Car Spotlight>> Speedart Btr Ii 580

While visiting Essen this year I stumbled upon this Porsche 997 Turbo on the SpeedART stand. I started taking pictures right away but was approached by friendly lady who invited me inside the roped off stand for some better pictures. But once inside stand, I found it a bit cramped and had a hard time to taking clear shots of the car.

So I walked up to SpeedART’s PR lady again and asked if I could visit their factory next year, you know, in order to get better photos of their tuned Porsche. The car is called the SpeedART BTR II 580 and is based on the Porsche 997 turbo 3.8 liter with PDK gearbox. Fast-forward to yesterday when I got an email from SpeedART asking if I would be willing to testdrive this car. So next year I will be visiting their factory and give you a full report on how this car drives.

‘Till then I’ve written this Spotlight for you guys.

With increased power you need better cooling and improved downforce. SpeedART achieved this with a new chin spoiler that directs its air towards the brakes. Other parts that complete the bodykit inculde the sideksirts, rear diffuser and two spoilers in the rear.

Another great feature on this car are the LSC Forged wheels, LSC stands for Light Spoke Competition. They come in 20″ x 8,5 in the front and 20″ x 12 in the rear with 245/30 and 325/25 ZR20 tires. The wheels can be custom finished in every color the buyer wants. Handling duties are carried out via a adjustable Sport Suspension that has various variations ranging from ‘Street’ to ‘Race’.

Ofcourse this car wouldn’t be complete with an power increase. SpeedART managed to squeeze a extra 80bhp and 120Nm out of the 3.8 liter boxer. The achieved this by using a modifed ECU to increase the turbo boost. They also replaced the exhaust with new racing exhaust with big single tips. The exhaust can also be equipped with a sound control switch.

As the picture shows you it isn’t just throwing parts on the car. Most of the German powerhouses test their creations thoroughly and can even provide the customer with some sort of guarantee certificate.

Thanks to the power increase the car now reaches a top speed of 325km/h and does 0 to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds. Impressive to say the least. SpeedART is also working on a 650bp version with bigger VTG turbo’s, maybe they have it ready when I will visit them next year.

I can’t wait for next year, when I’ll visit more of these powerhouses which call Germany their home. 2010 is looking to be a great year for Speedhunters!

-Jeroen Willemsen




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That is a good looking motor!


Im so jealous of u jeroen...first they let u to photo the car up close, then offer u...OFFER U!! DRIVE the car!


very very nice car....


Love it with the black and red wheels! Does it run the colored wheels on one side and the plain ones on the other?


Awesome car jereon and you lucky devil for getting to test it next year! Order mine while your there.




that car is awesome, but the red on it is not nice IMO


Jeroen, I'm jealous. I hope you know that.


that car is amazing looking


Really not a fan of the two-tone styling crap, but besides that this car is seriously awesome. Have fun driving it, don't think that'll be a problem!


It can do that being stock :S


I really like the match of color it makes the car more agressive, Raw


i just came.


thats a very very sssssssseeeeeeeexxxxyyyyyy car


really nice work done by speedart but not really liking the wheels though, prefer the wheels from the fourth pic


A lot of modded porsches are either too subtle or OTT. This is gorgeous I love the red highlights and the RS like graphics with gun metal grey. Great contrast! Yum yum!