Car Spotlight>> Twins Turbo Motorsports Dodge Viper

If you had to think of one word to describe this 1997 Dodge Viper you see above, what would it be? Beastly? Monstrous? Frightening? Aggressive? Intimidating? I wouldn't be able to think of any word for the simple fact that this car makes me speechless. I mean, look at it!

If Bruce Wayne and his alter ego was a gearhead that wanted to frightening the living bejesus out of his enemies then this is the car he's build. 

The rest of the car is pretty much dwarfed by this. What you're looking at is a stroked 510 CI Viper V10 featuring two Bullseye Power Borg Warner T-4 80mm turbos with a MoTeC M800 Engine Management System that was calibrated by Shane Tecklenburg. The result? Roughly 2000 horse power at 12 psi. No biggie. 

The intake is the visually dominating piece of the engine bay (apart from the two giant turbos), its a CNC manifold that was designed by Marc "Koz" Kozeluh of Twins Turbo and Steve Hall of Hall Engineering and Design. 

An engine producing so much power also produces so much heat. The engine was lined with gold in select spots as well as with the inside of the engine cover. 

The interior is as spartan and utilitarian as you can get. It's border-line race car, but still has heat shielding and carpet! Remember boys and girls, this fire breathing dragon is still a street car.

Though, what sort of streets this car was designed for, I want to know. 

Fabrication done by Twins Turbo Motorsports and Andrew "Serge" McClelland. This is a car that you have to see in person to truly appreciate. the quality of the welds is one thing, but the creativity that was employed on certain aspects of the car is another. 

For example, right under the exhaust sits a panel that can be easily removed with a few screws. That panel gives easy access to the pedals, their adjustment and their respective master cylinders. Most people wouldn't even think about that!  

I'm not quite sure which look I prefer more, the car with the hood on, or the car with the hood off. Either option makes the car look extremely intimidating. 

The body was painted by the now defunct West Coast Choppers.

An amazing set of red ghost flames adorn the whole car. 

This was a real challenge to photograph as the red flames and the dark red hue of the car went completely black when not directly lit. 

Back in September, the car was in attendance at the Mojave Mile event. It was easily the fastest car out by doing a pass of 222.7 MPH! You can see a video of the run here. The Mojave Mile was the first of many events this car will be going to. It's got its sights on the Texas Mile next. 

If you're in attendance at SEMA this week, be sure to stop by the K&N Filters booth to check out this beast. 




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Paint isn't my favorite but WOW, what a Car!


Alright, love the flames and the build... but the spoiler? Oh come on man after all the money spent on it.

But the flames, good job! I never liked flames but this tickled my fancy.


I think this is what engineers heaven looks like. That is viper perfection. This quite literally sets and shatters the bar for every dodge viper I will ever see in my life. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


if i were the tires, i would dread hearing that thing fire up...cause you know what's coming next. 3rd Pic down is my fav, this engine looks like a living creature! In my opinion the best looking part of the build!!


i bet that beast is hard to tame


it looks pretty pleasent when it faces the number of 2000 hp. Man it's more than enough.




Pure awesome.


Amazing, really awesome.


wallpaper of the first one!!! fucking brilliant


This car needs a Chute!


Hood off!!!! Desktop the 3rd picture. I think the term automotive porn gets thrown around a bit to much, but this car definatly deserves it.


I REmember when you guys visited TT motorsports and this viper was unfinished, with blue and red flames lolol


Dear Lord,,,

that is some mean lookin ride ! I imagine the raging soung of this car when they floor the gaz pedal!


I demand some wallpapers here!





1st pic wallpaper please :)


"If you had to think of one word to describe this 1997 Dodge Viper you see above, what would it be? "

The moment I saw the opening photo, I said three words. Two of which can't be printed on this website. LOL


this car is crazy good. @Tan YEE HOU, that spoiler is there for functionality and not looks, the back end need that additional downforce very much


Easily the beastiest Viper ever but damn, that paint is cheesy...

Desktop of pic 3?


you like the flames but not the spoiler? this is a goddamn race car you idiot.


Insane engine and engineering but I just wish the styling was more like Rauh Welt instead of those colours and flames.. and the spoiler does look cheap in comparison


Winhbergh. That is all.


Great GOD!!! I want desktops please!!


Desktops of that Nuke....I mean Engine Please!


That is a stunning piece of machinery. I wonder what the true top speed of the vehicle is. With double the power of a Veyron, and I'm assuming less weight, it should be able to blow it away.


I'll take one as a daily driver lol.


We were witness to this thing running at the Mojave Mile. FWIW, we also ran the event. My friends LS3 Turbo RX7 did 2:07 and my GMC Syclone did 165.




now defunct West Coast Choppers? they still make bikes to my knowledge


The POWER! The paintjob! the AWESOMENESS!!! Desktop please?


This is one of those cars people build in their dreams. Perfect down to every little aspect, with no expense spared. I feel like this could be the fastest street viper in the world, but underground racing might have a faster one


bruce wayne is a gear head! just look at his garage and all the goodies.


Pure sex! Desktop of pics #1 #3 & #8 please.


It's legen.... dary =)


..HOT DAMN!!! need vids asap!!!!


new definition for american mucle car!!


Pleas make some wallpapers of this one,

Especially the one were you see the engine base, and the pipes


what i love the most, is the fact that the wastegate pipe is bigger than an average car's exhaust


@Sweet Jesus - Yeaps I got that bit...but I'm sure they could have done something better.

To me it looks like a masterpiece mounted in an ugly frame. It gets the job done, but it doesn't add to the aesthetic value :(


Wicked car all around! This spotlight needs moar desktops!1!


Desktop of the front with the bonnet on, please!


The body is sweet, but the turbo design is counter productive.

The world record Viper in the mile was set in Goliad Texas in Oct 2010 by a twin turbo srt-10 built by A.R.T. at 233.8 mph using a T56 transmission and Viper V10.

Perhaps this car will try and take the record away in march. I know the Ballista will be there.

Better bring more power and change the aero.


3rd pic wallpaper please!


IMG_1710.jpg as a desktop please! That or picture number 3. =)


This is unbelievable. I would choose this over my wife


very very nice work .. and paint is great .. awesome car


I'm going to need these in desktop size....ASAP.


If it's running 2000hp at 12psi does anyone know the maths for calculating how much hp will go up per every 5psi out of interest? I'm dying to know what the output could be at drag-car levels of boost! Thanks


beautiful and menicing car, that goes without saying, but also beautiful pictures dude some of the best photography ive ever seen


Anyone have an idea of what the output would be if the boost was ran at near drag-car levels? Just wondering... :)


WOW darth wader of the viper family !!!! and yes desktop of the ngine pleease??? its masterpiece !!!!


Desktop of the first pick please. Madness perfected!


DESKTOPS 1, 3, 8 !!! PLEASE!


You guys asked for it, so here it is. The Twins Turbo Motorsports 1997 Dodge Viper with its humble two


who care's about jdm cars with american marvels like this


Sorry, I meant typo, my bad.


Whats up there fellow SpeedHunters. Eric from Twins Turbo here. We finally had a chance to bring our