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After seeing a widebody JZA80 at Fuji Speedway last month for the HKS Premium Day I was instantly reminded of this Abflug-Curve Supra I shot a few years back. To this day it is one of the most extreme body conversions I have seen, along with another mega-wide Abflug JZA80 I snapped years ago. You can always count on the guys at Abflug to shock and come up with unique designs with this particular GT-05 kit taking inspiration from the Supras that used to race in the JGTC championship, now known as the Super GT.

It was Amemiya-san at Curve that originally told me about this car, which belonged to his customer. Curve has for years collaborated with Abflug, Amemiya-san being the designer of some of their kits like one of their latest projects for the ZZW30 MR-S, which transforms the little Toyota into a Porsche Carrera GT look-alike. Having seen a couple of snaps of this particular car I arranged to meet the owner on a deserted wharf close to Kisarazu, on the Chiba side of the Aqua Line,

Seeing this car for the first time I was instantly impressed with the overall fit and finish of the body parts, highlighted in many areas with glossy carbon fiber. Amemiya was the one that fitted the kit but due to some extra requests from the owner had to carry out a few modifications. A small section of the wider front fender had to be cut out in order to accommodate the Curve door-conversion…

…which allows the doors to be opened conventionally but also be pushed upwards in true show-car style.

The interior could be described as well accessorized, the owner not wanting to go without anything, from color matched Recaro seats and Momo steering wheels…

…to GReddy and Blitz gauges.

In place of the passenger side airbag an additional LCD screen was fitted used to display the signal from the Pioneer DVD player, something that was done to keep the girlfriend entertained during long journeys.

The Abflug GT-05 conversion was joined by a TRD hood, and carbon fiber Craft Sqaure mirrors further adding to the GT-look.

An HKS intercooler and hard pipe kit was fitted along with an HKS F-Con V Pro ECU, custom mapped to get the most out of the stock 2JZ. The TRD strut tower bar keeps the chassis rigid up front.

The angular rear overfenders are riveted into position and prolong all the way to the rear end where they form…

…a pair of air outlets. Achieving a true race-car look at the back is the cut out lower section of the stock bumper which was done to house the carbon fiber diffuser. You can see the Amuse R1 titanium exhaust peaking out from the left corner.

The car definitely has tons of presence and as the owner explained gets tons of looks when he drives around in the city.

Wheels of choice are 18-inch Volk Racing TE37s, 8.5J up front and 9.5J at the rear wrapped in Advan Neova rubber.

The next step in the project was to get some more power from the engine, something that is definitely needed to match the outrageous looks the exterior exhibits! I’m not sure if the original owner is still in possession of this Supra, or if the engine work was carried out. Nonetheless a pretty stunning creation!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Except for the lambo doors, supra's pretty clean..


coooooool car


Wow, brutal looking Supra! Needs some more engine work though to back up that exterior, but looks awesome none the less. Great article Dino!


I'm not gonna lie, I think that looks horrible.


it's freaken ugly.


its got carbon fiber, a rear diffuser, titanium exhaust, but STILL has traction control..


Should be much lower for a race inspired car.


cool but why did they stop modding the engine. is this just a showcar or is this car also being raced?


Need moar power, and moar wheels, I mean c'mon, 8.5 and 9.5? supposed to be 10 and 12....


Is this a show car, or race car?


Nice Supra : ]


I wouldn't change this car for anything in the world. This is Abflug being nobody other than Abflug. Brilliant.


The car looks amazing! I wish it had more engine mods though! A supra aint a supra with out a big single turbo :)


Wow this is amazing, somehow it looks like a JGTC GT300 road legal Supra race car! (more than a GT500)


Desperately needs spacers.


Money cant buy you style.


Needs a good lowering and better offset wheels ASAP. The front splitter should be a bit lower too because it looks like it's in off-road mode right now.


needs wide/lower offset wheels and LOWER. then it would really look like a serious track machine.


AbFlüg = Instant Automotive BONER


needs help and lose the gaywing doors


i'm with Naga_Ten


dvds? lambodoors?cup holders?what is this a joke?


I'm sure the Tamon Design GT-1 Supra looks much better than this


I just dont understand why you would go through all the hassle of that wide body just to stick wheels/tires that would fit on a stock Supra..


I hate the interior, but blue interiors never do it for me. The outside, though...damn. The hard edges and carbon-fibre accents work beautifully. The folded-paper corners are something I've never seen on a Mark IV before, and I really like it. I'm also a sucker for bronze wheels.






This car sucks.


With normal doors, a shitload of weight saving, some man spec wheels/ride height and a bit of engine fettling this could be hard as nails, as it stands though, it's just showcar stupidity.


identity crisis.. but i salute his effort. vote for DESKTOP!


weak wheel setup


Beastly looking car, but really needs spacers. In dire need to be in fact. WIth the amount of money unleashed on the exterior and interior, i bet that motor is a monster by now. Prolly even has spacers on by now. Dino, you need to check up on this car!!! I bet its Beastly to the max by now.


ive always loved abflug... its just so 90s japan, haha... but yeah, te37s should only come in gtr offset, they look weak flat like that


call the offset police


Eh.... Well. I love supras, but not this one. The body kit is real ugly.. Carbon is out of place, especially near wheels it makes me feel this car is a SUV. Wheels are out of place, The style of kit itself is really really bad... It looks built by a drunken woodchopper. Sry, i agree with Muzaffar, the one from Tamon is FAR suited for Supra as it should be.


People need to stop complaining about the wheels. For all you fanboys know, they may actually be good for something in that size.


unique car. I think it's going in the right direction for the owner, who obviously likes cars with crazy JGTC style. do agree that those wheels don't really fit the car.


I actually liked this car to begin with. A big body kit that I actually though looked nice overall. Then I saw the interior. I was like oh, erm no this isn't good. Looks like he popped down to Halfords and grabbed one of everything of the shelf and hope it would all look good together. Only other thing I think doesn't look quite right on the car is the wheels. The fitment isn't aggressive enough.


damn those supras with uber high offsets! Please please put some aggressive TE's on there. It just looks so damn sunken! sick car none the less.


I cant decide if i like it or not. from some angles its but ugly and some its good looking


Skinny said:

"Money cant buy you style."

Quoted for truth.


not really my style maybe it looks better in person


it's original, that's for sure. Looking good froma few angles, but not all. The one thing that always gets me is the CF overfenders on the already wide aero. From a distance it makes this Supra look jacked up like an SUV or a pickup. Paint them white and it'll definetely look better.


Thats the worst looking Supra I have seen.


cobalt_griffin. yeah man, its the CF overfenders that almost ruin it. it does look lifted.


i just threw up...that thing is nasty


This shit's a fugazi...


Yeah... This car is just not right... Needs more low, lose the lambo doors among other things... Just looks cheap somehow


Wow. That thing sucks. Is it a show car or a race car? Who cares, let's just throw more money at it! What a moron.


those wheels are so damn flat


man, if this was 2004, all u dorks talking about fitment and stance would be e-masturbating over this car.


Interesting mix of reactions, fortunate for the owner I don't think he is worried about a bunch of internet people. Major props to him, this is not a Supra you will see every day. Even though its not everyone's cup of tea, just shows more people are without class than the car.


this supra looks crap. i agree it looks like its had a lift because of the fenders. the interior looks like a random buch of stuff the owner's just bought from the shops and tossed on the dash on the way home. need better wheels and stance. also needs work on the engine. That body kit that looks WAY outta place on a supra.

"money can't buy you style"


8.5 and 9.5 is stock width wheels on a supra. They are running these wheels on a widebody car? It needs 18 x 11 and 18 x 12 wheels.

Fix that, and lower it.

It will look great.


Well the outside is very purposeful looking except for the fitment of the wheels and the height. Interior looks odd especially with the table. Engine is nice. This supra has potential if it would fix a couple things.




Wrong rims (GT-C or GT- V much better),wrong Color (back in 2005 abflug was antracite and looks awesome) , wrong clearence (is that car is pretend to be a JGTC car HAH) , and overall impession about car was ruin in one moment((( Tamon design is from the same opera. I think Supra JZA80 no need much to be a stylish....




The argument that those wheels may be good for something....yeah right. Super GT Supras had nice flush wheels, and I'm sure those were good period.


High, ugly and it has a booster seat.


u know what they say in situations like this? "if u can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"

-that being said, i have nothing more to say...


The huge ass fart cannon ruins the entire car.


This car has no idea what its trying to be


I love it, a very unique appeal on a Supra. For a while I thought of the bat-.


ugly and fitment fail


la caisse est superbe c'est du reve,,,,, respect au porteur d'idee


Personally, the bodykit looks interesting, but the stance brakes the whole car. There's a huge need for offset, fill those arches some more...


if this was 2004 i would still think the wheels look bad. this is some gran turismo 2 mess lol


Creo que es una preparacion muy racing al estilo DTM aunque para mi gusto un poco recargada, seguramente y demasiado ancha... un estilo menos gordo le viene mejor al supra ya que es un coche ancho de porsi salu2


yes i agree with everyone about the wheels and stance. this car would be great if an actual tuner got their hands on it. as it sits now it looks like shit, like the above posts state, money cant buy style, but it can buy you a whole lot of internet flaming...


I personally never like Abflug body kits.. i think they are to curvy and have too much "cuts" in them. Thanks my opinion though.


Can't say I am a fan of this Abflug body kit, but Abflug made another one for the Supra which I really like, which I believe is the AB-FLUG S900 CONCLUSION WIDE BODY KIT.

Besides the Lambo Doors, the wheels / offset / stance / engine hardware + the overall clean-ness of the car is great.


This car is an atrocity. Why on earth would you run a wing on the street?


^ Ab-flug S900 supra is INDEED, awesome.


hmmm?? not the best looking Supra i've ever seen.. i would think that the aggressive styling is not going to be everyones 'cup of tea'.. i hope it [the kit] does what its supposed to.. the interior seems to be suffering from a 'Saturday afternoon at the local aftermarket tuning accesory shop' overkill!! when all siad and done i do like Supra's.. but this one.. although having a lot of money spent on it, is not my my top ten..


not liking the doors


Nice, very nice, but it needs some wider wheels. Maybe 10.5" in the rear and 9.5" in the front to fill out those guards. Other than that, nice!


Disgusting. Really.


I like absolutely nothing about this car.


it looks horrible i dont even know why you would screw up the beautiful body lines on the supra and put that horrible body kit. that thing looks like a rice bucket and maybe he should consider looking at the website to get a lesson on wheel fitment!! and the interior is just as ricey as the outside. thats something you see at hot import nights with mirrors all around it and strobes lmao


and it doesnt even have the power to back up all that horrible aero body crap thats a waste of money unless your gonna race at the salt flats


Lambo doors + terrible off set TE37s on a wide body no less = FAIL


wheel fitment = loss


Well said C-LOS .. BAAAHHHHH


awesome. thanks speedhunters_dino


awesome. thanks speedhunters_dino


Some of the streched pictures hurt my eyes! My eyes, my eyes!