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Modified’s annual Tuner Shootout held at Firebird International Raceway in coordination with NASA Arizona is quickly approaching and we have just gotten confirmation that Full Race will be bringing their R14.

What makes this S14 so special is the transformation that it has gone through and it is now essentially a Skyline GT-R kit car – or R14 as Full-Race has named it – rather than a S14 with some GT-R parts bolted to it. It may still look like an S14, but it’s all GT-R where it counts.

Knowing full well that stuffing all of Godzilla’s running gear into a Godzilla Jr. sized package like an S14 chassis wouldn’t be a simple task, the Full-Race engineers made complete 3D computer models for every piece of the GT-R’s suspension and powertrain. They also completely modeled the S14 chassis and engine bay, at which point they could digitally overlay the GT-R components onto the S14 chassis to see how everything lined up. 

This four-month process was exhausting but the Full-Race gang new it would pay dividends in the long run. After that it was ‘simply’ a matter of putting in 16-hour days, engineering and fabricating all the custom pieces needed to make the GT-R drivetrain, double wishbone suspension, and AWD system bolt up to the S14 sheet metal.

A huge amount of work was also done in the front strut tower area, where the MacPherson strut design of the S14 suspension wasn’t making it easy for the GT-R double wishbone setup to make its home there. Full-Race cooked up an ingenious system for mounting the GT-R upper control arms using the existing strut tower bolt holes for positioning. Given the unique R14 configuration, custom built KONI shock absorbers are used specifically for this setup.

Inside the car was kept simple and clean retaining many of the stock interior pieces. Carbon fiber door cards and a roll cage were one of the few aftermarket additions.

If you’re in the Arizona area the weekend of April 9-10 and want to see the R14 in action then be sure to stop by Friday, April 9th for the dyno competition at UMS and Saturday, April 10th at Firebird Raceway with NASA AZ. This year’s Modified Tuner Shootout has 15 teams entered all battling it out in four events -drag, time attack, dyno, and autocross so it’s sure to be nothing short of spectacular.

I personally can’t wait to see the R14 finished and in battle trim. Check out Geoff’s build up of the car here.

-Peter Tarach

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Lovin the carbon fiber door panel


Wow thats exciting to hear it willbe racing and I cant wait to see pix of it in action! The R14 is one of my all time favorite project/built-cars, its such a great idea and well executed too. I'm surprised there arent more of that setup being done by DIY guys out there. Too bad RB parts are so much $$$ otherwise I'd think about building one myself... I miss my S14 so much now too.


I remember seeing this car in Modified Magazine several years ago. Have not see much of it sense then. The paint is supposed to remind you of a Battleship. I cannot wait to see what this car can do. Hopefully Speedhunters will cover the race with there awesome coverage.


The new set up is going to be awesome!


I still have that issue. Never understood why they did this..? Is this really THE way to get faster lap times..? Or did they just want an ugly GT-R..? Yeah I said it. What?


I have this modified issue. Thought it was the craziest thing. Didn't even know about Full Race back then lol


Keep up the good work MODIFIED MAG! I have a subscription to you guys, Super Street, & Import Tuner and you guys are by far the best!


Nuff Respect Full Race

N#1 of the 3 best S14's on the planet.

N#2 WELD Techniques S14

N# 3 Buwalda Hybrids 260SX

That is just an awsome car. i wish them the best.


ugly choice of wheels. other than that its perfect.


omfg gt-r killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this car does nothing for me. however i do have mad respect for the full race crew.


R14.... sounds good :D


Brutal. They should change the front to the A front


S14 + RB26 + High Mount Turbo = WIN!


I loved this build, but how come there are no videos of it flying around the internet?

I'm skeptical of its function ...




yeah its quite a mixed bag this one.. some nice touches but some strange ones too - but without being too negative its a good effort - "i just don't like those wheels??"


My brain just entered an infinite loop trying to process the awesomeness of what Full Race has done here. Though I'm also in engineering, albeit aircraft, so I geeked out on the fact they made full 3D computer models.


No word on what turbocharger Full Race are using? and as Cruelheart said, it's nice to have a geek over the 3D computer models


Something is fishy about a car that debuted nearly 4 years ago and no one has ever seen it run. I heard bad things about its functionality (or lack there of) on other forums. I expect Hasport to show up and do well though.