I’m sitting here in the Irish Speedhunters office thinking about this car. I attended my first ever drag event year at Rotorstock which also played host to the HKS Drag Series. As I waited trackside for the Pro Class competitors to line up and perform their practice runs, this R33 Skyline was rolled past me to the startline. A small decal across the rear bumper read ‘It’s only a GTS-T.’ I dismissed the car almost instantly as I have no passion for R33 Skylines and especially the GTS-T variant. When this car launched from the line some moments later, I was not so much served some humble pie as I had it rammed down my throat.

As far as I can research, this car still holds the record for the world’s quickest Nissan Skyline with a staggering 7.45s pass at 187.4MPH. If you watch the video you’ll hear the driver, John Bradshaw, lifting off the throttle before the finish line as the shift light had come on in top gear which had never happened before. So not only is the car the quickest, it’s still capable of more. I’m going to be visiting Abbey Motorsport in the UK this weekend to take a closer look at this very special car.




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Fastest and quickest are two different things, this is the worlds quickest Skyline, not the worlds fastest :)



Yea, the worlds fastest down the strip is a NZ based heat treatments skyline, I believe.


Paddy, I'm slightly hurt you never read the feature in Banzai.... ;-)


Point taken Andy ! :-)


This car is one of the reasons we travel from The Netherlands to the UK a few times a year,,,It's simply stunning!


Paddy, youre an ill educated twat bag and your photos are shit.

Get a new job


heat treatments gtr is the fastest full body GTR in the world . It did a 7.59 @191.97mph , This Car is a two wheel drive half tube chassie , IF your going for fast RB powered car you might as well chuck in Robbie Wards RB30det powered F.E.D which is 7.2 sec passes . as it is as much of a skyline as this cars .


The Heat Treatments GTR is the world Fastest Full bodied Skyline & the worlds Fastest GTR , This car is a half body tube chassie ,so should be alot faster really . If you want an impressive Rb powered drag car to go with this months theme ,We need some video and pics of Robbie Wards RB30det powered F.E.D that has run a 7.21 on one of NZ below par drag strips .


Don't mind me as I get meaner when I get older.

Keep up the good work Paddy


Cheers for the comments guys, I'm trying to learn more about the drag racing world and I appreciate the constructive comments. When you say 'ful bodied' do you mean retaining the original chassis with panel's, lights etc ?


Get a feature on the Z project they are building.