Check out this video of Jamie Corstorphine of Autocar magazine behind the wheel of the LF-A. That V10 is a true screamer!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I think the price is the only thing that hurts at this car, because you can get a Ferrari 458 Italia for nearly 200k € and a Lamborghini LP560-4 for 173k €. So you can buy both cars for the price of the Lexus.

I dont say the Lexus is a bad car, I really like it and the sound is just awesome, but the price is a bit too much.


LF-Awesome!!! Will the next Supra be based on this?


God thats sexy! Should be interesting if Topgear gets ahold of it:P


That certainly does sound amazing.... Just awesome.

The price makes it hard to believe that it's built by Toyota... 300k pounds, ouch to the max. Ah, but I love v10's. And it looks so much better than nearly ever Lamborghini in existence. :P


LF-A isnt this basicaly the new supra? or is it not?


dope! i'm gonna put that v10 in my cressida


It should be interesting to see want the Japanese Tuners have in store for the Lexus LF-A. A Gold-colored Top Secret LF-A would be an amazing ride!!


Hold on, wait...

Yep, I just creamed myself...

It's cool to see that the Japanese auto industry is churning out more just the NSX.


the exhaust note sounds amazing. its very beautiful as well. <3


Wow that V-10 sounds beautiful! That price tag is based on its exclusivity since only 500 will be produced. For the enthusiast who can afford this car an extra 100hp is not difficult to obtain as every japanese tuner will be all over this thing. Lexus now has its alpha car abd I think that is the true purpose of the LFA.


i love the sound of that engine


The first impression looks fantastic. I'm sure you'll soon have the keyboard warriors chiming in on the price, design, layout, and other crap they can nitpick on. This is actually a very bold step for Toyota in that they decided to produce this supercar, considering the current "global economic crisis." Even if it is only for 500 units. This is definitely a good step, and a much needed change in the automakers image. Hopefully this will convince them to start producing some "lesser" priced sports cars again. As a long time fan/owner, I don't care what could've been done, or should've been done to this car, but that it has been done. And it's almost perfect. Now, the quest to find the $498,035.96US it'll take to park it in the garage...yeah.


Great car, welcome Toyota/Lexus


Great car but why didnt Toyota build 50'000 of these out of aluminum, reduced the price by about 90% and call it a Supra? Its a great looking, sounding, driving car but really as much as im a petrolheads, it seems pointless! Anyone can build a Supercar, the real test of mettle comes from producing a versatile roadable supercar namely the Nissan GT-R!


Ferrari f458 $220,000 4.5-liter V8 engine 570 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 398 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm

Lexus LFA $375,000 4.8 V10 552 horsepower and 352 pound-feet of torquee. at 9000 rpm.

Is there something i am missing here? with 375 K I can buy an f458 a nice Audi sedan(waiting for the A7) And a track toy like a used GT3.

Or 3(!) R8 V10s. Freaking 3. Not one toyota.


I doubt any aftermarket companies will "jump" on this car due to low numbers. If they do make parts, they will come at a premium. Also, I highly doubt that many of the LF-A owners would want to modify their cars. Possibly only upgrading wheels, tires, and exhaust. Simple stuff.


Waste of $400,000! Get a ZR1! The ZR1 eats waste of money supercars like this one for breakfast, carbon fiber, V10, automatic tranny, and all!