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This past weekend the inaugural Xtreme Drift Championship season kicked off, and what better place to start than at Irwindale Speedway, the House of Drift. After hearing about this new series over the past months, I was excited to see how the first event of the new series would go down, and was itiching to shoot my first drift meet of the year…

Sitting somewhere in between an amateur drift series and a pro series like Formula D, the XDC will hold events across the United States this year. There were plenty of familiar faces kicking about, including Formula D drivers in the competition, FD MC Jarod DeAnda doing his think on the mic, and '09 champ Chris Forsberg serving as a judge.

There was also a large car show held alongside the drifting. Typically car shows at drift events are pretty small, but there were hundreds of show cars at Irwindale on Saturday. A lot of them were a bit too "circa 2002" to post here, but there were quite a few nice ones too. Take this slammed Z33 for example.

As for the driver roster, naerly every part of North America was represented. Here's Mike Pollard smoking it up in his S13, just as he did back in November at the FD Pro Am Nationals.

The Lone Star State had a strong contingent, namely the three green cars from Non Stop Tuning. They included the AE86 of Will Parsons, the LS1-powered S13 of Aaron Losey…

…and the BMW E36 of Chelsea DeNofa. Chelsea is another driver with experience at Irwindale, and it showed in his runs.

Of course an event like this wouldn't be complete with someone repping the Pacific Northwest. Here's Gleb Antonov in his blister-kitted S13.

Back in the car show for a moment – the infamous Phaze 2 EG Civic chilling under the shade of the grandstand. Somehow it looks lower than the last time I saw it…

When it came to outright driving excitement, Forrest Wang was the one to beat.

Unfortunatley late in the weekend his S13 had some mechanical hiccups, putting him at a disadvantage in the tandem competition. Can't wait to see what he can do in Formula Drift this year.

And speaking of Formula Drift, Alex Pfeiffer was out with his personal Lexus SC. Given his experience at Irwindale, he was also a favorite to take the win.

Another shot from the car show, with a mean-looking E46 sedan sitting on bronze BBS LM's.

Also in the car show I spotted this new body style Nissan Maxima done up "VIP" style. Not too shabby…

If there's one thing I learned over the weekend, it's that Arizona knows how to build a drift car. Case in point, Chase Goodman's S13.

Sadly though, during practice on Friday afternoon Chase hit the wall on the outer bank and the car took some heavy damage. Such a shame. We can only hope it'll be back up and running up soon.

Another badass Arizona machine – George Marstanovic's LS1-powered FC. The look, the sound, the moves. It's all here.

George had a strong showing in the competition, eventually being eliminated by the fellow V8 FC of Brian Peter.

Competition-wise, Formula D driver Jeff Jones took third place in his 1JZ-powered S13.

Quoc Ly, the winner of the NFS time attack tourney last year proved he can handle a real car just as well as a virtual one, taking second place in his Drift Speed S13.

At the end of the day, it was Ontario Canada's David Briggs that was standing on top of the podium. David and his S14 took out a number of tough opponents on the way to victory.

Congrats to David and all the other XDC drivers for kicking off the series on a high note. I'm interested to see how the rest of the season progresses.

More from the XDC on the way!

-Mike Garrett

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I hate the idea of a v8 rx-7...


finally a bunch of good cars tell europe to take a hike jp and america only!


that e46 would look so much better without the center caps


What's up with the Maxima, it looks retarded, litteraly. There are some nice cars there though, really like the Z33 and BMW!


Good to see the drifting related posts starting to roll in as the season begins! I think the lights on the new Nissan Maxima borrow slightly too heavily from the 370Z haha. Anyone agree? Looks kinda odd. Rest of the car I like though.


@jb: I'm afraid I kinda agree with you there. There are some really bad (in the proper sense of the word) looking cars in the UK and Europe but if you look hard enough there are some really great ones too. I'm starting to see the odd properly stanced car on the road here in Sheffield but unfortunately the majority of modified road cars are just small hatchbacks with some huge "sporty" (awful looking cheap things) wheels chucked on them. But telling a whole continent to take a hike is a bit harsh :L


Damn that E46 looks hard!


good stuff,too bad about Forrest Wang's car,hes always been one of the guys to have the sickest drift cars and can drive like no other!should be cool seeing him compete this season at FD.

and could this be a preview for Quoc Ly's season in his gorgous car?

good to see the PNW is showing presence with Gleb Antonov....good stuff....and finally some drift coverage...was getting tired of all that fancty racing thats been covered.lol.


Congrats to Briggs! Sounds like his winter training in Cali has paid off big time.


the red centercaps on the e46 gotta go..bad choice on the maxima rims (not style but size) especially the tiny front ones and WTF is up with the indian style curtains does he do fortune telling out of the car?..jus plain caca!!...luv the 240s seeing them makes me exited 2 own 1 everytime... the hatchy is sexy whish my bros type r swapped didnt get stolen ;*-( but overall good post and nice pics



a v8 powered rx-7 is about as prime as it gets. torque all day fool.


sick of that phase2 hatch and if u want a v8 in a rx7... go buy a corvette then!!...



an rx-7 weighs hundreds of pounds less and looks much more choice brotha.


That purple car looks like it has some frame bent damage?


Nice pics!

Mike Pollard S13 looks nuts in that pic!


this is nasty.. looking forward to NJ




quoc ly's car looks soo toned down compared to his old S14


brown rims ftl


brown rims ftl


Do I spy some Q45s in the background of that Z33? lol

And what kind of rims is that purple S13 rockin'? They look like Nomuken's old rims [drool]


phase2 hatch is on bags now..sick cars, sweet z.


the e46 beemer looks military.. not the best colour choice for rims. The Maxima looks the part, very VIP. The Civic yeah it does looks as if its 'bagged' by now, but still looks sweet on those BBS!! all in all looks like a greast event/show - wish we had that kind of thing going on in the UK.. instead of those 'cheque book car show days'..


Haha, i know why you posted Mikes car in B&W. He needs to remove that shit.


@Josh(UK) the maxima came out first with the check headlights so I think the 370Z "borrows" them from the maxima


Great pics =)

Thank you for coming out to cover the event!




Let's continue with another batch of photos from the XDC season opener at Irwindale, shall we? Based on the vibes from the various blogs and forums out there, it seems like the first-ever XDC event was a success, and it's always great to see new


Let's continue with another batch of photos from the XDC season opener at Irwindale, shall we? Based on the vibes from the various blogs and forums out there, it seems like the first-ever XDC event was a success, and it's always great to see new


Let's continue with another batch of photos from the XDC season opener at Irwindale, shall we? Based on the vibes from the various blogs and forums out there, it seems like the first-ever XDC event was a success, and it's always great to see new


my ninja mark manansala reppin the front page of speedhunters!! lol.


E46 love. Yeah!!!


If you have it, post a picture of Auto Concept's Mini powered by a K24 engine.