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I was glad to see that my coverage of the Mopar Spring Fling in Van Nuys went over pretty well, so here's a final batch of shots from Woodley Park last Sunday.

Up above we have a pristine example of Plymouth's upmarket version of the Road Runner, the GTX.

Hotchkis Suspension had a large booth at the show with a few of their project vehicles, including this minty Challenger.

And speaking of Challengers, here's the Hurst version of the new Challenger. I've been attracted to this thing ever since I saw it at SEMA last year.

How's this for unique? A Hemi-powered race car built out of a '62 Chrysler Newport. This thing was gorgeous.

Some more swap meet action. Note the famed Mopar "pistol grip" handle on the gear shift.

This Charger was in the "Under Construction" area of the show…

…sporting a fresh 6.1 Hemi swap out of a late model Dodge Magnum.

A fully restored Sox & Martin Barracuda drag car. Does it get any better than this?

The lightweight A-body is still one the most inexpensive ways to get into a classic Mopar. Whether its a Dodge Dart or Plymouth Valiant…

…or one of their fastback cousins, like this Plymouth Duster.

Here's Plymouth's version of the winged car – the Superbird.

They couldn't give these things away when they were new, and now they're some of the most prized collector cars in the world.

A bit love for the third generation Charger. Not as iconic as the '68-'70 cars, but still awesome.

There was even a selection of 1980's era front-drive Mopars at the show. Does anyone else remember that fake Dodge Aries commercial from the pre-YouTube days?

Factory specials like this '62 Plymouth were tearing up dragstrips and boulevards around the country before "muscle car" was even a word.

Mr. Kowalski even decided to drop by. Cheers if you pick up the reference.

Another nice example of a second generation Barracuda. What's that under the hood?

No, not a V8, but a hopped up slant six. Cool.

Here's a Challenger that needs just a bit of TLC.

And with that I'll wrap up my coverage of the Spring Fling. If you'd like to check this out, an identical event will be held in October known as the (surprise!) Fall Fling.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

-Mike Garrett



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'68 GTX up top is tits, and even has the proper 14" Magnum 500 wheels (a lot of people run the nearly identical 15" Ford wheels instead).

Note the strut towers on the black Charger, modern LX front suspension.

/6 'cuda FTW.


OA 5599

Love the film, love these shots, especially that Newport.


2nd gen Charger reminds me of a Kenmeri :)


awesome intake manifold on the 6 cyl Barracuda BLING!!! btw i think the vanishing point challenger had a black interior still great mopar muscle


This is DJ Super Soul! Great coverage.


I think you need to give your readers more credit!


Love everything but the 80's era cars. Should have been row of shame after seeing all the other ones!


great stuff Mike! lol seeing all of those K-cars reminds me of my childhood... just this past sunday i was cruising in Toronto and saw a *mint* Dodge Aries K, an '83 or '84 coupe, wickedness.


"The question is not when's he gonna stop, but who is gonna stop him."

Great coverage again speedhunters!


Vanishing Point ftw! I heart that car movie so much :)


My first car was a 69 Cuda..and when I played with muscle cars, it was all Mopar.

Good stuff!


love these cars to death.. LOL @ the Mr. Kowalski joke.. 'It's the maximum trip... at maximum speed' -

love the 'second generation Barracuda' the colour is cool.. we couldn't even run these cars in the UK with the cost of fuel out here - great coverage and the photo's are excellent..


lulz at vanishing point ref, i saw one of the original footage cars in south carolina a year back, mud and all, so beautiful


God, i want a Moper project car!


Once again, no turbo dodges. You can't tell me you didn't see any omni glh's, daytonas or lancers. We never get the respect we deserve.


Blackout, I didn't see many turbo dodges at the show. But I do know where there's a stash of them that we'll try to shoot sometime!


Nice to see the love for the 3rd Gen Charger! Beautiful cars...


Ok thanks. We never get any love.


If only the current Mopars were as cool as the ones from back in the day...