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The Mustang RTR-C is simply a far-fetched dream of mine that came true thanks to the hard work and dedication from everyone that I teamed up with for the project. While it started as a one-off SEMA project and a sick street car for me to rock, it has spawned into something much bigger and has turned into the inspiration of me wanting to create the more affordable Mustang RTR and the overall RTR brand.

My initial vision was pretty simple, I wanted to build the most badass modern Ford Mustang street car/weekend warrior that one could imagine. A car that any automotive enthusiast could not help but love. A machine you could cruise around town with your better half and something with power that could give you whiplash.

The fully adjustable suspension components and in-dash adjustable shock dampening enable the car to be setup for casual street cruising or full-blown track action and the response to the car has been overwhelming since it’s SEMA debut. It has been everywhere online; in fact, Autoblog dubbed the RTR-C “The Best Mustang of SEMA”.

The fact that is was the runner-up here on Speedhunters in the “2009 Demo Car of the Year” category was the icing on the cake and just simply flattering. Stay tuned for a full feature in Mustang 5.0 and a review in Car and Driver in the near future.

The Mustang RTR-C starts out as a showroom stock Mustang GT. It is then taken to Autosport Dynamics ( to start it’s transformation. (I would like to share more of these pictures, but I don’t want to clutter Linhberg’s artwork with these.) Perhaps I will do a buildup feature in the near future.

Everything including the roof is then replaced with the highest-quality, lightest, and strongest carbon fiber out there. This is not your average “carbon fiber” which is fiberglass with a layer of carbon over it . Only the “real deal” for this machine!

Absolutely no expense was spared and attention to detail was the theme during the build of the RTR-C.

The 20×11 HRE CF40 wheels wrapped in Falken rubber dwarf the 4-piston Wilwood brakes and 14 -inch rotors in the rear. If you look close you can see the anodized blue adjustable lower control arm peeking through.

The HRE wheels actually are made with a 100% carbon fiber hoop with a forged aluminum center. 19×9.5 are what was chosen for up front. They are crazy light at just 18lbs. The braking on this car is obviously pretty serious from the pictures. The Wilwood 6-piston brakes up front and 14-inch rotors are most likely the culprit for me almost smashing my head on the windshield the first time I touched them (not joking).

Behind this carbon fiber grill rests the heart of the RTR-C, as well as an over-sized radiator. This is equipped with a 4.6L 3-valve motor with a Ford Racing Superpack Supercharger kit with an upgraded heat exchanger pushing over 550HP. All of the RTR-C’s to be built will come with the new 5.0L 4 valve motor and a Ford Racing Supercharger to put out an estimated 650+ HP.

That is obviously a ton of HP for a car that weighs 3355 lbs wet. When considering all of the performance components and adjustability of the suspension “on paper”, it is possibly the most insane street trim Mustang ever offered. It should put down some serious numbers on the track and I can’t wait to test it!

The quality of the carbon work is hands-down top notch. When we were finalizing the build plans I was 100% stuck on making the weave of the carbon line up throughout the entire car, including all seams and spaces.

As you can see the team made it happen. That request was inspired by the Pagani Zhonda. Pictures really don’t do justice.

If you love carbon like I do, you can seriously stare at this car all day just like a fire.

Like an open fire it is extremely captivating, pictures just cannot do it justice. (Sorry Linhbergh!)

The interior was designed to let you know you are in a serious machine, but not to scream it at you. I wanted it to be simple, classy, and modern. The carbon fiber adjustable leather seats were custom made by Sparco specifically for the RTR-C.

A leather-wrapped and stitched rear seat-delete keep RTR-C owners from putting babies in the back seat, and the harness bar ensures your harness’s will be holding you tight!

Up to this point I have not been able to drive the car hard. It will be going to Ford Racing for a tune then hitting the proving grounds shortly there after for some suspension tuning. Did I mention I cannot wait!?!

Initially the car was going to be a one-off street car for me to enjoy. However, once the finished product was revealed, I felt it wasn’t fair to not offer the car to the world. We decided to offer limited-production of ten that will be built-to-order starting in April 2010 selling for $135k each. Based on the bill of materials, it’s actually pretty “cheap”  for what you get. More information can be found at

Not the worst sight to see in your garage.

Here is the final rendering by Caleb Clark completed just prior to the start of the project. It is mind-blowing crazy to look at this picture and realize it went from this in January 2009 to a finished product that drove into SEMA November 2009. There is no possible way that would have happened without the dedicated team at ASD and everyone else that helped out with this project.

To see the RTR-C go from my brain to paper through the actual build process to the finished product has been an truly incredible experience. Through all the insanity, my least-favorite part was writing the checks to make it happen…….. :)

Special thanks to Linbergh for leaving his warm California home and freezing with us to take these pictures.

– Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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that thing is bad


This is, without a doubt, the coolest Mustang i've ever seen.

Loved the brakes, the interior and the raw carbon fiber body!!!


Amazing vehicle, so with all of the figures to make this vehicle possible, what is an approx price?

Fantastic to say the least!


Fantastic. Great work JR.


Very beautiful, and the numbers of weight to HP...awesomeness


Wow! Insane. The weave lines up. I'm surprised its only down to 3350lbs. How much weight was saved? I think you mentioned in a different post. 18lbs is light for a 19" wheel. 5.0 in the house! Can't wait for that motor to hit the regular GT's. Amazing car sir!


I never wanted a Mustang, until now... Seriously cool.


Makes me want to a buy a 2011 GT


now i cant decide which one i like more.....the RTR-C or the Saleen


loving the first shot with the jet!


3355lbs is kinda hefty imo. i wouldve thought lighter... ill stick to my s chassis thanks.. :P


Wallpapers please!!!!


Awesome, JR. Comes with a Nardi Classic, too?



desktop please!!!! sweet looking car man


Usualy I really dont like american cars cause i find them to big, with a 6.0 somethin liter motor pumpin out much less than it could but this is one seriously mean machine. very well build with a touch for perfection.

great job!


not a big mustang fan but that thing looks so beastly


JR, it was truely awesome seeign this come to life and working with you and the ASD team on the RTR-C. Thank you for the kind words and ROCK ON!!! to a killer 2010 season.


I want one! And I'm an ex-camaro owner!!!

I wonder if they kept the stock gearing...?


Great feature! Really feelin' the Nardi Classic.


I don't remember ever being this excited about a mustang. Really hoping we get to see what's under the hood!


Thats a sick ass car JR. I remember meeting you at the Hooters in Fairfax back in 2006. Youve come a long way bud. Good luck in the future.


I'm sad there will "only" be 10 of these, I would prefer to see the number reach 100's! the price is great considering the entire package and I'm sure you can sell dozens over a few years. awesome article and great pics, I hope I can see an RTR-C in person someday! perfect choices in components and design as well as the finished products look, totally menacing but still streetable, thats difficult to achieve.


The rear disk calipers look to be 6 pistons not I right?


Dude holy crap, this thing is amazing. So lucky you got the chance to make your own car. I wonder if they would let him drift his season is one of these?


It's "adjustable shock damping" not dampening.


Very High tech and expensive materials, until you go to the rear end a end up with that old, cheap, and low tech rubish live rear axle.


we demand wallpapers :)


Thanks Vaughn Gittin for building a car that everybody can afford.


beautiful car. wallpapers please




Wow this is the first mustang I like since the 03-04 cobras. That really says alot too


Pagani ZONDA, not Zhonda,you mistyped :)


Question for comments: At $135... RTR Mustang or ZR1 Corvette?


epic car but please mention weight in kg, at least inside a (322kg) perentes?


@AhoAmeko: Last I heard they were playing around with the thought of offering a non-carbon fiber version of the body kit for average consumers.

All and all this car is spoogetastic. If I could have some 1900x wallpapers of this I would do a backflip.



I would go with the mustang. Sure the ZR1 Vette has the small frontal area good for top speed along with a few other details but to tell you the truth nothing Gets my motor runnin'" like the curves of the latest bodystyle mustang. The fact that is looks so damn good in CF is just a mega bonus.


I believe this is what all Mustangs should aspire to. I'll have to pick me up one (a GT, not this RTR variant, which might was well be $1,350,000 because I can't afford either) when they start coming with independent rear suspension.


Wow, that looks beasty. Impressive.


very nice stang


"Absolutely no expense was spared and attention to detail was the theme during the build of the RTR-C." I remember when the first pics came out from its showing at SEMA and I must agree with this statement, I would love to shake the hand of the guy who took the countless hours making sure the carbon fiber weave matched so eprfectly between body segments.


Wow! I normally have no interest in Mustang's but this just too awesome not to want one!


lol even if its not an RTR-C the normal RTR still looks pretty badass


Freakin' badass. :)


not a huge Mustang guy, BUT THAT IS SIIIICCKKK


I am not a huge mustang fan but this one is sweet looking. but they say affordable like $135,000 is cheap for a car I mean this Mustang or The ZR-1 tough choice


I have a blank cheque, give me and address to send it to, and send one of these to me.

Amazing work!


Nicely done Stang...Like the fact that Ford's quality is coming up. Makes it even more convincing.


I laugh when I see all the work that went into this car and the simplest of solid axle suspension tuning was ignored. The pics make it clear that that rear lower control arm is not parallel to the ground. I bet this car drives like shit.


Wallpapers and a great write Vaughn.. a mustang I wouldnt mind owning!


carbon fiber fetish... hahahahahaha... i want one...


WOW!!! Thanks alot, I am glad to see all the positive feedback!

@Hectspeed- we dropped about 450lbs with the carbon. some of it was put back on with the larger brakes, supercharger, oversized, intercooler etc. it would be real hard to get this down any lower in a street trim.

@ ALEX- They are a 6 piston caliper case with 4 working pistons.

@ JOliveira- While it might be historic sometimes you cant beat generations of a proven platform. outpeform's the other IRS Muscle cars STOCK for STOCK and runs real good with a 370z stock for stock.

@AhoAmeko- I did! The Mustang RTR...

@ Greg email if your serious.

@bobby- Good Eye! The suspension has not been tuned yet. There is adjustable lower control arm mounts for the car to handle that issue. As far as the solid axle see above.

Thanks again for the support everyone!


This thing makes me want a Mustang... i never thought i would say that.


Unlike most of the others, I am a mustang fan! With this look the ugly 2010 rear end hardly looks ugly! Nice job!


the only dislike i have for this pkg is the tires...FK452 is hardly the top choice for me...but of course we all know why the FKs are chosen


"Thye are a 6 piston caliper case with 4 working pistons"?....what is that?

How much does it sell it for, $135,000?......I'd buy a Porsche GT3 instead.....sorry.


Wonder why they (FORD) haven't gone to a double independant wishbone rear with HD drive axles? JR, have you thought about adding Carbon Fiber/Ceramic rotors to match the chassis? Give it sickness to another level :-)


I love this car. It is simply amazing! To see pictures is breath taking, but seeing it in person is on a whole other level. I'm honored that my car was next to this RTR-C at SEMA. JR is one cool dude. Great idea and I love this car!


@Linhbergh, AMAZING photos man! Glad you didn't freeze to death while you were here.

@JR, great write up man! It was truly an honor being a part of such a ground breaking car build. I can't wait to start the next crazy, yet equally amazing car build with you bro!

@Sparco, @American Racing Headers, @Wilwood Engineering, @ TEIN USA, @Falken Tire, @HRE Wheels and of course Ford Racing & Ford Motor Company, thanks for all your support!!


lol at the nardi steering wheel, looks weird in an american car


Its ZONDA, don't diss the beautiful car please


Not bad for a Ford ;P


Emir thats only matter of a taste, if you cannot drive classic ferrari or alfa put the nardi in your car and feel good :)


Picture 1 and 19 will make great wallpaper


Think about it, 135K for a mustang with some CF panels, intricate interior work, and a sub-par motor. Not worth it


Anyone that is paying $135k for it is getting one of 10 mustangs to be produced, The fact that you have a numbered specialty vehicle will only drive up the price as the car gets older. I'm looking foreward to seeing one of these on barett jackson someday selling for 1.3m


The yellow fogs over sweet carbon fiber make this car the most bad-ass mustang i've ever seen. Great job JR!!!


I have to agree with Matt. How much more do you think your head would swell after pulling up to your buddies in this thing, to also add the fact that its only 1 of 10 made. Thats Extra Exclusive!!!!!!


This post was mentioned on Facebook by Falken Tire: The one of a kind, of ten, or eleven? The under-a-dozen-made Mustang RTR-C.



Same here, I've never seen such a jawdropping Mustang before. This car is absolutely stunning


I will take one please, minus the silly supercharger. There's absolutely no need for a blower over the front end on a car like this.


Aww man - i really want one of these with the supercharger (as am biased) love the front end.. mean & moody!! top notch on the carbon fibre work throughout excellent!


Oh can we PLEASEEEEEE get a link to some high resolution pics? I want to drool over this car everytime I get on my computer!!!!


???????????? ??????!!!


I always wanted to own a ford mustang, and this car is really a hotty, I just hope this car is worth the price of $135K. Seriously I would reccomend to everyone who is thinking about getiing this car to check out the features and the base price of the regular model to see if the RTR is really worth its price.

Don't get me wrong I really am a Mustang fan, but I would really think twice before getting the RTR

Good Luck on getting one of the RTR,s and remember what I said.


You know you need to make the 1st pic a wallpaper, we need some new ones. VA represent!


It wasn't until just recently that modern muscle cars started to shed some of their uncoolness with


Very, very nice car. Would love some wallpapers!


Very, very nice car. Would love some wallpapers!


... d@mn. My nipples just got hard from reading all this, and NOT from the cool air.

This is, indeed, a lustworthy piece of machinery.


Best Mustang ever!! Period.


OMG! Jr. that thing is rad dude. I am blown away by how awesome that looks. The stance is perfect the style is perfect the entire car is absolutley perfect bro. I love everything about and what it stands for! Keep up the hard work man you are doing a great job!


It wasn't until just recently that modern muscle cars started to shed some of their uncoolness with


It wasn't until just recently that modern muscle cars started to shed some of their uncoolness with


i've never seen a nicer mustang it's pony car perfection




NEED DESKTOPS!! It would be a sinful tease to not make some of these desktops. Way to attractive.


It wasn't until just recently that modern muscle cars started to shed some of their uncoolness with


wallpaper pls....pls....pls..


Damn it!it's so goergerous!!


AWESOME! Thank you for building that wicked Mustang!


Dang, Jr. please drop one of these off in my driveway! i'll trade my 92' passat for it :P


When you hear of the name Top Secret, or of the legendary tuner, Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata, you'll


When you hear of the name Top Secret, or of the legendary tuner, Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata, you'll


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project




I would love to own one of these beautiful machines. Where do I sign up??? I have seen many  "MUSTANGS" but nothing as sick as what Im seing now. The brakes just look unreal and the whole entire car just takes my breath away! I would love to see this thing in person...were can I see this beautiful work of art? As a Mustang and Ford fan for over 35 years this has been the best I have seen. Outstanding job to the crew...