Random Snap>> Norris Two Door Evo

A car like this could be considered as a misfit or maverick. Norris Designs are responsible for this creation, a short wheelbase EVO 9. There are so many trick parts on this car but I'll start with the engine. It is powered by a 2.24L long rod high deck engine, it delivers 950bhp and 700lb-ft. Thanks to its low weight of 1180kg the car is capable to go 215mph and does the quarter mile in 9.26 seconds. You can check out the complete spec list on Norris Designs.

But it is not the engine that makes this car special. The fact that the car has a shorter wheelbase and only two doors makes this car a true maverick. I hope to see it in action this year during the 2010 Time Attack season.

-Jeroen Willemsen