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I can remember way back, I always followed a website called after it was featured in a edition of the HCI magazine. They always showcased amazing looking cars and had a video that accompanied each feature. I always loved that site until it went offline. But thankfully this was followed up by an affiliate site called and after checking it again not too long ago I came across some fine automobiles from Hawaii. I'm still amazed at the quality of the builds they have there, they look like if they came straight out of a Junction Produce folder.

The one car that struck me the most was this Toyota LS400 or Celsior as they are called in Japan. This particular one looks extremely nice with its custom wide fenders and Junction Produce bodykit.

The entire Junction Produce bodykit consist of 4 pieces including the frontbumper, side steps, door panels, rear bumper. Aaron, the owner of the car, left out the rear spoiler for a cleaner look. To continue the clean look he let JL Autobody remove the key holes in the door handles.

JL Autobody is also responsible for the enlarged radius and widebody fenders to accommodate the larger wheels. On most production cars, there so many colors to choose from nowadays but for that true VIP feeling there are only two, black or white. This time Aaron went with white. But it didn't stop there… Aaron wanted to update the look of the car even further so he swapped the frontend. The new frontend came from a 2000 model with JDM headlights.

Imagine pulling up behind this in front of  a traffic stop… The stance of this car has been achieved thanks to a custom EZ street airbag suspension with a 8 valve manifold and 2 5 gallons airtanks. Other suspension mods include Nagisa Auto upper control arms in the front and custom upper/lower control arms and castor arms in the back.

Now onto the wheels, our VIP enthusiasts should be able to have indentified them as WEDS Bazreias. They come in size 19×11.5 -36 with Falken 452 265/35/19 tires. The stance is perfect thanks to the airbag suspension.

In front we have the same wheels in 19×10 -16 with Falken 452 225/35/19 tires. Behind the wheels Aaron placed a Junction Produce big brake set with 6 pot calipers in front an 4 pot calipers in the rear.

Thanks to Colin Waki from Hawaii for the photo's

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Wow that is tastefully done


Long and low! I dig the chromed calipers too! How do these guys drive these things?! Japanese Lead Sled for sure!


ugly camber.nice car nice wheels, bad taste.


We need picture #4 as a DESKTOP!


Imho a bit overkilled.


clean car, but the camber is def NOT tastefully done. A big difference between flush camber, and looking like something is broken.


wow, i remember teamrice. i still have some of the videos!


I still can't get used to the bagged/slammed look. I like it and all, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking "how the hell do you drive with broken axles like that?"....then the light turns green and they pop up off the ground and cruise away like anything else.

Still though, great job and a lot of quality work went into this one and in the end, I dig it. (^_^ )


looks like a hotwheels/tomica with suspension, being pushed to the ground by a little kid LOL


This car's actually for sale. I was thinking of picking it up, but Hawaii's roads are horrendous. Besides, gives me something to look at when I drive around, lol. Chee-hee, thanks for the Hawaii love, Rod.


i dont think this is alex's "cup of tea"




-36 offset on a 11", damn!


808 ALL DAY!!!LS400 killing it with the stance and style. VIP ain't for everyone, so "F" off to all the haters.


@ troll patrol "i dont think this is alex's "cup of tea" ", that's funny, I LOL'd.


Pardon the silly question, but when running airbags is he stuck with that camber when he pops it off the ground? Or does that just happen domehow when he slams it? Beautiful work on the body.


@ myself, haha, it's a Jeroen Article, not Rod


Yeah I agree with Ry. We need #4 as a desktop.


With independent suspension, when the bits go through the the travel of the suspension, it goes in an arc, so the more compressed the suspension, the more negative camber.


thx for the correction Absolution ;)


Like Absolution said, it's for sale. If you have 30grand, pick it up =] This ride is a panty dropper !


I'm still trying to figure out what possesses someone to do *that* much camber.... Why?? What's the point? It's beyond looking good here, IMO. She can't be fun to drive like that, at all.


Better in black n airbags aren´t right for real HF stance......

I don´t hate the car, I just say it could be better ;)


@ Ignorant... when he lifts the rear, the camber will straighten out a bit, but ultimately it all depends how many inches of lift he has.

I'm lovin' it!


I'm real down for the tucked look and all, but that camber in the rear is a little much. Other than that, its a damn fine ride, and certainly as Chigga said, a "Panty-Dropper". You'll get more ass than a Metro seat in that ride!


Looks agressive as hell from behind, love it :D


It's VIP folks, thats why it slammed, tucked, and cambered out! That's the whole point, that's why he did it. If it was a drift car, track car, or any other style car other than VIP, and was cambered like that, then your ?'s would be valid. C'mon ya'll get with the program. BTW, dope ride! Oh and if it's a panty dropper why sell it:P Lol, jk.


Going this far actually sedates your senses, thus not making as much impact on you as it should.

Need something done to bring out more from the car I reckon.


does anyone really like the camber like that? I dont want to hate b/c I dont know what it looks like at ride height but i just dont like the camber like that. Otherwise a very clean build and nice ass car


Great car, agree with all the camber comments though. Way too much. Half that and it will look really good.


Some of you had a ‘problem' with the amount of camber on my latest feature . So here is another


Six piston calipers on the front, four piston calipers on the rear, big 12 inch brake rotors front and back. But how well does it really stop with only a very narrow stripe of tire tread on the inner most shoulder of the tires, actually touching the ground.


even the calipers are CHROME! now thats ballin... VIP styles


hmmm... i wonder how an LS400/Celsior drift car would perform...

if tokita can swing around his enormous Zero Crown like that with a 2JZ i wonder how well a gutted chassis with a turbo or supercharged 1UZ mated to a dogbox would do..


dude i live in hawaii.....i need to see this car in person


You guys have to understand, the car does not drive at that height. It has an airbag suspension so it is actually lifted 2-3" before driving away. The tire sits mostly flat on the ground at this point and driving the car becomes very smooth. He wouldn't attempt to drive with the car slammed because he would end up tearing off all of the body pieces and destroy the undercarriage as well.


I love camber like this. It is actually what drew me into the rice cars when I lived in Japan. Before I saw one of these VIP cars in a parking lot one night I was a die hard American muscle car guy. My reaction to seeing that car was to find and buy a Y31 Cima and lay it on the ground. Been obsessed every since.


camber not tastefully done?

Learn about what he's going for then post.


yeah thats not bad on the wheels at all.....


same mags as mad mikes madbul rx7