do you think?

-Mike Garrett

Source: Autocar



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FIVE:AD wheels FTW


About time honda produces something fun. The 2001 the civic went to crap and has not been worth owning (k series engines are great). If it does come out here I will have one.


Drop in a K20, and call it a day. No need to turbo charge it.


It's always sad to hear a car company leaves its DNA of building high revving NA engines for small displacement turbocharged ones. FIrst BMW, with M1 and and soon to be released F10 M5, Lotus with its all new range, also Renault's next Clio RS, and now Honda.

On the other hand the CRZ was really crying for more power (come on, 122PS against 160 for the old and much lighter CRX, that's not what I call progress) and it's got the chassis to match...

If it gets a proper engine it should become a serious alternative to VW Sciroccos, Opel Astra GTs, Renault Megane RS and the likes...

PS : Honda dropping the NA, K20 prices are going to rise as they become rarer, get your hands on one now...


Combine a large turbo with the hybrid system. Low end torque + top end power. Problem solved.


except it won't be an alternative to any of those, cos it still looks ridiculous.


I dig it. but i would rather see a k20.


A Honda Type-R vehicle with forced induction motor only making 200hp? Does anybody else find that power figure to be underwhelming? Then again, if VW 1.8t motors can make silly amounts of power, the aftermarket will fix that problem as well.


Add a poor mans KERS 2 the 1.6 turbo and we might have something to write about. right?


Pure awesomeness. 200 hp in this car is more than enough.


This is awesome news!!! Hopefully its for real!


Stick a K20 in there and call it the day !!


again north america will be snobbed and there will be no type r available on the continent


wow, 1.6L Turbo motors are taking over. WRC, F1, Type R - What next?


Just drop a K20 in there, it's not that hard to come up with that idea. A turbocharged Honda sounds wrong... natural aspiration is the soul of that company.

I wonder how the auto industry would be if more car enthusiasts were involved in the creation of sport cars, especially in companies like Honda and Toyota (Although, Mr. Akio Toyoda seems to enjoy fast cars).

Just shave weight by removing innecesary crap, and make nimble and strong chassis that can withstand some serious tuning. That's what car companies can't understand.


I like the turbo option...but what about a N/A k20(type R)version?


I think they should lose that ridiculous schnoz before anything else.


I really hope the type R won't be a hybrid, too. And i also hope toyota looks at this and rethinks the FT86- please Toyota do NOT make that a hybrid either.


Turbo is allways cool. but then you basically automatically should also add 4wd.


fuck hybrids LOL, this is a good announcement by honda, By the way, can you put a k20 in that shit ??


its called effeciency. turbos do it get over it its not that big of a deal and on a modern engine turbo lag is pretty tiny


Fuck a 1.6L. K20 NA all day.


Hibrids just have to get out of sports cars... because hibrid systems are too heavy...

If you want more power forget the hibris junk, just fit a bigger engine or forced induction... You will end witha car much more powerfull and lighter than a hibrid


unfortunatly the k-series are falling foul of the new euro emmisions regs, so dropping a k series in wont do, but no way in hell will i complain about a high tech small capacity turbo 4. will actually give me interest in the crz.


This would be a complete change in direction for Honda, from high revving NA engines to forced induction petrol. I wonder if the engine is more likely to be a turbo diesel, as the Honda unit is one of the best in class. If it is a petrol turbo then it isn't the first time Honda have produced such an engine, it was done in the 80's with the City Turbo.

As others have said K20 NA power would be all that's needed, however this powerplant is being phased out, due to not meeting emissions regulations (specifically euro 5 regs). So this rumour may be correct, as Honda needs a different avenue to progress in now, and following the tried and tested turbo route might be the only way forward.


sounds like a great plan, newer improved engines are never a bad thing. Honda has done some good and bad things with motors but always have moved forward. I'd love to see the new potential.


It's just logical that we keep seeing more small turbo engines replacing the N/A engines. because of the emission regulations. Although I also like N/A engines and still think all the 'green' stuff is overrated/hyped, there's nothing wrong with a turbo engine, especially if you combine it with the low-end torque of the electric engine. Would be interesting to see how that combination works out I think!


I'm digging everything except the huge time attack rear wing. The electric hybrid version has to go, it's not truly eco friendly as it takes a lot to make it. And any true performance car guy, isn't going to care about an extra 10 mpg. Honda, if you're listening, build this and price it to compete with the other compact cars.


wonder if this is what the f1 power plant will be based on


Hell yeah bring back that fun, tuneable aspect.. we all know the script with modern cars and the environment. a fun 'eco-friendly-ish' car can still produced with all the safety features and functions that people want. - i wonder if they'll face-lift it slighly to differenciate it from the first models? i mean sublte changes?? its a cool looking car now anyway, kinda like the CRX's slightly older long lost brother.. i await its arrival


If Porsche can make a hybrid racer, Honda certainly can


the CR-Z needs a high revving NA motor if they want to be taken seriously by the hardcore honda fans. not sure if they want to though


A boosted R is blasphemy. N/A K20 is the only thing that would do in my eyes.


I feel like Honda had chance to pioneer a market of desirable, customizable Hybrids but has now taken a step backwards.


good choice! nobody wants a slow hybrid. this is a big step forward for this car.


Honda created the CR-Z to show the viability of a sporty hybrid. Making the performance version without the hybrid system would be a step in the wrong direction. add a turbo to the current engine, give it higher strung batteries. CR-Zs seem to have been doing well in the time attack scene, so its not like the hybrid system is a crutch. Its a capable platform. taking the hybrid out of it would defeat its purpose.


Honda created the CR-Z to show the viability of a sporty hybrid. Making the performance version without the hybrid system would be a step in the wrong direction. add a turbo to the current engine, give it higher strung batteries. CR-Zs seem to have been doing well in the time attack scene, so its not like the hybrid system is a crutch. Its a capable platform. taking the hybrid out of it would defeat its purpose.


Honda created the CR-Z to show the viability of a sporty hybrid. Making the performance version without the hybrid system would be a step in the wrong direction. add a turbo to the current engine, give it higher strung batteries. CR-Zs seem to have been doing well in the time attack scene, so its not like the hybrid system is a crutch. Its a capable platform. taking the hybrid out of it would defeat its purpose.


type R of the car is a good idea, what engine, whichever


Hmmm..seems to be the way manufacturers are going now. As said above, turbocharged cars are more efficient. so if honda were to make this..i believe they would put a smaller 1.5 or 1.6 turbo to get the 200bhp and have better emissions then the k20 motor.

I hope they dont..and make a 200bhp naturally aspirated engine in..everyone who loves hondas loves the screaming its head off aspect of the power delivery.

However i suspect if honda go down the FI route they will be appealing to a larger audience..


Its all to do with shitty Euro emissions laws. They aren't going to merss around with two types of engines to sell in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Bad times.


I think this car just needs some time before we start seeing it's potential. People will start doing they're own things with them, like putting a k-series in, or if this type-R goes into production, modifying whatever powerplant ends up in it. I think it will take a while though, because enthusiasts are so apprehensive about buying/approaching this platform right now.


i think its awesome hondas turboing now, ive always hated hondas too and i would buy a boosted crz in a second,


crz type r is super ghey - what they need to do is stop lying there ass off about hybrids when Porsche has 200 more hp and the the same fuel economy without being one. Honda simply needs to stuff a k20 with direct injection and keep the 200hp with massive fuel economy gain. Or bin the damn valve train to begin with. 15 years ago I thought I had seen the future when coates engines demoed there valveless head conversion 30% more hp with improved fuel economy if they were able to merge the two there would be no stopping Honda's market share.


yes yes yes aaaaaaa hell yeah!


I want high revving, frantic power delivery not a turbo. why go to all this effort to try and make a car that hints at the past, then change something so significant.

I love the CRZ and love the prospect of a Type R version, but the thought of Honda going the turbo route doesn't sound good.


about time they started putting a real engine in these things.


Turbo? Why? Ugh. They already have a 200hp engine designed and manufactured why not use it?


Car looks nice among other new cars, be cool to see it have a decently powerful engine, and be relatively cheap.


As long as they dont keep it just to the UK and Japan, it'll be worth getting excited over


Dear Honda,

get rid of:

the battery

200 extra pounds.

stupid driving modes (not enough of a difference to matter)

drop in a basic NA VTEC set up.

No turbo needed, keep it traditional.

Thank me Later


I actually quite like the CR-Z. I didn't at first, but the tuned ones at SEMA proved to me that this is one new car that has a lot of potential! I can't wait to see what the aftermarket will do with hybrid tuning. Will companies like Spoon and Mugen start putting in higher power electric motors? After all, the 10hp motor the stock CR-Z is pretty pathetic compared to most hybrids. How about an ultra hardcore CR-Z Type-RS with the 1.6 turbo still putting out 200hp, but with a 100hp electric motor added?


Thank you Europe!


WOW! 54 comments in one day, not half bad. If anyone is wondering (as I see in the post above) Honda has to go turbo, not to meet emissions standards like everyone thinks. But to meet MPG standards for the future. I think its suppose to be 50 mpg vehicles in 5 yrs or less (correct me if I'm wrong). Turbos are a cheap and more full efficient way of getting more horsepower out of small cars. Which is why everyone is going turbo recently

Also I'm thinking 200bhp (not whp) on a 3,000+lbs car will still equal SLOW! A 1.6L engine with a turbo making 200bhp, I'm sorry but weren't 1.6L engines in the 90's making 200bhp without a turbo? AND were making 25mpg! Is this REALLY progress?


Revving NA engines are a dying breed and already now cars with these engines are becoming collectors. It makes me really sad that we even go to this era. I am not talking about "oldschool" here, more like a "newschool" instead. But we seem to have a "dullschool" ahead of us..

Now I should find enough cash + storage and quickly buy:


Integra Type R

Type R Civic



.. because sooner or later there will be no fun cars on the road and the oldschool era (listed above) will be too prescious to be used on daily basis..

I really dislike absolute majority of modern cars. They are pieces or electronic crap. CR-Z being one of them..

Performance Honda with .. a turbo.. ?? C`mon guys. Wake up and make some proper piece of kit for god`s sake!!!! Car doesn`t have to have 200 hp,

1.6 V-TEC revving 9000 rpm in light chassis will do the job.. ;-)


On the topic of the CR-Zs engine, I'm a big fan of Honda's high reving NA engines. I'd hate to see a turbo Honda engine. But when I think about it, I'd like to see the CR-Z have whatever engine that "gets it done" and fun to drive. Wouldn't a turbo Honda engine from the factory be a nice change for a bit...


Actually i heard it was a 2.0L motor puting out 150hp. and a larger electric motor putting out 50bhp for a combined of 200 horses.


American car tuner Advance Auto was steeling much of the attention on the paddock at the Super Lap Battle


can we PLEEEEEEEEASE keep type R NA??? we've lost M-power alrighty... =(