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Lets quickly start with part two of my coverage of the Tuning World Bodensee. Some of the comments in Part 1 stated that the cars I showed were typical German, flashy paint jobs, undrivable ride heights. But let me tell you it wasn't all about show cars, I'm sure you will agree after seeing these next few shots.

A Nissan Skyline R34 in white never fails to amaze me. Especially when it is equipped with white 18" 3 piece SSR Professors.

The old school GT-R emblem was a nice touch.

The only Supra I found was also one of the nicest ones I have seen in person. A Toyota Supra doesn't need much to grab your attention but a nice set of chrome wheels doesn't hurt either.

Red on black? Yes please. This combo looked great in the flesh. The wheels are some older Nismo GT3s in 18".

I had to choose between this RX7 and another one that was full with stereos and video screens. So it's obvious which one I liked better. The car had some carbon pieces including the hood and the spoiler.

Wheels are made by OZ and are called Superleggera, again a set of very lightweight wheels that can make a real difference on the racetrack.

This R32 had been imported by Newera imports and it had been tweaked by ATR Racing in Switzerland. The power graph looked very impressive with 460bhp and 493Nm at 5722Rpm.

Exterior wise it was all about performance with a carbon diffuser, carbon front splitter and Nismo lmgt4 wheels.

Time for something different on the complete opposite of what we have seen so far. This Volkswagen Jetta was filled with lots of details, like a bamboo roll cage, leather suitcases, an old sled, you name it, it was there.

Wheels are from a Renault, not sure which one.

It even had this working old school TV in the back.

Okay back to reality with this Mercedes SL V12 Biturbo. It had a lot of cool parts like the unpainted carbon front fenders and hood. Wheels are made by ADV.1 behind them are massive 6pot brakes.

One of my favorite cars on the show floor was this Opel Kadett C. I will have small spotlight about this car in a separate post.

Ah yes the ABT R8 GT-R. ABT managed to shave almost 100kg of its total weight thanks to some carbon parts like the hood and bumpers. The power has also been increased to 620bhp instead of 525bhp.

On the TV in the background you could the 24hrs race on the Nürburgring, too bad I didn't see our own Need for Speed Z4 GT3.

Another heavy weight in the supercar category was this Lamborghini Gallardo made by Hamann. This wouldn't look out of place in the Gumball3000 rally.

This Brabus built Mercedes C-class has been nicknamed the Bullit. It is capable of a top speed of 360km/h thanks to its 750bhp 6.3 liter V12 engine. The price? A little over 400.000 euro.

I really loved the color combination on this Golf mk5. The blue contrasted nice with the beige from the interior and engine bay. The owner also added some gold details.

The car had been dropped on airbags.

One very good looking Audi TT with a uprated turbo system and carbon bits inside the engine bay.

The steering wheel could only be handled with the white gloves. Again the theme of the red and gray from the outside continued inside the interior.

The wheels looked exceptionally good on this TT and again we see some red touches inside the wheel well.

That's it for part 2 in the third part I'll have a special from Japo Motorsport with a very special Mitsubishi EVO.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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supra wallpaper is a must :)))

do you have any more photos/info of the bike next to the abt audi??


Good looking TT? Contradiction in terms.


More pictures of that biturbo SL, please ;-o


the shocker


alright, some good ones there.. ;)


Nice feature.

But I'm not sure about the comment on German show cars.

Flashy paint jobs? Yeah, okay. In many cases. But, luckily, things are changing

Undriveable ride heights? Well, not at all.

he Golf MK5, the TT and Jetta are rolling on airbags.

Here in Germany, the cars have to have certain ride height.These cars may not be daily drivers, but at least the MK5 and the TT aren't trailer queens.


That looks like a No Limit Customs bike next to the r8... so pimp.



That bike next to R8 looks to be a Walz custom. Go here to see more:


I think they built a bike for Kimi Raikonen a couple of years ago.



but there was at least one more Supra to see (I think in blue). I will check my 700+ pictures for that...




Jetta Wheels are from Renault Modus ;)


Nice! I absolutely dig the Bullit, ever since it came out it was pure automotive $ex for me :D


what a shocker @ last pic :)


That Supra is mind blowing to me!!!! Wall Paper pleeease! Wow....haven't had my mouth drop looking at a car in a whiiiiiile. Wow. So simple, so clean, so.....perfect.


i was there, and the best place was where the skyline/supras where :)

there where a lot of cars, beautifully customized, but undrivable.

i love to drive a car, the looks is just a bonus to me.


Bamboo roll cages and leather wrapped exhaust manifolds....... show car guys are definitely on some other sh*t ;)


Great coverage man, awesome pics as always. Its good to see that some Germans and Europeans (no offense!) are keeping away from the airbags and flashy paint jobs. I especially loved the Gallardo, and how about some more pics of the SL65 and the white R34?

And if you can, what about a spotlight on that Hamann Gallardo?


Great japanese cars. Especially the R34s. But that bamboo rollcage on the Jetta is so silly, that it's great! :)


Exterior wise it was all about performance with a carbon diffuser, carbon front splitter and Nismo lmgt4 wheels. You forgot to mention the bigass fart cannon.


Could we pleease get a wallpaper of the white 34 and 32? My two fav's.


More info on the bike can be found here http://www.fatattack.ch/


To talk about your comments.

Undriveable ride heights are in every scene, and if it is actually too low to drive then it is on bags.

And yes the flashy paint jobs is mostly a German thing. As a VW guy I will say that everywhere else in the world including us Americans style cleanly, while in Germany it seems like the Honda scene 10 years ago.


TWB.... what a thrill in any aspect for car ethusiasts.....I would even say that it has more to it than the ESSEN Motorshow.

I am pleased that --Jeroen-- did enjoy our SKYLINE stand from the German SKYLINE-forum with SKY´s from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If prices for the most appreciated cars reagrding ---Computer Racing Games--- would be awarded, guess who´s stand would have swept the prices....LOL

We are not at all into Bling-Bling but are certain that real Car Drivers own cars with RHD !!!


Nice interior on the TT

SSR Professors > Work Meisters any day


love the Skyline on SSR Professors that looks cool.. like the Jetta, but htose wheels don't go... with anything LOL! MK5 VW Golf is detailed nicely.. even the two SuperCars were turned out well.. excellent quality photo's by the way..


The red R34 GTR is just killing it.nice wheels n colour combo


can u do a feature on the old skool jetta maybeee?


These cars are absolutely mint!


Hi guys, thanks for the comments on my white GTR R34:) Happy that it pleased the crowd;) For more pics, visit the UK Forum or this link:


Oh, and if ANYONE is great with Photoshop and can make me a wallpaper of my car, please send me one too!!!;)


Do you have some pics of the 2JZ powered E46 (satin/matte Red) ???


Diggin' that Red skyline with Nismos.




One of the main reasons I attended the Tuning World Bodensee event was to meet up with Bene Janssen from


One of the main reasons I attended the Tuning World Bodensee event was to meet up with Bene Janssen from