Random Snap>>cr-z On Te’s

Now that the Honda CR-Z is finally hitting dealer lots here in the US, I've started to take quite an interest in the little car.

I was browsing the CR-Z section of Minkara earlier today when I found this white car dropped on Buddy Club dampers and equipped with 17" Volk TE37 SL's.

Looks great doesn't it? The owner of this car also has an awesome AE86 Levin, so you can expect to see some cool things here.

-Mike Garrett

More CR-Z's on Minkara



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I like it!!! Return of the honda hatch!


A lot of people probably won't like it until they see it repeatedly but with a nice drop and some wheels its certainly improves the looks.


It needs to get rid of the hybrid motor and the not-so-awesome L15A. Then, a K20 must be fitted in it's place.

I like the design though.


if this thing had a K20 it would be so retardedly awesome. Looks the part, though if it were mine I'd have it on white TE's.


The nose cone looks so good.


it looks good but like just abot every car honda makes its FF double FFail


Does anyone know if/when these hit Canada?


looks great. cant wait to see what people start doing with these.


K20 this thing already!!


Agree with the K20


Solid rear-axle, mcpherson struts and heavy. No thanks! Honda spirit is gone.


Really do like it.


my buddy from N.Y. bought one last week and when he came by to visit I got to take it for a spin.

The handling is good, I only drove it for like 15 minutes but it felt like it had lots of potential. The dash looks awesome but the drive train has to go. I tested all three modes,

sport, normal and whatever the other one was... i forget but it didn't matter all it did was make the gas

pedal feel mushy. sport is the only way I would drive it if it were mine.

I will take one with a k20 and non of the add ons like the gps navigation and all the doo dads it has.

Keep it as light as possible and definitely a k20!!!

Come on honda not everyone wants a hybrid.

also , for being a hybrid... the gas mileage is not that great.. My friend says he's getting like 30mpg...


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if only this had the 2.2L s2k drivetrain =[


Looks dope. The CR-Z will definitely be my next car.


i like the style~cool~


Finally! A hybrid I wouldn't be ashamed to drive.


This looks great. But the car made by Honda is a complete disappointment. If Honda wants to save face they'll ditch the do nothing IMA powertrain and through a K20 in there STAT.


Looks great on the TE's. Return of the CRX!




Looks sweet but this thing DEFINITELY needs a k20 version... The looks just dopn't match that slow souless engine. word.


The color of those TE's is not so cool.

Maybe a bronze or white can be awesome.


I think the power is a bit low, actually it's unacceptably low. Hopefully making some power isn't going to come at a high price. If so then I only see this car furthering the show and no go movement. I'm not going to lie though I like the car based on looks alone. Why else would I click this lol?!?!


Looks horrid. Also...TE37's? I could almost expect that.


i love the front end of these cars, but that narrowing back end just doesn't do it for me - but i'd still have one...


Is Speedhunters going to post a picture of every car that has TE's now? Seen my Smart Car on 16" TE's?


Honestly.. the car is still a joke. What is it? A sports car?? Nope o-60 around 10 seconds. Is it a Fuel efficient car? Nope 35 mpg.... Is it usefull? Nope as it has no back seat and minimal cargo capacity. Hell a old CRX is faster has more storage and gets better gas millage. Or buy a Golf TDI and get better performance and milage.


I think it looks awesome.

Few months ago I was at Type One/ Spoon garage in Tokyo, and I had the pleasure to talked to Ichishima san regarding the future of the car. He said that there could be a CR-Z with a K20 swap in the near future...

I'm sure Hasport will jump on it right away.

Unfortunaty, for those hella flush people seeking for the ultimate wheel tuck, having a rear solid axle won't help with camber play.....and maybe that's a good thing.


I love how I post that the car is unfocused being neither fast nor fuel efficient and my post gets yanked.. How is stating that 0-60 in 10 seconds fast and only 35 mpg efficient, and pointing out the Golf TDI is faster and gets better mileage not an appropriate post?


@ Fooman, I agree with you. The car can't be categorized. Straight off the showroom floor it's NOT fast, it's NOT economic, and it's NOT practical either. I think Honda dropped the ball on this one. Another good idea with horrible execution.


I don't care what you do to that car; it's still hideous.


Fooman is totally right. This car (and every other Hybrid) is a joke. My 1988 CRX HF regularly got 45MPG, was faster, and had double wishbone suspension. I know that passive safety standards are killing curb weights (and therefore MPG) of modern cars but that is not an excuse to make cars like this- trying to be sporty AND efficient but doing neither.


i love it but its needs that K20 like everyone says


ugly and ridiculous car, its so useless, its small its not efficient and is very very slow, for comparison BMW 335Xd have the same fuel consumption but is 265hp 510Nm and run 0-60mph in 6sec :)


Look at that front overhang !!!


Forget the K20 and drop in the 2.3-litre straight-4 K23A1 turbo from the Acura RDX. Blammo!


I'd rather roll around in an old CRX.


Have any of you morons driven the 6 speed manual of this car? Or is all of this based on the auto version? Being a previous owner of a 91 Honda CRX "HF" I can tell you from driving the manual version it would smoke an HF easy.


F; 7.5J +40



RIchATTK said:

I'd rather roll around in an old CRX.

Amen to that.