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VIP Style… Drift Style… Hella Flush (?) style… Lux Style… Time Attack Style…  JDM Style… These are all different labels which have been thrown around the US import car scene in the past few years. Once a style gets solidified, a rule set gets made and standards are created for what one should and shouldn’t do with a car build.

However, every once and a while a car will come up which makes you scratch your head.

This 2006 Nissan 350Z is certainly Hella Flush approved, but it’s clean and elegant like a VIP/Lux style machine…

… But it’s been built with drifting in mind and has a future in store of being driven sideways in local Texas grass roots events.

Genre classifications aside, what I can tell you is that Edafe Omosowofa’s San Antonio based 350Z looks absolutely bad ass creeping down local Texas roads. All other regular “applicance cars” look quite ridiculous and unstylish next to this low slung Z33.

It’s all about the stance! I managed to capture the moment where fellow Speedhunter, Linhbergh Nguyen first set eyes on the dropped Nissan. That’s a look of pure love there!

And it passes the Linhbergh shoe test! According to the young man, if you can barely get your shoe under the side of the car then you know it’s sitting proper.

Linhbergh also pointed out to me these boards are also a sure sign of hardcoreness. They are needed to get a coil-over car into driveways and over tall speedbumps.

Our Houston Texas hosts at Access Zero printed a stack of special large size stickers. So we had to make sure Edafe was sorted out with some of these limited edition items.

Looks good! No we don’t send these out in the mail (although we are looking for a merchandising supplier), but we do usually take stickers with us to events, so if you ever see us on site with our cameras, ask us for a sticker!

This photo gives an indication as to where Edafe’s head is at…

… he’s a drifter and this is what the car going to be used for.

So this helps us classify this dropped 350Z… it’s a drifting machine. Amazingly enough Edafe bought the car new in 2006 with this build in mind. From the onset, he planned out a hardcore street drift car build. It was going to have amazing stance, aggressive wheel fitment and have a black and white theme. The car was also going to be free of any sort of body kit, instead the stance and the clean looks were going to provide the impact.

The 350Z has yet to hit the tracks, so it doesn’t display the raw texture and grit that well abused drift cars normally show.

Rest assured this Nissan is not going to look like this for long! Edafe is fully prepared to thrash this car in the pursuit of sideways motion.

Let’s look at the wheels. After considering various options from J-Line and Work, he settled on the DPE St-10 series with carbon fiber lip. Rear wheel size is19x11 with 0 offset.

Up front the wheels are sized at 19×10 also with 0 offset.

The tires are Falken 452s with the rears sized at 245/35s, while up front the Z33 is equipped with 225/35s.

Here’s a closer look at those carbon fiber DPE wheel lips… For drift days a new set of Equips with flat black centers and glossy black lips are planned.

With the exception of this ARC Intake box, the engine is stock for now although Edafe is planning a LS2 swap as soon as his bank account will allow it…. hey isn’t that against the rules?

Under the back of the car we can see a X02 exhaust.

BTW the diff is about to get welded shut so Edafe can hit up some drifting events. He’ll eventually replace this set up with a LSD, but for now this is all he can afford.

Interestingly, the only way to get in and out of the driver’s seat involves taking the steering wheel out.

The release system is by Works Bell with the wheel being a Nardi 350mm complete with Black Suede finish, accented with red stitching. Other cockpit mods include an ARC titanium round shift knob with black suede and red stitching shift boot and a Nismo short shifter. The entire roof lining and pillars have also been lined with black suede.

Two Bride Red Zeta III type L racing seats keep driver and passenger snug while a Kirk Racing 4-point with X-Brace roll cage takes care of safety.

Once you tighten the Black Status Racing 4-point harnesses it’s quite amazing just how tightly bound to the car you are. I’m a pretty slim guy but could barely fit into the seat… I don’t see how any one much larger than me would be able to sit in this car!

Like the metal flake? The cage has been painted a custom pearl white with gold flakes. It’s a nod to the wilder, more outlandish side of drift car style.

The headlight surrounds have been custom painted black.

This pulls the black and white theme to the front of the car and continues the strong graphical style. The full Polyurethane Nismo style front bumper is from Aerosync. Unlike a fiberglass unit, it can take the occasional knock and scrape without cracking

I asked Edafe what cars were his inspiration for this build and interestingly enough he cited Tommy Roberts’ now dead S13 and Matt Powers’ low line S14 as two key inspirations for this car. He also mentioned another drifter named Gleb Antonov who recently appeared at Irwindale in a baby blue S13.

It’s interesting to see how the street drift style from Matt and Tommy’s iconic cars continue to influence new car builds around the world, especially as this Z33 is a slightly different take on things.

So what’s it like to drive in a car with has so little ground clearance?

In talking with Edafe, he only takes this car to places he knows he can get in and out of. He normally has to limit his driving routes to roads which are compatible with his 350Z’s ride height. … but in spite of these limitations this car is Edafe’s daily driver.

BTW  the Stance Gr+ suspension set up rides pretty smooth. It’s not a particularly harsh a ride at all….

So there you have it. A car that manages to bridge the hardcore edginess of street drift cars with the elegant refinement normally associated with luxury oriented builds. I feel a bit bad this car is going to be thrashed and abused in a life as a drift machine…

… But then again that’s the spirit of drift!

Rod Chong

Special November Slammed themed stories on Speedhunters



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maaaaaad frushhhhhhhh


This Z is definitely a show car. Too low to be drifted, too low to be practical, hence the wooden boards in the car.

Stance coilovers are made by HSD in KDM?

Aside from the Bride seats, ARC intake filter and the Nardi wheel, I don't see much "JDM style"......the question is: what does it take to label a car "JDM style"?

The wheels are not JDM.....and they have that fake carbon fiber vinyl on.....

Not my cup of tea....but whatever floats his boat.


What a great looking Z.


STUNNING car ... perfect fitment/stance !!


Hell yeah Edafe's Z is awesome, one of the coolest for sure.


To alex, your wrong, this car is so far from a show car. He drives this thing everyday, this low. Never gets washed haha. And before the end of the month we're welding up the diff and taking it to events. Texas is just legit. No show car in this post.


i gotta see that being drifted first to believe that he will cause that's too pretty.


lol when did he say it was "JDM style"?

At the beginning where he named many different labels?

Because I am almost postive (if you read the article) the only labels that are attached to this car is Drifting and VIP.

This is definitely a great car period.

I would definitely hate to see this car get messed up.


You guys should change the name of the site to Stancehunters. Less hellaflush/nonfunctional/rock chewing bs and more performance, jesus.


alex before you going saying things on the interwebs get your shit straight. these dpe's have a carbon lay ontop of the wheels. trust me i have seen them in person and they are legit.

and as usual Edafe, car looks bad ass. cant wait to see what happens next


Extra-large stickers? Seems everything _is_ bigger in Texas.


Edafe, you smiling big man?! lol

Awesome article, awesome pix, awesome car and awesome guy!


this thing was parked pretty hard at lonestar bash, looks good.

but the carbon fiber lip makes me wanna poke my eyes out


ahh there is nothing particularly JDM style about this car... I was just putting some of the more trendy labels from recent years up. You guys understand this yes?


looks sick


Car looks great, but he's going to hate breaking front spindles driving it that low if he decides to go drifting.


who the fuck does this guy drive this daily.

if you drove this in melbourne australia, it would be ruined lol


sick feature! good job Edafe, can't wait to see the ride sidewayssss


@ Jake: I said it's a show car, very uncomfortable on the road, hence the wooden board found in the car (how many cars have you encountered on the road that need wooden board to go over speed bumps?). The fact that you're gonna weld the diff and take it to the track , it doesn't make it a drift car.

@ Hey Alex: You may want to re-read what Rod wrote:

(VIP Style... Drift Style... Hella Flush (?) style... Lux Style... Time Attack Style... JDM Style... These are all different labels which have been thrown around the US import car scene in the past few years. Once a style gets solidified, a rule set gets made and standards are created for what one should and shouldn't do with a car build).

@ Matt: There are no currently any carbon fiber wheels available to the market besides HRE, and Dymag....and if you want to consider WEDS (which showed two models at the TAS last year.....).....that lip is NOT legit, it's just a layer applied over the wheel.

I said, not my cup of tea.


great pics! Edafe's car is dope and he's a great guy. i cant wait till this build gets going again and he puts it to the track.


stock fenders? (Im not a z33 guy)


haha you gotta remember, melbourne isn't exactly the flattest place on earth


Amazing build! Cant wait to see it sideways.




car is so dope. you know youve blurred lines and done something unique when there is an argument. every movement started with a controversial car. hopefully more cars like this are built and people become more accepting of this mash up style because it is amazing. props to this dude for doing what he wanted with his own car rather than following one internet trend and creating another cookie cutter.


the wodden boards are probably to get a jack under neath the car, i need bigger ones than that to get anything under mine.

but anyway this car looks awesome.


Dope!! Gg Edafe!!


Well I refuse to believe a car like this will actually be used for something else than looking pretty in front of cameras.

No doubt its sick but too many just show their cars and sah they will "race" their cars.

But I'm looking forward tp seeing it in action


The stance gives this car a nice presence.

Well done Edafe!


its sad. dude puts hella work into it and ppl hate. just appreciate it for what it is. and unless you got something that sh*ts on it just stay quiet.



i forgot to ask..

i can we get speedhunters decals


Thanks Rod for an amazing feature.. Thanks! and now for the comments. Thanks guys for all the kind words. Yes I Daily Drive this car, every darn day. Also those are factory fenders. And the wood blocks are to get a jack under neath my car, reason I have it in there is because I drove form San Antonio to Houston for the shoot. Never know what can happen. As for drifting yes this is going to see the track very soon, if I break things that is just the nature of the beast... Hopefully Rod will shoot my car again at a track someday, just to shut all the haters mouths. And Alex I don't know you and you don't know me so for you to say this is a show car, you are totally wrong my friend.. A show car is garage kept and never sees time on the road. As for the lip, it has a CF layer on top of the lip, don't know the process as I don't work for DPE, but you can call them if it bothers you that much. But thanks for your concern it tells me that I'm doing something right...So Thanks!!..


Looking good as always!


If you dont have to carry wood in your car your doing something wrong.


My brother lives in San Antonio and has seen this car driving several times. I have seen the car twice just in my visits to SA. The car is for sure daily driven and Edafe is the fucking man for that. Great work Edafe your car is an inspiration for a fellow Z33 owner.


Lawl, Haterade. Awesome feature Rod!! <3 I didn't get to meet Edafe .. But Jace told me about you, spiffy car mister! :P


I'm getting a little tired of the JDM natizes! Or any style natiz. People wanna do what they wanna do with their cars. Not everyone can own $700 per wheel rollers or $10k paint jobs, whatever it is. I for one am looking to rock a high mileage WRX in the coming months and will rock 18x9.5 Rotas and affordable coilovers and love life. Let people call their car what they want. Let them earn the respect of the leaders in the style they are building after. They may have been inspired by some certain style and so who cares. Unless they're at a show being judged by criteria, let them rock Rotas or whatever part. I for one can appreciate all that Speedhunters shows from around the globe. People hunt speed in various forms. This car is cool, it grabs attention, is super low, is a friggin 350Z, probably knockin down 300hp or so. That's a sweet ride. Can't wait to see it get slideways!


haters gonna hate.


Don't know how practical or necessary the roll cage is but it looks badass lol




nice looking car. please delete "Sexy Style"


AWESOME CAR!!!! Really dig those CF lipped rims! This is what drifting is all about to the core! Style and looking cool on the street while going sideways. On that note, even though the wheel fitment and ride height looks sick, that car cannot be drifted as it is. Needs smaller wheels or something, witch brings me to THE QUESTION: how does he drive that car? I mean, looking at the front wheels fitment, I can't really see how that car is able to turn or if it does, it's doing it having the turning radius of a train:|

Still, loving the car! Awesome style! Kinda like the flakes on the roll bars... I might consider doing it to my own ride... I hope Speedhunters will keep an eye on this one for when it will go sideways:D

Oh, oh! And the haters! The haters! :))) Can't do without them! I liked what one said in a early comment.

Just what makes JDM? What are the standards, the rules that makes JDM? What do u think JDM is?


who the fuck is alex?

oh, nobody?



Sorry to say this.. but the guy is all show.. no go.. the car is not practical on the road neither it is on track for drifting..

its obvious he never hit the track even once.. look at the way he is holding the wheel!!

and who the hell paints a roll bar in metal flake!!? pfffft.. roll bars are supposed to be raw..

the car is amazing.. for stance.. but when Rod mentioned its gonna be used for drifting.. i hated the guy and the car.. and when he said he is gonna drop in a LS2 in there i hated him even more..

sorry for the hate..


I don't hate, or at least I tried not to come out that a matter of fact I said, not my cup of tea....that's all (trying to be polite).

There are too many cry babies apparently that take this manner personal, what for? Is that your car? What do you folks have to defend? I said it's not my cup of tea and that's freaking all!

I'm sure my taste is different from many other folks on here, so fvcking what? No biggie.....

Like MeeDZ mentioned above, the guy is a poser (along with his pretty car)....but I tried not to mention that (for sake respect).....but clearly there are some high school kids on here that get offended too easily if someone steps on their toes and tell them that this Z is not a track car (as is). Live with it !...and build your car to please YOUR taste, not others.


if only we could have badass shit like this in AUS :(

love it rod!


Show me a picture with full lock on the front.

I want to see that.


Great Looking Z, great details and i love the seats!!!


@ Alex - I understand that you don't like the style and attempted to show this by saying it was not "your cup of tea", but you must realise that most people who didn't like the car probably didn't even open the post, and of those who did, probably did not bother posting a comment for their dislike of the car. That is why people got a bit fired up about it, and you cant say you didn't provoke it by stating your opinion in that way. Next time at least write in a way that could not be interpreted as offensive.

I myself believe that the car is a big successes for what you were trying to achieve Edafe, but is not in a style I normally like. With that said you have made the clean stock bumper look, appear much more appealing to me than normal and the LS2 gets a very big thumbs up from me. Maybe it could be a bit less low though, as it could prepose a problem when attempting to drift and yet keep the car clean.

All in all a great car, and a great post!


The haters on this thread are funny. MeeDZ, are function parts not allowed to look nice as well as having a function? By your logic we should all be driving unpainted Caterhams.

To the guys that are saying this car will be impossible to use on the track, its not exactly hard to raise the suspension for track work...


So many comments Oo Nice car. A mix of my favorite styles lol ^^ Sitting loow and thats what matters! Big + for u mate ;)


For anyone who says this car can't be drifted I think you need to look at either the feature on Matt Powers's S-14 or his interview or Formula D coverage. Enough with the hate, the car is dope.


anyone else notice hes missing a lug nut in photo 19?


Anyone who has a negative comment about this car please raise your hand .... ok, out of those of you who have your hands up, keep your hand up if you have a show quality car or even a car that's been featured in an article .... nope, I don't see anyone still with their hands up. Great car, specially for a texan .. lol. keep up the good work


Why do people get worked up like that? As long as some have manners, all should be ok, but I guess that within that half of million of readers there are lots of high school internet warriors that feel the need to share with us their need to rebel against what ever does not suit them. There's always black and white, like and dislike. If u don't like what u are seeing or if u hate it, save yourself the pain of watching and don't. RESPECT! That is something most people don't seem to quite understand, with reference to the internet warriors.

You have to understand that people buy cars for transportation and for fun and in the process they get bored and attached to the car they drive and want to make it even more special, unique, one of a kind that shares the same wishes as the heart of its owner. With that, the owner takes his time to work and earn money to drop into his ride, time and effort and sweat and tears, highs and lows to build his car so that it would fit him best. A modified car is a achievement, a effort, it means work and commitment.

SO if u don't like the car, if u can't digest it, than at least RESPECT the owner, as a fellow human and as a person dedicated to his ride and style and RESPECT for his work. It's as simple as that, but I guess that a lot of people hating and reacting like crazy over here and there lack a healthy chunk of manners and education.



was this shoot taken in texas? i was on the vwvortex and saw a bunch of posts with these cars, and a few of this z


He built this car to have fun and for his benefit.

Alex and others are just hating, this shit is proper low. has dope fucking stance, and looks stylish a** F***

I love how everything came together on this car, if i had a Z33 id have it pretty much the same just changing the rims and different color.

Can't wait to see it going sideways (y)


No problems with the car its amazing but the "sexy style" title is deceiving.


Dope write up, been lucky to see the car in person, the cage is insane


Is it Generation Y or Generation Whine? 20 years of soccer games where no one keeps score and both teams are declared the winners has weakened our society to the point that anyone who disagrees with a tweener is declared a "hater". I supposed it's hateful to point out that the nice looking Nissan could not be safely drifted because it does not have enough suspension travel to do so. Lean that car over in a hard turn and either: A. The tire hits the fender or wheel well, discontinues smooth rotation, and the car spins. OR B. The damper bottoms out or spring coils stack just before the tire strikes the body work and the car spins all the same. Build it for race, fine. Build it for show, fine. Try to claim the show car can race, absurd. It's a nice trailer queen, but to even imply it could be drifted in the same trim that it is shown here is naive.


Ok boys and girls stop all the crying about this and that... We just agree to disagree... as for some questions.. I do have full lock on the fronts, and already stated in the feature that I have different wheels to drift in, just 18" instead of 19" same aggressive look. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. You can ask me any question on the car and I will answer them..


dont really love the car because its so low and Ive done that and its no good, ruins so much just to look cooler than the other guys. but when I read there's an LS2 SWAP in the plans for this car then I woke right up and said HELLS YEAH MAN DO IT UP!!!! please dont waver on those plans, stuff in a 400hp with a beauty of a 6spd and you will be grinning ear to ear with WOT runs in your slammed Zcar. major props to the trend setting, you are right, arguments are here to stay if youre living on the edge and trying new (or old) things. car looks amazing.




That 350z is the sex man

Any chance of vids when its used properly?


hah, sweet! My friend Eric knows the owner which is cool. Edafe, did you happen to go to "Stance of the union"?


Yes this shoot was done in Texas...Rosenberg to be exact (right outside Houston)


Hey LS1RX7 thanks for the props man,, since you know your stuff with LS motors we need to talk.. Here is my email Would love your help man with picking the right parts..


Ive been in love with this Z ever since it appeared on HellaFlush and have been following the build on the WrongFitmentCrew forums ever since.


That Z wouldn't last 10 seconds in NYC. We ride ROUGH!!! Dude would need a hardware store in his trunk.


The " Sexy Style" confused me.

This is not Sexy Style Z33.

This is a Z33.


i have no clue why but im really digging the 5th picture. any chance of a desktop? that would totally make my day ;)


Looks sweet mate! what's the colour code? quite like it for my R34gtr race car


Edafe spent good time working on his Z. He is proud of it and drives it to work daily. The car is an eye catcher and admired by many. Son, I am proud of you for building something that makes people all over the world to ponder and talk about. YOU ARE SUPER, CONTINUE TO BRING YOUR DREAMS AND IDEAS INTO REALITY!!!! Most people are just dreamers and cannot bring their dreams into fruition. Son, continue to focus on the positives and use them to your advantage. THE WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS:)


God damn son! Awesome car.


Edafe and his dad is the coolest!


Hell yeah! Finally a feature of this car somewhere!

I wish he keeps this stance when he´ll be drifting but, man, NO LS2!!!! U HAVE ENOUGHT RESPONSE WITH THE VQ, N IT SOUNDS BETTER!!!!! Drift scene will get boring it every1 starts LSing everything!

Oh! I´ll call it LUXURIOUS STREET DRIFTER, if he streets it ;)

Well done Edafe


@Alex : The guy might be a poser, but he's the one rolling in a Z that I'm willing to bet looks and goes better than what you drive. Oh yeah, when was the last time YOUR car was featured on Speedhunters? Never? Thought so.


Keep doing what you do Edafe!


This car is hella sick, much props and respect to another BRG member who didnt follow the current trends of the Z world and made his own.. awesome guy, great creativeness and i cant wait in store for what he has next.. much love and respect from down here in Cali.. doing big things bro !!! Boneout represent


yes i agree at the end, its like a beautiful girl going kickboxig, but also is like having a top model, andddd u know what happened next jaja... the most beautiful z33, before the spirit, RB26 powered Z33, hope one day make a chapter of that thing..


Edafe you bastard


Dude saw your ride gonna kick in your headlights im so jealous


can we got some desktops please?! i would love to see that on my computer... maybe the second to last pic... i was thinking the one with lin smiling in admiration but i don't know if i can pull of a dude on my wallpaper. sorry lin... lol nothing personal


Dude, like on HF Forums, you're ride is one sick beast.


sickest rims ive ever seen hands down



At times, I don't agree with Speedhunter's philosophy (what they feature, what they cover, and how they cover it), and that's ok. Sometime the posts are incredible, very detailed and interesting, sometime not......such is life. I don't make a big deal out of it.

As far as my car not been featured here....I'm sorry, I am working on my little project (not a Z), and I don't have any intention to seek popularity or fame thru what I build. What I do, I do it for myself. I tend to think I am a low-key guy and I don't go to car meets, or car shows (I consider these scenes filled predominantly with posers, that's my .02)....and I think I am entitled to think that way.

With that said, more power to Edafe and his Z......and like I said before, to each his own...


hate hate hate hate!


What happened to tommy Roberts s13? How did it die? I looked around, but couldn't find any info.


This post was mentioned on Twitter by dkreindler: If you change your driving routes based on how low your car is, fucking end yourself


You know Alex, Vaughn Gittin JR and I were talking about you yesterday and at some point in time we would love to meet you to talk cars and all that :>


Guy, it met a wall at Irwindale ProAm.

Edafe, do you plan on drifting the car missing lug nuts?


Lol at all these haters. Why couldn't he drift it like this? I've drifted in my car and it rubs in the front while going straight. And Edafe is anything but a poser, he built his car to drive on the street and enjoy on the track, it's a "street style" Z.

Also why's everybody (Risky Devil) taking the "Sexy Style" title seriously as if it has a Sexy Style kit or something?


Props on a cool car and all but.. Stop calling this a fucking drift car!!! This guy hasn't drifted this car once nor has it ever been on a track!!! November 29th.. Gulf grayhound park.. Drift event.. This car better be there or this dude is a huuuge poser..


"too low to be drifted" is an oxymoron if you ask me, drift cars are supposed to be stupid low flush loud spark spraying monsters.


Let's get some things right around where. I build this car for me and no one else. So u can like it or dislike it I really don't care, it's for me to enjoy. As for drifting, of course it has not seen a track yet as I just now (last month) finish doing everything I wanted to the car. Except some things here and there. I will start drifting this November, won't have my new Equips intime so u will see me on factory wheels so at least I can get some seat time and improving on my drifting skills. So Wtfzorz if u see me at the event please come up to me and say hi.


@Rod, I might be to the final Redline Time Attack in Fontana on the 15th. If I go, I'll definitely look out for you. (if you're there)


Won't be there m8. Next LA trip is planned for the Mooneyes show in Dec.


I'm not a big fan of the Z33 platform, but this is the nicest one I've seen! Clean, but hardcore! I have mucho respect for guys that drive dropped cars on coilovers; I would never do it. I can't believe he's going to drift it; it looks as nice as any show car! I especially like the rollcage and detachable steering wheel. The wheels are great looking, too, even if the lips are only carbon wrapped. But what sealed the deal was when it was mentioned he was swapping in an LS, just because I know it would piss off all the Nissan fanboys, lol. Funny, because these "purists" love it when an RB26 is swapped into a muscle car, but can't handle it when the shoe is on the other foot.


too low for me


will do.. but for some reason i doubt you will be there..


I like car. No doubt.

I'm just saying, labeling stuff thats been around, still around is kinda weird.



Sorry, there are gonna be many events to come, I'm sure we're gonna run into each other at some point.


I met edafe outside my house. haha. helping move my neighbor out.

Cool ass dude.


Edafe, if you come to town (GGP) for that drift event, hit me up, ill come out with you.


Man this z is clean!! Can you make this desktop


yes, Edafe please hit us up when/if you come down bro! we gotta do some burger hunting hahaha



Your car looks absolutly amazing! is the white a standard Nissan colour? QX1?


Wait is this a base 350z? Because anything above the base trim has a VLSD that works pretty good..... I don't understand why you would weld the diff, if it's not a base 350z. I think this guy is frontin' about drifting his car. It's too much of a pretty garage queen IMO.

I love the car tho, not hatin' just I couldn't see this thing out drifting and gettin' fucked up :(


But anything looks pretty at first, and yes it is a base model..And it would not be fun if I just left it in the garage,,,never that.


Drift it or stuff it.Just dont stuff it into a curb when you drift it.


Just to let every one know, I'll be at Mineral Wells Nov 22 for a drift event.. when wtfzorz said Nov drift event I was thinking Mineral Wells...see yea there. If you see me say hi


Sooooo Sikk!!!! Tommy Roberts And Matt powers ARE my inspiration too! Check out AMERIKAJIN CUSTOM FABRICATION!


Chances are you probably haven't forgot about Edafe's crazy slammed Z33 from Texas that we featured last fall. Well, the car is alive and well, as proven by this photo taken by our buddies at Mayday Garage during a recent drift day at Mineral


[View:] We featured this 350Z owned by Edafe Omosowofa more than a year


Let's head straight into the our last look at the car show, Import Reactor, that ran in conjunction


What kind of idiot decides to invest so much money into making his car a drift machine but neglects to replace the open diff with a limited slip differential? Sure, you can go welded and have a shitty ride that sounds like shit, or even keep the open diff and just kick it shitty in the rain/snow. But imo he didn't have to dump probably over $5000 into rims and seats. I also would have gone with a different pair of tires in the rear as well since its a drift car and those will be torn up... But it just boggles me that this dude felt a bride passenger bucket seat was more essential than an lsd
Those wheels look very sexy tho