Event>>nisei Showoff 2010 Pt.1

As sure as overcast mornings, brown hillsides, and wildfires, the Nisei Showoff in downtown LA is Southern California summer time tradition.

After last year's show, rumors were flying that the Nisei Showoff would be no more as redevelopment closed in on the event site.

As the title of this post states, there was in fact a Nisei Showoff this year – and boy it was a good one.

The parking lot at Alameda and 1st Street in Little Tokyo is still there (for now), and the west coast's movers and shakers were back this year to show their stuff. Nisei has a reputation as one of the epicenters of the import world – a can't miss event.

Things like the shaved and engine bay and customized valve cover are hallmarks of Nisei. Every year the boundaries are pushed further…

And more recently, aggressive wheel fitment and extreme stance have become another highlight of the show. More so this year than ever…

Cars like this Volkswagen CC are perfect examples of the above mentioned stance and wheel fitment. Gotta love the temporary tags still on the windshield…

If just one car could represent the "spirit" of Nisei, it would have to be the Phaze 2 EG CIvic. No doubt.

Then again not every car at Nisei is slammed, stretched, and shaved. Here's a couple Evos doing a more traditional tuner/street car thing.

One of my personal favorites of the day was this Honda Insight sitting perfectly on SSR Viennas.

Definitely one of the hardest looking hybrids on US shores.

This S2000 meanwhile looked a little more performance-focused.

Naturally, Nisei is dominated by Japanese cars, but you can always count on seeing some tough Euro machines as well. This E46 M3 was one of them.

As was this minty fresh 2002.

The SportCross version of the Lexus IS300 was never a big seller in the US, so it was pretty cool to see this one out there.

A little bB action. Nisei wouldn't be complete without it.

A little more compact style, this time of the Toyota variety. Not bad at all.

After seeing S-cars get the crap beaten out of them at drift events, it feels a little strange seeing them all shined up at car shows. That cage inside hints that this S14 does more than look pretty though…

86 perfection. Nothing less.

One of the best car designs of the '90s – the Lexus SC/Soarer. Looking awesome even in "Camry Beige".

Enkei RPF1's – another one of those wheels that look great on pretty much anything. This Toyota pickup for example.

I'll finish up with this sinister looking Z33.

More from Nisei on the way! For now I need to get back to sorting through your reader ride submissions.

-Mike Garrett



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Cali-Style is all on its own.. Pure initiative on everything!


Viva California !!!


OOOUUUU , i so glad the event was on this year. awesome cant wait for more mike


For gods sake do a feature on that s30.


thanks for taking a pic of my IS300 Sportcross Wagon!


I was there for this year's Nisei Week and ended up missing out on my yearly Mazfest meeting at California Speedway. I gotta say that a few cars really impressed me and one was that M3 up there tuned by HPF. Awesome show and hope it's there next year, too.


I concure with paul, feature on that s30!! mainly cause it gave a half shaft ;)


The valve cover on that first K series is blowing my mind


Man, I cannot believe that valve cover. Honda tuning scene seems to be paralleling closely with the low rider scene.


Please add a few more of that z in the first shot.


Zed pic is all win!

S14 looks nice too.


Any more pics/info on the blue kouki??


Anybody know who's CC that is?

I wonder how difficult the air ride fab was...

I'd really like to do something like that with the new CC.

Love the coverage Speedhunters! :D


Mean Machines


God that Kouki S14 Silvia looks HOT!!


Did you get more pics of the green car with the etched valve cover?


Beautiful S14. Simple, clean and effective.


waaaaaaant that s30 sooooo bad


gimme moar honda!


1st Zetto is beautiful. Any front picture??


Pic 11 - How to ruin an M3


you guys should've been there! there were 3 s30's at the event and all 3 were equally just as bad ass.

here's a link to my flickr gallery for event photos.




The blue Kouki looks like it's to die for, and Enkei RPF1's do make everything look better! hahaha I want a set for my prelude so bad.


infinit wheels reppin hard!


love the Insight+SSR's... plus the AE86's is always nice to see in fne fettle..


last pic - BLACK DEVIL CAR:D


Man...this show is so full of WIN. I do see a couple of hot cars creepin in the background. Like that White integra on slicks!